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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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to reach them but nobody answers the war on my phone or to her documentary starts december eighth on to you w. . me and. this is t.v. news coming to you live from berlin a dangerous crisis escalates after russia fires on then seizes three ukrainian ships russia's holding the vessels and the your cranium personnel at the black sea port of couch after claiming they entered waters off crimea illegally the u.n. security council is due to meet today in an emergency session to discuss the clutch
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also on the program. on her return from brussels british prime minister theresa may faces the mammoth task of persuading u.k. lawmakers to back her breaks a deal she'll tell them it's the only option on the table. and a landing on mars starting today the spacecraft called insight is set to offer just that to two scientists restlessly awaiting its data on the red planet the probe will look beneath the martian surface to explain how the planet for billions of years ago. oh i'm sorry martin welcome to the program the united nations security council has called emergency meeting up to russia fired on and seized three ukrainian ships off the coast of the crimean peninsula two of the ships have been seen more did harm.
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in catch crimea ukraine ukraine's navy said six of their sailors were wounded russia says only three crewmen were injured and are receiving medical care ukraine called the incident an act of aggression and has proposed introducing martial law but country on a war footing clash happened in a narrow strait between russia and crimea a point of international tension since russia annexed the region four years ago. a confrontation at sea russia excuse the ukrainian navy of acting like bandits what followed state ukraine was an act of russian aggression. a russian coast guard ship opened fire on them seized three ukrainian vessels it happened in the black sea off the coast of crimea after the russian ships blocked access to the sea of as of the of the nato carriage street which separates the
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crimean peninsula from the russian mainland although a bilateral treaty gives both russia and ukraine access tensions are going to see have escalated since russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and the opening of a bridge linking the two earlier this year this latest incident has led ukraine's president to ask parliament to consider drastic action yemi somewhat itself which martial law would be introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities increasing aggression and according to international law a cold act of aggression by the russian federation martial law would not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means. that's. right. cite the russian embassy in kiev protesters shouting death to russia officials from both countries have accused the other of provoking said behavior needs to and the
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european union have called for restraint as fears grow that tensions in the region could escalate further. for more on this developing story i'm joined now by our correspondents david stern in kiev and nick conley who's in our moscow studio good to see you both let's start with you david strong words from as we just heard in the report he's proposing martial law what more can you tell us about that indeed strong words it remains to be seen what exactly this martial law entails now parliament the better hold norada will have to vote on it later today it will be a closed session what we can say is that potentially this may involve a postponement of the presidential elections which are scheduled for march also the question is how much or whether any civil liberties will be curtailed now the president has said that there won't be any reduction of civil liberties but there
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is some speculation that there could be a form of censorship limitations on public gatherings perhaps on freedom of movement but again as i said the president has said that there won't be any any curtailment of people's rights also this is going to be for sixty days and we'll see if indeed this is the case and then obviously at the end of sixty days if they extend it over to you nick in moscow ukraine says that russia has committed an act of aggression it's considering imposing martial law as we just heard what is russia saying about all of this. good morning terry well the line from moscow has been fairly consistent and yesterday a provocation from the ukrainian side is what the russian security service is a calling this they say that the coach straight was closed they had closed the straight to civilian and military shipping on sunday and that ukrainians had failed
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to heed this they obviously assert their right to control transit through the strait given that they control the eastern side of the strait and crimea something obviously that kiev and the west doesn't see as legitimate following to an extension of crimea twenty fourteen but they have also been fairly consistent in stressing the fact they have provided medical support to three wounded ukrainians say listen trying to diffuse the tone a bit there but really placing the blame with kiev for what they call a provocation david the russian navy recently escorted a ukrainian vessel through the carriage straight seeming to assert its dominance in the region is kiev worried that moscow may be trying to take control of these shared waters. oh yes the ukrainians concerns are many one of each is that the russians are trying to control the see cut off mahdi hoople which is one of ukraine's main ports but obviously the ukrainians are concerned as
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well that this could be a another area of conflict between between kiev and moscow in addition to the fighting that's been going on in eastern ukraine between ukrainian forces and the russian backed and russian supported rebels back to you nic in moscow for a final question both sides have called for an emergency u.n. security council meeting today could that defuse this escalating situation. well there has been speculation we might see some kind of relatively rapid to monetary and solution maybe even some early release of those ukrainian sail as the ships but that doesn't take away the underlying problem that david mentioned that all of this conflict over control of the sea of as all of the russians de facto control access to the sea specially since they built the bridge over the strait and this is something that is why did the crimea this is also about eastern ukraine the
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ukrainian controlled politic don't bass is economically dependent on those ports in the sea of as over tens of thousands of jobs at risk if they see it as well becomes a military zone that is prone to these kind of conflicts so we could definitely be seeing tensions ratcheting up that a knock on effect beyond crimea nick thank you so much for that was nick connelly in moscow and in kiev david stern thanks to both of you. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today mexico has vowed to beef up security at its border with the united states after a peaceful protest descended into calles us guards fired tear gas into the mexican town of wanted to stop migrants trying to breach the border while mexican police arrested dozens of my. people have taken to the streets across the globe to mark the international day for the elimination of violence against women one of the largest rallies was in madrid where tens of thousands turned out to protest against
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domestic abuse the u.n. says one in three women worldwide will experience violence in her lifetime. and ugandan drug divers have retrieved thirty one body so after a boat capsized on lake victoria dozens more are feared dead the bessel was on a routine pleasure cruise and believed to be overcrowded with nearly one hundred mostly young revelers when it sank saturday evening at least twenty seven people. breske. british prime minister theresa may is to warn lawmakers that her breaks of deal is the best and only possible deal for the country may faces a difficult challenge convincing skeptical m.p.'s to back the plan before a likely december vote after twenty seven e.u. states approve the deal on sunday e.u. chief called it a sad moment and a tragedy but he urged u.k. lawmakers to back your course. shortly after the deal was approved journalist.
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the british prime minister whether she too felt it was a sad occasion well no but i recognise that others do i think that's the the i recognise some european leaders on this moment but also some people back at home in the u.k. will be sad at this at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism about the future of our country. british prime minister full of optimism there well let's bring in our d.w. correspondent barbara basler who's been following the break at negotiations and joins us from london barbara given the opposition that theresa may faces in getting her break the deal through parliament does she really have any reason to be optimistic. not at this point in time terry because she really faces a wall of criticism from all sides from inside her own party opposition politicians
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from different strands of the conservatives have been making the rounds of the radio studios this morning and have said we don't want this we want something else maybe we want an already solution staying in the single market but not this particular deal that she has brought back from brussels and also if you look at social media people here don't buy this optimism thing they say this is the most important decision within generations that we in britain have to take you can't just tell us to sort of wipe this off the table and move on we're not satisfied. e.u. commission president john told us he insists there will be no renegotiations of the brig's a deal saying this is the only deal possible you mentioned possible other solutions that must have been on the table before but now it seems that britons are facing the choice between this deal or no deal if that is what they're up against. yes in a way but then also there is still the option of no brakes it and the movement it
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seems for a second referendum is gaining traction because many people in britain and a number of lawmakers feel that there is no other way forward that they can move side where it's backwards forwards so what to do as the people again that seems to be a solution that gains more and more sympathy in britain so we might see more turbulent in the near future here in london barbara thank you so much. in london. well the planet mars will be receiving a new guest today the billion dollar spacecraft called insight is on its final approach to the reply that and should touch down later today it's taken six months to get there but scientists predict that once it lands inside it will provide them with data they've dreamed of for decades. this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman sean are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they
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hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. what we now bringing to mas of a standardized methods which we measure the earth. and energy. we haven't done that hamas yet. nasa tested the mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is equipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the seismometer will be installed in december it's the mission's most important fact finder with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors it's hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. the second instrument is set to start work in
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january developed by tilman sean and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat. like a mole the rock will borrow five meters below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will track how much mars wobbles in its orbit around the sun. through them with. this mission is about more the mas. is actually a mission to its rest real earth like planets. just happens to be the easiest of earth like planets to get to know i'm full of those. tillman spawn is convinced the data from mars will advance understanding of how all rocky planets formed and evolved including our own and others out there orbiting alien suns and still be on the reach of human space travel. but first insight will have
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to parachute to a safe landing. the descent will take seven long minutes the craft has to master the landing without human help performing many small maneuvers that exactly the right time and without any mistakes until touchdown. to happen today stay tuned for that that's all you need. to be with you next hour thanks for watching. nico piece in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on hold while and free to stuff the w.c. learning course nicola's free.


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