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those martial law after russia seized three ukrainian ships near the disputed crimean peninsula on sunday ukraine's president has called it a new phase of aggression all the u.s. has accused russia of an elf rangers in violation of ukraine's sovereignty. soir news for now out of course you can get all the latest news information on our web site that said d w dot com we have more news at the top of the next hour i'm rich will be with you then thanks for watching. nico he's in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south africa c w e learning course nico street.
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sixty years ago. singapore looked
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a lot different than it does today the houses and factories were rundown the warehouses were filled to overflowing and the water was polluted. that's all changed now this is a pedestrian mall that runs along clucky the more features restaurants and nightclubs that were built on the side show former warehouses this district is popular with tourists and local residents. to. say at least until the early eighteen hundreds there was nothing here but a few malays settlements sand and mangrove shrubs. so stanford raffles an official of the british east india company founded a trading post in singapore in eighteen nineteen. raffles what once the strategic
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potential of the area which was located on the main shipping routes between europe india and china. over the next century the trading post grew rapidly into a major port facility today singapore is a world leader in trade logistics and is also a major petroleum refining and trading center. as the city grew so did the number of new jobs large numbers of immigrants arrive to fill them primarily indians chinese and malays. singapore is actually a city state located on an island at the southern tip of the middle a peninsula. bad. today singapore is one of the world's richest countries there's hardly any government bureaucracy. customs duties and taxes alone. that makes it an
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attractive place for foreign business investors. just it is also a major financial and foreign exchange center. was widely regarded as one of the world's least corrupt countries thanks to the government's zero tolerance policy. the overall crime rate is extremely low but some critics complain that the government restricts a number of basic human rights including freedom of speech. on the banks of the singapore river the old warehouses and residential buildings have been torn down and replaced with new structures. the river is only about three kilometers long. in the early days the area around it
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grew quickly into a trading center housing was scarce. so when the south of us arrived in singapore they live in very crammed conditions are they live in august houses that was through here today in tin for. the hawkins also or constructed the ten hawking temple you can see the time poll this is the actually the back wall of the temple to construct the temple in on the goddess of the seema to. help them have a safe passage over the ocean to singapore. but most of the immigrants came from china. today ethnic chinese make up about three quarters of the city's population. stunted rattle's realize that the mix of
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different ethnic and religious groups could lead to conflict so he has signed each group to a specific district. here in chinatown you wouldn't expect to find a must when the most was first built it was meant to serve muslim malays and indians who worked in this part of town. the indus have a temple in chinatown the first immigrants from india settled close to the chinese district later arrivals moved into an area north of the river. this is the famous stream area man temple hindus from all over singapore come here to worship. you you leave. please.
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after work many chinatown residents take part in exercise programs. you please please please please please my nothing a chinese version of chess. it. was asked. if i can get into this town a town street is filled with restaurants that are popular with tourists and locals like i was asked. her to leave them to the shops of busy but they don't sell necessities like food and clothing as they did in the
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old days. you can easily see if. it's a lovely part of town even at night. when the. good of all you. the elite in early april many singapore chinese take part in traditional ceremonies to honor their ancestors all these observances date back to ancient china. to the last six years. this is daisy lim. she's eighty three years old her parents and brothers are buried here at the blue could brown cemetery. one of daisy's friends explains the origins
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of the ceremony. these are called the first they actually represent the five. and the training of this paper is a ritual. in here china. when someone when we. felt we grateful they couldn't pay respects to his parents and. grace they could not find his parents. so he truly. hate her. pretty much. daisy says she feels obligated to pray for her parents. it's an ancient tradition. sometimes she even brings a special gift to her father's grave
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a glass of wine my father. like that would be doing. someone. such as her. you pray or a big. east coast park runs along the southeastern coast of singapore it's a popular destination just. on weekends to eat. a few kilometers to the west we find henderson waves
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a pedestrian bridge that connects to palm. it's thirty six meters above ground and runs for two hundred and seventy four meters. and usual shape mimics the undulating movements of ocean waves to me. despite all the high rise construction singapore is still a very green city. so-called rain trees can be found throughout the area. a number of beautiful and exotic plants thrive in the city's tropical climate. missing a pool botanic gardens were opened in eight hundred fifty nine today that cover an area of just over eighty hacktivists was the garden contains more than ten thousand species of flora. was.
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in twenty fifteen the gardens were officially designated as a unesco world heritage sites funding to support the gardens comes from the government and corporate and private donations. more than four million people visit the gardens of asia the main attraction is the national guard. gardens are a popular site for sunday afternoon picnics. music concerts and fears of performances often held here. the. common is german and lives and works in singapore his wife
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anita is from malaysia. kushel is also german his wife nearly was born in singapore. common and we should have both lived here for more than ten years so the government considers them permanent residents. those men who work in the banking sector. michaud says life here is less hectic than it is in germany. and society is pretty laid back you have to get used to it and we germans have a lot of energy we like to get things done quickly and follow a plan but they do things differently here. was one. of the end of the way of life here in the weather sometimes slows you down. is. the shadows wife nearly is of chinese descent they get along well. even fired up to say i enjoy being married to
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a chinese woman i might learn something new from her every day with trying to use traditions and culture are so different from mine we're always looking at how things are viewed in her culture and in mine so we always have something to talk about. because of the displaced by. we really like the fact that we can write all children in an international environment. and it's not so many different ethnic groups live together here in singapore. page get to hear different languages every day and they're already learning them do you think she may have. come in and michelle enjoy their licensing or pull they renew their residence permits every five years but sometimes they get homesick. is almost a minute here i really miss broadus league games i can watch them on t.v. but obviously not at the stadium. and i have to watch my favorite crime show the
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next morning because of the time difference. oh. oh singapore's population grows so does the number of high rise apartment buildings . the first public housing estates were built by the british authorities in the one nine hundred twenty s. here in the two young bowery district. in one nine hundred sixty the city created its own housing development code or h d b to build low cost housing for poor people . these are the very all hasty pieces that will build some wind and i think the least so this was some of the oldest blocks in singapore you can see that there are no lifts on this block so there's only staircases and that's the biggest difference
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between a new and old ones the people here. might have lived here for very long time the past houses down from one generation to another and sold that in this area there is a market there's a caucus and there's a community center so the people here can get together they will see each other very often in the common place there's. about eighty percent of all singapore residents live in h.d. the public housing the government employs a quota system to maintain an ethnic balance in the housing units. this system is based on singapore's ethnic mix that is about seventy six percent chinese fifteen percent malays and seven percent indians. michaud and nearly eleven an h d b housing complex all the properties are owned by the government that keeps out the real estate speculators. nearly says the ethnic
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quota system works well. this is a very good mix of people that stayed together and all the different cultures the different religions you can get to experience everything here. is old. as part of the trenches childers outside all the buildings so you by the end if you focus or we don't have to worry about bad weather. being fights all bad contract after we moved here and we gave away all of our umbrellas indeed i did so by pushing. you on there's no reason to cook dinner with all these great food shops nearby. the opposition mainly gone over to things one is our language resisting lish which is actually english mixed with my leg in a bit of india and we we mix up the whole language and that is our own version of
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english and we call this english the other thing which we love a lot which is just what. we can eat all the time and that's why in singapore you can find any time anywhere. that's exactly right. please. please please. to just leave these food stands up cooled pool crystals hit a number of them have been set up in a will cost center you can find almost any kind of asian food each stand specializes in two or three dishes the food is prepared fresh. it's delicious and inexpensive the equivalent of about four to six euros put it. in the larger restaurants that attract tourists who pay
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a lot more. for food like this and it won't be as authentic. the local stalls were originally created as part of the effort to eliminate the independent street food trade which was plagued by quality control problems. in the heart of the business district there's a food court located in a building that's officially listed as a national architectural monument. this is loud passed out which means old market in the local chinese dialect. the original building dates back to the eight hundred ninety s. every night at seven sindhu is largest outdoor barbecue opens on the street behind the market. the main speciality is sauté a dish of seasoned grilled meat in a peanut sauce.
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and who residents love to shop and there's no better place to do that than an old kid right. now. on this sunday afternoon a group of domestic with his from the philippines are enjoying a picnic. here at them if you can bring it into. it but you need our help and you know the idea. that this is just very nice nicely if you keep it and part of me and i did my own. thing it. was my own plan how one of you lot though you know i think you care alfie and. hit it out and then you got. you know what now.
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an estimated one hundred eighty thousand filipinos live in singapore part of the country's long tradition of immigration. and. the number of buildings that date back to the british era remain part of the cityscape. singapore declared its independence in one nine hundred sixty nine. this is the legendary raffles hotel one of singapore's finest the original vision of the hotel opened in eight hundred eighty seven. this is the long ball at the refuse hotel with a cocktail known as the singapore sling was invented in the early nineteenth
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hundreds bought into and he shows us how to make one. so it's email is off although it has some ports on it coals inside the jeans so hands makes the drink a little bite at least you have fitted me yourself cherry broke in. that country if you kill. you have dolls that look sydney's i want one oddball best friend they didn't sit up to give the child. a bash i'm just lucky to. live. finally i am pleased to see it through sweetness please please if you do have a shake. of. the day will you have a singapore sling. change cheat sheet cheat
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form eat one cheap the remain a base and hotel which opened in twenty ten dominates the skyline of the singapore waterfront. was. the sky park connects the hotels three fifty five story towers. at the park's infinity pool guests can enjoy a swim and panoramic views of marina bay. the cheat sheet eat the meat plow the michelle dishing dirt shall tell you that. this is a hotel of superior tips more than two thousand five hundred rooms a huge casino and an enclosed shopping mall. i hate she doesn't cheat sheet the elite want to catch the
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a shout out meeting was shouting. that the entire complex covers nearly forty hector's and includes a convention center two entertainment theaters and an arts and science museum. tell describes the museum as a future world where i'll need science. it's a visual extravaganza. to.
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not far away we find the gardens by the bay in nature park which covers more than one hundred hectares of reclaimed waterfront land. the book was created as part of the government's effort to transform singapore from a garden city into a city in a garden. this this little garden is called super tree grounds the trees are home to fans valiance own kids and other plants. there's an elevated walkway between two of the largest city trees. the steinway is especially popular with local residents. the government wants to make singapore a more livable city by increasing the number of green areas.
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man above sea level is committed to attracting top talent from around the world for its workforce so that the city can continue to grow and prosper. as. the government says aside the equivalent of about a billion euros to build the garden the park includes to conserve the trees. visitors are required to pay an admission fee. one of the conservatories features a cloud forest. a cloud mountain rises more than forty meters above the ground. visitors can take an elevator to the top and then walk back down using a specially constructed pond i was playing. every evening at the super trees form this into a piece of
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a spectacular light and music show. bad bad bad. bad bad bad. for singapore actually consists of more than sixty islands. some of them connected by environmentally friendly cable cars. now we're headed for the island resort of sentosa. its attractions include a sheltered beach that stretches for two kilometers. was. the name sentosa means peace and tranquility and. in one nine hundred seventy two a corporation was formed to oversee the development of the island the government and private investors have poured the equivalent of more than six hundred thousand
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euros into the project so far. names. to. the island southeast asia aquarium is one of the world's largest and it features more than eight hundred species of marine animals. this is just gather around the huge acrylic viewing panel. it's like being right on the ocean floor. all the windows on the far side are part of luxury hotel suites.
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to. say the pool also has a launch hindu community most of the hindus are tamils from southern india. heard here at the temple of. the faithful pay their respects to the goddess kali a complex figure who is revered as the divine mother and protect. today the worshipers are getting ready for a festival. i am the door morning it is an auspicious day so the ball isn't all switches there so the day before we have to charge it up every day people come
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to the dump of the grave but due to the terrible search and the baby goes out and visits the people so that is the difference. during the evening rush hour the festival procession winds its way through the little india district. this is an ancient tradition that takes place in the heart of a high tech metropolis. tamil is just one of singapore's official languages along with malaysia chinese and english. and. the mix of ethnic and religious groups works well their rights are in shrines in the country's constitution and are protected by the government. the residents of singapore learn religious and into ethnic tolerance at an early age. vickie work nish
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worries grandparents immigrated from india she believes it's essential for all singapore residents to learn to live together racial nominees are very important aspect in singapore it has been instilled in every one of us while you're growing up there's been talk to us in social studies into a primary school in kindergarten so we were taught to respect each other's culture ethnicity and also to respect each other's reasons we don't see ourselves as indian chinese only we see ourselves as singaporean in school so we have tolerance towards each other streams cultural and human behavior and we have this day called racial harmony game which is taught to us in social studies classes where we actually dress up in either ethnic outfit in costume so in kind you kind of like like tolerance to it's either means we know how they're leaving what their culture is like and doing each other's face steve and seasons i do. or even chinese new year we go to each other's houses we eat the food they give us and we actually enjoy
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these festivities along with their recess as well was the old. clashes among the various ethnic or religious groups already. singapore is a microcosm. asian society places. in little india foreign visitors often feel like they've been transported to the subcontinent . me out on saturday launch crowds of tamils come to this district to shop. when i see someone my own resolve we didn't need to not just behave like a good indian only a tragedy i was given nobody any good naturedly on nytol all this is supplied how money is going singapore has come to get deadly and help fight
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a lot of achievement in our country. players . opulence gold wedding jewelry is just as important in singapore as it is in india. to. many of the local beauty salons flavor traditional methods. chat. the sad. place. many indian women in singapore wear a colorful full length garments called
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a salary. the fabric is wrapped around the waist and draped over one shoulder some women wear a sari every day others like vicky only on special occasions i'm looking for sorry for my cousin spreading which is coming up in the next month or something which is quite light and easy for me i don't like something which is too gordie so let's embroidery so i think. it would be more festive and it looks. it's on my skin color as well so i probably might go for the wreath one instead of the blue one. i'm. pleased. that most of us into is one of the biggest shopping malls in the little india district. that covers a total of thirty seven thousand square meters over two buildings and office and a stunningly wide variety of retail goods and services including inexpensive salaries the car. thanks.
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to our was. placed. was. the status santa is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week. i. love. love. love it was likely. this is the sensual sikh temple it features a community center that provides free meals for poor people regardless of their religion or ethnicity among the lancing explains that this is a traditional form of sikh charity. all over the world are welcome to deliver. the fourth letter of the book all of them before you already get. so sick of them
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of this concept that you have to share your wealth one in terms of dollars and cents of money that's all doing well help the soul before have told you all eat all don't belong to. the community kitchen is called longer are in punjab the. women sit on the left side of the hole and men on the right. up stairs a ceremonial reader called grantee recites passages from the sikh holy book. this couple is to be married later today so the reading is focused on the proper conduct of newlyweds was. the bride's name as her mate she works as a teacher. was the scout is wrapped around the couple's hands to show that they must now take responsibility for each other. you. have
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a different culture he's not a sikh annecy he's an indian yeah and you know each other for two years getting married. there is a misdemeanor in india there will be a great music studio sixty on windsor sophistry it's yours you're hearing seal and all of these other sixty nine wins from fifty deals and it's considered auspicious that you use all of this on your wedding day so that's why indian rights are actually more made up because of this is considered very lucky and it's also lucky when a good deal has been halted all this money wants to consider us the goddess which me so that means a busy bee on the borders of wealth so you're bringing this good luck and prosperity and he has his house was. another wedding is taking place today in a different neighborhood this male is
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a muslim of malaya origin and. i think it. was. now it's time for the entertainment program to get underway a d.j. has been hired to host it. with the groom has to perform three times before he can approach his bride to be norah donna because he was she tries not to laugh she's never. scene is mel don's biffle. the bride's father is amused as well. it is as you see he's very funny. it was when he was a man these three in fact but you know in singapore as you see. morley were in the news in the context of the admission and like. audio you saw them where they were like you know michel all. bit more traditional. now
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it's time for the more traditional pos of the sound that are going to hurt me. so bad to somebody who was ill but i don't but i would have been there a done has been an israel full fifteen years they first met at a club she was married at the time but later divorced her husband. nor i don't have custody of the couple's two children. she says she fell in love with is now because he treated the kids as though they were his and. he got to. have father up to him me to have no say in the choice of bride groom. rule from the video where he got money back and amongst a few points walk was a. really smart. sometimes we'd all able to. handle this it probably went by using
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a book on picks out. not that much because with because the books that need to be and make up. people from different cultures and religions they're dealing culture and do what it would to do one thing i mean. which are not even going on. how do you love again. in some parts of singapore the government has demolished the older buildings and put up new ones. there are lots of areas aimed at the tourist trade. this is the city's millais and muslim district company. oh this will turn mosque was completed in the early one nine hundred thirty s. . when the war was over. the most is the spiritual focus of singapore's muslim community up to five thousand
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people gather here for friday press workers and schoolchildren are given time off to attend. her world hold on. hold. the hunchy lane district is located near the mosque it's a neighborhood that features lots of cool batiks cafes and restaurants. but jan. jan.
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god we've. got. to. go back to god. that's marina bay remains a top attraction especially these free shows at the esplanade performing arts center. singapore the lion city its name dates back to the thirteenth century the city is colorful attractive clean and safe and the government is determined to keep it that way. if you don't mind the restrictions on civil liberties you're welcome to visit all even stuff in your life yet.
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the team. last block it. seemed to me. rather. worse miss markham see germany can be almost magical place. as far as to sample their delicious treat special to. christmas tree. our series this week. the last. thirty minutes of monte w. .
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anxious lee waiting. waiting for a lifeline to serial. good morning where are you why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together. budget cuts because they feel powerless to help. they worry about the ones they've left me. with that i'm trying to be strong for. the war continues to haunt those who flit from syria. to war on my phone our two part documentary starts december eighth on t w.
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play. play. play play play play. this is due to other news coming to you live from but end tensions between ukraine and russia escalates ukraine imposes marcion your own thoughts of the country saying russia has ended a new phase of the christian take this off the russian coast guard on sunday seems to have created a navy ships on a tugboat off the crimean peninsula also coming up at a camp in paris. that's so celebrates as its spacecraft inside to lands in ma.


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