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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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bialik guest. managed by from. this is. tonight climate change a matter of why. we deep trouble with climate change even secretary general antonio says the world is not moving fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change we'll go live to the un climate conference in poland also coming up progress on peace talks for yemen as the u.n.
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evacuees wounded rebels iran says it will back negotiations will look at the famine situation. plus the four winds gain a foothold in spain for the first time since the franco dictatorship the box apart and looks set to kick out the socialist in the southern province of on the loose seat. it's good to have you with us we start tonight with dire warnings about climate change u.n. secretary general antonio has warned that the world is way off course in fighting global warming his stern message came on the first day of the u.n. climate change summit taking place in poland here's part of what he said today. we . we've climate change climate change is running faster than we.
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and we much catch up sooner rather than later the forty's too late. for many people regions even countries this is already a matter of life or death and these meeting is the most important gathering on climate change since the bed is agreement was signed it's if these two overstates the urgency of our situation it was on two newsgroups here it is speaking there the talks in poland aim to produce key guidelines on how to implement that two thousand and fifteen paris climate accord now that accord takes effect in the year twenty twenty one of its main goals is keeping the global temperature rise to below two degrees celsius by the end of this century the un says that greenhouse gas levels are once again at a record high if the current trend continues the world may be headed for
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a temperature increase of three to five degrees to keep warming below two degrees countries will have to cut carbon dioxide emissions by twenty five percent by the year twenty thirty and by the year twenty seventy five they have to bring those emissions down by one hundred percent to zero. well here in berlin some families are making their contribution to limiting climate change they're taking part in a project to find out how they can reduce their carbon footprint and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle the news visited one participating family who are finding that it is not always easy. it's the start of the day cutting bees and her husband have to go to work on a who's five and me a little who's three have to go to kindergarten and nico who's nine is off to school they all lead busy lives but they're taking part in
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a special experiment they're one of ninety households trying to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions over a period of one year a project conducted by the potsdam institute for climate impact research. what are you doing what's going on. for them by king is the best form of transport to get to work and school rain or shine. driving produces too many greenhouse gases. by even taking a bike if it's snowing or icy so long as it's safe for the children the let's go girls. they're trying to reduce c o two but even if they only shop organic this isn't easy. i did that on this one no it's perfect i tend to drink water or juice but if the children want to soft drink.
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we're not always as consistent as we'd like to be. it's about finding a balance they try to buy fruit and vegetables grown in germany but are still willing to compromise for example when it comes to bell peppers from spain. i like to have bears yellow and red i like both. peppers are quite healthy there's a lot of fun in them because we didn't treat me to eat more vegetables in autumn and winter. from spain isn't ideal but it's better than putting salami on a pizza. the whole family eats vegetarian they know that a kilo of beef translates to twelve kilos of c o two emissions sunday evening is set aside for the weekly c o two calculations they figure out how much c o two was
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admitted through the use of electricity their transport and food what's the result for the whole year likely to be. yes not bad twenty five point one eight tons is a family that chive tonnes per person. if they continue living like this they'll go beyond the forty percent goal and reduce their carbon footprint by fifty six percent this would be a great success says henry who was quite skeptical at the start. this is changed over the years because he has become more ambitious and try to improve things. we have quite a high potential for saving on emissions without restricting our quality of life drastically. so i would say that i'm satisfied.
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holidays are also part of the experiment how calmly and basic calculated that less carbon dioxide is emitted when driving to saxony than when taking the train to visit relatives. car in bays a wants to live in a society where everyone tries to offset their carbon emissions as much as possible ideally it would be a climate neutral society there's a long way to go but she and her family has made a good start. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a russian soyuz spacecraft carrying three crew members has successfully docked at the international space station the journey from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan was completed in just six hours the trio are on a six month mission to the ira says it's the first manned voyage to the space station since a rocket failure back in october the body of george h.w. bush is being flown from houston texas to washington d.c. the former u.s.
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president who died last friday will lie in state in the u.s. capitol until wednesday before a state funeral is held at the national cathedral in washington the casket will then be returned to texas for burial. fringe ambulance workers have joined anti-government protests blocking roads near the national assembly in pairs why a police prevented the paramedics from getting close to the parliament building the protest against changes in working conditions follows days of civil unrest in france a university founded by the hungary an american billionaire george soros says it has been forced to leave budapest the central european university is moving to vienna now with years of wrangling with hungary's conservative prime minister viktor orban on hughes's soros said encouraging the mass migration of muslims to europe. could talks to end the conflict in yemen start this week
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iran has said that it will support peace talks those talks could start in sweden as early as wednesday iran's move comes after the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen agreed to fly out fifty wounded the rebels the rebels are supported by iran and the medical evacuation is part of confidence building efforts ahead of peace talks the fate of who the rebels was a stumbling block in previous efforts to start top us. international groups are trying to bring about an end to the conflict which is pushed the country into famine we have this look at a school in the capitals and on that is trying to provide food to keep its students alive. five hundred bread rolls for the i'm honey girl's school in santa two for each student the recess and first meal of the day are highly anticipated. apart from here at school many children have next to nothing to eat. in have a nice
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to have my father doesn't have a job anymore i'm very thankful to the school for the food and that's the situation i was in we had. no money as parents were impoverished by the war the school's director says many children are suffering civil society so many students lost their parents through bombs and rockets into houses factories and shops. half of that will be empty hospitals can't cope there's a lack of medical supplies children are especially hard hit according to the ngo save the children tens of thousands have died from our nutrition and infection eight million yemenis are just barely surviving now with the help of outside aid. and the sustained war causes more deaths every single day. back at their own honey girl school in santa lentil soup is on the menu for lunch.
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it's funded by the german charitable organization future for kids. i can offend and then as a man hand it poverty is spreading and the mother says and only and we used to give a daily mail to thirty to forty girls. now it's three hundred to four hundred and that's me out of me and. a bit of hope within the misery. these children are learning and have a warm meal every day but only as future and that of many other children in yemen is unknown because there's not yet any sign of an end to the war. in spain a far right party has won seats in an election for the first time since the end of the franco dictatorship the regional vote under lucio has left the entire migrant euro skeptic vox party poised to overturn decades long rule by the socialists the
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vox party leader says that he hopes to put together a coalition with the center right citizens party. europe's nationalist wave has arrived in spain. the vox party secured twelve seats in andalusia a region with a high rate of both unemployment and migration the party's president is confident they can now take their region against to the national level. and illusions once again have made history they have shaken off thirty six years of socialist regimes paving the way for the rest of spain by saying that it's possible. to do the same in the rest of the country are equal much but he doesn't go out of your body the election has severely weakened the governing socialists although they secured the most seats they fell short of a majority despite this they're vowing to stop the rise of the far right.
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the music an alternative for an delusions does not mean that our government will become a reflection of this right wing party off which is xenophobic and justifies violence against women and among citizens. ever since the end of francisco franco's dictatorship in one thousand nine hundred seventy five the socialists have dominated politics in the region but sunday's election has shaken the status quo the ballot was the first major test for prime minister pedro sanchez who leads a minority government and with a host of elections coming up in twenty nineteen spain socialists face a crucial year. football's frosty just below award will be handed to the top men's player of twenty voted for by journalists there are also two new awards for best young player and the women's both. men's favorite. followed champions league success with real madrid with
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a fantastic world cup campaign leading to the final in russia in the young player category france or world cup winner killian. is expected to take home the trophy. and he leads the running for. the women's. video replay is coming to the champion's league the executive committee announced on monday that video assistant referees which are commonly known as the a r will be introduced into europe's top club competition starting with the round of sixteen next february it's part of the wave plan to expand the use of the replay technology including for the twenty twenty five. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the un secretary general . has said that the world is not moving fast enough to prevent a climate catastrophe he was the opening. speaker at the annual
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conference on climate change in the polish city of. you watching the. world followed by the day to see that. i .


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