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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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vision to say we provoked you now those soldiers most likely didn't believe what they said most of the world didn't believe it either tonight the fallout from sunday's clash russia's threat to ukraine growing by the day if you were vladimir putin why would you think of downsize golf in berlin this is the day. this was intentionally provoked that is the purpose was to achieve political aims beneficial to the president of ukraine that he should meet with martial law will be imposed in the regions along the russian border. some of that is where it could come to blows. that some sort of a sense by russia should release the ships of the crew as soon as possible. kind of it isn't because we want the black sea to become a sea of peace as soon as possible.
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also coming up tonight they came together in london today lawmakers from nine countries representing half a billion people united in their shattered trust in facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg he didn't notice how could he he didn't bother to show up. m.p.'s from a different columns have been calling on mon sucker book to testify and he's repeat refused repeatedly he even refused to do it via video link so we've brought a fake. oh we begin the day with the military message from moscow the world can easily recognize now as more critical in crete today just two days after russian naval ships seized ukrainian vessels near the crimean peninsula captured ukrainian sailors were presented on russian television reportedly under duress and they said that kiev had forced moscow's
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ships to attack an obvious attempt by russia to intimidate the government in ukraine after yesterday's emergency un security council session and global condemnation of russia it is clear no one believes that russia was forced to do anything much less become a victim. a russian court in crimea has ordered three ukrainian soldiers to be held in custody for two months their cues to crossing into russian territory illegally and of provoking a clash in the sea. oh. well kiev is demanding that russia return its ships and crew ukraine has also imposed martial law for the next thirty days a boer work against what president poroshenko says is a new level of russian aggression are both countries are now headed for more conflict we asked pavol felgenhauer a russian military analyst based in moscow brush up there and he's very very
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concerned that they prayed with the upgrade in plans to build the naval base in. their deion's on the sea of us all and that and they are actually afraid that nato ships may come to visit and overtake the sea air present closing the route for russian say neighbors ships that right now move to the cost be and get the black sea to the mediterranean and back again ships carrying one great. one colleen but of cruise missiles so that's and that would be very bad and that would be a good use of f. here and so such a base most likely see it as a very very grave situation that development in moscow and that chile and the gradient pres that. russia talking about the mosque fighting a ground operation to take over i give the. take this it easy. and push close. to create an entirely
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and that's apparently the real peace why is he owes martial law preparing for such a possible invasion and that threat i think is a real there's a possibility of big war maybe in the weeks or couple of months of winter war between russia and ukraine outward. and there was a russian military analyst pavol felgenhauer they're talking about a winter war or russia and ukraine have blamed each other for sunday's confrontation in the care straight european governments they fear that this latest flare up of hostilities could trigger an all well and that brings us to the german factor you may remember berlin is no stranger to mediating between russia and ukraine but the. latest escalation in the sea of azawad clearly shows that the annexation of crimea is not only against international law but also
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a problem for the security of all of us in europe are there some sort of was there for russia should release the ships and the crew as soon as possible if i design both sides and this is the expectation that we've communicated have to take steps to deescalate the situation as it's you know by tough disconnects which supports this situation was discussed last night during a phone call between president putin and chancellor angela merkel who phone for president. they came to such an understanding which should be implemented in the near future. i don't see any need for mediates is i think this is a purely practical issue that the super officiously ripples and that was russian foreign minister sergei lavrov there speaking earlier today all right let's bring in our political correspondent richard dieter vald he joins me from our parliamentary studios here in berlin good evening to you rupert so is it time now
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for germany to once again step in and mediate. well at least this is what germany is offering together with france these two countries have been mediating between russia and the ukraine since two thousand and fourteen when russia invaded and annexed the crimean crimean peninsula. these four countries russia ukraine france and germany have been holding talks since then in the so-called normandy format and just yesterday the special envoys of the these countries met him berlin to discuss the tensions between russia and the ukraine and of course these current tensions have also been on the agenda but so far there has been no any both countries russia and the u. friend have not really said that they want to. engage any further talks to deescalate the situation we are seeing right now you know there's this is
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a patient that the german chancellor angela merkel that she's going to wield the this mediation magic as she has done in the past what is germany really have to work with right now i mean are we looking at more sanctions against moscow. well definitely on the table but the problems with sanctions is that germany cannot alone say ok we're going to impose further sanctions on the russians that this is a european matter and the europeans have to say united that they want to impose further sanctions and being united is the one things thing of the european union hasn't been really good at in the recent past and we're already seeing that there's a debate within the european union even ducting that the sanctions which are already in effect that perhaps they should be taken away italy for instance is very strong on that one and even here in germany there is a debate even within the coalition parties that form the government.
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even there there's a discussion saying well is it really clever to impose new sanctions if the new sanctions if the old sanctions haven't helped really much what we can say is that germany is very careful to not take any sides not with the russians not with the ukrainians and quoting both sides to deescalate political correspondent report we devolve on the story for us tonight here in berlin river thank you you're welcome well still ahead on the day are we one step closer to kids cart a chinese doctor says he's created the world's first gene edited babies is science throwing ethics out with the bathwater people or caricatural e a more aggressive mean in pursuing our research for profit per serving or schumann and if something is not appropriated by law you should not expect this were never
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happen. mark zuckerberg is c.e.o. of the world's biggest social media platform facebook he'd like for his one billion plus users to think of him as a global bridge builder but he also has a reputation of being a no show he has repeatedly declined invitations to own up to facebook's missteps and problems even when those environments are sent by the world's most powerful governments just ask the british today lawmakers from nine countries met in london as part of a parliamentary inquiry into fake news and disinformation top of the agenda what did facebook know and when did it find out about russian manipulation of private data at the company second berg's absence was hard to overlook as was the empty chair with his name. well in his place zuckerberg sent
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a facebook vice president who agreed that actions by the social media company have damaged public trust in data protection in the media and in western democracies because it virtually addresses were pulling down a huge amount of data. there was that report that it was that the caps i still seem to be the case is kept within the family and not talked about on the specific question of whether or not we believe. based on all subsequent investigations that there was activity by russians at that time i will come back to you we never seen anything quite like facebook where we are playing on our phones in apps our democratic institutions are forming civil conversation seems a bit up ended by frat boy billionaires from california so mr zucker birds decision not to appear here at westminster to me speaks volumes so our intent is to be that to answer the questions that are going to rise to the. to some appearance as much
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as a compact has made himself available but not for every appearance of policies photons obviously angry lawmakers they are new documents have emerged indicating that facebook may have known as early as two thousand and fourteen that russia was using the platform to try to manipulate public opinion the u.s. presidential election in two thousand and sixteen for example but also the brics it referendum on the u.k. will leave the european union in one hundred twenty two days all of that made possible by that brics that vote more to talk about how things books and bricks and beyond all that fits together i'm joined here at the big table tonight by roger consul a he's a former british labor m.p. and founder and c.e.o. of new europeans that's an organization that and correct me if i'm wrong it champions the rights of european citizens it just won a major award for its green card concept post bragg's which we want to talk about
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in a moment mr khosla it's good to have you on the show i want to ask you as a former lawmaker what is your reaction to mark zuckerberg not showing up today. it's a sign of the changing times he went to the european parliament and he didn't come to the british parliament and tells you that the european parliament is more important. than the british parliament isn't. it the it's clearly unsatisfactory that he doesn't appear. the chair of the committee damian collins is excellent in his position or something quite as is the journalist kind of cardboard. and. it is part of the stinky swamp if you like. that is gradually being.
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examined and un you need to. take. a little sample from parts of that swamp to understand really what's going on and i think the more that we the more that we find out the more the more the more concerning it is there are some big unanswered questions about what russia did on facebook with user data as far back as twenty fourteen have the facebook revelations have they put the legitimacy of the brits at referendum result in question one of the factors the legitimacy of the results in question. an investigation by our electoral commission into the spending believe campaign and. many question marks but in the end people that she voted to leave and
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even if we discover as we get to the bottom of this that maybe criminal proceedings and people end up in jail and i hope that these investigations are perceived to be and we are still left with a divided nation and we're still left with the prospects of britain leaving the european union i have to ask is that every day that we that we have a former m.p. here at the big state we have to ask you that that referendum was an advisory referendum that was used by david cameron basically as it is a political party whip. why aren't lawmakers saying that in the u.k. and saying this was probably let's have a second referendum and clean things up when many of them are saying that many including from the conservative party and my belief is that there will be a people's vote as we're calling it a vote on the final day of because people didn't know what they were voting for at the time they they they they they were going into the void always that we might save the cliff and now that they know what they're going to get they need and they
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need people's very they need the opportunity to vote on what's actually been shown but committed themselves before the referendum to respecting as a result of the referendum so very technically constitutionally it was an advisory referendum politically most m.p.'s felt that having told the public that that would be how the decision was made very very for had they'd lock themselves in. so it is very difficult to see how politically the situation could be managed if public opinion doesn't change markedly in favor of britain remaining in public opinion is changing in the u.k. as people find out more about the cost of breaks it but i don't think that it's challenging sufficiently or quickly enough and we'll have to see but i don't ever believe you know one hundred twenty two days until the supposed to happen i want to get your reaction to what the u.s.
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president said yesterday he had a ball of his own take a listen and he. it sounds like a great deal but the you and i think we have to do this. i think we have to take a look at seriously whether or not the u.k. is allowed to trade because you know right now if you look at the deal they may not be able to trade with us it clearly identifies that we will have an independent trade policy and we will be able to do trade deals negotiate trade deals with countries around the rest of the world as regards the united states we've already been talking to them about the sort of agreement that we could have in the future but a working group set up which is working very well has met several times continuing to work with us on this. that tells us it's all about the devil in the details here breaks it means something different depending on who you're talking to a division if you're an e.u. national living in the u.k. and vice versa has to research plan has it taken into consideration the situation
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of these people of e.u. nationals and also british nationals abroad situation you citizens in the u.k. and british nationals abroad should have been taken into account before the referendum and our organization can pay for one they should have been given the vote in the referendum they weren't they should have been given guarantees before the referendum but whatever the outcome of the referendum their status their rights would not change in fact what has happened is that there's been a big question mark over what would happen to the livelihoods and the lives and the rights of e.u. citizens in the in the u.k. after the referendum which has created a huge wave of uncertainty and anxiety many people have left many people are suffering some emotional psychological distress and instead of settling the matter which is what we called immediately and saying we will stabilise your status in your your and your rights which we have been calling for unilaterally all of that
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whole question was taken into the brakes in negotiations and so three million e.u. citizens. the u.k. became bargaining chips in an effort by negotiating collateral negotiations which is disgraceful. now finally theresa may has said that whatever the outcome of negotiations e.u. citizens will have the right to stay and it's not just a question of the right to stay we need this status and all of their rights guaranteed something that we have been calling for from before the referendum greet with the green card is that the answer in a post works at world what we have what we are calling for and we have enough support in the european parliament yes it is indeed for our green card for europe because we're saying with this green card what you can do is ring fence the status and the rights of a citizens in the u.k. and british zuni you you treat the british citizens in the you and the uses in the u.k. as one group of people you don't play games you don't bargain that trades are very has never happened and you for those people it should be as it breaks it is never
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happened it would never be as it breaks it never happened because the climate change and the truss is not there and the environment is different but in terms of their status and their rights they need to have the same special status that they have now by virtue of the fact that they are e.u. citizens living in another member state and they need this they need a physical proof of that because when they are in situations for example with a landlord or with an employer the a poor of the national might say well what's your status here and they will say well i've got this thing called settle status of the british government give me but the world remember the public is not going to know what that is and if they can pull a green card out of their pocket that is backed up by the you then it will stop that type of casual day to day discrimination and give people confidence that their lives can return to normal and that's why it's so important we've got about thirty seconds i want to ask you what's going to happen on december eleventh and parliament will vote on the deal in my view and then it's up to parliament what
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happens next and there will either be a general election or there will be another referendum or there will. be better and i suspect it will be the general election before the referendum but i personally don't believe that but when that she leave it's still a minority view about so you want to you know you don't need those green cards after all you need them because people are suffering from anxiety and uncertainty now and we have to put that to bed so that people know something is coming whatever happens in the in december whatever happens in march they need it not so now i'm not when we need that commitment now roger consul a former british labor m.p. and founder and c.e.o. of new europeans mr so we appreciate you taking the time to be on the show thank you thank you very much from q. well scientists around the world are condemning a chinese doctor who claims to have created the world's first today edited baby he says that he altered the d.n.a.
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of twin girls born earlier this month to try to make them resistant to infection with hiv but his claims have prompted a fierce backlash from the scientific community including the community in china many on the breakthrough and questioned its ethics. his study is not yet being published but academics around the world say asian quake has crossed the line the geneticist is said to have changed the d.n.a. of two babies ball in earlier this month through regular in vitro fertilization. claims the father of the two babies is hiv positive and that he edited the genes while there were just embryos to make them resistant to the edge of a virus. i feel a strong response be to. that it's not just make a first but also make good. example there will be some want some well christine this if it's not me it's someone else questions are now being asked about
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the credibility of his urine quiz claims along with his motivations did he simply want to further scientific research on the topic even though scientists worldwide have so far agreed not to test gene editing on embryos. that i made he wanted to play god i don't know i think doing these kinds of tests on humans is absolutely inexcusable we have no idea about what side effects there might be what might happen to these children in the next fifteen to twenty years doing these kinds of experiments on humans is beyond reason and ethically completely unacceptable the gene editing technology used in the experiment was initially developed to treat inherited diseases it involves changing the genetic make up of plant life animals and humans. it's a special protein that can be precisely programmed to take out entire snippets of d.n.a. . mutated genes which can cause diseases for example can be
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completely switched off. genes can not only because it out but they can also be repaired or even replaced. using the technology on human embryos however has so far been taboo not all research is feel bound by these ethical traditions for some it may be more important to prove they're at the forefront of gene therapy technology. i mix i meant hundred in the house in my opinion this represents a reckless human experiment i'm in full neither the risks nor the benefits of being properly established by society hasn't been consulted me it's medically not necessary. the whole thing was announced a day before a major international summit on the topic and it's a provocation and provocative on the case has also caused an uproar in china more
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than one hundred scientists have signed an open letter denouncing it as risky and unjustified adding that it hummed the reputation and development of the by medical community in china. so is it ok to use gene editing tools like this to modify unborn children and stop them from developing genetic diseases well that's the question that we put to a science is from the innovative genero makes institute in berkeley california it's very much so let me give you an example there is a gene the loss of which protects humans from heart disease. do i see a future where ofter an extended set of rigorous studies beginning in adults first of course we start a serious conversation about potentially could taxing newborn children from their risk of cardiovascular disease by removing that if we can convince ourselves that say short but i'm there similar to be
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a gene like this which causes all timers you know somebody who has the gene has an eighty percent chance of getting. through i see if you two where we do this kind of the embryo stage yes but now let's to get a think about what that would look like a person gets old timers at seventy or eighty now we take an embryo we get rid of the old timers gene which is called for with the embryo or helping a child and then we wait seventy years and see how it went so you see where i'm going with this these are theory difficult things to do ethically. big ethical questions the conversation continues online you know where you can find us make sure to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day even if it.
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