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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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since. the war on my phone two part documentary starts december eighth. this is news coming from. the g. twenty summit trade tensions will be in the spotlight with china still locked in a tit for tat. with the u.s. but there's embarrassment for germany as the chancellor's plane grounded on route forcing her to miss the start of the song. tensions between ukraine and russia will
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also be discussed. we hear from russians living across the current straight from crimea putting their hopes to resolve the crisis. as an influx of migrants trying to reach the united states stretches the city's resources to the breaking point. hello i'm terry have you with this g. twenty summit is getting underway today. it's the first time the meeting of the world's largest economies has been held in south america german chancellor angela merkel though is missing the start of the summit after the plane she was traveling in had to make an unscheduled. plane had only been in the air for an hour when an electronic system l. . the function forced it to turn around and land in the western german city of
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cologne michael told reporters quote it was a serious malfunction and quote and praised a very excellent crew on board the delay is likely to complicate medicals for schedule of meetings at the two day summit. well for more now let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady kate chancellor merkel's arrival at the g. twenty in buenos aires has been delayed a problem with her plane apparently what exactly happened. well as you mentioned terry the german government's conrad everson which michael was traveling had actually only been in the air for about an hour when it had to begin circling over the netherlands before returning in the direction of germany making that unscheduled landing at cologne bonn at port in western germany now we're hearing from several german media outlets that the cause of the unscheduled landing
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was in fact problems with the plane's radio communication equipment of course there will be a more thorough investigation to determine the determine sorry the exact cause but we all already hearing some rather mixed reports one local newspaper in the cologne one area where that plane landed is reporting that the government is investigating all possibilities including a cause with a criminal background which of course could include anything from criminal negligence to even some atocha but it now since then the spokesperson from the. german air force has since said that they conned in fact confirm that local newspaper reporting said that only a standard investigation is underway so of course we are still expecting to hear more details about this ok so there's a lot of speculation about why the plane can fly but it's clear that off the ground how is the chance for the rest of rebel a geisha going to get to argentina. well after having to spend the night. last
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night both merkel and her german finance minister schultz they're planning on traveling to madrid on a government later this morning and then they'll continue on a commercial flight to finish that journey to get to one of areas but of course isn't going to make it to argentina in time for the opening of the g. twenty summit and it's also likely that this delay will complicate his scheduled meetings with the g twenty leaders chose a bilateral talks planned with the president of the us of china russia and india have all of these likely to be postponed or delayed but the chancellor's claim the economy now as you mentioned it's maintained by the german military like other government planes so what does this say about the state of readiness of germany's military when it can't be relied upon to transport the head of government to a major international event. well of course this is
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a huge embarrassment for germany but of course it's no secret that germany has huge has shortcomings when it comes to its defense for years we've been hearing reports about a lack of equipment or full equipment and as you mentioned this plane to the comrade . does belong to the the german air force and it isn't the first time that this aircraft has been causing problems last year earlier this year when the german president frank walter steinmeier was in better rooms his flight had to be briefly grounded again due to different technical problems but of course for this debate over the german government aircraft has been ongoing for some time and it is quite clear to everyone that these aircraft are simply too old but the german government is of course wary about going into parliament and suggesting the purchase of new government because they are particularly wary of a backlash and even claims of unnecessary looks but of course the problems all
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there and it seems that this delaying for. clearly not just a one off event kate thank you so much political correspondent kate brady. so uncle michael will be missing the start of the g. twenty but other world leaders have already touched down in this year's gathering is expected to be fraught with us present generally resistant to multilateralism is trade dispute with china has started tensions and rattled markets worldwide and there's little indication that the two countries will reach a breakthrough in argentina although trump has now called off a head to head with russian president vladimir putin they will both be in the spotlight at the g. twenty. lattimer putin has taken more than ukrainian sailors captive in the as a of c. his high stakes military and political maneuvering has ensured the group of twenty
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meeting will be dominated by two people the kremlin chief and his u.s. counterpart donald trump just like last year's g twenty when russian meddling in u.s. elections overshadowed the agenda the president's haven't met one on one since their july summit in helsinki where trump's behavior toward putin was bizarrely submissive leaving huge questions looming over between a siders european leaders and his advisors back home all want to show a united front and that's really our objective it doesn't really matter so much what's the practical steps are as long as we can show united front because remember putin's objective is to sow discord and disunity in the western alliance europe's geography dooms it to being caught in the middle of moscow and washington politically when tensions flare in those capitals brussels feels the burn it will be difficult for the europeans to see their concerns on global trade addressed while navigating other diplomatic danger zones the receive many things going home
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could. cause problems i mean. she jinping will be there so it's possible that if there is language on trades that. says something very negative about china or that others will want to say something very negative about protectionism and trump will insist that protectionism is good in america's first. defeat you also have the saudis there as he and bond points out even more political drama will be ensured by the presence of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman accused of ordering the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi many european leaders have expressed outrage and scaled back ties to trump hasn't one thing is certain about this g twenty there are going to be some awfully awkward photo ops. tensions between russia and ukraine are showing no signs of abating after last
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weekend's naval skirmish off the coast of crimea according to the ukrainian border service the country is banning all russian adult males from entering in an interview with british broadcaster the ukrainian president petro poroshenko has shown what he claims is evidence of russian military tanks amassing along his country's border the tanks just eighteen kilometers from ukraine are said to be close to where russia stores its having mission including multi rocket launch systems. well with those tensions mounting between ukraine and russia how's it affecting the lives of people living near the front lines so to speak our reporter emily sure will travel to the russian city of tal on the curch straits those are the waters where the naval skirmish happened on sunday and it's where a new bridge links the russian mainland to the annexed crimea peninsula.
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it's business as usual for lewd millis stupina she's been a taxi driver for two years in the town of tamanna on the as. the population here is around ten thousand and many of them no ludmilla live mila herself moved here from the euros recently but tells me most people here have relatives across the scene ukraine she says people usually don't want to talk about politics in her taxi even when it's happening right on their doorstep. she and duties thought i had found but the. people panicking trying not to talk about the conflict. it's so close it's wearing but i'm sure nothing will happen. at the local market people admit they're shaken by the recent clash in the near by sea. someone via tom on will be the first affected it's all right it's scary.
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stuff it's not scary i don't think anything will happen thank you brad to the ukrainians where we used to live together so well. i used to go to ukraine to keep if we were like relatives. it's not for us regular people to decide the petitions affair was sorted out it's an unpleasant situation i just want peace and not this. time on is at the foot of the crimean bridge tensions have been building here in the as of sea for months especially since the bridge was opened in may lead milam move to tom and to be near the sea she says she sometimes comes here for a break from taxi driving even in the winter the fifty four year old says her relatives and children back in year are worried about her but she's optimistic about the future of the azoff see. this see calms me down and sometimes when i want an answer to a question i ask listen and if the next wave is big that means the answer is yes.
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i am very hopeful that our government will figure out everything everything will be fine. and we will all this when. you see what you did to the media. it seems to be stormy everywhere it might be apropos for lewd millet's and l.s.d. as off see whether this stormy political situation will eventually calm down. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines today a former lawyer of us president donald trump has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about a real estate deal in russia. is a key figure in investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. the. republic of congo's health ministry says the current outbreak in the east of the country is now the second biggest in history but more than four hundred confirmed and probable cases efforts to curb the
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epidemic are being hampered by a surge of violence in the area three and the world health organization has warned of a resurgence of mean zones worldwide the number of infections jumped more than thirty percent last year compared to two thousand and sixteen the w.h.o. recorded increases in almost every part of the world including wealthy countries such as germany or vaccination coverage has historically been high. now to mexico where the mayor of tier wanna has called the plight of migrant stranded in his city an unprecedented humanitarian crisis the town on the u.s. mexican border is dealing with an influx of around seven thousand central americans who are trying to reach the u.s. to apply for asylum and only has shelter for a third that number leading to squalid conditions correspondent stuff on xian's went to the camp and met some of the migrants who have trekked thousands of
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kilometers in search of a new life. the most unique thing about to one of us biggest center for the so-called caravan migrants is that it provides hardly any shelter at all at least not from the elements not from the rain and not from the cold during freezing nights during. this he committed by city officials to hold a maximum of just two thousand five hundred people this place now houses more than six thousand migrants and in a few days that number will rise to seven thousand including more than one thousand babies toddlers and young children. we need cindy penury we talked to her about a week ago she had just arrived with two more from four sisters and without her father the family had gotten separated on their journey to tijuana. now they're reunited but conditions here after magically deteriorate it always feels better man we're in really bad shape as you can see everything is what we are tired we
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couldn't get any sleep last night it's hard when the babies are all wet it's getting worse for us with no real place to stay this tent is not even mine. the noise near the city of tijuana some state agencies and an increasing number of n.g.o.s are doing what they can to cope with the situation infection their diseases are on the rise headlights are a problem overall hygiene is a major concern to one us mayor says he's battling what he calls an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in his town with almost no help from the central government in mexico city its people were dealing with integrity dignity they need a place to sit they need a place to sleep they need to please a dignified place not us we are working with them right now what would happen if someone would start a riot down there who's going to be responsible mexico city has finally sent more
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federal police and some military two to one but that doesn't solve the city's financial problems as it spends almost thirty thousand dollars a day on its migrant crisis of fortune for the border town if you know someone who could help us out. we have a mere in this office and read them really. to juana want it. in india thousands of horrors have gathered in the capital delhi for a two day rally against the agricultural policies of prime minister narendra modi's government on thursday tens of thousands of people took to the streets among their demands are new minimum prices for their crops india is holding a general election next year at all the countries. overwhelmingly voted for modi in the last election they all in rural incomes has led to a warning to waning support for the government. our correspondent sonia pollack
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talked to the protesting farmers and asked them about their grievances. blundered when there's a drought becomes follow during floods under water we get no relief. in sight of that india that are when our crops fail we just lose everything. the government does nothing to help us. come to us not get and i am so glad i am where farm laborers we have no land my husband can't work i have young children i have come to fight against the government that got a lot now yeah i have. taken a loan because we're not getting fair prices for across a contest you kate my children every farmer i know is trapped in huge debt. but they actually i wonder why this million kids not most people assume middle class
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people all assume of course. you support do i want more mainstream nobody played things there say we came here in the parliament is here i want to struggle before the parliament is big then you can make that they're saying we came here and we want to pretend raise more you go in the main. and joining us now from delhi is g.w.s. song you're following a good to see you fall that. you've been out on the streets there talking to those farmers this isn't the first time they've taken to the streets in delhi tell us more about why they're protesting. that's right terry this is i mean really not the first time that we're seeing these massive farmer rallies in the last year and a half many cities including davy have had with as these these huge pot as the farmers who clearly say that there is a full blown farming crisis under way in india and the background to this is that
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for many years now india's farming sector has really been plagued by drought by falling incomes by crop for years and that has taken a heavy toll and farmers the bulk of whom are poor so you know when harvest field farmers often forced to to borrow money often at high cost sometimes from private money lenders to pay for seeds to pay for fertilizers to pay for it sometimes for their own health care costs and reports in india see that you know every your causes of death working farmers what i'm able to pay back these loans end up committing suicide out of desperation so i think it's a very grim situation for many families what's really behind this crisis in indian culture is that poor weather conditions or contributing to crop failure or all the other issues at stake well i think it's a combination terry of the factors that you mentioned and i think the problem probably runs deeper you know experts say that there are structural problems here
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that are to blame and they've been around for many decades you know we have to remember that about hoff india's population works on farms and yet the farming sector contributes just about sixteen percent of the country's g.d.p. so put very simply indian farms employ a lot of people but they're producing too little so i think some of the problems here are that indian farm sizes are too small and marginal there's a lack of modernization there's a lack of water conservation and that in turn you know it's pushing up the input costs like seeds and fourteen is an indication so there's clearly a problem but what if anything can the indian government do about it. well if you spoke to farmers today they would say that the government is simply not taking their concerns seriously you know prime minister narendra modi when he was elected actually promised to double farmer incomes by two thousand and twenty two but critics here in india say that he is falling woefully short of the target if you remember two years ago the indian government in
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a surprise decision also but cancelled about eighty five percent of the country's currency in what was called the monetise action and that hurt the farming sector very hard and that experts say that many small farmers have really not completely recovered from that bill so i think there's a lot of anger today out in the streets against the government's policies which are perceived by many farmers to be slightly skewed in favor of the rich and the private sector. so on your thank you very much for the search w.'s song you're following her there talking to us from delhi. well as we mentioned earlier the g. twenty is getting underway in one of cyrus in argentina and there's a lot on the agenda there many are hoping that the g. twenty will be able to avert an escalation in global global trade war got as i tell you it's not an easy time for multilateralism world leaders gathering in buenos aires are bracing themselves for for negotiations they'll be discussing a whole host of issues but trade will be on top of the most closely watched
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meetings well the between u.s. president donald trump and his chinese counterpart g. jinping the two countries are still locked in a trade dispute that is showing little signs of a resolution and continues to scare markets around the world the united states so far as opposed to tariffs on a two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports more china in turn has slapped tariffs on one hundred and ten billion dollars worth of american made products the spat out an impact on trade around the world but especially small businesses in china are feeling the impacts me when i'm you know when tone she ping talks with potential customers he avoids discussing china's trade issues with the u.s. most of his clients he says just want to buy a luxury vehicle for the best possible price until now about a third of his sales came from american brands but since the introduction of tariffs no one wants to buy them any more. don't live in tunnels i don't think it
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was very wise of trump to start a trade war. either here or lose then china is a huge market and now he's losing that huge market for. cars like this dar dram now cost around six thousand euros more due to a ten percent tariff on vehicles imported from the us. like others tongue shipping has been caught up in the trade war set in motion by u.s. president donald trump. countered by chinese premier jean ping. more than just the movement of goods is at stake it's about influence power and world leadership in the future. john you know june founded a p.r. agency in beijing her husband jeremiah is an american the two have been married for eleven years. little is changed for them since the trade war began the only thing
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they've noticed is that apples in the supermarket that used to come from the u.s. now come from canada even though it doesn't have it but both are worried about the heated conflict right between the two countries of course because people talk about another cold war or is that the case yes. it does concern me in to a certain extent because you know as the tough leader after united states seeing something so strong i think that must mean something it seems to be kind of a strategic competitor or you know possibly even something more in the world today and i think a lot of americans have a hard time kind of putting that in any kind of you know framework the trade war is affecting china its economy is slowing and beijing hopes its punitive tariffs will have the same effect on export industries in the u.s. the rivalry between the two nations will now set the tone at the g twenty summit.
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well let's have a quick check on the markets today and bring in. frankfurt the g. twenty meeting that has highlighted global trade tensions that's being felt this way. yes it's holding back the developments in the markets here people are very nervous. you know you hear tweets from donald trump from the oval office and moved chairs this way this week that happened here i've heard something of the chairs went down he said negative things on trade and then his economic advisor larry kudlow. sort of said that there would be a deal at the g. twenty in the shares went up again the thing is people here are so nervous because they fear that there's not going to be a reliable policy on trade from this president while he's in office and that sets everybody off kilter off balance here and you can feel it in the markets that nervousness add to that nervousness on the direction of interest rates also an
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issue for the emerging markets for the world economy people are quite nervous at the moment the shares going sideways if you will when events for that but stay the for a moment because i want to talk to you about dodge a bank because germany's biggest lender is in trouble again after a leg ations of money laundering. more than three percent off the news broke that police had conducted raids on its offices one hundred seventy policemen searched for evidence supporting accusations the bank helpline set up show funds to park money links to crime allegations relate to information come tamed in huge data lead known as the palm of papers investigation is focusing on the period beginning in twenty thirty one current c.e.o. christians even headed the group's auditing department. go back to you that. what's happened since the right yes.
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well there is nothing materially new and the accusations towards we'll have to look at what they found at the georgia bank and then we'll hear about that hopefully but there is lots of speculation unchristian saving as you mentioned he was head of auditing but he's also had lots of other positions in the bank before he was c.e.o. he just became c.e.o. this year among others he was a top head of private wealth management from which this money is supposed to have happened so the question is what did you know when did you know what should he have known something so those questions are brewing he's still seen as a competent c.e.o. whose task is to restructure the bank and that's necessary but there's mounting fire on the chief regulatory person sort of the french woman and she seems to have not done a good job and curtailing these legal affairs in here years and i suppose there's speculation on her being on the way out thank you. and that's it you're up to date
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thanks for watching bubba. and. the. more intrigued the international talk show before journalists discuss the topic of the week the movie suddenly talking about the united nations back to the same still provide a framework for a safe over the weekend break to the global migration critics though say a bloated need to move a mass migration who's right join the discussion here on talk radio show.
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quadriga next on d w. scars cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression. where putin's petri arche moves today women's rights were already gaining traction one hundred years ago but there are women who want to instigate change. every day calling for justice and equality under the skin of russia's women forty five. closely. carefully.
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don't know. to be. discovered. subscribe to. documentary to. a lot of very warm welcome to quadriga coming to you from the house this week we're focusing on the growing international over the united nations migration pact the documents to be adopted next month aims to provide a framework for safe orderly and regular migration that has to be
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a good thing for the many millions of people on the move across the world but it's already triggered fierce debates indeed.


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