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our two part documentary starts december eighth on t.w. . russia seizes three ukrainian ships ukraine accuses russia of acting like bandits and the un security council calls a meeting to debate this latest standoff over the crimean peninsula as ukraine's president calls for martial law we'll bring you the latest from moscow also on the program. monday models the spacecraft inside will reach the red planet in a few hours scientists hope to take beneath the surface to find that hamas was for billions of years ago. i'm telling film director but also to look she dies at the
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age of seventy seven after suffering poor health for many years from his best known and most notorious for his last tango in paris starring. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. united nations security council has called an emergency meeting after russia filed out and seized three ukrainian ships off the crimean peninsula ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded the media release of the crew and festivals and he's calling on parliament to impose martial law the clash took place in the strait between russia the points of international tension ever since russia annexed the region four years ago. this video has been circulating online since it was released on sunday. taken from on board a russian military ship. swearing and shouting to be heard as well as the command
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to stay the course directly towards ukrainian tugboat. in the russian ship rams the ukrainian boat head on. with. the incident escalated further a russian tanker blocked a tight underpass between the black sea and the sea of us of a vital trade route for ukraine it was later announced that the russian coastguard had shot at three ukrainian ships the ships were seized by russia with authorities saying the boats had illegally entered russian waters but the ukrainian navy says it had announced the ship's transit in advance. in kiev ukrainian president petro poroshenko called on parliament to introduce martial law. this doesn't mean we are declaring war. ukraine is not planning for a war with anyone it is implemented solely to protect ukrainian land our territory territorial integrity and sovereignty. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov accused ukraine of deliberate provocation. principles of the international law were
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violated including the united nations charter and other legal instruments that require all states to respect the sovereignty of another state school moscow views the water surrounding crimea as russian territory the united nations however views russian annexation of crimea as an illegal act. tried to russia i'm due credit is in moscow david stern is in kiev welcome both standing with you petro poroshenko in ukraine has signed the degree to introduce martial law what does he hope to achieve with this. well it should be said that he signed the decree but it still is a major hurdle to overcome and nothing has to be voted on by parliament and apparently the talks over this are are very intense the details about the decree and what mr partition goes would like to accomplish with this are just now coming
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out and what was published on the parliament's parliament a website was an addendum which said it which gave the government of mr parr shingo the rights the rights if they felt it was necessary to limits. very key freedoms of movement of expression of assembly of thought and even of education now these are not necessarily limitations per se but as i say gives the government the right if they see this necessary i've spoken to some reformist parliamentarians and they said they're going to vote against the decree in its present form and they say there's a very there are talks are ongoing what they would like in particular is to get rid of this part they would like to also shorten the time span of the decree from sixty to thirty days and also importantly the decree for cease possibly postponement postponement of presidential elections to take place that are supposed to take place in march of next year they want to see the elections go forward as planned i mean while i'm going to show it in moscow what news of the ship's crew any chance
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of them being released. well i think it's very unlikely that russia will comply in the near future with ukrainian demands to release the ship and the crew after all from the russian point of view what they did capturing the vessel and the crew was absolutely legal we've heard from the commissioner for human rights here in russia who said that twenty four people were arrested and that several members of the crew were being questioned at the moment and that they were also being treated medically at the moment in russia and judging from russia's reaction that it seems unlikely that they'll comply as they said russia said that the ukrainian actions were a provocation and need to be scoffed the kremlin spokesperson today called ukraine's actions an invasion by foreign military vessels you have to understand
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that russia sees the off sea as russian waters since they add next the crimean peninsula from ukraine in two thousand and fourteen which of course ukraine doesn't accept and from the russian side though it means that everything that they've been doing has been legal they say according to russian law and international law so david stern give us the big picture what are clear of biggest concerns over this russian action. well there are a number of concerns as you can imagine it is as well as the domestic situation that i just described but one of the biggest concerns is that russia is trying to cut off ukrainian access to the as of c.n.n. well and to its its territory and the as i've see in particular the port of martyr you will this is a major port this would the loss if it were to be cut off or to be blockaded it would be a huge commercial blow to the ukraine as well as the eastern part of the country where this fighting is continuing between the russian backed rebels and the
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ukrainian government and there's also the concern of course that this is a significant escalation and perhaps even widening of the conflict that it's now moving into the waters and perhaps that this may see even what an even more intense war than what we've been seeing up until now because as i said the war is still continuing it is not a frozen conflict. in care fact here for now and really show and the moscow thank you. now there are some of the other stories making news around the world for turkish soldiers that that and another seriously injured after the helicopter crashed in the residential area of istanbul yeah across struck a four story building before hitting the street but of course they say there were no civilian casualties defense officials have begun investigation. state of britain's prime minister has been urging skeptical lawmakers in her country to back of bret's that plan addressing m.p.'s in the house of commons theresa may warn that the deal is the best and only one available speech comes
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a day after the european union for signed off on the plan to take britain out of the book. yes it's so what does the business community think of mrs may's deal have humphrey can tell us well i don't think pieces specially with the laces assessments with which puts a number at one hundred billion pounds a year by twenty twenty twenty thirty rather that's what the that's what breaks it will cost the british people according to a new study commissioned by a group calling for a second briggs a referendum as these number of economic blows in the u.k. future if it goes ahead with the divorce from the e.u. they include drops in trade foreign direct investment and overall g.d.p. to the chin all around four percent. it's divorced from the e.u. is going to get expensive for great britain analysis at the london based and i e.s.r. research institute is forecasting dramatic results trade with the e.u. could collapse by as much as forty percent foreign investment by
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a fifth the berlin based german research institute the d i w also for cs severe consequences. the loss for the british economy due to brics it will be substantial but it will not come in a one off so this will be a gradual process over a policy period of ten fifteen years the british economy growing maybe piii zero point two percent less every year so it may look small but if you cumulate it's over a period of ten fifteen years we are talking about easily five to ten percent of g.d.p. that the size of the british economy will be smaller if the economy shrinks the queues in front of british job centers are shorter grow nevertheless some experts believe the e.u. u.k. negotiations could have had a worse outcome. this is a very hard deal struck and i don't know how you can make it even better but the right comparison would be what would happen to the u.k. if it were to go back to w.t.
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a rules if it was a half no deal what we now know was the harbor exit that would be the real comparison and if you compare the current numbers to that i think there's a pretty good mamas now prime minister theresa may is travelling across britain to present a newly forged brigs a deal to the people but members of parliament still have to give their approval in a vote set for the twelfth of december. a financial correspondent has got his eye on it the numbers from frankfurt we can bring him in now only one billion pounds a year is certainly state we should bear in mind this survey was conducted by a group which is calling for a second referendum i mean how shocking is one billion pounds a year or not. well it's it's a big number and cumulatively of course it means a lot we just heard the assessment by the economic experts that over time it would be something like five to ten percent cumulatively of g.d.p.
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and that's a huge number that means many many thousands of jobs lost detriments to companies and possibly also. companies going bankrupt because of the breaks that hitting certain sectors in certain parts of business differently some more some less so it underscores what hardbacks tore even and he backs it would mean and it makes the case for another referendum certainly very convincingly there's different numbers you can crunch but it perhaps helps those who would look for a second referendum if parliament didn't pass and i talked to people here in the market today lots of people think that it won't pass parliament this deal that was struck yesterday meanwhile markets looking up over italy for the first time in weeks tell us what's got them so hot beat. just a passing remark almost if you and i talked like that nobody would react here in the stock market but it was no none less than the louis you know my oh he's the
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deputy premier and five star movement leader and he signaled that he was prepared to be more accommodative on the e.u. deficit rule and so far italy wants to spend a lot more money in order to prop up the economy and fulfill voters' wishes he indicated some radiators to move away from that not offering any concrete detail but it sent the markets up talian market most of all but these markets here in germany as well a financial correspondent for us in frank that would be good to talk to you thanks . now to an about turn from german industrial giant demons its chief executives are traveling to saudi arabia for a conference hosted by state owned oil company around co the visit coming a few weeks off to public pressure over the murder of journalist john shockey prompted his events chief joe cases to pull out of a cell the investment event siemens is a major contractor in saudi arabia the infrastructure giant currently building
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riyadh's new subway system and is on target for the contracts in the future as the minutes spokesperson said kaiser is due to meet with only representatives from the company but no government officials. some people love him some people hate him and china apparently cannot get enough of that we're talking about durians the southeast asian fritos prize for its sweet flavor and banned from many hotels and public chant support jus to its pungent smell and recently mainland china has developed a taste for durians leading to an export boom throughout the region. boiled them big them put them in a stew. durians have long been a staple in malaysia and thailand. but now residents of mainland china like these tours from shanghai have developed a taste for the so-called king of fruits and suchlike that now you get has a fresh and sweet flavor that makes you feel like you've arrived in the tropics sound dollars i think it's
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a really good idea because i've never had this kind of durian hotpot in shanghai the form sizes here i think more and more durian products will be welcomed by consumers in the future to pull out of. doing products are already starting to flood the market last year exports of durian to china rose by fifteen percent to three hundred fifty thousand tonnes worth around half a billion euros will see. our sales has gone up five times compared to fast five years so i foresee the d.-ma. it is going to be more. here in malaysia durian plenty sions already cover seventy two thousand hectares. and many farmers are abandoning palm oil cultivation to help seek china's demand. now and a nervous moment for nasa felt the thank you very much i have yes they're describing this as seven minutes of terror a spacecraft first going towards mars will have to decelerate from almost twenty
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thousand kilometers an hour to just eight before it hopefully touches down safely in a few hours time the lander called insight has been almost six months voyage costing billions of the science behind the project and our nervously awaiting to see if that proves to be money well spent the hope is the insight will provide invaluable data from deep been a below the planet's surface. this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman sean are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. just to get through. what we now are bringing to mars of a standardized methods which we measure the earth's interior structure and energy.
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holes and we haven't done that on mars yet. nasa tested the mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is the quipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the seismometer will be installed in december it's the mission's most important fact finder with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors. it's hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. the second instrument is set to start work in january developed by bomb and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat. like the rock five meters below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will track how much mars wobbles in its
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orbit around the sun. this mission is about more than mas. is actually a mission to a terrestrial earth like planet earth mostest happens to be the easiest of earth like planets to get to. and for. tillman sean is convinced the data from mars will advance understanding of how all rocky planets formed and evolved including our own. and others out there orbiting alien suns and still be on the reach of human space travel. but first insight will have to parachute to a safe landing. the descent will take seven long minutes the craft has to master the landing without human help performing many small maneuvers that exactly the right time and without any mistakes until touchdown.
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so is it all of this from kurla from a d.l.r. planetary research institute which contributed to the insight mission welcome to day doubly so just watching that about that i mean ration that circles or twenty thousand twenty thousand one hundred eight kilometers an hour and lucky if that doesn't land properly that's a billion dollars just like that you're right there will manage to get well do it well do it so i guess your colleagues at the pleasure research institute a pretty excited right are definitely yes they are waiting for this moment for four six years for the development of the experiment then launched in may this year than cruise for six months and now now where the final point that this nation and we've all lent and after christmas we will start with the science experiments ok so we heard about some of the instruments on board the size and whatnot so why. why do we care how much mars shakes flows and wobbles why do why spend a billion dollars finding the right that's a very good question mark as one of the four to rest real planets and it's smaller
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than earth so it has a different development than earth and it you can find out something about the young earth from mars so we want to learn from mars for all the four in the planets mercury venus earth with its moon and mars. and so we think we can find out by testing the temperature inside the planet what how much heat is coming from the core and we will find out what state the core is and what this means for the development of the chorus of the interior of the all the to rest to planets so science geeks you all do this and it will be just great vision looking low because the temperature changes and then the rest of us respect this billion dollars. and well it's correct that it's science it's basic science but instrument development is also something you can use on earth and remote areas and glaciers in and arctic on the ice caps and so on so it's the first time that we
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do this completely automated on another planet to to hammer a hole five meters deep into a surface nobody has done this before and that's really challenging ok so five meters is quite deep what are you hoping all the wondering will be down that far well we only measure the temperatures in insteps of fifty centimeters and this gives us a gradient how the temperatures are rises towards the depth you have the same in and on earth when you go mining in deep mines you have hot temperatures and this is the measure we want to make it gives us the create the end of the interior of the planet and that's of high scientific well you ok we've run out of time but you have to stay there because i have more questions to ask but the rest of us we have to go into other stuff so so already. mexico. has said that it will step up security at its border with the united states after a peaceful protest by migrants descended into chaos u.s. guards fired tear gas at the mexican town of tea wanted to stop the migrants
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breaching the border police made dozens of arrests on both sides of the fence. this is the moment the situation escalated in tier one migrants from central america storm to the border fence several dozen were able to make it across on the other side u.s. border guards reacted by shooting rubber bullets and firing tear gas the chaos lasted about an hour sending a shockwave through. the almost everything that's going off i've been living and working here for more than twenty years and i've never seen anything like this it's as if this were a war zone and. it all began with a peaceful protest with about a thousand migrants taking past including women and children. that are basically marching to put pressure on the authorities to see if maybe they were less history to the u.s. . then eyewitnesses say
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a few hundred protesters broke away from the group unexpectedly the mexican police were not able to stop them the u.s. closed the border for several hours until the situation had calmed mexico's interior minister says the action has harmed the plight of all the migrants mexico has promised to deport those who stormed the border or anyone who attempts to enter the u.s. illegally. south america's biggest football showpiece featuring an argentinian powerhouse has a river plate and boca juniors was cancelled twice over the weekend following an attack on the plates team bus in buenos aires and a potential rematch could be further delayed by the upcoming g twenty summit in the city. clash of titans that couldn't have gone more wrong. than trouble in argentina is nothing new many clubs are banned from bringing supporters to away games that was also the case for this match but it didn't matter these attacks by river fans on the bokeh bus ahead of the deciding match in the us left
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several booker players in need of medical assistance. the mayor of when osiris believes argentina has a deep rooted problem with hooliganism really much problem is we have nothing as of ultra fans it's not the first time we've seen this. campaign groups say more than forty people have died in football related violence in argentina since twenty thirteen the head of this year's world cup the argentine government met with its russian counterparts to sign an accord aimed at preventing hooligans from travelling to the tournament. for the upcoming g. twenty summit in buenos aires could delay a rematch for over ten days but with the club world cup due to start in mid december south america needs to determine a champion soon a final decision on the rematch is expected on tuesday. vetter bremen avoided a fourth straight blunders like a defeat with a late equaliser in freiburg on sunday to look up val smith's penalty higher than the hosts in front just before half time the bremen piled on the pressure in the
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closing stages to rescue the point swedish defender our stinson got on to a loose ball after a corner in stoppage time. i mean tell me in a film director but not opposed to better luci has died at the age of seventy seven it been in poor health for several years one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation he sprang to fame with the notorious last tango in paris starting tomorrow brando but he had many other popular and artistic successes. first riches monumental in one nine hundred eighty seven film the last emperor told the story of china's last imperial ruler ascended the throne in one thousand eight when he was just three years of age. the director was given complete freedom by the chinese authorities and even allowed to shoot within the forbidden city. it was
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awarded a total of nine oscars including for best director. he's out to your majesty. luci was a key figure in the italian new way his directorial career took off in one thousand nine hundred seventy with the conformist about a weak willed man who becomes a fascist. the movie was informed by the directors left wing politics. his controversial nine hundred seventy two movie last tango in paris about an affair between a young french woman and an older american starring maria schneider and marlon
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brando and claim but also no two rising and a suspended jail sentence for indecency. there was huge controversy about the film in twenty sixteen due to comments that suggested the actress had not consented to one of the movie's most infamous sex scenes. and bertolucci received numerous prizes and accolades including a lifetime achievement award at the cannes film festival in twenty eleven the director spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair after unsuccessful back surgery now one of the last giants of italian cinema has passed away. but auto solution there's time to remind of our top story at this hour russia has fired on scenes to three ukrainian ships near the disputed crimean peninsula ukrainian president petro
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poroshenko hostage might have been meeting the lease of the crew times calling on the part of it to approve the imposition of martial. don't forget you can always get data of the news on the go just download from google play or from the apple store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and also use it to send us photos and videos from. such updates more at the top of the hour and of course around the clock on the web site that's d w dot com of the.
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i'm gonna. enjoy the fresh sea air. and soak up some sunshine on. the island off germany's north sea coast boasts beaches perfect for long strong unique natural beauty and classic maritime cuisine. those are always worth a visit. to need only.
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