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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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come strong from. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin a tense standoff between russia and ukraine over streets of the disputed crimean peninsula russia finance on and says if free ukrainian ships came in that entered a russian territorial waters off the crimean coast illegally ukraine accuses the russian navy of acting like bandits for the coming up
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a deal to even do most of the brig's a deal even british prime minister to resign me now faces the challenge of persuading hold on a mentor to supported her message is the only option on the table. and skyrocketing prices for vi to drugs and zimbabwe's pharmacies that's the. color of a warm welcome to you i'm on the dock cheema the united nations security council is called an emergency meeting today after russia five on and seized three ukrainian ships off the coast of the crimean peninsula these pictures that actually show a russian coast guard ship of ramming a u. korean vessel ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded that the crew and the vessels be released immediately. the cash took place in a narrow street between russia and crimea
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a point of international tension since russia annexed the region four years ago. a confrontation at sea russia accused the ukrainian navy of acting like bandits what followed says ukraine was an act of russian aggression. a russian coastguard ship opened fire on then seized three ukrainian vessels. it happened in the black sea off the coast of crimea after the russian ships blocked access to the sea of as of via the narrow carriage street which separates the crimean peninsula from the russian mainland although a bilateral treaty gives both russia and ukraine access tensions are very in the sea have escalated since russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and the opening of a bridge linking the two earlier this year this latest incident has led ukraine's
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president to ask parliament to consider drastic action. order to fix martial law would be introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law a cold act of aggression by the russian federation martial law would not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means. through rushed through anger outside the russian embassy in kiev protesters shouting death to russia officials from both countries have accused the other of provocative behavior neato and the european union have called for restraint as fears grow that tensions in the region could escalate further and for the latest on the standoff i'm joined by our correspondence you need a shuttle it must go and david stern in kiev starting with you david now the ukrainian president poroshenko is proposing martial law in response to what he
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scored russia's act of aggression what does he hope to achieve with this small. well it's difficult to say right now we're actually waiting for more details the parliament they're called norada will debate and vote on this later on and we hope to get a lot more clarity obviously now mr berg pushing co has said that this is not a declaration of war nor will it curtail civil liberties but this is exactly what many people are afraid of and speculating about that perhaps that presidential elections which are scheduled for march will be postponed and we may see some curtailment some limitation on freedom of speech there could be censorship there could be limitations on public meetings as well as a freedom of movement so it's it remains to be seen but there is a great deal of speculation as i said great job discussion of what exactly this will mean in the coming sixty days which is what is being proposed how do you you
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reach moscow blames ukraine for the standoff and what it calls orchestrated provocations do we know what happened to the ukrainian ships which are now in a crimean port along with their crew. what only do you know i agree that if that's ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded that the russian authorities release detained ukrainian sailors but i don't think that will happen soon some of the ukrainians by the way have reportedly been brought to moscow now for the medical treatment russia claims that the visit was a danger provocation by ukraine that's what's what kremlin spokesperson which of discourse bischoff coult of the incident so from the russian point of view. should have applied for permission to pass through the catched right moscow says that's not by by not doing so ukraine broke international law and so from the russian point of view they detained sailors are criminals and should be out at least for the time being. david is the main concern for kiev that moscow is trying to block
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look access to what are essentially shared what. well he has a lot of concerns and needs to be said but what concerns what actually applies to this situation well there's an economic and there's a military side the economic is that russia is trying to control the house of sea which is according to agreement is shared by the two countries and this would have a. commercial impact on ukraine who pulled the port there is the main port for the eastern part of the country we're talking about numerous tens of thousands of jobs as well as an untold amount of money that moves through there but there's also the military there afraid that this could be an escalation of further escalation in a widening of the war and obviously anything that moves this into a higher stage of a of a conflict that continues as we know is a great concern to kiev now you both sides have called for an emergency u.n.
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security council meeting today could that help ease the standoff. well the meeting today will probably play out as we've seen it time and time and again this is not the first time this both countries have tried to solve their conflicts on international level but so far they haven't been successful both sides will probably level accusations at each other both sides are likely to try to convince of the world of their point of view as the problem is that both sides consider the territory in question to be their own however since the russian annex a sion of crimea twenty fourteen from ukraine ukrainian ships were allowed to pass through the strait of catch for the past four years it has so far always been possible to come to some kind of informal agreement what's changed recently is that ukraine is trying to make a point of its rights to use as a catch straight without asking for russian permission to do so something moscow
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says is and the tempted by ukrainian president poroshenko to score political points at home ahead of the presidential election next year so acts of political brinkmanship on both sides either chateau in moscow and david stern in care thank you both very much for your assessments. that we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world and india has been marking the tenth anniversary of the mumbai terrorist attacks that killed more than one hundred sixty people events were heard across the city at some of the sites of the three day attack in india blames a sort on militants from a pakistan based group. nasa is set to land a probe on mars today for the first time in more than six years the billion dollar spacecraft insite would have to survive a perilous descent to the planet's surface but once there it will start probing beneath the red planet's surface for an. italian film director of bernardo
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bertolucci famous for movies including last tango in paris has died at the age of seventy seven considered a giant to world cinema bertolucci was the only italian ever to win the oscar for best film he won it for the last emperor in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight . british prime minister tourism a is back in the u.k. for the homestretch of britain's exit from the european union name must now convinced kept tical lawmakers to ratify have a drool deal otherwise she says they will set the country back to square one the e.u. says twenty seven members indorsed the deal in brussels on sunday after months of torturous discussions. a moment of relief for theresa may the british prime minister has delivered against the odds after nearly two years of negotiations may end the e.u. have agreed on the terms of their divorce she took the opportunity to remind
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critics of her conviction tell us what's really going through those research that reaching a break to agreements that work for both sides was an impossible task from the start i rejected that counsel of despair and such about negotiation a deal. it worked for the u.k. and give one that delivers on the results of the referendum on sessions on calls for a prosperous future while maintaining a close relationship with our friends and neighbors. but her victory could be short lived may must now sell the plan to a divided british parliament so far she doesn't have a majority to pass it and some m.p.'s from her own party have vowed to vote against it the european union has warned rebellious lawmakers in westminster that there is no other alternative but i'm inviting goes to have to work if i just do in the house of commons to think this in front should wish this is the best
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possible which is just the best to push a button for europe this is the only decent course. the. post. may now faces a make or break vote that will again test her resilience she will tour the u.k. in a charm offensive aimed at getting support for her deal with brussels. to zimbabwe now where doctors and patients are struggling with the country's different leagues talk of medicine pharmacies in the southern african countries rely heavily on imported drugs and unable to keep the shelves stocked the situation has had prices soaring needing many patients to use tentative and traditional means to heal themselves alice chin you could is hoping herbs will save her life the fifty year old suffers from high blood pressure for years she had taken the drug in a fed of pain to keep her situation stable but with zimbabwe's economic crisis
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deepening its price has quadrupled so she drinks herbal tea instead a traditional remedy she is not sure will work. when i did my. when i started taking pills in twenty thirteen everything was ok. the tablets were available and affordable. i started experiencing problems when i went to the pharmacy on two separate occasions and found the drug i need was out of stock. the pharmacy eventually restocked but the drug cost twenty four u.s. dollars instead of six as i had before. doctors across the southern african country are struggling to treat their patients as medication disappears from the shelves over eighty five percent of zimbabwe's drugs are imported and the pharmaceutical industry can't make the payments fast enough. that instead of
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describing what is good for the patient to ending up being now what is in the right and what is the is changing every week every month but what medication for people like you can see is that. people who already. has been off her medication for two months she has no other choice but to harvest her herbs and hope for the best. that report by the w.'s amin s.s. turning now to the bundesliga and hi fi is gone back up back in second place and i'm the only business to get into one every home game this season hangover one of the latest victims despite putting up and early fight. you have to go back to two thousand and ten for hannover as an invention grab back they've lost every single game here since something we immediately tried to rectify but we would on target after just twenty two seconds the quickest goal of the season so far.
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got back shaken not stirred they needed just six minutes to equalize to choke and. find finished with flowing moves. there was no free cake for this foul because profited from the referee's advantage and some slack defending. his first goal for granted back he went into one up at the break. that certainly fueled the host's hunger for more goals the third another example of some excellent team play as outs cross you probably bullied by last indo and i will go on. telly psychiatry a rounded off the storing moments after coming on as a sub for grad back easily maintained a one hundred percent lead time records. he was indeed have in years coming up ahead new research puts
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a much higher than expected price tag on briggs it and it says the british people will be the one spin for it. to one hundred people have that story and much more coming up for you shortly do say they did up in years if you can. her first day of school in the jungle. the first coming listen to this. event doris grant a moment arrives. join the reg a take on her journey back to freedom.


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