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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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africa starts december twelfth. this is news coming to you live from world leaders gather in argentina for the g. twenty summit to trade tensions will be in the spotlight with china still locked in a tit for tat with the u.s. but this embarrassment for germany is the chancellor's plane is grounded on the route forcing her to miss the start of the summer. and western weapons falling into
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the wrong hands in yemen investigates the hardware flowing into the country's militias and complicating prospects for peace. well i'm terry martin thanks for joining us the g. twenty summit is getting underway today. it's the first time the meeting of the world's largest economies has been held in south america by german chancellor angela merkel is missing the start of the summit after the plane she was traveling in had to make an unscheduled landing her plane had only been in the air for an hour when an electronic system malfunction forced it to turn around and land in the western german city of cologne told reporters it was a serious malfunction and praised a very excellent crew on board the way is likely to call. americal scheduled
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meetings at the two day summit. well for more let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady kate the church was plain the church was a rival of the g twenty in buenos aires has been delayed a problem with their plane apparently what exactly happened those you mentioned terry the german government's conrad was having fact only been in the air an hour when it began to circle over the netherlands before returning into the direction of germany and making that unscheduled landing at cologne bon appetit now one journalist from the german newspaper the build she said that the journalists traveling with the chancellor were in fact in the background to talk with merkel at the time when the decision was made to turn around and make that landing in cologne now a standard investigation is underway to determine exactly what caused that unscheduled landing but reports so far here in the german media seem to be pointing towards
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a problem with the radio communication equipment but the luftwaffe as of the german air force which is leading the investigation has actually now ruled out any criminal background to a cause and ruled out any suspicion of sabotage so we are still waiting for more details ok if uncle americans plane can fly how was the chancellor of the rest of the delegation getting to argentina. well she and the german finance minister or the show they both had to spend the night in born last night and now we do we've just had come visit a confirmation story in the last hour that they are now on their way to born a series they took a government aircraft to madrid and then continued on the final leg of the journey on a commercial flight to one of their ease and now of course merkel despite now being on her way she is going to miss the beginning of the g twenty summit and this is
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this delay is also going to complicate meetings which she already had planned of course she had bilateral talks plans to with the president but from the u.s. from china russia and india so all of those meetings will now be delayed so the chancellor of germany has to take a commercial flight to the g. twenty summit what does this say about the readiness of germany's military the military being responsible for the government planes when the military can't be relied upon to transport the head of government to a major international bit. well this is a huge embarrassment for germany and it's no secret that there are huge shortcomings in german defense as being reports for years about lack of equipment and full t. equipment and it isn't the first time either that this ad was his government was the conrad arjan hour that does cause problems already just earlier this year the german president from valdez steinmeyer was on a trip and by the routes in his flight to was grounded for
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a while due to different technical problems but of course the debate over a purchase in new aircraft for the german government has been going on for some time but the german government is also very wary about bringing that topic to palm and particularly over fears of a backlash in claims two of unnecessary looks very but the problems all that but clearly this incident which left michael overnight in bonn is clearly not a one off event kate thank you so much kate brady there. well i'm going to be missing the start of the g. twenty but other world leaders have already touched down and when it's obvious this year's gathering is expected to be fraught with us president dole truck generally resistant to multi-lateralism is trade dispute with china as tensions unravel markets worldwide and there's little indication that the two countries will reach
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a breakthrough in argentina. although trolled has now called off a head to head with russian president vladimir putin they will both be in the spotlight at the g. twenty. lattimer putin has taken more than ukrainian sailors captive in the as i've see his high stakes military and political maneuvering has ensured the group of twenty meeting will be dominated by two people at kremlin chief and his u.s. counterpart donald trump just like last year's g twenty when russian meddling in u.s. elections overshadowed the agenda the president's haven't met one on one since their july summit in helsinki where trump's behavior toward putin was bizarrely submissive leaving huge questions looming over between asides european leaders and his advisors back home all wants to show a united front and that's really our objective it doesn't really matter so much what's the practical steps are as long as we can show united front because remember
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putin's objective is to sow discord in disunity in the western alliance europe's geography dooms it to being caught in the middle of moscow and washington politically when tensions flare in those capitals brussels feels the burn it will be difficult for the europeans to see their concerns on global trade addressed while navigating other diplomatic danger zones the receive many things go home could. cause problems i mean. she jinping will be there so it's possible that if there is language on trades that. says something very negative. about china or that others will want to say something very negative about protectionism and trump will insist that protectionism is good in america is first . difficult you also have the saudis there as ian bond points out even more political drama will be ensured by the presence of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman accused of ordering the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi
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many european leaders have expressed outrage and scaled back ties trying hasn't one thing is certain about this g twenty there are going to be some awfully awkward photo ops. well there will be tension there between donald trump and. also over the ukraine russia dispute so the tensions mounting between ukraine and russia are affecting the lives of people living near the front line of course so to speak our reporter emily sure when she traveled to the russian city of tom on the curch straits those are the waters where that naval skirmish happened on sunday between russia and ukraine and that's where a new bridge links the russian mainland to the next crimean peninsula. it's business as usual for lewd millis stupina she's been a taxi driver for two years in the town of tamanna on the azoff see the population
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here is around ten thousand and many of them no ludmilla live miller herself moved here from the year olds recently but tells me most people here have relatives across the scene ukraine she says people usually don't want to talk about politics in her taxi even when it's happening right on their doorstep. but the. people on panicking they try not to talk about the conflict. it's so close it's wearing but i'm sure nothing will happen. at the local market people admit they're shaken by the recent clash in the nearby see. me someone. who will be the first affected it's all right it's scary. stuff it's not scary i don't think anything will happen. the ukrainians where we
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used to live to have us so well. i used to go to ukraine to keep if we were like relatives. it's not for us regular people to decide the politicians there was sorted out. it's an unpleasant situation i just want peace and not this. time on is at the foot of the crimean bridge tensions have been building here in the as of sea for months especially since the bridge was opened in may lead milam move to tom and to be near the sea she says she sometimes comes here for a break from taxi driving even in the winter the fifty four year old says her relatives and children back in year are worried about her but she's optimistic about the future of the azoff see me all spoke quietly to see calms me down sometimes when i want to answer to a question i ask lissie and if the next wave is big that means the answer is yes.
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i am very hopeful that our government will figure out everything that everything will be fine. and we will all that. he was the one to do media. it seems to be stormy everywhere it might be apropos for lewd millet's and l.s.d. as whether this stormy political situation will eventually come down. to yemen where the united nations is playing the hope of any immediate breakthrough if peace talks go ahead next week as planned the country's civil war has been fueled by regional powers saudi arabia and iran arming rival sides and their weapons have reached numerous militias in the country making the brutal conflict even worse but as jordanian researchers told d.w. hardware made in countries like the us germany and the united kingdom is also falling into the wrong hands. weapons from western
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countries are being used against civilians in yemen. that's the allegation contained in a newly released report investigating arms used in the conflict. we found that there are coalition countries granted massive amounts. are ordered he calls to their yemeni. although these weapons and also. was not to be given to any third party. by arab coalition means saudi arabia the united arab emirates and several other countries from the middle east and africa. for almost four years they've been backing forces loyal to yemeni president added a woman sore head fighting shira bills known as who things have been doing so with sustained air strikes weapons and logistics. bullet and investigative journalist from arab reporters for investigative
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journalism spent a year analyzing broadcast footage found on social media and close internet groups to identify the origins of these weapons. he did so using serial numbers and other identifiable traits he says arab coalition members gave weapons to their yemeni allies but these arms were originally imported from germany belgium austria and others. they given not only do they allies in the army but also do the. maintenance and forces who are fighting outside the control of the yemeni state and the yemeni army and this. needs to that these weapons reach into the hands of. terrorist groups. and also. went into the. markets of weapons and yemen
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even used by show during experts say yemen is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world it is estimated eighty five thousand children have died of hunger since the bombings began in twenty fifteen. fourteen million people could soon be on the brink of starvation according to the united nations the supply of foreign weapons is not only contributing to the humanitarian crisis in yemen it's also illegal the sale of many of the weapons is covered by international laws known as end user agreements they prohibit arms being transferred to a third party believes investigation accuses the saudi coalition weapon suppliers and governments of repeatedly breaching these agreements with violations stretching all the way back to the beginning of the conflict in twenty fifteen. he tried to present his evidence to officials from countries including germany belgium and the
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u.k. he said most of the countries replied affirming their commitment to the end user agreement but when we send to them the next. step which questions. nor when it's with serial numbers or was this is that the case is. measure to them just stop to. think. no penalties have ever been levied for breaching end user agreements but i believe it and his team hope their evidence will end western support for the arab coalition's military intervention. niko peace in germany to learn german. emerged from the cold cream why not learn with him online on the mobile and free form of the w.p. learning course nikos take.


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