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connection and we're determined to do something here for the next generation. is beyond barmen series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is either we news live from berlin a matter of life or death. we are in deep trouble with climate change u.s. secretary general antonio with there says the world is not moving nearly fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change we'll get an expert's review from the un climate conference in poland also coming up. the far right gain
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a foothold in spain for the first time since the franco dictatorship of ox party looks set to kick out the socialists and the southern provinces and alysia. little rock it's great to have you along everyone well we start off with some stark warnings about the dangers of climate change she wants secretary general antonio without us says the world is way off course in the fight to deal with global warming he was speaking in the polish city of kut to beat some where the annual u.n. conference on global warming has begun with it is set told delegates and that humankind must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avert runaway global warming while the conference aims to produce key guidelines on how to implement the paris climate. accord which comes into force in twenty twenty one of its main goals is
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keeping the global temperature rise to below two degrees celsius by the end of the century while the un says greenhouse gas levels are once again at a record high if the current trend continues the world may be heading for a temperature increase of three to five degrees while to keep warming below two degrees countries will have to cut carbon dioxide emissions by twenty five percent by twenty thirty and by twenty seventy five bring those emissions down to zero we are the trouble with climate change climate change is running faster than we are and we much gets up sooner rather than before if you stimulate for many people regions even times this is already a matter of life or death and this meeting is the most important gathering on
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climate change since the bears agreement will sign. if these are overstates the urgency of our situation the un secretary general there opening the conference and at the talks on climate change is george marshall he is the founder of climate outreach an organization that aims to widen engagement with climate change i want to welcome you sir hardly a week goes by without another stark warning about global warming and yet why are so many or so few people willing to make sacrifices for the environment. well i think the first thing to say is but governments have signally failed to engage people across their populations the vast majority of people are still not involved in climate change is an issue they know very little about it you know the conventional that was signed over twenty years ago it requires every government to
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educate and inform the people they failed to do about i think that politically scared of me she when they haven't got involved with it so we're constantly trying to catch up people need to be aware of the scale of the problem but i also need to see them selves in the story and that's the other that's the other failing i think people think it's all about big business all that it's all about government action they don't see themselves in it it doesn't speak to my values their identity what's important to them so mr marshall what can people do concretely i mean how can individuals make a difference. the most important thing for people to do is to actually to talk about it i mean of course we all have an impact in our lives in the way that we live but the thing which is going to move us forward on this is when people say to governments i'm not going to vote for you unless you take action on this or i say to a business i'm going to buy your product unless you are taking action on this and for that to happen people must be really engaged with it and that means we need to
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talk about it the vast majority of people don't actually think or talk about climate change from one year to the next so if a critical emphasis now has to be on reaching people as you are on this program same with this is important also saying get out there talk about it think about it discuss it in your workplace in your church with your family and i think we have to break his silence because we've been quiet about this for too long over twenty years now we haven't talked about this now family people going my word there's a real problem here maybe it's too late and it isn't too late as long as we're starting gauging with it actively all right now there is this relatively new concept of living c o two neutral meaning that humans leave as little impact on the planet as possible and do you think that that's taking it a step too far though. i think we all need to take action in our own lives but again it's very important that
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people do that feeling of that's who they are and what they are again it has to be something which speaks to people's values for a sense of who they are if we just say to people now you have to give everything up not surprisingly a lot of people say no to take this away from me why should you i've i've worked hard for this i think the important thing is what we have a sense of calm or a sea of action we're all in this together that means sure we all individually do things in our lives but also we demand business takes action we demand the government takes action we need to see action and all of this is like this is like being a collective struggle so if we just say it's your fault you really have a consumer must do something that's possible a buck basically people need to feel part of a shared endeavor and then i'm confident yes people will take that action right and then it's also less overwhelming for many people as well now when you walk out of this conference in a queue reads time what kind of message would you like to take to your children for instance well the thing i would say to my kids is what this is the biggest issue of
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our time and actually if you want to be involved in the most exciting and most important issues of your time getting involved with this think about this and your career and your life choices and i'm certainly hugely inspired by the protests that have been happening started in sweden have been happening right across the strait where young people even refusing to go to school and saying no actually off future is even more important than going to school so i really encourage especially younger generations but everybody at all levels all classes all politics to stand up and say no we demand action on this now we've been waiting too long action on levels i will make my sacrifices but i'm demanding a business and government much is that we all work together on this but i'm going to my kids now to george marshall founder of climate outreach thank you so much for weighing in. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the united nations has evacuated fifty wounded who is the rebels from yemen for medical treatment evacuation is a critical step ahead of planned peace talks in sweden iran which backs to do
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things now says it will support the talks the fate of wounded rebels have previously been a major stumbling block in negotiations. french ambulance workers have joined antigovernment protests blocking roads near the national assembly in paris riot police prevented the paramedics from getting close to the parliament building the protest against changes in working conditions all those days of civil unrest in france. are to spain now we're a far right party has won seats in an election for the first time since the end of the franco dictatorship the regional votes in the most eon has left the anti migrant to euro skeptic box party poised to overturn decades long ruled by the socialist the box party leader says he hopes to put together a coalition with the center right citizens party. europe's nationalist wave has arrived in spain. the vox party secured twelve seats
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in andalusia a region with a high rate of both unemployment and migration the party's president is confident they can now take their regional games to the national level. they should have a month and delusions once again have made history they have shaken off thirty six years of socialist regimes paving the way for the rest of spain by saying that it's possible. to do the same in the rest of the country it will much but he doesn't know that i feel the election has severely weakened the governing socialists although they secured the most seats they fell short of a majority despite this their valley to stop the rise of the far right. taken and alternative for andalusians does not mean that our government will become a reflection of this right wing party of which is xenophobia and justifies violence against women and among citizens. ever since the end of francisco franco's
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dictatorship in one thousand nine hundred seventy five the socialists have dominated politics in the region but sunday's election has shaken the status quo the ballot was the first major test for prime minister pedro sanchez who leads a minority government and with a host of elections coming up in twenty nine thousand spain socialists face a crucial year. are let's get you know some context on the rise of the right in this southern spanish region that over years the public is in the capital madrid good to see you power and of course spain's fascist dictatorship of francisco franco is still fresh in people's minds and because of that experience the country was considered in ocular later to get as far right movements not anymore. no not anymore and i think that that's exactly if you've hit the nail on the head i mean people felt here that a far right party would never make any gains in spain in fact in the last sociological research report that's carried out in spain every few months by
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a public entity and only one percent of people said that they would vote for vox in the opinion polls in iraq to the the on the lucian vote it said that basically between four and five percent of people would vote for vox it turned out to be more than ten percent and i would say that people in spain still feel almost that it's i would go as far as saying almost a subject to say that you would vote for a far right party here in spain but it seems that things are definitely changing on them c.-a might be the beginning of something that may spread across the rest of the country where it will talk to us all a bit more public about what exactly a change i mean how was the vox party able to connect with the electorate in the new c.e.o. what do they stand for. well we saw it in the report there are several of their main topics of conversation will say their policies have been about immigration let's not forget that and that a very high percentage of unemployment still stands at over twenty percent and also
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the vast majority of the migrants arriving on spanish shores are entering through under the sea of course because of geographical regions being down in the south of spain on its proximity to north africa and they very much focused as well on the idea of spanish nationalism this feeds out of the cutline independence movement they felt that too much power was being given to the regional governments and they used catalonia as the prime example of this so the idea of a centralized spain without much regional autonomy was something that seems to have appealed to many voters down in syria and also finally the fact that under the sea is a region that for almost four decades has essentially had the same government in place and i'm to seems also to be one of the things that has struck a chord with many of the voters and the south they want a change they want a change with the final seconds that i have left would you publish what's next are we going to see things most populous region under new c.e.o.
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governed by the far right well we're going to have to wait a few weeks possibly even a few months to socialist say that they want to form a government but the other parties of the p.p. the party of the of the nose are determined to form a government in on the loose and they haven't ruled out including vox in that formation so in the next days and weeks we'll find out whether vox do actually enter the under lucien parliament as part of the government which is certainly something which is going to shock many spaniards had a region to watch publicly as were poured in from the spanish capital madrid thank you so much for your insights. let's talk football now because football is prestigious event on the award will be handed down tonight to the top men's player of twenty eighteen as voted for by a journalist there are also two new awards for best young player and the women's vote on the men's a favorite look up margaret ship follow champions league success with real madrid
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with a fantastic world cup campaign leading his team croatia to the final in russia in the young a pulley category france world cup winner killian a is expected to take home the trophy while of barcelona striker link up martin's elites the running for the women's prize. all right now video replay is coming to the champions league get ready the u.a.e. for executive committee announced on monday that video assistant referees are commonly known as bart will be introduced into europe's top club competition starting with the round of sixteen next february it's part of you a first plan to expand the use of the replay technology including for the euro twenty twenty finals. are you watching the news we still have a long way to tell you about including qatar says it's we're drawing from opec it's the first time a nation from the middle east has left the cartel since its founding.
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all right stephen beard three year we'll have that and all the business news coming up in just one minute and of course you can always join us by going to tell you dot com and also you can at the top of the hour. anxiously waiting. waiting for a lifeline to syria. good morning where are you why aren't you answering to different call brings them closer together. at a time.


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