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this is deja vu news live from berlin world leaders gather in argentina for the g. twenty summit trade tensions of course in the spotlight with china still locked in a tip for tat tussle with the united states over tariffs but there's a barrister for germany as the chancellor's plane is grounded on route forcing her to miss the start of the song also coming up. ukraine bans military age russian men from entering the country this as its military ready for combat.
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and it is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis the words of tijuana's marrows an influx of migrants find to reach the u.s. stretches that city's resources to the very. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us the g. twenty summit is getting underway today in buenos aires it's the first time the meeting of the world's largest economies has been held in south america german chancellor angela merkel though will be missing out on the start of the summit that's because her plane had to make an unscheduled landing because of technical problems with this communication systems the aircraft had only been in the air for an hour or so when the electronic system malfunction forced it to turn around and land in the western german city of cologne told reporters it was a serious malfunction and praised the very excellent. on board the delay will
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complicate nichols' full schedule of meetings at the two day summit. while other world leaders meanwhile have already touched down in buenos aires this year's gathering comes as the world economy and markets are weakening and with uncertainty growing over train much will depend on u.s. president donald trump. we holding crucial talks with china on tariffs and political tensions that have evolved to encompass broader international security concerns will the two countries be able to reach a breakthrough in argentina. all just before the summit start president trump called off a meeting with another world leader russian president vladimir putin. lattimer putin has taken more than ukrainian sailors captive in the as a of see his high stakes military and political maneuvering has ensured the group of twenty meeting will be dominated by two people at kremlin chief and his u.s.
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counterpart donald trump just like last year's g twenty when russian meddling in u.s. elections overshadowed the agenda the president's haven't met one on one since their july summit in helsinki where trump's behavior toward putin was bizarrely submissive leaving huge questions looming over between asides european leaders and his advisors back home all want to show a united front and that's really our objective it doesn't really matter so much what's the practical steps are as long as we can show united front because remember putin's objective is to sow discord in disunity in the western alliance europe's geography dooms it to being caught in the middle of moscow and washington politically when tensions flare in those capitals brussels feels the burn it will be difficult for the europeans to see their concerns on global trade addressed while navigating other diplomatic danger zones there are so many things going home could. cause problems i mean. she jinping will be there so
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it's possible that if there is language on trades that. says something very negative about china or that others will want to say something very negative about protectionism and trump will insist that protectionism is good in america's first. difficult you will say you have the same. it is as ian bond points out even more political drama will be ensured by the presence of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman accused of ordering the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi many european leaders have expressed outrage and scaled back ties to trump hasn't one thing is certain about this g twenty there are going to be some tough really awkward photo ops. well tensions between russia and ukraine are showing no signs of abating after last weekend's naval skirmish off the coast of crimea now the country is banning all russian adult males between sixteen and sixty from entering the country and the country's president poroshenko as again shown evidence
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of what he calls russian military tanks amassing along ukraine's border and tanks just eight hundred kilometers from ukraine are said to be close to where russia stores its ammunition and weapons systems. is no. our correspondent david stern in kiev is following these developments for us david how worried is ukraine about combat aged russian men entering its territory. well apparently very worried about it as you say the president has announced that the men between the ages of sixteen and sixty will be prevented from coming into the country this is part of a general crackdown or restriction he said on all foreigners coming in but they will be targeting in particular russians and the reason he said was to prevent them from from forming. from forming military groups but this is all part of the general
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martial law that we saw introduced to pass by parliament earlier in the week and we've been waiting to see exactly what the elements of this martial law is now it's coming out in bits and pieces and obviously this is going to affect life very people living in the ten territories which are find themselves under martial law on the border to areas near russia and the black and as of seas of david port franco claims that russian tanks are massing along the country's border has there been any independent confirmation of that well the president has made these comments repeatedly over the last week and it should be said that the ukrainians have said this on a number of occasions before they've said that the russians are massing they fear they have feared incursions but this is the first on the president has said that he's expecting a full scale there could be a full scale invasion hence the added measures on the on the borders but it also
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remains to be seen what exactly the russians intentions are and they say it shouldn't come as any surprise if this is happening but this difference between that obviously and a full scale invasion is quite big and we are. as a result ukrainians especially here in the capital are extremely worried about it briefly if you could are you koreans expecting a resumption of hostilities in the pro russian east of the country. well i guess you could say they hope for the best and expect the worst it's been that way since the beginning obviously we haven't seen a full scale invasion we may not see it but they're also they are afraid that perhaps the indication of what happened in the hours of sea is a sign that the that the conflict is escalating and perhaps even widening into other areas david stern for us thanks very much.
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now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour congo's health ministry says the current ebola outbreak in the east of the country is now the second biggest in history with more than four hundred confirmed and probable cases efforts to curb the epidemic are being hampered by a surge in violence in the area. the number of measles cases has spiked globally by more than thirty percent that's according to a new report from the world health organization the report pins the blame on gaps in vaccination coverage also officials are especially worried about an increase in vaccines skeptic parents who refused to in the eyes their children. a court in honduras has convicted seven men in the murder of a prominent environmental activist benteke has said this let a grassroots campaign against a hydroelectric dam project on her tribes and special labs she was shot dead in her home and twenty sixteen. police in hong kong say five people have been killed and
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more than thirty injured in a bus crash on the main road to the airport vehicle was ferrying staff from the cathay pacific airline to work when it plowed into a broken down taxi. it's to the us now where president trump's former lawyer michael cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to congress now this comes as part of collins' deal with federal prosecutors probing alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election and a potentially damaging revelation for his former boss go on said he lied about the true extent of trump's business dealings in russia during the campaign. once trump's close confidant michael cohen now appears to be fully cooperating with a federal investigation into russian election interference. and the president isn't happy with what he's trying to do because he's a weak first it's not a very smart person what he's trying to do is. it has it's very simple he's got
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himself a big prison staff and he's trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story only federal prosecutors know the extent of what the investigation has uncovered so far. but there is much talk in washington that special counsel robert muller is zero in on trump himself. does this bring it closer to the president well yeah it's certainly does because appoint a relationship with the president but exactly what the lies were and you know i guess that will that will come out when the plea is made so it definitely feels like there's an accelerating pace as a result of the recent u.s. elections democrats will reclaim the house of representatives in january and with their new stature they will have the power to launch their own investigations. this could spell political agony. it's to mexico now where the.
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plight of migrants stranded in his city as an unprecedented humanitarian crisis the town on the u.s. mexican border is dealing with an influx of some seven thousand central americans who are trying to reach the u.s. . it has shelter for about a third of that leading to squalid conditions interview correspondent stuff and see months went to the camp and now some of them are tracked thousands of kilometers in search of a better life. the most unique thing about the biggest shelter for the so called caravan migrants is that it provides hardly any shelter at all at least not from the elements not from the rain and not from the cold during freezing nights during. this he committed by city officials to hold a maximum of just two thousand five hundred people this place now houses more than six thousand migrants and in a few days that number will rise to seven thousand including more than one thousand
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babies toddlers and young children. we need cindy. and we talked to her about a week ago she had just arrived with two or four sisters and without her father the family had separated on their journey two to one now they are reunited but conditions here have to magically deteriorate it. we're in really bad shape as you can see everything is what we are tired we couldn't get any sleep last night it's hard when the babies are all wet it's getting worse for us with no real place to stay this tent is not even mine. benoist near the city of tijuana some state agencies and an increasing number of n.g.o.s are doing what they can to cope with the situation infection and diseases are on the rise headlights are a problem overall hygiene is a major concern to one us mayor says he's battling what he calls an unprecedented
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humanitarian crisis in his town with almost no help from the central government in mexico city its people we're dealing with integrity dignity they need a place to sit they need a place to sleep they need to please a dignified place not us we are working with them right now what would happen if someone would start a riot down there who's going to be responsible mexico city has finally sent more federal police and some military two to one but that doesn't solve the city's financial problems as it spends almost thirty thousand dollars a day on its migrant crisis of fortune for the border town if you know someone who could help us out. we have a mere all of. them really. to juana want it. you're a miner now of our top stories at this hour world leaders have arrived in argentina
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for the start of the g. twenty summit trade tensions especially between china and the u.s. are expected to dominate the meeting germany's chancellor on america will be arriving late after her plane was grounded on route the technical problem. and ukraine announcing a ban on fighting aged russian men from entering the country president poroshenko repeats claims that. russian forces are massing on ukraine's border. well don't forget you can always get news on the go download our app to do that from google play or from the apple store that gives you access the latest news from around the world as well as for push notifications and any breaking news as well do you set out to send us photos and get us. this is the every news still to come on the show argentina is not only hosting tense negotiations at the g. twenty summit it's also facing more than a few problems of its own report fire correspondents in the business show.
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hard love that and much more straight ahead with you live from the. mystery show the story of the first movement or told from different perspectives by peter creed i'm from the eastern european perspective from the african perspective from the perspective turkey from the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one. climate change. least. pollution. is.


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