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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 8:30am-9:00am CET

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it's. she struck. him from one school. math to fish and. digital africa starts december twelfth on w. . the world is constantly changing and so is football. twenty years ago no one thought massive companies might be running the world of football.
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and now red bull alone owns clubs around the globe. what's really in it for red bull is running a soccer empire spending five came to on three continents really worth it and just for marketing twenty years ago goalkeepers rarely strayed from their penalty areas now keepers like by and man are neuer little balls alley song and man city edison represents a new generation of ball playing goalies told it was the most important players on the pete you don't agree take up reporters have yet and dave show us how football has changed and what this all means for the sports now on kickoff life. i'm a fan of new york soccer though many don't think of new york as a soccer city it's actually right at the heart of the fight for the sports very soul. which oddly enough new york shares in common with the german
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city of la. two totally different city is both locked in the debate about modern football why because both cities soccer identities were bought up by red bull. rattle the world's biggest energy trade probably know pretty well if you've ever fought an all nighter studying have to get up at the crack of dawn for work or if you're bond with your boys yes i'm from new jersey. red bull is founded by dietrich prada should some nine hundred eighty seven they're worth over ten billion dollars and sold over six billion cans of soda last year but they don't just make energy drinks. their marketing masters they sponsor every extreme sport you can imagine if it's dangerous red bulls involved they also own multiple formula one teams a hockey team even a publishing house they literally launch the guy from space most important for us
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they're also want to quest for world soccer domination their soccer experiment started in salzburg austria and quickly spread around the globe they currently run teams on three continents their clubs are magnets for controversy especially since leipzig burst into the bundesliga. money is at the heart of red bull's approach fans are confronted with a situation where their clubs are products that exist solely to sell other products . we're going to look at red bull soccer empire to see what happens when football and marketing become one. one of the biggest cities in the world it's home to what's probably the smallest of red bulls three top flight teams new york. new york city lovable yet luckless team the metro stars were bought by the austrian company and rebranded as the new york red bulls in two thousand and six. it crushed the porters and left
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a rift among fans. which i can attest i've been a new york supporter for over a decade sure i hate the commercialism but it isn't easy giving up on the clock you love plus new york isn't exactly flush with a locally owned club this with dynamic rich histories to support like lots of other fans i do my best to keep natural i. like cory who ran the team's biggest supporters club three years. takeover came in and really sort of took the news out from under us and i think the really unfortunate part about it was interesting to divide a lot of friends and occurred in a situation where it was tough for everyone to move forward and you know some people just couldn't be a part of it anymore and that was i will try to you know our own supporters over something like. the ten piece is still divided about red bull is a greggs another fan who hasn't given up on metro there's probably with how many people have left the fan base is probably more who are for red bull and not but there's still a core of us who very much you know understand what this is think football should
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be more than just you know it's team on the field. it hasn't been easy for us fans the team has been red bull longer than metro many newer fans have been braced red bull the re brand sparked an identity crisis. but this red bull have anything to do with new york i mean identity is a very big part of football particle. and you know i think if if this were done. it would a big club in another country i think it would be riots like them or not rebels financial might hasn't gone unnoticed they built the beautiful red bull arena in two thousand and ten and it's still one of the best soccer stadiums in the whole country. i mean just check that beauty out. that's sweet sweet soda money brought in star players like terry on the green lawn pablo on how tim cahill and rafa marquez red bull became one. league's biggest spenders and fans
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got used to it. there's a sense from the front office and from some of the supporters that right listen rebels going to come in on what they're going to want to put their name on something that's good so they're going to spend a lot of money if there's a city where fashion the cash is an absolute necessity it's here and we love winners but big spending doesn't always get results in new york but bill has deep pockets but not much in a trophy case. i guess buying love is easier than buying comes rebel seemed to lose interest in new york after throwing cash at the club without results they stopped buying stars cut spending and focused on developing youth. the fans started to wonder what the plan for the club was. it still works pretty well in the field but doesn't help them stand out from the crowd in red bull's typically extreme fashion . on syria came in and i think all of us were hopeful that this would spell this you know this news successful and then they bought leipsic. and when that happened
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the spending abruptly. would lead six rise red bull suddenly had a new toy to play with new york went from a star studded side to a farm team for the german branch. new york's place in the red bull soccer hierarchy became clear when our head coach just the marsh left for germany and summer. marsh quite a head coaching job in new york for an assistant coaching job in leipsic in the middle of new york season with his team at the top of the table it's a great move for him but what kind of message does that send to new york's pants i think it's a good thing shameful. shameful or is that just modern football resources attention even coaches started flowing to leipsic. for here we are in life to take the track and on the big boys i think new york n.y. feel right at home while the bundesliga bravado. glorious to recognize.
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coach marsh has been here since the start of the season how does he feel about leaving new york behind york red bulls that was my baby you know and it wasn't just me it was the work of so many different people but i put my heart and soul into that club as much as it was time for me to find the next step i think it was also good for the club to start to. kind of exist on its own and find new leaders and cycle through new voices. red bulls origin story in germany isn't exactly identical to that of new york the energy drink company avoid to be tricky hostile takeover situation that caused so many headaches in new york and salzburg buying a fifth division clubs license in two thousand and nine with one goal in mind climb to the. they accomplished that goal in just a year years we asked a veteran player from the third to mislead days. how have things changed since that
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. many fans in the stadiums in the first game he was. fifteen. and now we're playing for full steam every time. the whole crop was just going to go from the fifth division to the first. they did it by signing young prospects you could grow with the club that's how they got paulson on board. i came here with the purpose to play bonus league i was nineteen at the time and. you know it was. to love the. opportunities to go to other clubs and the mission but i knew. one tier i would play every time and. i think was the best for me sure lots of teams with big investors have grand plans. to make it abundantly get in record time but it
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rarely pans out then again there's a big difference between lots of cash and a red ball money spending in leipzig worth the big money to use in new york but they also have a plan. to turn coach and sporting director golf bug national to system for red bull global overseeing leipzig the evolution. but the plan came at the expense of rubbles other teams caste dried up in new york as focus shifted to leipsic and it wasn't just metro salzberg have essentially become a leipzig reserve to not be kid to pit at the last she and die opal macondo are among the nearly twenty players who have gone from salzburg to leipzig over the years. but things are an interesting choice for red bulls a german experiment it's a growing city known for its art scene and underground culture and serves as a peek into for redevelopment in a region of germany that saw significant disinvestment after the fall of the berlin
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wall just as a low budget squad seems out of place in the big apple one that's essentially commercialism incarnate doesn't fit likes it fans of the city's traditional clubs happen to welcome red bull. in fact much of germany hates r.p. leipsic the team's been met by protested even by lin attacks rb clashes with a century of football tradition and is seen by many supporters as a direct threat to germany's spand powered soccer culture. we check in with the leipsic then who unsurprisingly preferred to remain anonymous months and one of the top of the money downloads i'm in the mood so far. in five minutes. because. eventually. i'm going to go from the dismissal. sure as
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a new york fan i got bullied all the time but looking back i'm pretty sure that's just because of who i was in high school which begs the question what's really in it parental is running a soccer empire spanning three continents really worth it just for marketing. just owning a despised team in germany and a relatively irrelevant one in new york really helps sell soda. i asked red bulls marketing department here is their response. thank you for your interest in our company the paucity of red bull is from the early beginning we do not talk about ourselves and our marketing we don't want to put ourselves in the front row even more we would like to give our teams the stage to talk about their projects and their trips thank you for your understanding. and sweet but not very helpful one of the most famous marketing companies in the world refuses to talk about marketing.
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my take regardless of what's in it for them red bull and soccer just don't mix they crushed my clubs identity and managed to piss off all the football crazy germany modern soccer is commercial enough but a company owning a team is just too far. so it doesn't make me feel much better about supporting a glorified problem. for me i don't play week to give up on my club part of the evil empire. maybe i just need to find a new sport entirely i want to go has a nice dancing or look across. coke a day maybe do you attacking prospects can shake you up and show you his goals are plenty just smile about but what makes him so good. enough in the street explained. a lot of schools that you would have to. see only
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to some of the schools on the street. or in the book and that's just different j.d. salinger. knows he could have gone to the local. farm truck. one of the streets. just. got so true from. oakland a lot of buildup of what excites our budget son shot there you see jerry consentual charlotte introduced. jaden sanchez grew up playing football in the streets some parts of london alongside one of the bundesliga is a young english starts oftentimes recent. ocean growing up to go you know to give all of the young also with me and him and i got love for him he's got love for me so you just keep on pushing each other jaden eighteen years old.
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from different companies not. trying to. start from like them or not training when i was younger my dad always help people. maybe i'll contribute a. major in the but you know a good offense is. i don't know what they think and i cannot pull off these tricks . they must be impressed. it seems like he's making an impression one colleague in particular knows all about landing in the limelight as a team prodigy. as a result something special with all his quality and that for the unexpected it's great you know how it was to be so young and it was. so his advice is. as a player. ok ok. and what does the coach thing need to feel it's not so much about the youngsters. i watch out. lucien
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farmer is aware of the dangers in heaping too much praise on young prospect but there's no escaping the fact that show has an awful lot going for him. to his point of course we're all very happy that he's so good he's coming to school goals so you can lay them on with these excellent one on one also very much a part of the collective and that's what matters most. to the systems of the system . jaden sanchez i was even the bundesliga player of the month. and his buddy rhys nelson is doing well for himself with six goals in eight slate matches the london lads are lighting up the meet laughter is right to show a bit of caution but it's hard not getting excited about the east to. stroke his strikers everyone's always talking about strikers all reports are happy
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at the keeper himself he's out to convince the world that the future belongs to the goalkeeper let's take a look. i am a goalkeeper. and goalies do a lot more than just save shots. goalkeepers have become the most important players on the pitch you don't agree. i would tell you why they see all these crazy us are going to come by this club yes when a man he's famous skulking thief. tried but failed. ok actually yes i'll be denounced by the way i'm a goalkeeper and a reporter but that's only because they have too much on the plate we need to perform great saves. but we aren't allowed any mistakes.
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always leave under immense pressure and always need to be focused on is that there was no need to plan for my return in time sometimes we provide entertainment as well of course. we've got to keep those learning new skills and clubs they need to pay more money to buy us chelsea paid eighteen million euros for gaper and leave a pool seventy two point five. keepers twice kids with their kids goalies like manuel neuer are crucial contributors to the teams we love. our transitions offensive defensive quickly nearly win the ball again i'll use on no idea cashing in their sun these are some of the goalkeepers leaving the us we were losing can be even father of course remember me as and more importantly. our work often goes and recognised only one goalie has ever won. the award for the best player in europe
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process in nine hundred sixty three. i was up i'm sure you remember that time or you can fail miserably in a world cup final and the clinton camp is like by no lever to slow the sky rio's gifted three in madrid their title is may. not forget they beat calamity james of course one of several i'm using english goalies from not so long ago. any other sport. baseball or rugby only football has such a lonely figure with such a burden on his shoulders. except for secrecy. that's true ok ice hockey i'm humble also have keepers come on their goals i might smaller being under huge pressure on and off now goalkeepers cause much more responsibility . they're not not the only one who says that. the legendary when there's niggas try
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to go a grease. ten years ago it was just about using their hands and staying in a goal they never use their feet. started out in the early nineties some keepers couldn't even take their own. primarily because they couldn't aim which you know pretty soon reached their own player up front. but you know it started to change in one thousand nine hundred two when the rule was introduced and then these wasn't allowed any more. tellingly goalies were forced to play with. evolution was astonishing like not all goalies are what natural born outfield players but then he came to mind what i know you miss with of people look at this. you know yeah he's famed for his dribbling i'm talking exploits way outside the box . you know one of the best at that is money well
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that's here's a lot of technique actually used to play with us in the broncos during training. following the example of no yeah taken six years younger last march to the role of mother goalkeeping at barcelona. after this rain no not julia. say suddenly starts right up there he's saying now their son and son are fighting to be brought seals number one and the most skilled for true blood between their posts in the premier league. in spain just never made it quite possible to remember this. not to see. that it's without little but now. and. more in that regard. i know old school keep religion. you don't i do not like noise. sees himself as an extra
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defender. in france who will always. go. in france. but the future of print is in the feet. are they all are rising star but the sentiment. passing skills existed long before the skies but they were rather the exception than the rule. back then they mainly came from latin america the great compass played ball off a keeper. anything. with any. top scoring goalkeeper time with one hundred thirty one goals. we're not paid to score goals of course but goalies are increasingly expected to
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start plays from the back meaning a major change in their responsibilities. but. no one is perfect and i was struggling to cope with any new demands was that there. was not a. year. in the world people of the first are looking for save. for me is the most important thing but just has to play with the ball because to help us to create a good build up. one of the oldest first morse. was to replace joe hart close your problem due to his superior footwork but he also failed to meet demands now the citizens have some say the center fielder. lets look more in detail. in the past goalkeepers. their movement to the
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box and little more. now they are company deep in slime when they are taking a pressure in their rival so they can sweep away long when needed. is now the goalkeeper is the last man and some tactical systems it's important for him to be next to the back for when the line advances pressuring the opponent. but also when processing their wall off and their teammates another pass an option that improves the chances of a build up and the boys are useless long ball. a keeper we have good goalkeeper allows his team through threats the lanes and even opportunities look at this the man in green is man sitting and he's perfect for the ball this one goal chance for self young widow out of the goalkeeper of the off like. there is something unique about being the man who uses his hands in
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a game called football something sacred. maybe that was what attracted john paul the second to be a goalie in his youth and i ask myself what with a keeper in the future who look like for sure he is going to grow more and more complex. i imagine one day they won't be simple keepers but outfield players who can also stop shots. might continue changing and making the game more attractive for example will we see new tactical systems. eleven field players maybe they didn't keep or there would be so many opportunities . that's a hypothetical future but the reality is that today goalkeepers and destroying skills are already changing the way we understand football.
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because being a goalie is much more than enough for just remember that right just like blood to be a novel called. the father of shuttle callers or she also has. people how we think today they were no ones. so there's no doubt we are the most important thing that beat. the best.
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banksias lee waiting waiting for a lifeline to syria. good morning where are you why and you answered a different call brings them closer together. but it hurts because they feel powerless to help you. they worry about the ones they've left behind. but. i'm trying to be strong but deep down i'm broken. the war continues to haunt those who fled from syria. and i'm trying to reach them but nobody yet since. the war on my phone for two part documentary starts december eighth on t w.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin leaders gather in argentina for the g. twenty summit trade tensions will be on the spotlights with china still locked in a tit for tat tussle with the u.s. but there's embarrassment for germany as the chancellor's plane is grounded on route forcing her to miss the start of the song. tensions between.


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