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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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a country struggling with an economic crisis an increased public great goodwill the nationalist trade agenda of u.s. president donald trump dummy this encounter and will it undermine the main topic. like infrastructure for development and the future of work and sustainable for today and a double unions. who will protect the world order as we know it well these are the candidates world leaders convening of the g. twenty summit in argentina they include a crown prince suspected of ordering a murder a president who's flirting with war and the leader of a superpower who evidently is all about me me and me i broke off in berlin this is the day. i would like good of you to believe those so serious to discuss really should such
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a great world the tragic situation in syria and yemen and the russian aggression in ukraine. i see no reason why did g. twenty this shouldn't have been include discussion about so do these problems especially because so the instructions to the law in day him. the only condition is goodwill. seeing red and wearing yellow france's yellow vest protests against higher fuel prices it's no longer just about the french it's. a villain now seventy and this is my first demonstration the prices are on the up for everything that we don't have enough money to feed our children you call that normal i don't know. we begin the day of the g. twenty summit in argentina a meeting of world leaders in
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a world that many say is suffering from a lack of leadership the first g twenty summit took place in two thousand and eight with one important mission to rescue the global economy from the biggest financial crisis in seventy years and those leaders were successful or fast forward to today the g twenty now accounts for eighty five percent of the world economic output two thirds of the world's population you would think that by now it would be the go to form for fixing what is wrong in the world well it is anything but that huge differences on climate change global trade and even the murder of salty journalist of us all the journalists reveal deep and growing rifts today one european union leader reminded his counterparts of exactly why they are spending the next day or two together. on this do it us is and these is the principle of the. comte we knew him region
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concluded that there is no alternative promoted up with the corporation. putting into place the smoke is not really because it isn't having in mind no will come do it by its own means it was in fact the basic reason which for that to put into place of the g twenty. speaking of there we have team coverage of the g twenty summit tonight in bonus r s d w's max hoffman is covering the european union angle for us and the w's business anchor how here our greatest is there as well and right here at the big table with me is our chief political correspondent melinda craned to all of you welcome x. let me start with you the world order is under threat now many say more than any other time since one thousand nine hundred five should we expect leaders gathering there to change that fact at this g twenty. well i
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assume you mean that the threat might go away or be diminished but if you look at who's here and what they stand for and what the future may hold the likelihood of that happening isn't very great who do you have here blood in your poutine who's playing his old games in the eastern european border you have donald trump who repeatedly has stated that he's not a real fan of multi-lateralism but he prefers to do things bilaterally and we haven't talked about brazil today yet if you look at what's coming there you have tropical trumbo so narrow has been elected president so he will be attending these meetings very soon so that doesn't bode well for this format you could say right now it's about saving it about carrying it into the future and seeing who might be here in the future to revive it we're not even sure we will have a communique this time at the g. twenty what we're hearing from diplomats especially from the european union that the process is extremely difficult but there is one little light at the end of the
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tunnel a little sunshine at the horizon where the world might become an easier place again and that's between china and the united states there will be a meeting between chinese president xi jinping on saturday evening together with donald trump the u.s. president and they might just give themselves a break in that trade war that has been going on for the better part of this year at least that's what we're hearing that the signs are increasing they might find a way forward find a solution but with the american president at the moment you can never be sure. of the first g. twenty summit back in two thousand and eight it was forged in a financial crisis we know the dissolution was found in the economic story today dramatically different but some would say it's just as dangerous i'm not sure i can hear you can you hear me right now i can hear you now can you hear me javier. ok i guess you can't let me ask my producer are we going to stay with them or should we go back to bill and. we'll see if we can fix the sound problems there
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melinda let's just talk about these summits the g. seven the g. twenty they're referred to many times as these expensive talking jobs as you would were talking about earlier today but at the same time they're seen as underpinning the very multilateral world order that seems to be facing massive erosion right now absolutely the g. twenty for example it came into being as a way to deal with the international financial crisis and the idea is that by bringing together these leaders of these powerful economies you can hopefully underpin the world order that does in fact make global trade in goods and services possible and this particular meeting was actually meant to be addressing fair and sustainable development which is quite a long way from a lot of these headline issues that we've been talking about that in fact are diverting attention there in buenos aires but the point remains none the less on
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crucial issues like climate change like international trade it is only by working multilaterally that we can really hope to make progress in dealing with very very difficult challenges and yet those are precisely the two areas where we're told they're having a lot of trouble negotiated a final communique climate change on the one hand and support for the world trade organization on the other and unfortunately the united states the world's most powerful country and economy is source of a lot of that friction and certainly the source of an impulse to move toward nationalist bilateralism rather than multilateralism and yet as i say many of the crisis that we face today will not be dealt with if we try to do it by latter you know the u.s. president on from probably disagree with you or many of those points here right at the g. twenty summit today with a new trade deal between the u.s. mexico and canada signed sealed and delivered the new treaty replaces nafta which
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trump blame for the loss of industrial jobs in america. you know many going to north in north america we understand very clearly that it society's prosperity will be greater and will be deeply rooted if it's based in the prosperity of the region as a whole. in short this is a model agreement that changes the trade landscape forever and this is an agreement that first and foremost benefits working people something of great importance to all three of us here today make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities and donald it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries all right javier let me ask you what are you hearing at the g. twenty summit about this new trade deal is it seen as a real improvement on the after. well not really brant
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most analysts that have taken a look at the agreement would conclude that it is not significantly different to the original nafta agreement maybe the only very important aspect is that considering that nafta was signed in one thousand nine hundred three that it includes a lot of digital aspects that did not exist at the time but other than that and other than the concessions that it made for some of the dairy industries and the automotive industry for the united states it essentially is still a free trade agreement between canada mexico and the united states maybe that is a sort of relief for people participating at the g twenty summit as it is a multilateral agreement and a commitment to free trade by those three countries but you have to put things in perspective and take a look at all the damage that the uncertainty during these years has actually caused when donald trump was essentially suggesting that it would end nafta at all and have no free trade agreement with its two neighboring countries companies stopped investing companies could not plan companies fired people and that was
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definitely more damage perhaps than the good that this new deal brings in. our dog here think you will trump has one trade deal done there's an even larger one looming with china here's the president talking about his upcoming talks with she. will be meeting with president xi a little while but for the most part to morrow i would say with the upbeat maybe by the meantime people are working our staff is working. with the state will work you are working very hard we could make you feel that if they want to and we like you. said they would like to have a deal he would like to have a deal is trump in a position to demand more from the chinese now that he does have this new trade deal with north america. transferring demanding a lot from the chinese all along i don't know that that makes particular difference but what definitely might focus minds is the fact that both china. and the u.s.
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are feeling some pain from the trade conflict that's been raging for some months now and particularly in the u.s. apparently donald trump was very troubled by the news this week that g.m. was laying off fifteen thousand workers and reducing activity at five different plants and definitely made a connection to trade difficulties as one of the reasons that that is happening we also know that u.s. consumers are likely to see some higher prices as they start doing their christmas shots right this year all of that may not go down so well after all with trump space and as you know he often does play to the base those so there's been a sense he may finally be in the mood to be a bit more conciliatory we heard that as well from max that that could be where it's heading when he meets mr president xi jinping tomorrow that would be the first time these two have met in over and year and they professed to be buddies last time around we'll see how far that atmospheric personality stuff carries them but
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definitely i think there is an impetus on both sides to try to deescalate and maximize that announcement today from the european union about more liquefied natural gas and soybean imports from the u.s. to the european union are we seeing a leveling of the of the tree playing field your strong has been demanding from your. well this is really a political decision because if you look at it you know the soybeans that doesn't hurt the european union but something that the e.u. can give the americans without really hurting now the liquid liquefied natural gas story is a more interesting story because you have to look at it this way the european union is very close to russia russia has a huge supply of gas this gas can be shipped to europe in a very easy way so why should the europeans that do that for political reasons because they don't want to be dependent on the russians for their energy as much there as they have been in the past so they decide to ship liquefied natural gas
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with ships where you need liquefying stations in the united states you need to find stations in europe across the atlantic what happens of course this gas is much more expensive and the european union can't force its energy providers to buy the gas over there united states so the promises made by the e.u. might not be a substantial lies in the future we don't know we do know that the elegy exports from the united states to europe have increased but those dimensions aren't comparable to the gas that for example countries like germany are getting from russia it's clearly political it's something that the e.u. can give to the united states to pacify trump but to back it up it's still a long way yes very good point max thank you well he is the president many leaders would like to spend some time with at the g. twenty summit and i'm not talking about donald trump i'm talking about russian president vladimir putin today. we know there will be no sideline meeting between
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him and u.s. president we also know that german chancellor angela merkel will meet with mr putin to discuss escalations intentions with ukraine no word on whether or not trump will be present for that talk is expected to bring up the possibility of new economic sanctions as a response to last sunday's naval clash between russia and ukraine here's what mr putin said about the possibility of new sanctions you do need to. it cannot be ignored that dishonest competition is replacing almost dialogue between nation states a vicious practice of returning to illegal you need luck all sanctions and protectionist measures and spreading going around the un. and internationally recognized legal norms. linda is the german chancellor is she really going to go in that meeting and say either change or would a slight more sanctions on well it's not into the saveable she actually has been pretty tough about sanctions so far in regard to the russian incursions into crimea
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and ukraine and she may well be willing to make that argument certainly european union leaders were saying today that that is the european line on this that sanctions would be the the next step if russia doesn't deescalate what chancellor merkel did say very clearly on her way over to argentina is that she does look to mediate in this crisis and by the way the president of ukraine has to push echo asked for mediation by both germany and the u.s. however mr trump hasn't indicated that he's particularly eager to take on that role and co-host such an effort with ms merkel so it may come down in fact to her and she certainly she said she thinks this absolutely does need to deescalate and she wants to see russia release those sailors so she hasn't spoken out about sanctions directly but she may well do so in that meeting quickly ask you what about getting
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european union support for more sanctions against russia. yes but before i answer that brant i want to make an announcement here it appears that the chancellor is in the process of landing and going to cyrus the german chancellor so after a stronger way we might actually see here at the summit today so get back to your questions new sanctions against russia now the question first question here is have to have the sanctions that are in place still together with the united states work if you look at what putin is doing in ukraine crimea eastern ukraine right on the border of the european union that many say no it has not worked so what's the point of having new sanctions especially that the e.u. can't really hope for a new round of sanctions working without the united states in the signals from the u.s. to get on board with new sanctions aren't very strong to say the least at the moment but don't notice the e.u. council president arriving here at the g. twenty summit at the beginning did say he expects
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a rollover of the already existing e.u. sanctions against russia. thank you the g. twenty summit is the first international diplomatic test for the saudi crown prince mohammed here we are in. it we are going since the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in turkey back in october much of the world believes that the crown prince ordered that killing some leaders have distanced themselves from the prince namely and you're going to see that just a second turkish president heir to watch it did not go unnoticed today when the leaders gathered for a group photo or we're going to see that photo there we go i want you to look closely now the president's ever won and the saudi crown friends position themselves at opposite ends of the group aired a one you can see on the left the crown prince. on the right it's. that that said the crown prince is certainly no political pariah at the moment of
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the french the u.s. the chinese president's met with him in separate talks. today. so as he really isn't suffering is his well we don't know what they're saying to him behind closed doors meetings like that absolutely are a crucial occasion for bringing pressure to bear and i think that certainly will have happened with at least some of the countries that you named they made it pretty clear from the outset that that was their intention and their two european union and union leaders spoke out quite forcefully and said that they would be raising the matter with the crown prince to resume a from the u.k. referred to what she expect to be a very robust stance that she would take and i think they will be raising questions not only about the murder of journalists but also very much about the war in yemen and there has been at least a bit of pushback on that from not the trump administration but from the u.s.
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senate which essentially rebuked the president right for his stance this week in which he essentially said look we're not that worried about what saudi arabia's up to because we just need them so badly to counter iran we need them as a friend for israel and and basically essentially offering cut blash lot of pushback from the senate which said we are now going to take another look at u.s. activities in yemen and roll back that u.s. rules so i think there will be some hard questions asked of the crown prince nonetheless a lot of people like saudi arabia's oil very good point the german chancellor as we heard is missing the g. twenty opening and we heard that she has just landed her government air book and return to germany and make an emergency landing because of technical problems so this morning she continued on her journey to when this on the flight operated by the spanish airline iberia there's been
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a lot of reaction on social media assure you that. we're going to show them that they we go this german user tweets how do you realize a state is saving money until it totally breaks down when the head of government misses half of an international summit because of a broken bundeswehr air play another post germany finally needs a decent medical force one who will take us seriously if even the chancellor can't make it to the g. twenty on time and then you've got this tweet it i find it pragmatic unpleasantly low key that mrs merkel is using the national airline of another e.u. member to fly to buenos aires some commentators view the national pride as being damaged that says a lot about them interesting. all
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right well if you drive you might have a yellow vest in your car it's a hive is safety vest in case of a break but in france it's become the symbol of a protest movement against the reforms of french president yellow vest demonstrations were triggered by micron's hike in fuel taxes he says it's needed to tackle climate change but critics say it's forcing the poor to foot the bill well this is no longer is just a french story take a look at these scenes here there from brussels belgium today police fired tear gas at yellow best protesters and made dozens of arrests this weekend in france the yellow vests are expected to be out in force again in paris g.w. took to the streets with one of the founders of the. priscilla is on her way to paris to organize a protest she hopes will shut down the downtown area livelihood is on the line. of business with the protesting because we have less and less money enough places
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to take the fuel tanks it's already very high and they keep on increasing. her car is absolutely crucial for her organic cosmetics business and driving is becoming increasingly an affordable for many people with lengthy commutes to and from paris a few months ago. set up an online petition calling for a reduction in the mineral oil tax within just a couple of weeks it had been signed by several hundred thousand people the petition spawned a grassroots movement named after the vests worn by people protesting against president micron's policies the yellow vests now number half a million of them leaving now seventy and this is my first demonstration prices are on the up for everything gasoline gas and electricity one two hundred euro short a month but my pension is only increased by three euros i work for forty two years . that we don't have enough money to feed our children he. call that normal.
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elsewhere in paris people fail to understand what all the fuss is about downtown residents live a world away from those in the suburbs here many welcome across efforts to support the environment by raising fuel taxes. someone on this issue and the you know vests which you don't have to come and we don't want fund said the tax doesn't affect us the tax on diesel has become a highly charged issue with less privileged citizens feeling left behind. but the government is standing firm. that doesn't talk alone we will adhere to our environmental objectives regardless of whether people like it will need to feel safe but for the yellow vests it's the little people footing the bill most of those protesting voted for mccall in the hope of seeing a more just society now they're calling for his resignation. was. that. dusky has nothing against
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environmental protection which he cannot accept is that it's being paid for mainly by residents in the suburbs who are dependent on cars she says the gulf between the center of paris and the periphery between rich and poor is growing the. wrong the physical and yet the president needs to listen to us and rethink some decisions if we don't to make progress we have to work together as a. right wing populists have also been trying to embrace the movement the russell amol not so now join the protests despite brazilians efforts to keep them away. we support this movement because they're criticizing the same things that we've been criticizing for years. it's environmental protection that punishes french people and that's precisely what mr mcconnell wants to make running
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a car too expensive for normal people. after months of planning and organizing the protests priscilla is now powerless to prevent nationalists using the movement for its own aims there have been several cases of right wing yellow vests subjecting car drivers to racist abuse and damaging their vehicles for silly is appalled i don't know we don't want people promoting a potties ideology. they can come as regular citizens because this is a citizen's movement and. we don't want them showing up to represent the. other parties have also attempted to instrumental as the protest movement purposively a little ski doesn't want them manning the barricades it's not a question of being left or right wing she says but justice for ordinary french. well the conversation continues online here at the day you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can write directly to me don't forget to use the hash tag
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of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then. another day have a good weekend.
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