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this is d. the. president puts the blame on ukraine saying sunday's naval standoff was a premeditated provocation mr putin also said that some ukrainian sailors were spawn's saying the crews of the captured ukrainian vessels included two secret service agents also coming up tonight the role of islam in german society it remains a controversial topic in parliament and on the streets tonight one story of hope faith and shaping the future. also coming up at russia's most vulnerable
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victims of. the latest in our series of special reports the head of the world aids day takes you to a russian orphanage where children infected with the virus live with each of the negative. i'm good to have you with us ratcheting up the tension and russia's president vladimir putin is accusing ukraine of orchestrating sunday's naval standoff russia seized three ukrainian vessels on sunday and at least twelve ukrainian sailors have been detained pending trial and u.s. president as expressed deep concern over russia's actions ukraine's president has declared martial wall in the border regions and he is warning that russia is preparing for. this is what life has become for many living around.
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it's the closest ukrainian city. both of which are now controlled by russian backed separatists. clashed with russia ukraine has begun to impose martial law in the border regions. so you are the country's president petro poroshenko has warned you there could be a russian invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed from their old there i don't want anybody to think that those are toys the country is under threat of a food scale war with russia or stop. the disease but that's russia and ukraine have blamed each other for sunday's standoff in the catch strait which links the black sea and the sea it was all of russian naval officers fired on and seized three ukrainian vessels capturing the crew twelve ukrainians have now been charged
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with unlawfully entering russia thanks face up to six years in jail but russian president vladimir putin blames the ukrainian president for the standoff claiming it's a move to boost his ratings. it was a small it's clearly a product of. a provocation or united and i.d.s. or that it was i think it was the president himself should head of the presidential election shed yule to b.b.'s in ukraine just. what is this additional international pressure against russia is building with talk of further sanctions u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cancel a meeting shared jewels with president putin at this week's g. twenty summit. meanwhile ukrainians are preparing for a new phase of war with the conflict showing no signs of stopping. the i'm joined now by correspondent david stern he is in the ukrainian capital kiev believing to you david we have these ukrainian border regions about ten of them that are under
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martial law now and there are reports of increased russian military activity at the border or what are you hearing. well yes it should be said it's martial law or maybe a better word for it would be war footing it's preparation for what the president has said could be a full scale war with russia as we heard in the report we are hearing of course that there is a buildup along borders this is what the president has said and the russians the interfax news agency said that there's a. s. four hundred missile system that has been added to those that are already there three that are already on the crimean peninsula so obviously the tensions are rising the. the fear obviously and here in ukraine is that this could lead to something much larger but at the moment of course nothing like that is happening and what more do we know about lose ukrainian sailors who are being held and president putin's accusation that the ukrainian boats were also carrying ukrainian
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spawn's. well yes these crewmen have been all sentenced to two months of pretrial detention but of course the larger picture of that is that this is really a pawns they're really pawns between the two governments mr putin's accusations obviously have a great raise a great deal of attention but it should be said that the tensions between ukraine and russia have been rising for a great a long time now since two thousand and fourteen ever since russia annexed the crimean peninsula and in the sea of azoff so actually it shouldn't be of any surprise that there are intelligence agents on either side it should be said in the in the hours of sea or wherever else they might be coming into contact and what about. to solve this crisis diplomatically.
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well those are going nowhere at the moment we heard about president trump who sent sort of mixed messages but at the moment is discussing possibly not meeting with mr putin on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit otherwise the the ukrainians have been good have received a great deal of support from their western partners there's talks of increased sanctions there's also talks about there's been a demand from the e.u. to allow free access to the as i see which is actually what the ukrainians and the russians have had in place since two thousand and three but at the same time nothing between russia and ukraine a phone call from mr partial to mr putin was recently rebuffed or correspondent david stern on the story for us in kiev tonight david thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world indonesian investigators say the lion air plane that crashed last month had suffered technical
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problems a day before the accident and should have been grounded all one hundred eighty nine people aboard the boeing seven thirty seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta the chinese on tuesday claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies says a second such pregnancy may be underway he. revealed the possible pregnancy during remarks defending his work yesterday his claim to have altered the d.n.a. of twin girls to perfect protect them from contract hiv has sparked outrage among scientists. at least one person has died and two others have been seriously injured after severe storms hit the australian city of sydney authorities warned motorists to stay home in sydney airport canceled dozens of flights meteorologists say a month's worth of rain fell on the city in just a few. madagascar hours talk of court has ordered
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a runoff presidential election next month now that means andree were wholly now will face off against another former president mark ruffalo my non neither one else right majority in november's first round. a conference on islam and integration has begun here in the german capital of this year's german islam conference is the fourth since two thousand and six it's hosted by the interior minister horst as a whole for when organizers say they've invited liberal theologians and scientists in response to previous criticisms that the a bit from oh good forms of islam that are too conservative now it is thought that there are nearly five million muslims living here in germany in our next report we hear from one young woman who was hoping to liberalize her face. understanding how muslims are perceived in germany is the mission for. an author
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and the daughter of mara can immigrants she was born and raised in germany she comes from a conservative religious home sundays were devoted to learning verses from the koran by heart but at the same time she managed to follow her own interests. when i would have it was a huge deal for my mother that i should be independent there was nothing off limits no sense that you can't do this or that just because you're a girl. with fewer restrictions on what she could do and must have had an easier upbringing than many young muslims in germany now thirty seven she writes books portraying the complex city of muslim life and just keen to dispel stereotypes she says all too often women are depicted as victims and men are unable to show any sign of anxiety or insecurity. and must i believe both muslims and non muslims need to abandon such oversimplified views. it is much much.
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on the one hand some muslims have a romanticized image of other muslims and ignore anything problematic within their own community all they set themselves against mainstream non muslim society on the other hand you have those who are panicking the islam has almost completely taken over. for many muslims their big to boo surrounding religion family and sexuality but instead of breaking down these barriers and muslims says some muslim groups reinforce them she's critical of the german islam conference for including in her view to many conservative groups. to my school although with. all this most muslim groups don't believe in equality they are highly patriarchal some are actually reactionary and they're certainly not interested in islam becoming more liberal or in advancing gender equality. in
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a photo called walked in and must rest opinion that's exactly what german islam requires emancipated muslims who are not held back by tradition or the dictates of religion living freely and enjoying equal rights she never must ratchet's with young women in neverland cafe they too want to see an open minded islam. or russia is suffering the worst hiv epidemic in eastern europe and central asia more than a million russians are hiv positive and moscow says it's achieved a ninety eight percent success rate in preventing mother to child transmission but for children with hiv b. the outlook is bleak in the final part of our series on russia's hiv aids epidemic . reports from a children's home in chile a bit where youngsters who were positive live with kids who were negative. it's only morning in about
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a children's home. it's is the same routine every day. the same medicine the same dose every morning. forty boys and girls sleep at the hope is there between four and seventeen. and to mean a sick little pluses and minuses that's what they call a chevy positive and negative children here. at the right is when we opened this home eleven years ago hiv positive children lived separately. we had white sofas and no carpets we clean the dishes with a lot of disinfectant or didn't have the cool of the year doubtless for threats it
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was difficult to create a tolerant environment for them but it took years for all the stuff to accept and respect my children and that you had to come up me. to date with little glasses and little minuses play together and they had treated the same. old growing up without perry and since placed children's home in the russian city on. chile audience. as the children have hiv infected parents many of their parents suffer from alcohol and drug addictions and have lost custody of their children. but within the walls of this home of the children are cared for and . dark chocolate you can. they learn to live with their edge of your infection confidently. and better than some adults. are the ones we sent the children to summer camp on the first evening one of the
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carers was bathing the children when the camp's director poked his head in. as if to see if these kids have ears or two heads or something another time care asked me what should i do they've brought me a hiv positive boy and i said lock him in the cellar of course he didn't know i was serious so i told her just let him play with the other children. he can do it it's a better time at the children's home. everyone knows that they're. the same medicine the same dose every. morning the news is good. but there is a constant worry what will happen to the children once they leave the home. because of their. drug addiction during pregnancy many of them have learning difficulties and to developmental problems.
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that some of them will be. so if they don't have to face of them fate. was your initial reporting. by the day to see if. we make up over a week what does it. lead to. the services. they want to shape the continent's future it's part of it enjoying our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent plan for africa.


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