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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CET

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i we can make the pleas from i think mass graves. while he also hopes to bring about change through his art his studio is on the outskirts of town away from the noise and exploding rance in central lego. so much so here they love the chaos of of the city is so inspiring yes. you can get inspired by to kill the boy when you come to your studio in somewhere that is you know kind of a very calm for you to actually do the production of your walk. the unplanned growth of cities is one of his central themes. i was amazed by. the concentrated in the city other same time the way. this you know probably you know it's so amazing that is where this summer it's all about to actually know the way cities are not properly planned in nigeria.
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the kind of kind of development kind of the villain that we have that is more like a. ride on. the uncontrolled development and chaos of the city also inspire sam abell han the painter is known for his celebration of colors with broad brush strokes he fragments his motifs to create fascinating picture puzzles. where i started didn't even try to at the same time make people feel. happy looking at it somebody once told me that my paintings. able to see very nice things even when us you're looking at very. optimism and productivity not frustration and stagnation that seems to be the model
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of many contemporary artists in lagos their work is attracting more and more interest on the domestic art market. i started getting into it when i study. looking man reading about things are not tastes good paul admitted people one therians come to appreciate what you want to buy just for appreciate the expression of ideas from appreciating the works they have to start by. does lagos have the potential to become africa's hottest are. the growing demand in the nikkei art gallery suggests that it. is. now to the german city of frankfurt to an exhibition by william country edge that cuts to the chase of an encounter with the some upgraded south african artist.
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time doesn't heal all wounds no one knows that better than william can tridge his work grapples with topics like the scars of colonialism and apartheid peoples vain attempt to evade defeat and time. the refusal of time with his installation of the documentary and twenty twelve now it's at the heart of his show in frankfurt levy house museum placed right in the midst of classical european sculpture. i'm certainly an artist who lives and works in south africa and my work is very much shaped by the particular conditions in which it is made a condition of johannesburg as a very young city and how it works about being not in the art center not in new york and not in berlin not in london but being six thousand miles away with the question of the europe's relationship to its colonial legacy is very present every
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day. and one of the things about showing the work that's posed like this here in europe is to bring those questions into the school and. the nineteen eighties reem temperatures work has dealt with the trauma of a party it started with his early animated charcoal drawing early on he realised the system that gave him so many privileges was deeply flawed one decisive influence was his parents' human rights lawyer in his early theatre what can trigger tack to the apartheid system. and told me. not so god out by letter none was nobody. in their doubt. who bomb on job i knew no bomb bomb i know. he also went on to stage opera. such as bags watching which addressed the colonial conflicts during the first world war. optimistic to think of art changing the world or to think
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that it sets the agenda for political discussions occasionally at that but much more important to the artworks by making connections both between people to people look at the same work and suddenly understand the existence of other people by the common viewing of the view of the piece of art as a social activity that is not only you who are seeing work but other people are also seeing it and by the confirmation. it gives to us of who we are. can tricia's family had fled anti semitic programs in europe and he felt the in congruity of growing up as a privileged white in south africa. the christian effects of european colonialism and also with the in the miniature black box on display in the lead big house he addresses the first genocide of the twentieth century the massacre of the herrero people by the germans in one thousand no four at that time. the fun leave the
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family who lived here may have sat in their parlor and read about it in the news paper. have been both the. the most admirable and strongest human traits that have gone together with and being committed to not the same of but committed christians of everest of greed of. acquisition. kendrick says drawing is equivalent to thinking for him many of his works are born as charcoal drawings even his films which he embarks on without storyboards no wonder then that a coffee pot follows in the footsteps of french animation pioneers josh mayer just light of the movie magic himself appears as trotsky in ost sentimental machine and installation first shown in istanbul and. one team a chief in the work is the megaphone signifying the power of propaganda and it's
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all the more relevant at a time when william kendrick views europe with great concern and. need. and can be if you say from outside of europe that europe as a totality has become the fortress where you have a sense for hundreds of years europe maybe threw up from the colonies and now it suddenly decides all the close all the gates we've got the money and lifting up with anybody else try to get in the anything back and people think it's an act of generosity to allow some few migrants into the country rather than understanding it's a simple act of justice. william canter it reminds europe that what it might consider foreign is actually an important part of its own history.
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that's it for this edition of the arts twenty one. celebrating the art and artists of africa join us again next week. until then bye bye and no features in. the book. the book. the book.
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the. blood. the our economy. flying super soft coal how such hopes to overcome five obsessing on the rest of the brain in jump take off again brainstorms. by m. to celebrate the be. the theme of the be. told.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin nato urges moscow to comply with the key cold war arms treaty the alliance says a new russian cruise missile fire leaves an agreement that has guaranteed europe security for more than thirty years as they do a foreign ministers discuss the issue in brussels fears grow of a new international arms race is also coming up. president trump is his final respects to the late president george h.w. bush as he flies from state in washington to look at the complicated legacy of the
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former leader. and how climate change is affecting reindeer in norway and threatening the way the people of the north have lived for centuries. and it's one of thailand's most popular sports kickboxing also gives poor children a shot at a better life but doctors are warning that young people are paying too high a price we visit a gym to see how dangerous the sport is for children. and. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us. nato says russia is running out of time to comply with an arms treaty that bans certain types of nuclear missiles the us has threatened to pull out of the one nine hundred eighty seven i.n.f. treaty because moscow has failed to respect the agreement the issue is set to top
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the agenda of nato foreign ministers in brussels today europe appears to have persuaded the u.s. to delay its withdrawal from the treaty it up use teri schultz reports on the new arms control debate. european leaders know the moment is near when the i.n.f. nuclear agreement between washington and moscow a traditional safeguard of their security will be declared dead we all know that the time is running out. that this is not tenable but we have an orphan troll agreement which is all respected by one part of nato secretary general un stoltenberg emphasizes the dangers of the missile russia has developed which goes beyond i.n.f. limitations on flight ranges it is hard to detect it is nuclear capable and it could reach european cities with little or no
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warning time numerous u.s. briefings have convinced european allies that moscow's missile arsenal makes a mockery of the treaty but even as europeans acknowledge that some are doubtful killing the i.n.f. willing crease their security this of course is of concern to europeans because the europeans are in the line of fire and they're in the line of fire between the russian cruise missiles and of the united states these sites to bring back was missed on the european continent who would be the first star get europe so this is the interest friends secretary of state might pompei o shown here visiting nato in april was expected to formally announce i.m.f. withdrawal this week in brussels which would kick off a six month period until the exit is final but european leaders wanted a two month delay and their last minute interventions appear to have won out the announcement is now expected in february the german marshall fund bruno lettuces europe needs to act now and examine his wider security as the i.m.f.
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is just one of the former pillars now crumbling the question for europe and the nato allies in general is do we want to try to save those three days of the ninety's that no longer work do we want to try to save and change them or do we want to get rid of all the structures of the ninety's and come up with something new the problem here however is that there is nothing new on the table and this is perhaps something that the nato ministers should really start thinking about especially because there's no sign so far that russian president vladimir putin is thinking about changing course. so can the i.m.f. treaty be saved at this point and should it be for some analysis this morning we have here with us sarah home from the german council on foreign relations good morning thanks for being with us russia is violating the letter and the spirit of the i.n.f. treaty so shouldn't be scrapped that's exactly the position of trump and his secretary of state pay you but from european just back to if it's third crucial to european security because in fact if russia is to do or has as
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a c a two or violence the i.m.f. those would reach europe and not the u.s. so it's in european interest to uphold it ok so it's especially europe at risk will present trump has come out on twitter and he's made a pitch for new or mz control talks not only with russia but with china as well is this the best the approach at this point to guarantee not only american and european security but the alliance security as well so for for the ass and for russia it could be a strategic benefit to include china because they also having i n f relevant missiles but that makes it even more complicated especially for europeans because it's crucial to their security but partners of those treaties are russia yes and maybe china or so it makes it would be. difficult for for your pains .


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