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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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concrete solutions. and. this is deja vu news live from berlin a surprise announcement from qatar the gulf state is withdrawing from the opec oil cartel effective january first of next year has been a member of the organization for nearly six decades so what's behind the move also coming up. at a crucial conference in poland the u.n. secretary general says the world is not moving fast enough to prevent catastrophic
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climate change he says the efforts so far are quote way off course. and two months after a failed launch another russian made soyuz rocket is preparing to blast off shortly for the international space station. they ass and also will be aboard say they are confident despite the risks. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show qatar is leaving opec the organization of petroleum exporting countries this move comes ahead of opec's annual meeting in vienna on thursday where it's certain to be the focus of discussions. energy minister says the country will exit the cartel effect in january first reflecting plans to focus more on liquid gas production rather. them or oil now this follows
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a bitter diplomatic dispute with opec's fourteen other members especially with saudi arabia for the past eighteen months they've placed economic sanctions on qatar. mark jones from business is here with more monica good morning morning this is not a first for opec is it that a member is leaving now it's happened before it was ecuador and gabble on but they returned and indonesia suspended its membership it's not the first time but it's the first time that a middle eastern country is leaving opac and not just a middle eastern country but the first one to join opaque after it was formed in one thousand nine hundred sixty the founding nations of course iran iraq kuwait saudi arabia and then it's so ala so in terms of culture and history this is quite a significant step but we also know of course that qatar for for quite some time now has had strained relations with saudi arabia which is the defense to leader of
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opec. and its announcement to leave comes a year after saudi arabia together with some of the gulf states to sort of sanctions qatar accusing it of harboring terrorism and it comes just days ahead of a crucial opec meeting in vienna which overshadows that meeting which tries to show unity as the cartel is fighting sliding oil prices so there's very much political elements to what carter saying is an economic decision though even though. its relationship with saudi arabia has nothing to do with it economically however yes this is a very interesting move i mean for one qatar is only the elevons biggest all producer of opec accounts for less than two percent of the overall output so qatar leaving opaque won't have a big impact on oil markets but qatar is the world's biggest exporter of liquid natural gas and it would it wants to expand to that market even more. together with
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iran there again it gets very interesting iran not a friend of saudi arabia certainly not of the united states the united states however again a very big exporter also of l. and g. so you have competition there on the horizon and the price of ellen g. to today already dropped by about three percent ok so a lot of developments in this area of monica thanks for looking into this for us and health more later in the show ok thanks now for some of the other stories making the news today more anti-government protests taking place in france today ambulance workers have gathered close the national subway in central paris to complain about changes to working conditions senior politicians are holding crisis talks in the wake of violent anti-government protests that have been rocking runs. a far right party has won seats in an election in spain for the first time since the end of the franco military dictatorship in one hundred seventy five. the anti
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immigrant vox party is said to enter and lucy is regional assembly the governing social secured the most seats but may lose control of the regional government after a center right party ruled out a coalition with the. the un secretary general says the world is quote way off course in the fight against climate change and twenty guitars was speaking from the polish city of kind of deja where the most important talks on global warming in the years are now underway the conference officially opened today terrorist told delegates that mankind must drastically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to avert runaway global warming for the next two weeks the delegates will be discussing how to implement the two thousand and fifteen paris agreement while the u.n. secretary general opened the conference with an urgent warning we are in deep trouble with climate change climate change is running faster than we are. i mean
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much sooner rather than be forty two years too late for many people regions even countries this is already a matter of life or death and this meeting is the most important gathering on climate change since the paris agreement was signed if these are true overstates the urgency of our situation a matter of life where death correspondent irene done his research at the kind of beauty conference for as i read is this the make or break session for action on climate change that so many are calling it indeed this meeting is essential for climate action not that global level so a few years ago climate leaders agri on keeping global warming under to think about . but this year they have to decide how they will actually achieve that goal the
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result of these new things should be the so-called rule book i set the guidelines so in countries how they should monitor their house gas emissions how to report on third time and effort but another important topic will be climate finance because industrialised countries pledged to look a one hundred billion us dollars per year to help poorer countries cope with climate change but it remains unknown how they will actually manage to look at that money in the run up to this conference a number of studies were released indicating a critical point is about to be reached when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions can you fill us in where are we right now. well the situation doesn't look very well right now just recently the united nations environment program published a report saying that there is a huge gap between where we should be and where we are actually in regard of c o two emissions so we should actually efforts if we want to reach that by recycling
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and goals by twenty thirty five otherwise we may end up having three point two degrees above by the end of the century so you know president trump has of course pulled out of the paris accords is taking united states out without the u.s. is it even possible for the world to meet the c o two reduction goals that have been laid down in the paris accord. but it's important to remember that this by trying. of pulling out from the parties have agreement these one take one really happened until twenty twenty twenty twenty things may have changed on the other hand other countries are increasing their climate i'm vision as well as local actors on the civil society the civil society isn't giving us and they will take in their fight that gets climate change so i think around here we can feel the optimism that we are still on track to reach the paris agreement
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despite their with regard from. wrong. just resource thanks very much. well iran says it will be back in peace talks aimed at ending the conflict in yemen the talks could start in sweden as early as wednesday this development comes after the saudi led coalition agreed to fly out fifty wounded who the rebels allied to iran the medical evacuation by the capital sana as part of efforts to build confidence ahead of those planned peace talks the fate of the rebels was a stumbling block to the start of a previous round of talks in september. international groups are trying to bring about an and to the conflict which has pushed the country to the brink of famine as we report one school in the capital sana is trying to ride food to keep students there alive. five hundred bread rolls for the i'm honey girl's school in santa two for each student the recess and first meal of the day are highly anticipated.
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apart from here at school many children have next to nothing to eat. never nice to have my father doesn't have a job anymore i'm very thankful to the school for the food and that's the situation i was in we had. no money as parents were impoverished by the war the school's director says many children are suffering because of the saudis so many students lost their parents through balls and rockets aimed at houses factories and shops. half of that will be empty hospitals can't cope there's a lack of medical supplies children are especially hard hit according to the ngo save the children tens of thousands have died from a nutrition and infection eight million yemenis are just barely surviving now with the help of outside aid. and the sustained war causes more deaths every single day . back at their own heinie girls' school in santa lentil soup
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is on the menu for lunch. it's funded by the german charitable organization future for kids. and if and then as a man hand it poverty is spreading and medicinally and we used to give a daily mail to thirty to forty girls now it's three hundred to four hundred and that's me out of the army and. a bit of hope within the misery i these children are learning and have a warm meal every day but only as future and that of many other children in yemen is unknown because there's not yet any sign of an end to the war. a russian soyuz rocket is set to blast off from kazakhstan shortly on board two astronauts and cosmonauts bound for the international space station now this is the first logged since another soyuz failed minutes after liftoff in october the crew
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of that rocket did make a safe emergency landing and today mission control is hoping there will be no repeat problems from october when you have your. blessings ahead of the so use launch in kazakstan. the space craft is a crucial lifeline to the international space station more out here is high despite the last failed attempt. the three astronauts from russia the usa and canada confident they can handle whatever comes their way. psychologically and technically prepared for blastoff and any situation which god forbid may occur on board. the nasa astronaut said the factors which contributed to the botched mission have now been rectified. this is not a time though for you the internet and. you know nothing.
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in october their colleagues were forced to make an emergency landing when a sensor on the soyuz rocket failed and inquiry later found that it was damaged during assembly the incident was a blow to russia's once revered space program. the astronauts will depart from the same site which launched the first man into space nearly sixty years ago today's mission is a chance for russia to restore its stellar image in space exploration. earlier i spoke with fabio and schmidt from science and i asked him what exactly is at stake for the first manned mission to the i assess since that failed last october. ok what's at stake is basically z. image of ross cosmos program and its holes work holsey soyuz space ship it's
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a very reliable space ship since early eighty's it has flown well over one hundred times was only two incidents like that one in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and one this year however we've seen that this year there were a couple of issues about workmanship there was a hole in one of those so use capsules it was already talked to the ideas as to which was patched a bit flimsy lead and loss of cabin pressure on the body i guess as they managed to solve the problem but basically the question is. the whole image of the so used system is a little bit under scrutiny right no fog and that there we will of course let you know how that launch goes some sports now in football's prestigious ballon d'or award be handed out tonight to the top men's player of twenty team as voted for by journalists there will also be two new awards for best young player and the female
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indoor men's favorite look a moderate college champions league success with the elements red with a fantastic world cup campaign leading croatia to the final who are number one russia and the young player category france world cup where killian pay is expected to take home the trophy while barcelona striker leak of martin's leads the running for the women's frocks. this is deja vu news more straight ahead. i think it's everything challenging first i'm a muslim. saw much different cultures between here and.


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