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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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i'm trying to. get you to africa starts december twelfth on to w. . this is d. w. news a live from berlin german prosecutors raid of the country's biggest lender deutsche bank investigators want to know if staff at the bank helps a launder money for criminals the claims were first made in the twenty six team data link known as the pattern of the paper. also coming up germany spearheads efforts to calm the crisis in crimea chancellor angela merkel says that she will
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meet with russian president vladimir putin at the g. twenty later this week putin says that ukraine workers traded a naval clash in the baltic sea ukraine meanwhile says that it is worried that russia is ready to invade. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german prosecutors have raided the offices of the country's biggest lender deutsche bank one hundred seventy police officers descended on six of the banks premises in and around frankfurt the raids are part of a probe into money laundering. claims implicating deutsche bank stuff that were in a large data leak in twenty sixteen known as the pattern of papers the leaks suggested that deutsche bank staff helped to funnel money belonging to criminals into offshore tax havens today's raid was separate to an ongoing investigation into
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another money laundering scandal involving deutsche bank and denmark's downs go back. let's get more now on this breaking news we're joined by gary hart first here in the studio early bartz is also joining us from frankfurt and their heart i'd like to begin with you just to put this into overall context for us because this is a big deal isn't it yeah this is big big big i mean we're talking about a separate entity on the british virgin islands not really known for their strict banking banking regulations set up to deal with nine hundred customers three hundred million euros more than three hundred million euros in volume this is really serious serious stuff this talk about organized crime it sounds like a very the operation that's set up and designed to help people on the money and that's quite terrible and the reputational damage is immense and investors already
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reacting only bartz is standing by with that reaction from frankfurt which incidentally is also where deutsche bank is headquarters headquartered excuse me or only walk us through it. yes i haven't been out to the deutsche bank quarters from my myself but i'm reading from colleagues that there are at least a dozen police vehicles in plain view in front of the headquarters so that's not good for the reputation and the image of the bank right there and we hear that the investigation is ongoing as well one from early this morning and got your bank has since confirmed at about noon that there is a raid that is pertaining to the pound in the papers and that it is cooperating with the authorities the share price reaction here in the media when the news hit the share dropped into negative territory dropped is perhaps too modest the word plunged and it's losing more than three percent and also there's of course fear
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here here in the markets that not only the reputation is damaged but there will be a fine that's all it's a step one ok so a did it big there on the markets for deutsche bank on the day you know this isn't the first time gerhard that touch a bank has been in the crosshairs of authorities what sort of consequences could we be looking at here only mentioned tension a fine fine and that fine could of course be huge. could be in folks' foreign territory that it could go into many many millions. it really depending on the outcome people might go to jail. of course we've already seen that this have prize has plunged but the reputational damage that we mentioned as well that's probably the most important pod. is still one of the big german brands one of the one of the big ships in german industry and for them to be really if it's being proved that they helped people along the money the reputation
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damage is immense i mean who wants to give them money who wants to make do business with money laundering starts that's not the case but we have all the details in roughly ten minutes. and take our heart out firstly bartz you will be back with more on this story this breaking news about deutsche bank thank you so much to both of you think. meantime some other news now and germany's foreign minister will hold talks with ukrainian prime minister today as berlin becomes the de facto go between for feuding russia and ukraine the two countries are main at loggerheads after a naval clash which russia's president vladimir putin says that ukraine orchestrated kiev has condemned the skirmish off the crimean coast and is bracing its border regions for war. putting on a show of readiness ukrainian troops take trenches near the russian border they
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have been put on alert as martial law comes into effect. ukraine's president petro poroshenko visited a military training center urging his troops to get prepared for action even if the morning. would give them no chance to invade into ukraine. that's why today we are doing everything possible to provide extra financing of the armed forces. not to be outdone russia's defense ministry also released a video of training exercises in the south of the country. both sides are blaming each other for provoking sunday's naval clash in the catch strait russian ships fired on and seized three ukrainian naval vessels capturing the crew. of ukrainian sailors have been charged with unlawfully entering russia and of being held pending trial western countries are calling for their release the united states special envoy for ukraine told d.w.
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that further sanctions against russia are on the table. again we've tried to ratchet up sanctions gradually in order to create pressure and to indicate that there is a way out so we would like to talk with russia generally ending the conflict withdrawing its forces we establish their security and then getting the minsk agreements implemented on non-serious a. us president donald trump has threatened to cancel a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin at this week's g. twenty summit but russia says the meeting will occur as it's too important for both sides. and amid the escalating tension between russia and ukraine a forum of ukrainian and german business leaders is taking place here in berlin speaking a short while ago ukrainian prime minister followed him there grossman said that he hopes that german companies what invest in ukraine despite the conflict chance the angle of market for supporting the territorial integrity of ukraine merkel said that she would speak to russia's vladimir putin about the conflict at the g twenty
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summit later this week germany has been a key mediator between ukraine and russia. that's been our political correspondent and fan of marcos standing by at the forum for us to fabio what else did the german and the ukrainian leaders have to say about the ongoing tension between russia and ukraine. well ukrainian prime minister to recall that in the russian aggression that could happen anywhere and he also spoke about the need for the ukraine to protect its integrity defend its integrity but you also think chancellor vector for her stands for her clear position but and she didn't bring you the requests that we heard of president poroshenko of german military or new sanctions. on the other hand she said that it's clearly in russian's responsibility to release the soldiers to make those ukrainian harbors accessible she also said that she will speak to russian president putin at the g twenty summit at the
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germany and france would remain willing to mediate between russia and the ukraine as they did in the normandy formant in the minsk process and also i'm glad that she didn't mention military or new sanctions but she defended the existing sanctions and maybe we can just listen what she said there. you money and you don't so we don't impose sanctions on russia for sanctions sake rather we impose sanctions to make clear that countries even if their territorial situation puts them close to russia have the right to their own development those are the principles of international law. and you know adding to that fact and the german chancellor she has also said that she is committed to the north stream to pipeline in the baltic sea despite tensions in the region could this joint project with russia now become a problem for mackerel. it is already
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a problem since the u.s. is against many european countries are against it and of course also ukraine is strongly against it has to stop this project the ukraine is afraid that with this pipeline this bypass through the belt succes ukraine could lose its status as an important transit state and could then be more valuable to russia i'm going to list said she tries everything that ukraine remains an important transit country and what was interesting she dropped the quite silent line where she said that germany could also use its energy ties with russia as a leverage against russia fascinating stuff fabienne funded mark standing by there at the german ukrainian economic forum in berlin thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world afghan officials say that an attack on a british security firm in the capital kabul has killed at least ten people and
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injured several dozen the attack ended early on thursday after over eight hours of fighting the taliban has claimed responsibility. a philippine court has found three police officers guilty of murder for the killing of a teenage boy there the first convictions of officers carrying out president want to go to terror taste so-called war on drugs the death of seventeen year olds lloyd . is during an unprecedented public anger. with south korea's top court has ordered a second japanese company to compensate individuals for a colonial era forced labor the court ordered mr vichy heavy industries to pay up to the equivalent of one hundred seventeen million euros to twenty eight victims or their families tokyo has called the ruling totally unacceptable that. a court in the philippines has found three police officers guilty of murder for the killing of a teenage. oyo they are the first policeman convicted for their part in president rico
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to terror to a so-called war on drugs that we just heard a little bit more about human rights activists say that the crackdown has led to thousands of extrajudicial killings but it is this case that we mentioned of seventeen year old kid lloyd de los santos which has stirred unprecedented public anger. two of the convicted police officers leaving court minutes earlier they along with one other have been found guilty of murdering schoolboy chi undead last sun tell us they claim the seventeen year old was a drunk korea and find it them while resisting arrest in twenty seventeen. but this c.c.t.v. footage showed the teenager being dragged by two offices just moments before he was shot in an alleyway in the philippines capital of manila. the kinds family the guilty verdicts are
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a vindication as in my sample of us the i'm very happy because this is the on the proof that my son is innocent and has never been involved in drugs to everyone who helped us everyone whose names i can no longer list thank you so very much when i was the limousine your. hands murderer trickett red protests filipinos took to the streets angry at the rising death toll. police say they've killed almost five thousand people allegedly involved in the narcotics trade since twenty sixteen that was when the country's president rode rico do attack today launched his war on drugs although he promised to pardon all thora cheese involved in his crackdown even he refused to defend the police officers who killed and. we are very hard being part of the system that there are by judge office and this proves that those who look
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a lot truth and justice in the philippines. while the men will suffer up to forty years in jail it's a life sentence for the teenager's parents all they can hope for is that these convictions will force the police to think before they kill. and finally now we want to bring up to date with some sports news and we're heading to the champions league with the premier match in europe's top club tournament saw paris on john defeat last season's runners up liverpool it took only thirteen minutes to open the scoring p.s.g. as one or not gave his side to leave his teammate the star player neymar added another in the thirty seventh minute to put p.s.g. in the driver's seat liverpool close the gap when james milner converted a penalty kick before half time the parson john managed to hold on to one when. you're watching a quick reminder of our top stories and what is still to come here on dave wu
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deutsche bank's offices raided and what it could all name for germany's flagship bank that is coming up and a whole lot more the latest with gary hart all first and our whole team here at d.f.w. i'm sorry kelly and broadway thank you so much for watching have a great day. to. the story. the story of the first move toward two different perspectives by peter craig from the eastern european perspective from become for example straight from the perspective. on the arab oil list t.w. dot com slash w w one. india.
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