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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 3:02am-3:31am CET

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bank germany's biggest suspected of money laundering helping to keep the global elite of tax evaders out of jail and out of sight now that it's not a new story the world has known ever since the panama papers data leak more than two years ago and yet today when police raided georgia banks headquarters in frankfurt we understand that officers encountered more shock than shame i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. bender since this morning the offices of georgia bank in frankfurt have been searched for suspected money laundering. documentary on the data material was evaluated from the panama papers on a paper chancellor of his own strategy. we thought that we had provided to the
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authorities all the relevant information in them regarding panama papers and it was . also coming up tonight russian president vladimir putin began the day thinking that his meeting with u.s. president trump at the g twenty summit in argentina is on i wonder putin is a betting man. i probably will be meeting with president food and we have been terminated that big i was thinking about it getting a full report on the plague. we begin the day with one hundred seventy german police officers walking into georgia biggs main office this morning and they did not bother to knock first the headquarters of germany's largest lender in frankfurt raided today as part of an investigation into possible money laundering suspicions first came to light in two
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thousand and sixteen in the panama papers data leak the leak was reportedly led investigators to focus on two unnamed employees. prosecutors said today the raid should not have surprised anyone. defy docked. mission of rose in the summer oldest to think of something teeny not at the federal criminal police officer evaluation data from the panama papers on the so-called offshore oil leak. but these are all scientists if i you ation that the suspicion is that going to bang was helping clients hold offshore companies in tax haven. with a dog from their money is said to have floated deutsche bank that the bank reporting any suspicion of money laundering. or baking analysts today said that this latest probe could end up being
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a mortal blow to georgia now the company is no stranger to money laundering allegations in fact george bank is considered problematic just about every financial regulator from germany's to the u.k. and also at the u.s. federal reserve today the base said it is already cooperating in this latest investigation. we thought that we had provided to the authorities all the relevant information regarding punishment papers and of course we will now cooperate closely with the prosecutors here in frankfurt on mine and in germany as it is in also in our interest to clarify the facts as soon as possible. are join me at the big table now is our business a compressed off. you're in a right there potentially criminal business and some analysts have been saying that this today could end up being a mortal blow to deutsche bank and how much trouble is the bank in tonight well. these are yet again one might say series of locations i mean we heard in the report
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that allegedly there's a bank staff involved in putting up an entity in the british virgin islands and on tax haven thereby handling the business of three hundred nine hundred clients to the tune of three hundred million euros so that's the accusation and the money being handled allegedly being connected to the crime or having been acquired illegally now here's the problem for deutsche bank. payment transfer and handling payments processing payments of clients one of the last segments the bank is still a global player so the bank is handing billions and billions and billions of euros and dollars around the world and thereby the one might say couple of millions that may have been involved here the illegal ones they get lost somewhere in the numbers nevertheless these are of course allegations that no company that does lawful business want to have on the record exactly i mean it's about your reputation and
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p.r. and what happened today was not a surprise and we've known this was coming ever since the revelations in the panama papers this is not the first time that the bank has been accused of financial misbehavior whom we have been talking about issues like like that regarding budget bank of the problem is that it just can't seem to shake off its past its problematic past the federal reserve had its on on its list for troubled banks the i.m.f. just two years ago called it the most dangerous bank in the world and it was fined just for the case of selling bad mortgage backed securities in the u.s. seven billion dollars just in that case alone and the german authorities just get this installed their own watch talk inside the bank mind you an independent watchdog because they have the feeling that the cleaning up of the act does not go fast enough and thorley enough and this case in. no the bank is looking at potentially fines in the millions staff could go to go to jail if convicted the
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share price is already at a level that doesn't you know bring joy to anybody and public reputation wise there hasn't been have been few companies that have been battered as but better yet we've heard before that this was the beginning of the end for george bank but it is the biggest bank is deutsche of bank in germany so. it's you know is it going to be knocked out by this well it's hard to say definitely but if here's the thing banks have been bending the rules so that to the point where they've been breaking the rules i mean we've seen that in the past numerous times but they've been able to pay fines and move on. here but the bank hasn't turned a profit in two years and so it's going to be harder and harder to come up with these fines and this cumulative effect could be the crucial point for deutsche bank that could serve the final bill that's what c.e.o. kristen's leaving now has to deal with he promised that the bank will be profitable again next year and hard to do hard to do just as maybe hard to get but punishment
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comes easy especially when you're only looking at the bottom line which is what banks do christopher thank you. well who would help ukraine if russia invaded and started a full blown war ukraine's president says that russia is preparing to attack ukraine would we know would be no match to russia's military might yet nato has rejected calls for mr poroshenko to intervene to ensure the free passage of ukrainian ships in the old sea well that is where a naval standoff with russian ships took place on sunday right off the coast of russian occupied crimea russia seized three ukrainian vessels and arrested ukrainian sailors moscow denies kiev's accusations that it is blocking vessels from entering or leaving ukrainian ports. when the nato know who
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or what can help you great u.s. president trump says that europe namely german chancellor angela merkel should step up to the plate merkel has experience in mediating between kiev and moscow diplomatic string yes but merkel is making it clear she is not considering a military solution or more economic sanctions against russia. towards simply bit off despite the current situation we ask ukraine to be smart because we can only herself this in talks with one another because there is no military solution to all of these conflicts this needs to be said of all. kinds of years we don't impose sanctions for the sake of sanctions we make those sanctions to make it clear that countries need to have the right to self-determination even when they are close to russia. that's often i thought was the german chancellor angela merkel well the president of ukraine mr poroshenko he has urged his military to be ready for
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a possible invasion he has imposed martial law in border regions he's also threatened to impose restrictions on russian citizens in his country our correspondent nick connelly is on the ground in the city of mariupol here's his report but we still don't really know to the full extent of how it's actually how it's going to be interpreted here in america where i am now things have already been pretty strict for the last two years we are directly within about fifteen kilometers of the front line in some regions of ukraine we've heard about restrictions on freedom of assembly demonstrations effectively and there are new rules restricting basically making it impossible for foreigners to enter crimea legally from ukraine but this still has a whole month to go and seems right now that even the ukrainian government doesn't really know what powers that they potentially now have they're actually going to end up using. and that was our nick conley there reporting from mariupol in ukraine
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all right let's take the story now to fabrice pulte he is chief strategist at news in global he is former nato head of policy planning and a current senior consulting fellow at the international institute for strategic studies sorries we appreciate you joining us tonight ukrainian president asking for help from nato it doesn't look like he's going to get it should he be getting something from nato. i think he should be getting something from the west whether it should be nato of the european union or the coalition of western countries diets in a way. certain very question but which is clear is that the response from the west has been quite weak and i think the chancellor is right to dido but there's no doubt know if there are no means of pressure to push especially mosco to come to the table so i think we all want i know they's no military solution to crisis but
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there are military means to get to a point of finding sort of ships and i think this is where both the europeans but also the americans have thought of a shot and but if you don't if you don't have nato and you don't have the u.s. military then what do you have to counter act the military might of russia there's no one they are right. well i don't think it's about entering into direct military confrontation we've russia it's about exerting enough pressure on different fronts on russia in order for the russians to stop this going to eighteen and to stop basically triggering derek declaration against a neighbor how can we do that well first let's start with sanctions this is the arm of choice for the european union and why should we not increase strengths and some of the sanctions already in place extend them from six to twelve month that's
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a first second thing why not having an observation mission that the one we have in eastern ukraine extend it to the coast including to seal off with drones and we've navy ships that would be observing especially the russian naval forces how they behave and what they do so we are not going to buy basically the russian from i don't not telling us that it's the ukrainians who have provoked the consultation and finally i think you have to also look at all especially on which energy supplier abedini is choosing to sustain the gemini could it be and i think to put into question too will be will go a long way to actually put pressure on law schools ok it's interesting you bring up the nord stream into the pipeline. in the us president he is not a fan of that project we know that now with the project has come under fire again following sunday's naval clash i want you to take
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a listen to how germany's foreign minister today justified why germany should not divest from the pipeline take a listen to assist him on north street regarding the issue of nord stream to withdrawing german companies from the project wouldn't mean that the gas pipeline won't be built russia would just build it by itself voted in from it was sent. and i know both of them in to say we believe we have an interest in getting politically involved and being part of the pipeline which we build in any case for good i mean what you're after that he has a valid point but at the same time it sounds like you said he's saying that russia can do whatever russia wants to do even with germany exactly and i think this argument of say well this is going to happen so it's better to be part of it then not part of it is a bit biting its own tail clearly if if german companies are getting out of the
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north stream to project significantly increase the cost of the pipeline and i think this is all about again most cool feeling to cost a few behavior and yet again we have no putting in of cuts so it's not about this is any stopping everything that is about telling what school you behave badly you are going to eat your costs so getting to german companies out of nothing too will be another way we sanctions with some kind of separation mission to increase the pressure on what's cool because we're not change when not seeing it don't behavior this is the time and we know that the us president he would like to see that pipeline be shut down and he would like to see europe buying natural gas liquefied natural gas from the united states so if if the germans were to follow your your strategy it would be a win win for europe and on trial. well i think you're going to be too fast no stream too is in fact about the pipeline replacing an already existing
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pipeline that does much more capacity than your street two which flows through ukraine but obviously the russians don't like the fact that they have to pay ukraine something like up to two billion dollars every year for twenty treaties so not stream two is not about bidding more complexity is just about stealing away the capacity that already exists that goes by ukraine and to divert directly to germany so it's more the political geopolitical project than a commercial so it's not about buying mall american energy but used to just about using what's already exist but obviously that the russians don't talk the night because again they have to pay some transit fees and before and of time before we want to ask you about martial wall being declared in eastern parts of ukraine the west has been very silent about that should it be. i
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think you have to go back to how the ukrainians as a whole are fear of a fault russian aggression remember twenty fourteen they could not trigger an emotional didn't have all the forces and evil they don't even have communication with their forces you into crimean peninsula so these are psychological trauma here and if think president bush ain't cool invoking emotional for thirty days is a way to say we are ready as a nation to face and extend that aggression so psychologically and put it to create is very important i understand that whole version and the that lou is going to be limited only in some specific areas of ukraine so it's not going to have been applied across the whole territory but symbolically it matters all right for every point here joining us tonight from brussels we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and share your insights thank you very. well if war does break out as many fear ukraine will again become the epicenter of
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a major geopolitical shock but tonight the attention of world leaders who admit that they are worried well they're nowhere near kiev trying what is our world leaders are gathering in the argentinian capital for the g. twenty summit global trade climate change are on the agenda but the escalating tensions between ukraine and russia will domany especially for two presidents who may or may not be meeting again after all. but a mere putin has taken more than ukrainian sailors captive in the as a of c. his high stakes military and political maneuvering has ensured the group of twenty meeting will be dominated by two people the kremlin chief and his u.s. counterpart donald trump just like last year's g twenty when russian meddling in u.s. elections overshadowed the agenda the president's haven't met one on one since their july summit in helsinki where trump's behavior toward putin was bizarrely
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submissive leaving huge questions looming over between a siders european leaders and his advisors back home all want to show a united front and that's really our objective it doesn't really matter so much what's the practical steps are as long as we can show united front because remember putin's objective is to sow discord and disunity in the western alliance europe's geography dooms it to being caught in the middle of moscow and washington politically when tensions flare in those capitals brussels feels the burn it will be difficult for the europeans to see their concerns on global trade addressed while navigating other diplomatic danger zones there are so many things going home could cause cause problems i mean. she jinping will be the. it's possible that if there is language on trades that trump. says something very negative about china or. all that others will want to say something very negative
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about protectionism and trump will insist that protectionism is good america's first. defeat you will say you have the saudis that as the end bond points out even more political drama will be ensured by the presence of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman accused of ordering the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi many european leaders have expressed outrage and scaled back ties that trump hasn't one thing is certain about this g twenty there are going to be some awfully awkward photo ops indeed that was herself there reporting will there be another sit down between donald trump inviting her putin at the g twenty well it depends on which president you ask and what time of the day it is this morning the rendezvous on the sidelines look like a go then mid air from inside air force one a tweet appeared from the u.s. president trump tweeted based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia i have decided it would be best for all parties
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concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in argentina with president vladimir putin i look forward to a meaningful summit again as soon as the situation is resolved. well apparently no one told the kremlin about the white house cancellation mr putin's spokesman saying that he had not been informed of any scheduling change i advise you to watch this space change seems to happen a lot. it change happens and changing alliances are happening apparently as we speak michael cohen u.s. president trumps former personal lawyer and confidant has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about work he did on a trunk real estate project in russia cohen made a surprise appearance thursday in a new york court room to enter the plea he admitted making false statements in two thousand and seventeen to a senate intelligence committee about a plan to build
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a trump tower in moscow. president trump has denied working on that plan and says that mr cohen is launching in the hopes of getting a wider prison sentence it was convicted of various things unrelated that. he was given a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak first advice being weak i'd like the people that watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reeses set so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open to. fact check very can't get a reduced sentence yet because he hasn't been sentenced yet that comes in december well senior democrats say that michael cohen may not have been the only person why would you take a listen to what adam schiff from california said today he becomes chair of the house intelligence committee in january. in terms of. the russian vest occasion
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and clearly indicates that it was special counsel is getting meaningful cooperation from mr cohen rolled in to determine whether or not there was any financial leverage to the russian capital right. well i think we need to look into one of those things are credible allegations that the russians may have a laundry money to the trump organization. wow our lives to go is now them on its way to our correspondent in washington good evening to you maya the democrats they must be looking at their jobs i mean clear words from adam schiff they are they were going to be giving any clues what we can expect once they take control of those key house committees. well as in they seem to be licking their chops as you said chomping at the bit might be another metaphor we could use not only did we hear from adam shift today but we saw several rather prominent democrats come out to condemn the various going on that have been happening around the president
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we saw senator chris and jill a brand new yorkers a rumored twenty twenty presidential candidate talking about the culture of corruption around the president we saw another high ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee mark warner of virginia talking about the pattern of trump allies caught not telling the truth and pleading guilty to various charges and even senator feinstein who's a prominent democrat from california talking about how this all raises very serious questions about what else trump knew what else trump was involved in there really seems like the democrats are well as has been rumored or really sort of. arming a can in full of pina's that they're getting ready to fire at the white house come january that's that's good subpoena kim and the democrats are saying that michael cohen may not have been the only person lawing who in the world are they talking about. it's difficult to peer into
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a rubber muller's crystal ball here but one of we do know that one of the events that has been a main focus of this investigation has been this legendary trump tower meeting that happened during the campaign between don junior the president's son jared questioner the president's son in law and this russian lawyer there were even rumors flying earlier this month that don jr was being prepared to be indicted so again with this cannon falls that might come off and might fire off in january we'll find out fairly quickly who house may or may not be caught out lying but there has been a lot of a scrutiny and focus around the participants in that meeting at trump tower and we're about twenty seconds left. everything put together here that we're seeing happening in the marching to it looks like the investigation is about to come. will close your group but certainly what people are expecting possibly even before the end of the year and of course the next question is well what happens then we
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have this interim attorney general who suddenly was brought up with the firing of former attorney general jeff not hands who we know is much more sympathetic to trump's view of wanting to shut the russian vesting down now he hasn't done that yet it's been allowed to go forward but the question is ok let's assume that the investigation is allowed to wrap up and the proper moeller and his team write this report what happens then is they report actually released to the public is it hidden away is it pushed underground what's going to happen i will find we would have to leave behind and we'll be talking with you i'm sure why as we go on the story for us tonight in washington mike as always thank you. well the conversation continues online you know find us on twitter either at b.w. news or you can write directly to me don't forget to use the hash tag today and remember whatever happens between now and the morning is another day we'll see you then or.
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