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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 12:02am-12:16am CET

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more trouble at a bank and this time it could be really serious prosecutors send a one hundred seventy strong great team to the offices of germany's biggest lender the allegation money laundering on a mind boggling scale also on the program pakistani families of victims of a factory fire take the german company and work for to court in germany and is your car spying on in china revelations that electric car drivers have their details of the whereabouts sent straight to go. to the program german prosecutors have raided the offices including they have quarter of deutsche bank as part of an investigation into money laundering inquiry is based on revelations made in the twenty sixteen data leaker known as the panama papers which suggested that bank staff had helped criminals funnel money into offshore tax. police vans surrounding the headquarters of germany's biggest
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lender if deutsche his image wasn't already in tatters it certainly is now. the banks accused of helping clients hide money earned from crime this is based on revelations contained in a sense of leaked documents known as the panama papers. different docked. mission a rose in the summer my oldest to say i'm going to be not after the federal criminal police officer evaluation data from the panama papers the so-called off shore leaks. buddies are also this evaluation that the suspicion is a bunch of bunk was helping clients set up so-called offshore companies in tax havens. for dollars from their money is said to have floated deutsche bank with as the bank reporting any suspicion of money laundering and so i started to. these are
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the kinds of allegations that if true could bring down an already embattled bank deutsche it was quick to present its view of the events. yvonne i love the live on in from we believe we've provided all relevant information to the authorities regarding the panama paper case of course will now cooperate closely with the public prosecutor's office and frank for us it's also in our interest that the suspicious facts are quickly in entirely carried up attention will now turn to george's boss christiane thieving he's only been in the top job since april but he's been at the bank for decades he ready faces the challenge of reversing years of losses now is up to him to address accusations that torture hasn't only been mismanaged but involved in far shady or potentially criminal business. german chemicals giant buyer says it's planning to slash some twelve thousand jobs
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around the world as a part of a massive savings and restructuring drives it says a significant number of those cuts will be here in germany the move comes in the wake of buyer's controversial sixty three billion dollar takeover of u.s. rival months. buyer one of germany's oldest dance companies wants to make itself leaner and meaner by increasing efficiency productivity and profitability by instead of playing to concentrate resources on its core businesses of pharmaceuticals consumer health and crop science it's a setback since it bought u.s. crop sciences giant months and two in june this year for sixty three billion euros one of germany's biggest ever corporate takeovers but two months later a us court ruling ordered buyer to pay multi-million dollar damages to a cancer sufferer. the judge ruled that its newly acquired subsidiary should have warned users about the cancer risks from its roundup herbicide the company's shares have been under pressure since then losing thirty six percent since the beginning
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of the year so investors are still nervous and something like this makes them more nervous it's a little bit of a surprise if you're a long time stock market observer often job cuts lead to higher prices because people think yeah those are necessary measures painful for everyone involved but necessary to increase profitability here they seem to be a reminder of how many risks and challenges a buyer has there at least as cliff as that damage claims buyer will be cashing in on synergies with monsanto so it's crap science division will be among the hardest hit with forty one hundred job cuts the company said it expected to complete the job cutbacks by the end of twenty twenty one. now let's bring in our financial correspondent yes court in new york here against buyer says it wants to save about three billion dollars a year by twenty twenty two does this have anything to do with a court case over monsanto's weedkiller glyphosate. well by itself claims
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that this is not the case but there's no doubt about it that months on tour has been a costly acquisition and when you buy a company you also inherit the problems as one man in california got awarded so. million dollars even if a buyer earlier this month it went to him to peel but there are thousands more lawsuits pending sold there is a certain pressure on buyer to save some money and possibly of all the lawsuits but also because of the sixty three billion dollars said buyer paid for. thanks for now we'll come back to you in a moment. germany's humble spot newspaper says u.s. president donald trump has invited german car bosses to the white house next tuesday executives from v.w. dimer and b.m.w. are expected to attend a news reports of u.s. plans to impose a twenty five percent tariff on car imports from all countries except for canada
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and mexico. yes back to you in new york when general motors announced their layoff plans earlier this week president trump laid into them and foreign carmakers with threats of more terrorists now german car executives are set to go to the white house what are you hearing. well i mean what we're hearing out of washington is that u.s. president donald trump also partly because of the layoffs that general motors is playing around with the idea to impose those tariffs already in may make chile study got started that in the name of national security those imports might see a tariff of twenty five percent the justice department has until early next year to come to a conclusion if that claim is justified so any tariff of that kind will not be happening overnight but the u.s. president seems to be seems to become more curious soul it will be quite
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telling if the top managers from the german car companies will be going to washington how serious the situation really is sounds like an interesting meeting. court in new york thank you. an unprecedented court case began in the west german city of dortmund earlier today its object is the devastating fire in a pakistani garment factory that killed almost two hundred sixty workers more than six years ago the trial aims to clarify whether this current fashion brand kick is liable for damages because most of the genes produced at the factory were earmarked for the german company. to now has traveled seven thousand kilometers to germany in memory of her son over six years ago he was killed in a fire at a textile factory in pakistan that produces clothing for german discount chain kick . was deemed kick is responsible for the fire. i lost my son in that fire
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and now i've come here to get some justice for him and all the others who were killed in. the blaze at the factory occurred on the eleventh of september twenty twelve authorities believe it was caused by an arson attack carried out by a local gang almost two hundred sixty people died as a result of the lack of fire protection safeguards kick provided compensation to the victims' families that was supposed to exclude any future claims. so this isn't about one hundred twenty thousand euros if you've already paid out six million in damages you wouldn't hesitate to pay another hundred twenty thousand but this isn't about the amount it's unfortunately about the principle. the tune and the other plaintiffs won a decision on kicks liability in the case because the company's headquarters are located near dortmund that's where they've registered the lawsuit the clothing company insists the statute of limitations has expired the court will issue a ruling at the beginning of january. and staying in the garment sector on friday
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bangladesh will start expelling international safety inspectors who were brought in after the round of applause of disaster in two thousand and thirteen the inspectors oversaw safety improvements and over twenty three hundred garment factories in bangladesh catering to big global brands like h. and prime mark they helped to drastically reduce work related deaths. now when it comes electric car all cars miles per charge used to be the biggest concern for all of us but as the family car becomes an increasingly digital affair data protection is on the minds of early adopters that's particularly true in china where beijing's expansive surveillance practices mean when you're out for your sunday drive you might just have the government along for right. each point is a data set which lets users identify individual cars their location speed charge level and more all in real time. the data is used to monitor traffic flows around
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the city that's information china's security services can access as well as. police departments or prosecuting organizations need to find out the tracking data of a specific car they may seek help from our center ask them of course provide the paperwork that illustrates the request for the use of the data this warming. a concern development for some electric car owners. how long i stay go every day i don't want the information to be disclosed. that i never heard of it it can't be true tesla can use the data but why do they need to send it to the government it's a double edge sword the digital sensors carmakers use to ensure their latest models run safer and cleaner open a veritable pen door is a box of privacy concerns not just here in china but around the world as well.
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well whatever your drive i hope it's all spying on you that wraps up our show thanks for watching see you back here tomorrow. coming. up on. the i'm. such. a a. climate change
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