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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CET

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i say that but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and by. now. back home. and social norms and informed and more dead basic rights my name is the amount of people and i work at. a low and welcome to focus on europe i'm brian thomas francis been shaken by the biggest protests the new years with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets against a president considered by many to be out of touch with everyday people the demonstrations
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in paris turned violent with a small hard core among the protesters attacking police officers responded with tear gas and water cannon as the crowds tried to reach the elysee palace president mccall's official residence. well it's especially the new tax on diesel car fuel that's bringing together a broad spectrum of so-called yellow vest protesters like. ski they say it's only a small elite who are profiting from. priscilla is on her way to paris to organize a protest she hopes will shut down the downtown area livelihood is on the line. but these are many visitors who paid to sing because we have less and less money enough places to take the fuel tanks it's already very high and they keep on increasing. her car is absolutely crucial for her organic cosmetics business and driving is becoming increasingly an affordable for many people with
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lengthy commutes to and from paris a few months ago bacilli of the boesky set up an online petition calling for a reduction in the mineral oil tax within just a couple of weeks it had been signed by several hundred thousand people the petition spawned a grassroots movement named after the vests worn by people protesting against president micron's policies the yellow vests now number half a million of them and my now seventy and this is my first demonstration prices are on the up for everything gasoline gas and electricity and two hundred euro short a month but my pension is only increased by three euro's i work for forty two years . that we don't have enough money to feed our children you call that normal i know elsewhere in paris people fail to understand what all the fuss is about downtown residents live a world away from those in the suburbs here many welcome across efforts to support
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the environment by raising fuel taxes. someone on this issue and the you know vests which we don't have a come and we don't want fun so the tax doesn't affect us the tax on diesel has become a. highly charged issue with less privileged citizens feeling left behind. but the government is standing firm. that doesn't talk although we will adhere to our environmental objectives regardless of whether people like it will need to feel safe but for the yellow vests it's the little people footing the bill most of those protesting voted for mccall in the hope of seeing a more just society now they're calling for his resignation. was. a silly little ski has nothing against environmental protection which he cannot accept is that it's being paid for mainly by residents in the suburbs who are dependent on cars she says the gulf between the
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center of paris and the periphery between rich and poor is growing the. wrong the. physical and yet the president needs to listen to us and rethink some decisions including to make progress we have to work together. right wing populists have also been trying to embrace the movement the russell amol not so now join the protests despite priscilla's efforts to keep them away. why we support this movement because they're criticizing the same things that we've been criticizing for years. dude it's environmental protection that punishes french people and that's precisely what mr mahoney wants to make running a car too expensive for normal people don't. after months planning and organizing the protests priscilla is now powerless to prevent nationalists using the movement
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for its own aims there have been several cases of right wing yellow vests subjecting car drivers to racist abuse and damaging their vehicles for silly is appalled. we don't want people promoting a party's ideology. they can come as regular citizens because this is a citizen's movement. that we don't want them showing up to represent their policy . other parties have also attempted to instrumental lies the protest movement purposively a little ski doesn't want them manning the barricades it's not a question of being left or right wing she says but justice for ordinary french. president micro-loan has responded to the protests by saying he will talk with citizens groups but that the environmental tax will remain although russia has some one million people suffering from aids there's very little social awareness of a disease health officials say has reached epidemic proportions in some areas aids
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related deaths are on the rise especially among women gay men and drug users in a society that is doing precious little for them some with h i.v. are reaching out to the public in whatever ways they can. in the near term i don't like being called an aids infector or contaminate or. i get cursed really horribly on the back streets for reasonable pulls all sorts of them pulls on it's been quite a. few telly makowski has been a hiv positive for eleven years he is one of over one million russians living with the deadly virus. you're choosing to topple i want to tell everyone that hiv is not a death sentence these were people to. people who feel stigmatized by russian society varick over lego is among them. yes the money i made heavy positive that if i had been properly informed years ago about the virus and how to protect
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myself i wouldn't have gotten infected. vera and vitale live in. experts have called it an epidemic. here today will sing a t.v. across all age groups it effects the entire population of russia and little as a senior to few. but the virus and the disease it leads to aids are often hushed up say vitale inventor. they want to change that by breaking down prejudices and ending the isolation of the infected. moneta jedburgh but the only thing distinguishing me from healthy people is pills four times a day to stop me from dying. pills that vitali will have to take for the rest of his life. events in medical treatment mean that h.p.v. no longer has to be a death sentence provided you get that treatment in time but many russians do not even know that they are infected. prejudices of let's insufficient education to
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know where nys. your skull i waited eight years before telling my mother the first thing she said was and we had such high hopes in you in other words not any more about the chemo and you know her world being a hiv positive means you're no longer a person reach out here ted. vera set up an association to help get people informed she also offers practical things such as free a chevy blood tests and condoms and also drives out to those hardest hit the so-called high risk groups sex workers and drug addicts. her sosia sion is one of just a handful of private initiatives in the katherine burg vera and her fellow campaigners meet those affected in hidden places. what is your test today is
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negative no antibodies. but because the unsafe sex you had was only a month ago you need to come by again and i will take care of yourself says where's . my shit i'm scared to go anywhere else you don't get a being outed in life or or in most places the infection means shame. even if it's not your fault and i'd say the condom torturing sex or if a customer just removes it. and then you start to panic you're the horse the funny i had one such case and say was group really helped me or. outside city hall and you catherine berg to tell his campaigning in a rather different way. he's holding a banner telling people about his illness and inviting strangers to give him a hug if they're not afraid. he wants to bring down the invisible wall that he says has arisen between him and society senses infection. and the thirty year old knows
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he's taking a risk. aren't you afraid i know i'm a doctor and. vera has now provided counseling to over twenty women. women who come to me start thinking about how hiv is now part of their lives the one thing that counselling is my contribution in the fight against the hiv epidemic want us to love the one that would love. it. if only if you're not scared. scared of what thanks. if i get any more
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people hugging me i'll start crying it's so overwhelming and empowering. vitali and vera have never met but they share a common fate. both are fighting in their own way to stop the spread of aids and for the rights of hiv positive people in russia. california's worst forest fires on record are thankfully now under control there get another reminder of the destructive force of climate change if we needed one the upcoming climate conference and will be addressing the worst effects of global warming but for some on the german island of longo there is no time to lose doing what they can now instead of a stormy autumn is passing in sunshine. it's not cold right as it's positively tropical for this time of year what is it twelve or thirteen degrees
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celsius and sunny and about how much of the ice and sunshine in november weighed in the water barefoot no problem. on the north sea island of long ork nothing is like it was before. this past summer was one of the hottest on record for increasing climate change is starting to pose a threat to life on. the sea level is rising and storm surges are getting stronger . as far as long term prognoses go all of the climate researchers all of the serious studies that i read make me fear for our children's future because it's not just my restaurant that might disappear but the entire island. effect invites restaurants right on the beach would be one of the first places affected angered by the politicians lack of action on climate change that act in votes on taking the to court. the sea levels already risen
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by over twenty centimeters since the one nine hundred fifty s. that means storm surges are higher and the danger for us on the island lies back there. are fresh water lens is located there behind a thin dune ridge. at the north sea breaks through the ridge all our drinking water wells would be contaminated with salt water. already experiences drinking water shortages especially in the summer the island has just two thousand residents but more than two hundred thousand people come here each year on holiday and they use lots of water the natural reservoir nice here under the june. rainwater collects under the sand in what's called a freshwater lens that feeds the wells but the close of the sea comes the small of the lens gets. short time the protective area around the dunes has receded by fifty to seventy metres and we must be careful not to go too far into the valley
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because then the lens will get ever smaller so that's why people here think the e.u. should be aiming for stricter climate targets right away. so far they are so many of us that we need to get people to come out and join forces the entire island should be sitting here. thank the like to just one of ten families taking part in the people's time it case against the e.u. they come from across europe kenya and fiji. it's about people trying to protect their fundamental rights on the one hand it's about human rights the right to food and water and on the other it's about economic rights the freedom to choose their occupations the ability to continue operating their business or tourist industry. that's the stuff that it's a serious case that aims to sentence the e.u.
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to greatly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. though it's the offseason michelle has his hands full here i just know it's there this. court the european general court has accepted the case so the legal wrangling can begin there's no financial risk for the plaintiffs their costs are covered by donations. but of course we hope that something good will come of it at first i thought there will be a bit of media hype and that will be it. but now they've accepted the case and slowly you start to think oh something really is happening it would be great if something comes of it. but who knows. that this is. our first month. and the sooner the better because the sea level continues to rise
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time is running out for the people. for the e.u. member states bracks it is a done deal but the final document still must be approved by the british house of commons and that is far from certain whether it's an orderly or a disorderly brock's it millions on both sides of the channel are now saying farewell to a decades long partnership for the bracks years themselves until barry though they hope the goodbye will be as quick as possible. will hill knows tilbury well because he's lived here for many years. but he doesn't like his town much anymore the windows up odd kids hanging around on the streets drinking even at noon. the used to work at the docks and made good money but now he has lots of time to think about the police station that's been shut down due to
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budget cuts it's like that everywhere. the old people feel so frightened you know what it's like to be frightened and. therefore to go out. there everything. nobody helps because if i go about. in a way to reprice but one is only twenty miles away from london. on a clear day you can even see the glittering skyscrapers of the city of london the place where policy is made and lots of money. none of it finds its way to tilbury just down the thames here many people have low wage jobs and much of the work at the ports is now done by machines. many long time residents say they are too many foreigners here that's why so many until brave voted for bracks it and still want it even today. like tell me lawrence you were. not that
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he's following all of the political drama taking place in the british capital in recent weeks it's beyond comprehension and he's got better things to do. he's proud of his pigeons the poor man's race horses. so much remains uncertain but charlie lawrence is sure of one thing. will and charlie have lost all trust in the politicians when they talk they're full of mr alger for the england evolve. and they're counting on breaks to turn back the clock to the days when told he was wealthy and wise. ass. or know what it was before. we had a good start. we've got nothing it is can't. it would be easy enough
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just to write these men office xenophobes but they've simply been neglected and ignored for too long and want to escape their dire straits but at first while we want to be tough. on more. because because it's all the more because. more grandchildren will benefit without a shadow. there are big plans for tilbury for its course at least it's to be expanded here at the edge of the marge. rob gledhill can't wait he's the third council leader and a firm believer in bracks said he doesn't fear and no deal scenario where britain crashes out of the e.u. with all the ensuing political and economic turbulence. he says even today much of the freight at tilbury schools comes from asia and africa. we will be pretty when it's here already if you're striking because from poll forty percent of
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it comes from outside of the we're already geared up for that and expansion of the pool and indeed the capacity here means will be a strike over that strike why don't we just be winners. for many young people until very the st mary's boxing club is the only place where they feel like when is the only place that gives them strength. the town has other youth facilities and the british government doesn't provide funding to help keep kids off the street. tell me rusts two sons box here he says the school teaches them discipline something he thinks prime minister to reason may could learn a thing or two about we hear the trays of mice keep this in cash than genuine to stop us doing trade the rest of the world. will be given a vote we vote each and now the politicians are doing what they want so now. the
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people of england very upset very upset. and people here have much to be upset about residents of tilbury struggle with poor housing put diets and put communities the rich can't just a stone's throw away from london life expectancy is eighty is shorter than in which a part of the country. will spends a lot of time by the thames he even spent his father's ashes here for the former duckling the river symbolizes both his past and his hopes for the future i hope some money does come back and it is down and certain into the town it was it was a family chance. so if it does it does which i'm hoping it will but as i said i can't look into a crystal ball i can only hope and wish. people here are pinning their hopes on preg said to bring better days but unless the law changes residents of tilbury
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looks set to be disappointed. eight hundred kilograms in weight one point six metres in height those are not the healthiest of measurements not even for a cow at six a debate is raging in switzerland right now about the ideal weight for cattle the centrally of couse to swiss life was brought into sharp focus by the recent national referendum on horn cutting by a slim margin the nation voted to continue the practice that many argue was cruel and unnatural so the horns are gone let's find out of swiss cows will now be permitted to keep those extra pounds. of cotton mel is the pride and joy of farmer mathias haute and one of his best dairy cows but like the rest of his herd she has an inborn problem. car mail carrier mel is
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a special cross breed. she's now four and a half and has produced two calves and is one of our biggest cows she's almost one metre sixty tall fast i mean say schtick. oh sounds impressive the farmer shows us what the problem is his father built a cow shed thirty years ago back then its inhabitants were considerably smaller. in the one nine hundred sixty s. swiss farmers began breeding their cows to enhance their milk output in the process the cows and their utters grew larger and larger. for mathias quote that would mean expanding the shed instead he wants to breed smaller cows. i'd like to show your herd and maybe get a few tips. trots and back at work for the association that advises farmers on their breeding plants and i think because they didn't get the big farms with
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a science related problems like the one of mr holder have to use boots was jeans could use mid sized or smaller costs but this new twenty first century swiss cow needs to be both smaller and more efficient and here are a group of those prized to specimens they belong to and the various elica who runs an organic farm his cows are modest in size and appetite making them ideal for grazing the biggest is one metre forty five tall. seemed to be in my view not smaller cows are more economical. they're healthier and need less fodder. then. but not all farmers think the new swiss cow is the future heinz maya prefers high performance cattle. this cow is being dolled up for an auction a young cow with huge potential. little she has a fan tested and a with perfectly placed heats she's a deal for
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a fully automated stables and milking systems in mouth amount of. heinz maya is picking out the animals for his next auction among them is penny at one meter sixty five she's around twenty centimeters taller than the cow. as on the organic farm she also produces about a third more milk. he's president of personally i don't have the feeling that we need to new invention. but it seems the future will belong to smaller and slighter cows a recent study shows that in switzerland pasture feeding is more canonical than indoor housing. not only that but those beautiful swiss meadows will make for much happier cows about as well. that's all for this edition of focus on europe i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks so much for being with us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page at www dot com or visit our facebook page or storks so long or not. the
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be. cool.
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a facade that under budget we ought to seventy seven percent say they want to shape the continent's future shifts to be part of it and join african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of. platform for africa is charging. anxiously waiting. waiting for a lifeline to syria. good morning where are you a client you entering into. every call brings them closer together. to terms because they feel powerless to help. as a pet feel like i'm letting people down for what. they worry about they've
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left behind in. the but. i'm a trying to be strong but deep down i'm broken that little bit. of the war continues to haunt those conflicts from syria. ahead. i'm trying to reach them but nobody answers the war on my phone or to her documentary starts december eighth on t w.
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the state of the. team if the g. twenty summit rest president donald trump is due to hold talks with the leaders of china and germany over american trade which has shaken the world economy this means you have the world's most powerful nations respected to be challenging. on the program ukraine's army steps up its combat readiness following russia's seizure of three ukrainian ships ukraine battled russian men of military age from entering the country.


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