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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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from the so-called found in a bill groups to the bane of the bush. and h.i.v. in russia today. this is v.w. news live from berlin tonight an emergency un security council meeting on russia and ukraine the u.s. accusing russia of an outrageous violation of ukrainian sovereignty if it was russia's seizing of three ukrainian ships off the disputed crimean peninsula ukraine's president says it's a new phase of aggression and has called on parliament to impose martial law in
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ukraine also coming up tonight british prime minister theresa may intensifies her campaign to get a hostile parliament and a divided nation to support her breaks a deal with the european union lawmakers are due to vote on her plan on december eleventh and the spacecraft inside will reach mars in just a couple of hours scientists hoping to dig beneath the planet's surface to find out how it was formed billions of years ago. i broke off it's good to have you with us we start at that emergency session of the u.n. security council the u.s. ambassador to the you win has accused russia of committing an outrageous violation of ukraine's sovereignty by seizing several ukrainian naval vessels near the disputed crimea region nikki haley warned that the u.s.
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will retain crimea related sanctions against russia the ukrainian president petro poroshenko is calling on his parliament to impose martial wall. this video has been circulating online since it was released on sunday. taken from on board a russian military ship swearing shouting had be heard as well as the command to stay the course directly towards ukrainian tugboat that am in the russian ship rams the ukrainian boat head on. with. the incident escalated further a russian tanker blocked the tight underpass between the black sea and the sea of us of a vital trade route for ukraine it was later announced that the russian coastguard had shot at three ukrainian ships the ships were seized by russia with authority saying that boats had illegally entered russian waters but the ukrainian navy says it had announced the ship's transit in advance. in kiev ukrainian president petro
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poroshenko called on parliament to introduce martial law. for him this doesn't mean we are declaring war. ukraine is not planning for a war with anyone it is implemented solely to protect ukrainian land our territory territorial integrity and sovereignty of. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov accused ukraine of deliberate provocation. principles of the international law were violated including the united nations charter and other legal instruments that require all states to respect the sovereignty of another state school moscow views the water surrounding crimea as russian territory the united nations however views russian annexation of crimea as an illegal act. well the united nations security council has been meeting in an emergency session over this issue and western countries have condemned russia's actions he was a bastard nikki haley accused russia of a quote outrageous violation of ukrainian sovereignty and stoking conflict an
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already deadly war in response russia claims that its sovereignty was violated by kids and it's accused ukrainian president petro poroshenko of provoking the incident to bolster his support in upcoming elections in his country now in brussels nato secretary-general. called for ukrainian ships and crew to be released and warned moscow that its actions will have consequences. are for more that now i'm joined by max milling coaching from our political studio who's marks a million what is germany's position on what has happened in just the last twenty four hours between russia and ukraine well there's deep concern here in berlin of course for the ongoing situation and germany has been already issuing a statement amongst other european nations like the u.k. and france saying is it is standing in support of ukraine the german chancellor
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angela merkel has already been talking to their ukrainian president petr potter schenkel in a phone call that's what has been confirmed so far by her spokesperson and what we're going to see now is we're all looking at the u.n. security council and how germany who is not a member get that's going to be in member starting in january is going to stand on that and if we're going to see new sanctions coming forward to what's russia you know there's not a good track record there with the you with in mediating with any of the hostilities between ukraine and russia is a different story though when you talk about the role of germany germany's foreign minister heiko moscow he's proposed that france and germany mediate between moscow and kiev. what is the latest on that and where is that proposal that dissolve. well that has been the extra already apparent why the german chancellor angela merkel has already been talking to the ukrainian president petro poroshenko because she has been part of a format that the foreign minister has now brought forward again the so-called
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moment of format which was a diplomatic dialogue between germany and france together with russia and the ukraine starting in two thousand and fourteen when the initial ukraine crisis with russia has started and hike i'm also suggested to sort of bring together with france russia and ukraine to talk again in a diplomatic form as a side of the u.n. security council. sanctions and the idea it was to always like keep a dalek going and one of the direct results of the normandy format has been for some of the means agreement which still hasn't brought any results in the crisis itself but of course it's a channel to keep dialogue and to give diplomatic efforts in this crisis going question however is if there's going to be new sanctions coming from the united nations how this will work out together with this diplomatic format you know it's a very good point to maximally for fickleness story corps here in berlin thank you . for britain's prime minister is urging lawmakers from all parties to support the
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brig's a deal that she agreed with the european union on sunday speaking before her parliament recently warned skeptical lawmakers of the unknown consequences of not read of on britain's withdrawal of the old from the e.u. lawmakers are now due to vote on the recently as planned on december eleventh. we can back this do you deliver on the voters a referendum and move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people or this house can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one because no one knows what would happen if this deal doesn't pass it would open the door to more vision and more uncertainty with all the risks that will entail british prime minister theresa may there are one correspondent because moss is also following the story for us. to reason may know is that there is a lot of work still ahead of her she's talking to m.p.'s in parliament but she's
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also trying to persuade the public she's going on a road show true britain in order to persuade the public that this is the best deal in town and she's banking on the fact that a lot of people really want to get on with it they are bored of bricks and they don't want to hear every day in the news about bret's and they just want this to disappear but she also knows that for a lot of m.p.'s this goes really to the core of their believes and that they know it's a momentous decision that's going to shave the country for years and appropriately generations to come and that there's a lot of plotting going on in westminster some m.p.'s are trying to push for even sharper exits and they say even no deal is better than this deal and then there are those who are hoping that they can somehow reverse the decision and come to a referendum on this deal so there's a lot going on in westminster the vote is expected and maybe
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a couple of weeks time to reason may has a lot of work to do till then. that's bigger must reporting in one did here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world four turkish soldiers are dead and another seriously injured after their helicopter crashed in a residential area it is stamboul the aircraft struck a four story building before hitting the street but authorities say there were no civilian casualties defense officials have watched an investigation mexico has deported nearly one hundred central american migrants who tried to illegally cross into the u.s. on sunday hundreds tried to force their way across the frontier interior want to before being repelled by u.s. border guards u.s. president has threatened on twitter to permanently close the border with mexico. well the planet mars will be receiving a new guest today the billion dollar spacecraft called inside is on its final approach to the red planet and it should touch down
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a little later on today now it's taken six and a half months to get there but scientists predict that once it lands in site we'll provide them with data that they've dreamed of having for decades. this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman sean are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. what we now bringing to mas of a standardized methods which we measure the earth. and energy. we haven't done that on mars yet. nasa tested the mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is equipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the seismometer will be installed in
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december it's the mission's most important fact finder with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors it's hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. the second instrument is set to start work in january develop by tilman sean and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat. like a mold the rock will borrow five meters below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will track how much mars wobbles in its orbit around the sun then with. this mission is about more the mas. is actually a mission to its rest real earth like planet earth. mostest happens to be the
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easiest of earth like planets to get to know i'm far from. tillman's spawn is convinced the data from mars will advance understanding of how all rocky planets formed and evolved including our own. and others out there orbiting alien suns and still be on the reach of human space travel. but first insight will have to parachute to a safe landing. the descent will take seven long minutes the craft has to master the landing without human help performing many small maneuvers that exactly the right time and without any mistakes until touchdown. or here on earth of the italian film director bernardo over gene has died at the age of seventy seven he had been in poor health for several years one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation. spring to fame with the notorious last
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tango in paris starring marlon brando but he had many other popular and artistic successes. person who choose monumental in one nine hundred eighty seven film the last emperor told the story of china's last imperial ruler who ascended the throne in one thousand nine hundred eight when he was just three years of age. the director was given complete freedom by the chinese authorities and david not allowed to shoot within the forbidden city. it was awarded a total of nine oscars including for best director. i see. he's out to your majesty. salute you. began in the italian new way his directorial career took off in one
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thousand nine hundred seventy with the conformist about a weak willed man who becomes a fascist. the movie was informed by the directors left wing politics. his controversial nine hundred seventy two movie the last tango in paris about an affair between a young french woman and an older american starring maria schneider and modern brando and claim but also notoriety and a suspended jail sentence for indecency. there was a huge controversy about the film in twenty sixteen due to comments that suggested the actress had not consented to one of the movie's most infamous sex scenes.
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and bertolucci received numerous prizes and accolades including a lifetime achievement award at the cannes film festival in twenty eleven the director spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair after unsuccessful back surgery now one of the last giants of italian cinema has passed away. and you're up to date with the news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the death. of. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany by state. t w dot com.


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