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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin a tense standoff between drug shine you created over an evil passage of the disputed crimean peninsula russia fires and seizes three ukrainian ships claiming they entered waters off crimea illegally ukraine accuses a russian navy of acting like bandits also coming up. a deal after the e.u. endorses a briggs a deal with british prime minister to resign me now faces the challenge of persuading called on the men to support it home message it's the only option on the
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table. and a landing on mars the spacecraft inside a set to offer scientists much anticipated data on the red planet the program look beneath the martian surface to explain how the planets seemed billions of years ago . the. phone of a warm welcome to you i'm on the. do dodging nation security council scored an emergency meeting today after russia fired on and seized three ukrainian ships off the coast of the crimean peninsula two of the ships have been seen at a port in cache crimea ukraine's navy has said six of their sailors were wounded russia says only three crewmen were injured and are receiving medical care. ukraine called the incident an act of aggression and has for pause introducing martial law
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to put the country on a war footing the clash happened in a natural straight between russia and crimea a point of international tension since russia annexed the region four years ago. a confrontation at sea russia cues the ukrainian navy of acting like bandits what followed says ukraine was an act of russian aggression. a russian coastguard ship opened fire on then seized three ukrainian vessels. it happened in the black sea off the coast of crimea after the russian ships blocked access to the sea of hours of via the narrow carriage street which separates the crimean peninsula from the russian mainland although a bilateral treaty gives both russia and ukraine access tensions are very in the sea have escalated since russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and the
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opening of a bridge linking the two earlier this year this latest incident has led ukraine's president to ask parliament to consider drastic action yami somewhat itself which martial law would be introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law a cold act of aggression by the russian federation martial law would not mean a refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means through. rushed through anger outside the russian embassy in kiev protesters shouting death to russia officials from both countries have accused the other of provocative behavior nato and the european union have called for restraint as fears grow that tensions in the region could escalate further. and for the latest on the standoff i'm joined by our
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correspondents you need a chateau in moscow and david stern in kiev starting with you david now the ukrainian president poroshenko is proposing martial law in response to what he scored of russia's act of aggression what does he hope to achieve with this move well it's difficult to say right now we're actually waiting for more details the parliament they're called norada will debate and vote on this later on and we hope to get a lot more clarity obviously now. but i think o. has said that this is not a declaration of war nor will it curtail civil liberties but this is exactly what many people are afraid of and speculating about that perhaps that presidential elections which are scheduled for march will be postponed and we may see some curtailment some limitation on freedom of speech there could be censorship there could be limitations on public meetings as well as freedom of movement so it's it remains to be seen but there is
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a great deal of speculation as i said great deal of discussion of what exactly this will mean in the coming sixty days which is what is being proposed how do you you reach moscow blames ukraine for the standoff and what it calls orchestrated provocations do we know what will happen to the ukrainian ships which are now in a crimean port along with their crew. what only do you know underneath it is that ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded that the russian authorities release detained ukrainian sailors but i don't think that will happen soon some of the ukrainians by the way have reportedly been brought to moscow now for the medical treatment russia claims that this was a danger provocation by ukraine that's what's what kremlin spokesperson means of discourse bischoff coult of the incident so from the russian point of view ships should have applied for permission to pass through the catch trade moscow says that's not by by not doing so ukraine broke international laws so from the russian
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point of view they detained sailors are criminals and should be out at least for the time being. david is the name concern for kiev that moscow is trying to belong look access to what are essentially shared what. will he has a lot of concerns and needs to be said but what can what actually applies to this situation well there's an economic and there's a military side the economic is that russia is trying to control the hours of sea which is according to agreement is shared by the two countries and this would have a. commercial impact on ukraine. the port there is the main port for the eastern part of the country we're talking about numerous tens of thousands of jobs as well as an untold amount of money that moves through there but there's also the military there afraid that this could be an escalation of further escalation in a widening of the war and obviously anything that moves this into
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a higher stage of a of a conflict that continues as we know is of great concern to kiev i know you both sides have called for an emergency u.n. security council meeting today could that help ease the standoff. well the meeting today will probably play out as we've seen it time and time and again this is not the first time that both countries have tried to solve their conflicts on international level but so far they haven't been successful both sides will probably level accusations at each other both sides are likely to try to convince of the world of their point of view the problem is that both sides consider the territory in question to be their own however since the russian accession of crimea twenty fourteen from ukraine ukrainian ships were allowed to pass through the strait of catch for the past four years it has so far always been possible to come to some kind of informal agreement what's changed recently is that
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ukraine is trying to make a point of its rights to use as a catch straight without asking for russian permission to do so something moscow says is and attempt by ukrainian president poroshenko to score political points at home ahead of the presidential election next year so acts of political brinkmanship on both sides either chateau in moscow and david stern in kiev thank you both very much for your assessments let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world mexico has vowed to step up security at its border with the united states after a peaceful protest descended into chaos you has gone fired tear gas into the mexican town of t.f. one out to stop migrants trying to breach the border while mexican police arrested dozens of protesters. the united arab emirates has pardoned a british academic dreamed of spying charges this despite releasing
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a videotape purporting to show the researcher matthew hedges confessing to espionage authorities sentenced hedges to life imprisonment last week in a case that strained relations with the u.k. . italian film director binondo better duty famous for movies including the last i know in paris has died at the age of seventy seven considered a giant who was cinema better luci was the only italian ever to win the oscar for best film he won it for the last emperor in one nine hundred eighty eight. a two hundred and forty five pilot will have died in a mass stranding on a remote beach in new zealand half of the whales were already dead when they were found the other half were put down because it would not have been possible to save their. british prime minister to resume is back in the u.k.
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for the homestretch of britain's exit from the european union men must now convince skeptical lawmakers to ratify a deal otherwise she says they will set the country back to square one that is twenty seven members indorse the deal in brussels on sunday after months of torturous negotiations. a moment of relief for theresa may the british prime minister has delivered against the odds after nearly two years of negotiations may and the e.u. have agreed on the terms of their divorce she took the opportunity to remind critics of her conviction tell us what's really going through those who say that reaching a brics agreements that work for both sides was an impossible task from the start i rejected that council of despair and such about negotiating a deal that worked for the u.k. and the e.u. one that delivered on the result of the referendum and such as on calls for
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a prosperous future while maintaining a close relationship with our friends and neighbors. but her victory could be short lived may must now sell the plan to a divided british parliament so far she doesn't have a majority to pass it and some m.p.'s from her own party have vowed to vote against it the european union has warned rebellious lawmakers in westminster that there is no other alternative. i am inviting goes to have to rectify this duty in the house of commons to think this instance of who is this is the best possible which is the best two possible for europe and this is the only decent course only. possible. may now faces a make or break vote that will again test her resilience she will tour the u.k. in a charm offensive aimed at. adding support for her deal with brussels. let
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me now draw indeed correspondent barbara visit in london barbara given the opposition to resolve many faces in getting a break the deal through parliament does she have reason to be optimistic about the outcome not really not as we stand here and now because she is really surrounded by opponents when she was in brussels she tried to convey a sense of optimism in the sense that let's move on people we've had this discussion now and we shall open a new chapter and we should look to the future and the sense of optimism and expectation but if you look at social media here people get quite angry about that challenging the prime minister now this is the most important decision for britain within a couple of generations you can tell us just to sort of white this off the table move on except for what's there and then just carry on was our lives particularly
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as economists are now predicting that people in britain might be poorer even after the break the deal that has been put on the table by brussels so she is having a pull struggle all the way and the e.u. commission president is your code you insist they will be nor a sions on the brakes a deep saying as we heard now report this is the only deal possible so britain is really facing a choice between this deal or no deal. as far as a proselyte concerned yes however the politicians in london who are not in favor of it want to listen is a clear no even conservative m.p.'s have this morning been doing the rounds off radio studios here in london and talking to everybody and saying now listen we want something else we don't like this we want something more like norway there must be other options we could remain in the single market we could do this all the other so for them the chapter doesn't seem to be closed they simply don't want to accept
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the steal whatever brussel says so for to reason made this is difficult what she is going to do is she is really under a time constraint because she needs to talk to parliament this afternoon and urgent questions it will be the same as we have seen in the past then she needs to go to argentina and participate in the g twenty summit and after that it just leaves her a week to make a tour of great britain to go to wales scotland and all the northern ireland where people are particularly angry about the deal for different reasons and try to convince them so in the end what we see here that in britain the battle for bracks it is far from over and further turbulence is ahead barbara visit in london thank you very much for that analysis and as barbara said a couple of days ahead and we have more on briggs it from get hard at first in business news coming coming up shortly meanwhile turning now to zimbabwe where
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doctors and patients are struggling with the country's drain link stockpiles of medicines pharmacies in the southern african their prescriptions entirely. hoping herbs will save her life. the fifty year old suffers from high blood pressure for years she had taken the drug in a fed opinion to keep her situation stable but with zimbabwe's economic crisis deepening its price has now quadrupled so she drinks herbal tea instead it's a traditional remedy she isn't sure will work. when i started taking pills in twenty thirteen everything was ok. the tablets were available and affordable. and i started experiencing problems when i went to the pharmacy on two separate occasions and found the drug i need was out of stock. through. the pharmacy eventually restocked but the drug cost twenty four u.s.
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dollars now instead of six as i had before doctors across the southern african country are struggling to treat their patients as medication disappears from the shelves over eighty five percent of them bob ways drugs are imported and the pharmaceutical industry can't make the payments paster not find out that instead of prescribing what is good for the patient to ending up prescribe you know what isn't . right and what is the is changing every week every month but not having medication for people what you can see is that we are killing our own people very slowly. it has been off her medication for two months she has no other choice but to harvest her herbs and hope for the best. the planet mars is receiving a new a new guest today the billion dollar stace craft corps insight is on its final approach to the red planet and should touchdown later today and it's taken six and
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a half months to get there but scientists predict that once it lands inside will provide them with valuable data they've been hoping to get for decades. this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman sean are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. what we know bringing to mas of a standardized methods by which we measure the earth's unserious structure and energy. holes we haven't done that on mars yet. nasa tested the mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is equipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the
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seismometer will be installed in december it's the mission's most important fact finder with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors it's hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. the second instrument is set to start work in january developed by tilman sean and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat. like a mold the rot will borrow five metres below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will track how much mars wobbles in its orbit around the sun then with. this mission is about more the mas. is actually a mission to its rest real earth like planets. moss just happens to be the easiest
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of earth like planets to get to know i'm full of those. tillman spawn is convinced the data from mars will advance understanding of how all rocky planets formed and evolved including our own and others out there orbiting alien suns and still be on the reach of human space travel. but first insight will have to parachute to a safe landing. the descent will take seven long minutes the craft has to master the landing without human help performing many small maneuvers at exactly the right time and without any mistakes until touchdown. but this legal hi fi is gladbach a back in second place and the only been this league a team to have won every home game this season can over with their latest victims
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despite putting up an early fight. you have to go back to two thousand and ten for hand-overs roster we need mention grab back they've lost every single game here since something me immediately tried to rectify but we would on target after just twenty two seconds the quickest goal of the season so far. got back shaken not stirred they needed just six minutes to equalize three chokin to. find finished with flowing moves. there was no free cake for this foul because the line profited from the referee's advantage and some slack defending. his first goal for granted back he went into one up at the break. that certainly fueled the host's hunger for more goals the third another example of
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some excellent team play as outs cross the probably bullied by lost in the now will go on. telly psychiatry a rounded off the storing moments after coming on as a sub forward grab back easily maintained a one hundred percent leak homewrecker was. staying with him in this league and better braman avoided a fourth straight defeats with a late equaliser in fry book you can bunch myths that misty had put the hose in front just before halftime the dream and piled on the pressure in the closing stages and vest to the point swedish a defender new dick stephenson got onto a new small after a corner in stoppage time. yet it is joins me now and we return to the topic of the braggs it and get it seems a price tag. it's going to be much higher than it was totally that's right i mean it's one the price tag the most recent price tag is one hundred billion pounds per
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year by twenty thirty that's what breaks it will cost the british people according to a new study commissioned by a group calling for a second frags it referendum it sees a number of economic blows in the u.k.'s huge if it goes ahead with its divorce from the e.u. include drops in trade foreign direct investment and overall g.d.p. which is supposed to drop around four percent. now let's go to france for full market reactions all the latest developments around bragg's. when he balances standing by for us what can you tell us. the markets are reacting very positively there's a great relief you can read that from the share price reactions here in the markets and practically all across europe starting here in germany strong gains and paris as well london. everywhere you see investors breathing
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a sigh of relief that this hurdle has been overcome of course people here know that the next hurdle probably even a bigger one the parliamentary vote in westminster in the house of commons and it's looking sketchy but people are i think prefer him to look at the positive side and seeing that there's been some progress made. how long this mood holds on though one have to see because there are other problems plaguing the markets as well of course . but he thanks for that stay on the line please we're going to come back to you in a moment because the clocks run out for embattled mitsubishi chairman collins go on the mitsubishi board of directors of votes to sack the manager who was arrested last week goannas come under fire over accusations he under reported his salary to japanese authorities by forty four million dollars. over several years he was arrested but has yet to be formally charged golan has denied all allegations
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sweetmeats of be sheep and this son ousted goannas that chapman is and holds a controlling thirty four percent stake in its abuse the vote. let's go back to so golan is gone will this launch a rethink in the car industry is the time of the the big towering figures over. i think the memory capacity is too short for that in the business world in other walks of life you see similar developments one doesn't seem to learn from mistakes of the past and i can't see into the future but i think that one will see these kinds of larger than life tiring figures time and time again one reason of course is that people like carlos gone or vision auto for volkswagen to took over volkswagen right after the war or. thirty nine ph or took over volkswagen also in a time of crisis they needed that authority these figures were sought after by the
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people who appointed them because you needed strong figures to effect the turn around and get everybody on board problem is they overstay their welcome they go overboard and i think that will happen time and time again i would venture to say that's human nature also in the auto industry. only humans also in the older industries and you only bonds in front. the head of german industrial robotics producer coo cuz stepping down as its chinese owners moment control till voice as leaving his role at the end of the year coco was acquired by china's media group two years ago at the time of his voiced concerns about the shopping spree that sold several strategically important german tech companies sold off to chinese investors media reports indicate the media group is speeding up coca integration into its larger business operations by wanting more say over kook us daily operations.
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black friday may be out of the way but cyber monday is just beginning that means you can skip the queues at the shops and score deals online retailers are promising online bargains on a whole range of products from clothing to electronics in the u.s. alone cyber monday is expected to bring in seven point eight billion dollars this year. if you didn't buy a new t.v. set or a laptop on black friday fan out you can make that good on cyber monday retailers by the dozen of pumping out office and discounts online soon entice ing idea for many browsing the web to find the best deals from the comfort of one's own home i don't do miles i can't handle the traffic the lines of people others however clearly can some die hard bargain hunters even spend thanksgiving night camping outside stores to increase their chances of coming away with the best black friday
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buys we kind of like the rush but according to data analyst adobe analytics this year's black friday crowds would down in america u.s. online sales on the other hand hit a record six point two billion dollars that day and nearly a third of the purchases were made on small five's convenience savings is everything when it comes to holiday shopping. and that sets you up today you're watching the news from the lender's more news coming out of the top of the hour don't go away eco africa is a speck you very much for watching. the
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man who stopped the desert yaku salado from birch enough fossil she showed farmers how to regenerate their soil putting local knowledge to innovative use his work turned barren land into a forty tear forest and our intent our right livelihood award. to eco africa next door d w. one two brass band music in techno have in common a launch according to morta a band from hamburg and their covers of famous house tracks are proof of that. we
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caught up with more to just before they head out on a european to. fix . sixteen and. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. it's made to be strong in everyone to small. businesses now for the vision. i was. did you
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ever get started december twelfth. hi everyone welcome to this new edition of eco africa i'm city sends me into hanna's perk and we've got lots of inspiring environments light is to share with you today but before we get started i'd like to say hello to my wonderful colleague n.-t. in lagos thank you so much for the shot good to see you too yes indeed we've got.


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