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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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this is the w.'s lie from above in german prosecutors write the country's biggest lender investigators want to know whether stuff a bank helps a lot of money for criminals claims before us made in the twenty sixteen data link known as the panama papers also on the program. germany's chancellor merkel calls for calm in the standoff between ukraine and russia as ukraine's president joins his troops and preparing for a russian invasion and urges nato to intervene. of course in the philippines finds three police officers guilty of murdering
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a teenager the first officers to be convicted for their actions during president has a so-called war on drugs received forty via jail sentences. i'm focused on a welcome to the program german prosecutors have right at the offices of the country's biggest lender deutsche bank as part of an investigation into money laundering inquiries based on revelations made in the twenty sixteen data leak known as the panama papers which suggested stuff that helped criminals funnel money into offshore tax havens police vans surrounding the headquarters of germany's biggest lender if deutsche is image wasn't a ready in tatters it certainly is not zero. but banks accused of helping clients hide money earned from crime the suspicion of money laundering reportedly based on
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revelations in the two thousand and sixteen panama papers the identity of the suspects hasn't been revealed but it's known that they're accused of failing to report hundreds of suspicious transactions linked to a company location in the virgin islands these are the kinds of claims that if true could mark the beginning of the end for deutsche bank demise some say has been a long time coming torture has posted three consecutive years of losses earlier this year and as today it's british boss john cryan in favor of this man insider christiane saving now it will be up to him to address accusations that deutscher hasn't only been mismanaged but involved in far shady or potentially criminal business. let's get more from the head of the home for a double business so welcome however how much trouble. as far as allegations go
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fill it doesn't really get much more serious than this in terms of banking violations dohrn raids this morning in frankfurt all pertaining to the allegations that stuff bank were involved in the setting up of a separate entity in the british virgin islands a known tax haven to well how's the cash at the assets of around nine hundred clients of the chewed off three hundred million euros or should i say gotten potentially illegal ten funds through criminal activity so we're talking about allegations there wrapped up with organized crime certainly recriminations that no bank or company wants on their hands while ok so this is not the first time the doj a bank has been accused of financial misbehavior no it's not the first time deutsche bank essentially caught seem to shake off the problems that it's had the u.s. federal reserve has it on its list of troubled banks the international monetary fund has called it the most dangerous bank in the world two years ago it was fined
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fourteen billion dollars in the united states for the unicity misselling of. mortgage backed securities bad mortgage backed securities i should say and the fine that it could potentially face now could run into the medians staff who were found guilty could go to prison the share price is already plunged the reputational damage could be huge this week despite all that it's still here it's still germany biggest lender its demise has been predicted before so this just looks like another beginning of the end for that let's put it this way often banks to five practice they're involved in bad practice they are find they pay the fines and then they carry all knots that business model they've been doing that for decades the difference is this time around deutsche bank is coming off the back of three years of losses it cannot make up the money. fast enough and this cumulative effect is why it could be the critical moment for deutsche bank and that's something that the
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new c.e.o. christine saving will have to deal with ok as a. suspect we will talk about this again. as i look now at some of the other stories making news around the world german pharmaceutical giant is planning to cut twelve thousand jobs many of them here in germany of companies come under pressure since it bought the u.s. seemed company monsanto earlier this year it's been fending off a flood of lawsuits in the united states of the ledger monsanto weed killer causes cancer. china's government has hold of the work of a medical team of claim to have created the world's first gene edited babies the country's science and technology vice minister described the actions of the team was illegal and an acceptable chinese scientists say he just acquired sparked outrage with his claims that he had altered the d.n.a. of twin babies. thousands of tens of thousands of farmers from across india have rallied in the capital delhi calling on the government take immediate steps to
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solve an ongoing agricultural crisis and to ease their financial burdens many farms are struggling with debt and cycles of drought and failed harvests. michael cohen the former lawyer u.s. president donald trump has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about a trump real estate deal in russia and a surprise court appearance in new york he admitted making false statements to a u.s. intelligence committee about a plan to build a trump tower in moscow. cohen is a key figure in robert move his investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election today's admission follows a guilty plea to other federal charges in august as part of the place he's cooperating with the moment investigation. but ukraine says russia is preventing dozens of merchant ships from leaving or entering its ports on me as an officer. but the kremlin denies it's blocking shipping traffic the two countries have been at loggerheads since a naval clash off the coast of russia occupied crimea at the weekend russian ships
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fired on and seized three ukrainian naval vessels capturing the crew ukrainian president petro poroshenko has called on nato to intervene he says he'll impose restrictions on russian citizens in ukraine warning that an invasion could be possible. german chancellor angela merkel has been speaking as a german ukrainian business forum as she called for renewed diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff. often to criticise the current situation we are asking ukraine to be smart because we can on your is all of this in talks with one another because there is no military solution to all of these conflicts and this needs to be said clearly all. skirts of the ukrainian port city of mariupol were five v.w. correspondent nick conley welcome nic so the u.s. and ukraine have named angle america as a possible a mediator is vladimir putin any more likely to listen to this time than before.
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good evening phil well whether or not he listens to her he certainly picks up the phone when she calls i think this idea comes from the weekend when petro poroshenko was trying to get through to the kremlin just off the seizure of those ukrainian ships and his call was not returned his solution was to call berlin to call engler merkel and she was then able to establish some communication i think it's important to remember here that even though anger merkel has is very. is known for her the actions she took over sanctions and was very key to making sure those sanctions on russia were put in place and kept up by the european union she was very fastidious about keeping those lines of communication open visiting let him eat food and even at the height of the crisis so given that the key of no moscow seems willing to talk directly there are going to be many other alternatives whether this is a more formalized mediation or just a back channel communication that somehow keep some kind of exchange going ok.
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that's only as off see what ukraine says russia has blockaded russia of course as it has and so what can you say well you do see ships here in port but those ships it is said all waiting for the possibility to leave but they're just staying in port because it doesn't seem clear whether they'll be able to get out of the sea of hours of into the black sea and out into the oceans online launching sites show a huge number of ships blocked either in the straits of coach or even before waiting to go through the only ships passing through seemingly headed for russia's ports in the sea of hours of russia's never called this a blockade as such and i think it's unlikely they will what they have been explaining these delays with these technical checks or anti-terrorism reasons but strangely enough it seems like these checks are only ever needed for ships heading to ukrainian ports so we have ukraine declaring martial law and russian troops massing on the border a new russian missile systems in crimea we're looking at saber rattling or
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something more serious. we have seen these kind of troop buildup in the past saber rattling yes exercises flexing muscles none of that is totally new what is different though is in the past we haven't really seen this kind of direct confrontation as we saw in the straits of the weekend between russia and ukraine the last four years have been about proxy conflict between kiev and moscow through this russian backed separatists lease the ukraine here you have the militaries of both sides facing off against each other and one thing that really is worrying that we've seen in the last few days the real popping of the n.t.'s of the tone has become you hear from the ukrainian president and the russian president accusing each other directly of being behind these machinations he's got this political they they put it that's not something we've heard before so it is definitely a bit of a harsh a tone and you know let's not forget four years ago very few people would have predicted an extension of crimea so this is
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a region where things can happen very quickly and even if now it might seem like this is definitely about saber rattling there are political reasons to do this we are in a dangerous situation and things could happen very quickly because thank you. now court in the philippines for sentence three police officers to jail for the murder of a teenage boy the first officers to be convicted for their actions during president . so called war on drugs received sentences of up to forty years without parole human rights groups say the crackdown has led to thousands of extra judicial killings a case of seventeen year old lloyd. precedented public. two of the convicted police officers leaving court. minutes earlier they along with one other had been found guilty of murdering schoolboy last sun toss they claimed the seventeen year old was a drug korea who'd fired at them while resisting arrest in twenty seventeen but
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this is c.t.v. footage showed the teenager being dragged by two offices just moments before he was shot in an alley way in the philippines capital of manila. vicky ends family the guilty verdicts are of indication. there for i see i am very happy because this is the answer to proof that my son is innocent and has never been involved in drugs to everyone who helped us everyone whose names i can no longer list down thank you very much. when i was eleven saying. he ends murder triggered threat protests filipinos took to the streets angry at the rising death toll. police say they've killed almost five thousand people allegedly involved in the narcotics trade since twenty sixteen that was when the
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country's president rhodri go due to have today launched his war on drugs although he promised to pardon authorities involved in his crackdown even he refused to defend the police officers who killed key n. . we are very happy that we seized on that third by justice and this proves that there is still up lot truth and justice in the philippines. while the men will serve up to forty years in jail it's a life sentence for the teenager's parents all they can hope for is that these convictions will force the police to think before they killed. last night was a big night in the champions league and the premier match in europe's top club tournament so perry sounds about defeat last year's runners up liverpool it took only thirteen minutes to reopen the story has changed run by not giving his side the lead so it was done a moderate another in the thirty seventh minute to put the parisians in the driving
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seat liverpool close the gap when james milner conversed a penalty before half time the p.s.g. managed to hold on and came away with a two one win. so person not yet guaranteed a spot in the final sixteen of the champions league group c. will actually go down to the wire after napoli's beat red star belgrade to go madrid did advance thanks to a big win over monaco dortmund also made it through despite a draw shall come last but still advance barcelona one and also won their group and told them soaps are still alive thanks to their victory. as a reminder about top story at this hour german authorities have righted the offices of deutsche bank as they investigate allegations of money laundering in twenty six think they too late known as the panama paper suggested the bad stuff helps criminals follow their money into tax havens. and said show up today to more of the top of the hour on around the clock on the
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