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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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bialik guest. managed by for. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin world leaders gather in argentina for the g. twenty summit trade tensions will be in the spotlight with china still long in a tit for tat terrorist tussle with the u.s. but there's a berrisford for germany as the chancellor's plane is grounded on the route forcing her to miss the start of the summit. tensions between ukraine and russia will also
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be discussed all the g twenty sidelines we hear from russians living across the current straight from crimea putting their hopes in moscow to resolve the crisis and its own precedents in humanitarian crisis the words of tier one is mayor as an influx of migrants trying to reach the united states stretches the city's resources to break. with. fellow i'm terry martin good to have you with us the g. twenty summit is getting under way today in buenos iris it's the first time the meeting of the world's largest economies has been held in south america. and michael though is missing the start of the summit after the plane she was traveling in had to make an unscheduled landing her plane. only been in the air for an hour
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when an electronic system malfunction forced it to turn around and land in the western german city of cologne told reporters it was a serious malfunction and praised a very excellent crew on board delays likely to complicate burkle schedule of meetings the two day summit. over more of us bring in our political correspondent cape radio a cape chancellor merkel's arrival at the g. twenty in buenos aires has been delayed a problem with her plane apparently what exactly happened was that there is you mentioned terry the plane they called. the government craft had in fact only been in the air an hour last night when it began to circle over the netherlands before turning around in the direction of germany and making an unscheduled landing in. port in western germany and now merkel has said has this morning that there was a serious malfunction on the plane away haring from several jemma media outlets
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this morning that it was in fact a problem with the plane's radio communication system which caused the plane to land of course there will be a more thorough investigation to determine the exact cause but the initial post a local newspaper in the area where that plane landed has since now started reporting that the government is talking all possibilities including criminality so of course we are still expecting more details. ok well so if plane can't fly how is the chancellor and the rest of the delegation getting to argentina. well both michael and all of the german finance minister had to spend the night in bone last night and they're expected to travel later today on a government to madrid and then fly further on on the final leg of their journey to board us aires on a commercial flight so of course michael still won't be able to make it to the
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opening of the g twenty summit and of course this delay too is likely to complicate his schedule with meetings with other g twenty leaders over the next couple of days . the plane that usually travels on this government plane the con love nor is the name of it it is maintained by germany's military what does that say about the state of readiness of germany's military when they can't be relied upon to transport the head of government to a major international a bit because this is a really hefty embarrassment for germany and it's no secret that the german defense has huge saw shortcomings as being several reports in recent years about lack of reports of equipment and also faulty equipment and as you mentioned this as they called odds and i'll add was itself is part of the look for the german air force but one of the issues as well is there has been a debate for some time that the these aircraft the government protégé in particular are simply too old but of course the german government is always wary of entering
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into parliament and suggesting that they should get a new act of course wherry of a backlash and claims that they want or necessary look serious but of course there are problems that there have been problems with this aircraft before earlier this year when the german president frank i was in bella ruse his aircraft too was grounded for a short time due to different technical problems that time so clearly this delay today from a school isn't a one off event take you very much for the. brady there. once chancellor merkel makes it to argentina she's set to meet russia's vladimir putin as she seeks a diplomatic solution to the latest crisis between moscow and kiev that's after last weekend's naval clash off the crimean peninsula before meeting for the summit merkel hosted ukraine's prime minister in berlin he urged europe to impose harsher
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sanctions on russia. a warning for europe ukraine's prime minister visits berlin calling for support in the escalating conflict with russia his country wants nato to send ships to the sea of us all to provide security they should be abolished the should the recent russian aggression in the sea of as of could happen anywhere in the world should realize this it also affects europe. but german chancellor angela merkel has rebuffed the request for military support saying words not weapons are needed and taught simply because despite the current situation we ask you claim to be smart because we can only resolve this in talks with one another because there is no military solution to all of these conflicts. and that some get merkel has blamed russia for sparking the conflict which began on sunday in the
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catch straight between russia and the annexed crimea peninsula russian forces attacked and seize three ukrainian vessels and their crew and he's prosecuting the sailors for violating its borders the ukrainian intelligence agency now says it has recordings that show a russian fighter jets and helicopter fired on the vessels during the clash at sea . in the port city of mariupol close to the border ukrainians are unsure what the recent imposition of martial law will bring. that means we're carrying on martial law hasn't brought any particularly harsh restrictions with it but here's a list of course says the risk of more conflict with russia we've been at war with them for four years already especially now after what they did to our ships. just. as surely as many of the mood if you look at martial law change in my life i mean this is my fifth year as a refugee me i left everything it down just in came here martial law isn't going to
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help me which is. nearby the saber rattling continues with russia parading its missiles in crimea. and ukraine showing off its defenses. but neither side shows any sign of retreating from a fart. so with tensions melting between ukraine and russia how is all this affecting the lives of people living near the front lines so to speak a reporter emily short one travel to the russian city of thomas on the curch straits that's where the naval standoff happened on sunday and where a new bridge links the russian mainland to the annexed crimean peninsula. it's business as usual for luke. she's been a taxi driver for two years in the town of tamanna on the azoff see the population here is around ten thousand and many of them know ludmilla live miller herself
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moved here from the year olds recently but tells me most people here have relatives across the scene ukraine she says people usually don't want to talk about politics in her taxi even when it's happening right on their doorstep. but the. people on panicking they try not to talk about the conflict. it's so close it's wearing but i'm sure nothing will happen. at the local market people admit they're shaken by the recent clash in the nearby sea. means this someone. will be the first affected it's all right it's scary. it's not scary i don't think anything will happen thank. the ukrainians where we used to live together so well. i used to go to ukraine to keep if we were like relatives. it's not for us regular people to decide the politicians up there was
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sorted out it's an unpleasant situation i just want peace and not this. time on is at the foot of the crimean bridge. have been building here in the as a c. for months especially since the bridge was opened in may luke milam moved to tom and to be near the scene she says she sometimes comes here for a break from taxi driving even in the winter the fifty four year old says her relatives and children back in. are worried about her but she's optimistic about the future of the azoff see me all spoke quietly to see calms me down sometimes when i want to answer to a question i ask this season and if the next wave is big that means the answer is yes. i am very hopeful that the men will figure out everything everything will be fine. and we will. use the of what you do need.
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it seems to be stormy everywhere it might be apropos for ludmilla to now ask the azoff see whether this stormy political situation will eventually calm down. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a former lawyer of u.s. president has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about a trump real estate deal in russia michael cohen is a key figure in his investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen us presidential election. health ministry says the current ebola outbreak in the east of the country is now the second biggest in history with more than four hundred confirmed and probable cases efforts to curb the epidemic are being hampered by a surge of violence in the democratic republic of congo. the world health organization has warned of a resurgence of measles worldwide the number of infections jolt more than thirty
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percent last year compared to twenty sixteen the w.h.o. recorded increases in almost every part of the world including wealthy countries such as germany where vaccination coverage has historically. hi. police in hong kong say five people have been killed and more than thirty injured in a bus crash on the main road to the airport the bus was ferrying stuff from the cathay pacific airline to work when it plowed into a broken down tax. to mexico where the mayor of tia juana has called the plight of state of migrant stranded in his city an unprecedented humanitarian crisis the child on the u.s. backed scheme border is dealing with an influx of around seven thousand american central americans who are trying to reach the u.s. to apply for asylum they only had a shelter for a third that number leading to squalid conditions for migrants who have trekked
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thousands of kilometers in search of a new life. the most unique thing about one of us biggest chanter for the so-called caravan migrants is that it provides hardly any shelter at all at least not from the elements not from the rain and not from the cold during freezing nights during the day i am this he commanded by city officials to hold a maximum of just two thousand five hundred people this place now houses more than six thousand migrants and in a few days that number will rise to seven thousand including more than one thousand babies toddlers and young children. we need cindy pinera we talked to her about a week ago she had just arrived with two more for four sisters and without her father the family had gotten separated on their journey to tijuana now they are reunited but conditions here have to magically deteriorate it only took them on we're in really bad shape as you can see everything is what we are tired we
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couldn't get any sleep last night it's hard when the babies are all wet it's getting worse for us with no real place to stay. this tent is not even mine. that beat the noise near the city of tijuana some state agencies and the increasing number of n.g.o.s are doing what they can to cope with the situation infection and diseases are on the rise headlights are a problem overall hygiene is a major concern to us mayor says he's battling what he calls an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in his town with almost no help from the central government in mexico city its people we're dealing with it's integrity they can eat they need a place to sit they need a place to sleep they need to please a dignified place not us we are working with them right now what would happen if someone would start a riot down there who's going to be responsible mexico city has finally sent more
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federal police and some military two to one but that doesn't solve the city's financial problems as it spends almost thirty thousand dollars a day on its migrant crisis a fortune for the border town if you know someone who could help us out. we have a mere here in this office and read them really. to juana want it. in india thousands of farmers have gathered in the capital delhi for a two day rally against the agricultural policies of prime minister narendra modi's government thursday tens of thousands of people took to the streets among their demands are new minimum prices for their crops india is holding a general election next year and while the country's farmers overwhelmingly voted for modi in the last election all in rural incomes has led to waning support for
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the government. our correspondent sonia talked to the protesting farmers and asked them about their grievances. blundered when there's a drought becomes follow during floods across underwater we get no relief. in sight out of the air that are when our crops fail we just lose everything. the government does nothing to help us. understand at the hands of land i am where farm laborers we have no land my husband can't work i have young children i have come to fight against the government that got a little now i have. taken a loan because we're not getting fair prices for across a college education my children every farmer i know is trapped in huge debt because they actually i wonder why this million kids not most people assume we do you close
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people all assume of course. you support do i want more mention about a fight things there say we came here in the parliament is here i was struggling before the parliament is big and can make their votes mean we came here and we want to pretend raise more the golden mean. and joining us now from delhi is the song your fall their car good to see you've been on the streets talking to those farmers this isn't the first time that they've taken to the streets in delhi tell us more about why they are protesting. hi terry i mean that's right this really isn't the first time you know the last year and a half we've seen major rallies by farmers in many indian cities including mumbai and also in delhi and the background to this is that for many years now india's farming sector has really been blighted by by drought by falling incomes by field
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crops and this does take a heavy toll on india's farmers the bulk of whom are poor you know for instance recorded drought forces farmers in some parts of india to migrate to towns and cities during the dry spell you know when harvest failed farmers that are often forced to borrow money often at higher cost sometimes from private money lenders in order to buy seeds and fertilizers even pay for their own health care and there are studies in india that say that you know every other causes of death trap farmers who are unable to pay back the loans really commit suicide in desperation so i think it's a really grim situation for the bulk of farmers so certainly this is really a crisis about conditions for growing crops not being favorable or or their government policies that are to blame for for the crisis the farmers are facing. well you know terry if you speak to experts here many of them will say that there
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are you know many structural problems here that are to blame and they have been in place literally for decades i mean the one thing we need to remember is that all almost half of india's population works in the farming sector and yet farming contributes just about sixteen percent of the country's g.d.p. so what's very simply you know farms employ a lot of people but they're simply producing too little so i think what some of the problems other india's farms are going to marginal and small in size that is a lack of modernization there's a lack of water conservation and that also in turn you know reserve the cost of inputs like seeds and fertilizers and indication ok so it's a complex problem what is the indian government doing about it. well if you speak to farmers if you spoke to us today out of the streets they'd say you know the government is simply not doing enough for them i mean you know prime minister narendra modi was elected back in two thousand and fourteen and one of the promises he made was that he promised to double the family incomes by twenty twenty two but critics say you know he's falling off in the short of that talking to dave
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today's thought is really a real show off anger against the government and on the seas which who many perceived to be you know fueled in favor of the rich and the private sector many farmers today told me that they believe that the government you know bailed out private companies began to default was flee the country and get farm was left to fend for themselves so i think the protests today is also really sending a clear message to prime minister the government as it see through election. sunny thank you so much that was t w song you're fond of there in delhi thank you now the final of south america's champions league competition we're talking football will now take place in spain the second leg of the copa libertadores between two buenos aires clubs has been postponed twice because of violence last weekend plans of river plate pelted the team bus across town rival
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boca juniors breaking windows and injuring some players who were also affected by tear gas fire to disperse the crowd cup organizers say they chose madrid in part because that city has the largest population of argentinians outside it and. meanwhile here in germany one of the bonus lee is surprise teams this season frankfurt pushed through to the knockout stages of their upper league tournament with the help of boisterous fans they beat one of last season's finalists olympique marsay forward yo bitch gave his side the lead in the opening minute or say made life easy with a pair of own goals on either side of half time frankfurt sealed the win with a second goal from which the four nil victory means they win group h. again to spare. elsewhere in the champions league in the europa league i should say and drew one zero at home with ball gary inside little gretz
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thanks to a game tying goal in the eighty fifth minute later cruzan still lead their group and lights the last one nil away at their austrian sister clubs all sport life city now hold only a faint chance of offense. well we're talking about the g. twenty today in our in the news very much so hot here and more on the g. twenty is hopes of a averting an even worse trade war as sure terry and it is not an easy time for multilateralism world leaders gathering and burnous are as a bracing themselves for fraud negotiations they'll be discussing a whole host of issues but trade will be on top of the agenda one of the most closely watched meetings will be between us president donald trump and his chinese counterpart dejan pain the two countries are still locked in a trade dispute that is showing little signs of a resolution and continues to weigh on markets around the world the united states
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so far is imposed tariffs on two hundred fifty dollars billion dollars worth of chinese imports and has threatened much more china in turn has slapped tariffs on one hundred ten billion dollars worth of american made products so the spot continues to have an impact on trade around the world let's discuss that that a bit more and bring in craig he's a senior market analyst at wanda and joins us now from london there is hello craig everyone personally will be watching trump interacting with g.e. . when his eyes there will be see an increase in a still if he's or a show of unity and cooperation what do you expect. i think in the mirror both leaders will probably want to sell this as a successful talk they don't to be seen to be wasting each of the time both have an
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interest in cooperation whether this actually leads to anything more significant though is where i become more skeptical whether i'm not convinced that they state for example that will even. the increase in tar if that's one of the year when the two hundred billion dollars which are currently standing at ten percent let alone the own winding of previously impose tariffs i think there's still a lot of discussions to be hott i don't think china is yet willing to cede to the demands of the us which is becoming increasingly hawkish on the trumpet ministrations to the contrary that very disputes aside is there anything or anyone else to watch this g. twenty meeting economically speaking well that's the interesting thing the g twenty meetings were effectively set up to try and improve cooperation and increase global growth and globalization really has now it seems to be focused on repairing the fractures which are appearing whether it be the u.s. trying to change trade disputes whether it be the talk of cots irish now coming
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from the trumpet ministration against walls other countries such as germany the ukraine situation right now is also quite fragile the saudi arabia situation again politically is also going to be on the agenda for many and then of course in the u.k. here we've got prices i think they're going to be plenty of things to discuss trying to repair the damage of the last few years as far as money is concerned and issues that you do think that will be a clear loser or clear winner of that meets. i'm not sure if this is necessarily going to be a clear loser or winner i think one of the things people are most interested in is whether the twenty countries are going to be as so great on the draft communique because we've seen from previous meetings because of the amounts of issues particularly by the temperate ministration that countries not disagree on not goes for trade those are things like climate change we've seen plenty of occasions when they've failed to a great on this communique at the end of the meeting because all of these all of
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these differences so that's going to be one of the key things i think we're going to be focusing on ransom's of winners and losers i don't expect this to be anything major to come from this we just need to see some form of gradual progress to give people some form of optimism that this isn't going to last forever. thank you very much. germany the country's biggest lender is in trouble again after allegations of money laundering emerged on thursday. dropped more than three percent after the news broke that police had conducted raids on its offices some one hundred seventy policemen search for evidence supporting. the bank helped. to pocket money linked to crime the allegations relate to commission comes in huge known as the panama papers the investigation is focusing on the period of the period beginning. when c.e.o.
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. headed the group's order to depart. south korea has sent a train across the world's most heavily militarized border into north korea for the first time in more than a decade it's part of a drive to modernize the north. reconnected with the south. south korean engineers will inspect one thousand two hundred kilometers of trucks over the next eighteen days travel as far as north korea's border with china the south with ministry experts say. international standards could cost billions of dollars. that you're watching news from there's more news coming up. you have to be a football fan. thanks very much.
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take good personally with the wonderful people and stories that made us so special u.n. . bombing .
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was. next on d w. quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week of medicinally talking about the united nations practice aims to provide a framework for a safe over the meat and regular global migration critics though say it will only lead to more mass migration who's right join the discussion here one hundred. quadriga sixty minutes on. the continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their
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