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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CET

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my life became owlish kind of song. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this is the daily news live from berlin e.u. leaders have endorsed a brecht that deal at a special summit in brussels this is the best view posted good forwards and does diversity push you good for you or at least alluding to pull some european commission presidential code you have marks what he said was a sad day for the european union. but british prime minister theresa may says she
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does not share that sadness and is calling on her country to move on may now faces the challenge of pushing the deal through her own parliament the opposition labor party has already said it will vote against it. and the conflict between russia and ukraine worsens off the coast of crimea as kiev accuses russia of firing on its vessels in the black sea and impounding them. with. an exposer welcome to the program. the european union has officially agreed on a divorce deal for britain's departure from the bloc it took the heads of the e.u. used twenty seven other nations just an hour at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials said they were sad at the u.k.'s withdrawal but stressed the bloc in britain would remain partners and friends british prime minister theresa may urged britons to support the deal but it won't be plain sailing for her britain's
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opposition labor party say they will vote against the deal what it's put department in just over two weeks' time. she still has a seat at the table british prime minister to resign may today in brussels but after a long and arduous period of negotiations e.u. leaders have inched closer to britain's final departure many openly expressed their regret. thought you had to. move on should those who use the country leaving the e.u. does not make me want to raise from pain glasses or applause it's a sad day and everybody us spoke with today expressed this sadness it was unanimously shared you know need to move. up to. a relief never the less for tourism a who's facing ever stronger headwinds at home the nearly six hundred page long withdrawal agreement covers citizens' rights the forty four billion euro divorce bill and the irish border issue it also sets out the basis of the future
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relationship i recognise some european leaders are out at this moment but also some people back home in the u.k. will be right at this at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism about the future of our country may now has to seek parliamentary approval at home which will be much more difficult amidst divisions even among her own party and e.u. leaders today made clear there will be no renegotiation of the agreement. this. is an accomplished diplomatic feat i want to emphasize shadows of this is an extremely difficult situation high situation without any precedent because we haven't had it before that a european country leaves the e.u. this equipment not considers the interests of both sides and also yes into the future. for theresa may add to that drama continues in
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early december that's when the british parliament is expected to vote on the deal but even if it's ratified that's only the beginning of many months possibly years of negotiations on the future relationship between britain and the e.u. . and we're joined now by political advisor john wirth thanks for joining us jon we've just been hearing about the british perspective the what is the you perspective we heard about leaders of european nations speaking of sadness is this going to hurt the e.u. however in any way it's good that the e.u. economically to some extent due to the trading relationship between the u.k. and the rest of the european union but not so much ultimately the rest of the european union wants to move on it expresses its sadness today but essentially most leaders are essentially looking at of the challenges the european union is facing and they want britain to leave in an orderly fashion just now the problems are now no longer on the e.u. side the problems are very much on the british side with this well on the british
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side can may get this divorce bill through part of it the first do middle of december it's almost certainly impossible the parliamentary arithmetic is solidly against trees in may because the research many halls called breaks that rebels in her own policy that would vote down any variant of a deal what she's trying to do is appeal to some labor members of parliament to get those over on to her science but the sums they're in tied up at the moment there are far fewer labor one subi willing to join her backing the deal than there are conservative rebels who will vote down the deal so it looks at the moment she something like forty or fifty members of parliament short in order to manage to get this deal through. when that doesn't happen then what's going to come next we don't quite know is it possible that the u.k. could come back into the e.u. summit that would be possible if members of parliament were to go for a second referendum which is an issue that many companies are advocating but at the moment it doesn't even look like that's has a majority support in parliament either and what's more likely to happen is some kind of short term political crisis of some sort to reason may have potentially
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facing a vote of no confidence from her own conservative members of parliament for example the labor leader he said labor will vote against he would far prefer that to be a general election rather than the be a referendum but again the mathematics to try to make that happen of all the difficult because the conservatives don't want and of the election either so we face this period of uncertainty in the second half of december a new prime minister potentially a decision to go for a referendum maybe a general election or a period just kind of state. entry into the european union at this point or can you even speculate on that briefly i do think that if britain what's actually managed to get out it's not going to be ready in time soon to reapply to join there were some pro e.u. campaign is this a this be done with this breaks it and start building a campaign for britain have to rejoin in a decade i don't think that's going to happen because britain's terms of membership would be different britain's not in the euro not in showing it to reapply to join it would have to comply with all of that as i see it he's making sure britain
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doesn't leave by holding a second referendum or essentially pausing the brakes a process in some way which is still possible that don't leave all go under those are essentially the only two options just now ok thank you very much john worth for setting some light on remains a very complicated you know in the next fortnight how this is going to proceed ok thanks for that john ward political advisor. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. border patrol has shot a busy crossing between california and the mexican city of tijuana after hundreds of central american migrants pushed past a blockade of mexican police standing guard they want to pressure the u.s. to hear their asylum claims in another area u.s. agents fired tear gas at some migrants trying to breach a border fence. iran says it has deployed rescue teams to the country's western border with iraq following a magnitude six point three earthquake the epicenter was near the town of star paul
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is a hub where a powerful temblor killed at least six hundred people last year authorities said more than four hundred people were injured in sunday's quake. california fire officials say the state's deadliest fire in history is now fully contained the camp fire burned much of the mountain town of paradise to the ground and killed at least eighty five people nearly two hundred fifty are still missing the blaze destroyed nearly fourteen thousand homes. ukrainian navy says russia has seized three of its ships in the black sea after firing on the vessels two boats were damaged and two crew members were wounded in the current straight off the coast of russia controlled crimea ukrainian president petro poroshenko has called an emergency meeting of his military commanders moscow he's accused of provocative behavior. to bring us more on this developing story i'm joined now by our correspondent david stern in the ukrainian capital kiev david just could you take us through what
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happened off the waters of crimea today. well it's a very quickly escalating situation we've been watching the developments all day after three ukrainian naval vessels try to go to the port of monte you pull on the hours of sea that's ukraine's mean port on the eyes of sea and also clear located close to the conflict zone between ukrainian forces and moscow backed in supplied rebels now they were stopped by russian russian ships one of the ukrainian ships was rammed by a russian ship and then we had heard later in the evening that the that the russians had opened fire there was an announcement the russians say that three ukrainian. personnel were injured or wounded and the ukrainian say six so neither side really disputes that what is happening but it is the
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interpretation is different and so how do these interpretations play into what kind of escalating conflict there might be in the coming days. will be obviously. both sides accuse the other side the russians have said that the ukrainians unlawfully entered a temporarily closed area of russian territorial sea and they've called this a provocation ukrainians are taking this very seriously indeed they have called this the prosecutor general has called it a an act or is looking into whether this was an act of war aggression and the president partially called his security council and they're discussing whether to introduce martial law into the country right now so it's obviously for the ukrainians a varies into the larger context where russia is the target of sanctions because it's an extension of crimea and what's going on in eastern ukraine it's going to make things worse overall. i will have to see i mean as i say
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the situation is developing very quickly now obviously this is a least a sign that the war is far from over as you point out it continues in eastern ukraine people are injured or wounded every day and killed and also it remains to be seen what the what steps ukrainians will take in the more as a far as the as i've seen goes the russians could try to impose complete control over there but what i guess most people are worried about including in the west is whether this is going to open a new front a new area of conflict between ukraine and russia and what that means between. the west relations in general and the stability of the situation in ukraine ok thank you so much david stern in kiev. the death toll from a boat accident on uganda's lake victoria has risen to at least thirty some one
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hundred people were taking part in a pleasure cruise when it sank diving teams have been working to recover bodies from the sunken boat and have warned the death toll will likely rise. at a light over lake victoria and the grim task of recovering the dead divers here are pulling bodies from the water after one of the country's worst maritime disasters. now at the bottom of the lake this boat had been packed with youthful revelers when it capsized on saturday night relatives of those still missing gathered on shore knowing hope of finding survivors was fading. we were driven around with. so we didn't really want to go back when you haven't. completed our mission. from it a member. of the dead but the hope of finding have alive is. that . both already say the boat was in poor condition and operating without
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a license the vessel had gone about half its journey when it began taking on water from poorly welded spots passengers on board may have neglected to put on life jackets when people reach the water you are looking very little movie duckett's we were greek. i'm not but it was a low david go to but studio. except i will go on the defective will boat like the. yukon does president has called for stricter safety regulations including the electronic monitoring of all vessels he tweeted the boat operators will be charged with criminal negligence and manslaughter that's if they quote have not already been punished for their mistake by dying in the accident. the second leg of south america's talk club soccer final has been postponed for a second time the copa libertadores game between bitter rivals river plate and boca
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juniors was postponed on saturday after river fans pelted the both the team bus with missiles breaking windows and injuring players police then used tear gas to disperse the crowd but the gas got into the bus and made other bokeh players sick the game was rescheduled for sunday evening but it has now been put back to a later date after a request from boca. and the going to sleep the show follows after the break with germany it world cup winner. our special guest will be discussing bahrain munich's slide and will also check out the best of sunday's action including high flying bloodbath hosting the lead hand over packs in just a minute stay tuned. that's in just a minute stay tuned for that and we'll be back with the news at the top of the hour .
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