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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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i am. sure. this is due to reviews like from berlin giving in after weeks of mass protests francisco backs down suspending a controversial fuel tax increase the prime minister says no tax is worth sacrificing the unity of the nation the move is meant to deescalate tensions but protests against the tax rises were still going on as he spoke also coming up u.s. secretary of state mike pompei old slams russia china and iran and proposes a new democratic world order it comes as nato ministers try to save
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a cold war era missile treaty that they say has been violated by moscow plus u.s. president donald trump and the first lady pay their respects to the late president george h.w. bush as he lies in state in washington the state funeral takes place on wednesday. the hauraki great to have you along everyone we start off in france where the government has reacted after a weekend of rioting in paris and other cities prime minister has announced that an unpopular tax increase on diesel and petrol has been suspended until next summer in a live television address phillips said no tax was worth putting the nation's unity in danger he called for an end to the violence but that hasn't stopped the protests these images that you're about to see. are from must say where students clashed
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with police so-called yellow vest protests began in november and have since evolved into a wider revolves against president in my time michael. all right let's get more on these the latest developments so with that lisa louise in the french capital of paris only so the fresh a prime minister if it has been talking tell us what he's been saying well he said as he said that he would push back a few tax new taxes by six months but use a set that gas and electricity prices would not go up next year and they also stick to m o t v can safety inspection rules that were to kick in next year and these rules these strict rules are being pushed back as well the prime minister said i understand that you don't understand the tax system that it's it's not transparent to the french and we going to start a national debate on this on the fifteenth of december so he can bring in their
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opinion he said we can talk about bringing down taxes but you must keep in mind that if we bring down taxes also have to bring down public spending otherwise we will get into trouble on a european level our right now premise affinity the hopes of course with this latest measure to calm tensions across the country let's take a listen recently saw to what he had to say and then we'll continue our conversation after that. horseman for more than three weeks tens of thousands of french people have been expressing their anger at roundabouts in shopping areas and in the streets of many french towns that could have another one this sangar has deep roots it's been brewing for a while. it often stayed quiet out of discretion or pride it's. for today it is being expressed with force and in a collective way one must be deaf or blind not to hear or see yet you don't don't.
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rightly so so he is here reaching out it's same so will the measures appease the protesters. well you know some people say yes some people say no people from his own majority from his party let him to be gone masha saying look at what what we have put on the table this is considerable and it's actually quite good we have replied to your demands some protesters saying yes that's a first step but apparently more from what i can save from what i can see on social networks and in the french media saying you know this is student too late these major measures would have a piece as about two weeks ago but now several weeks into the protests we need to see even more actually the government is only saying we're not going to increase taxes but what they are now asking for is that the government brings taxes down that they put that the government puts more money into their pockets people here
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are asking for a higher minimum wage pensions and lower taxes and there is already a third at an end the next day a fourth day of protests planned for this saturday and they're likely to be violent again actually all right so this might be too little too late how much has this protest movement affected a president i mean on my comments on. well a lot and he is already quite unpopular one out of five french people have actually a positive opinion of him now this has put him under pressure from the protesters but also from different parts of the political spectrum of the opposition party some position parties for him to step asking for him to step down for an dissolution of the national assembly even and even from his own from members of his own party there has been growing criticism of his handling of the crisis he was too slow he didn't reply to the people's demands and many friends here this is
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a president that comes across as arrogant and that is really out of touch with his own people. who is reporting from the french capital paris thank you next up a new democratic world order led by washington that's the proposal from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who says president donald trump is not abandoning u.s. global leadership but has said we shaping world relations on the basis of sovereign states rather than multilateral institutions here's what some some of what said earlier bad actors have exploited our lack of leadership for their own game this is the poisoned fruit of american retreat. president trump is determined to reverse that. u.s. state secretary mike pompei you know was speaking before a nato meeting where ministers have been discussing how to save a major arms treaty the alliance says a new russian cruise missile violates a pact this agreed guaranteed rather europe's security for more than thirty years
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the kremlin denies it has breached the agreements but the u.s. is threatening to withdraw from the so-called i.n.f. treaty signed by moscow and washington back in one thousand nine hundred seventy it bans nuclear armed missiles with a range of fifty five hundred kilometers and as our next report shows the tension between russia and the west has reignited fears of a new arms race. this is what the drama is about medium range nuclear ballistic missiles that have been on a self imposed by the u.s. and russia since the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. may be about to change u.s. authorities believe russia may have developed a weapon systems like these in breach of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. we're not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement they go out and do weapons that we're not allowed to wear the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we bonded greatly but russia has not
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fortunately mounted the agreement so we're going to terminate a break but we're going to pull out. the kremlin has denied trump's allegations saying it has not produced any missiles that are prohibited by the i.n.f. treaty the i.n.f. treaty was seen as a major breakthrough in nuclear security when it was ratified by former soviet president mikhail gorbachev and u.s. president ronald reagan in one nine hundred eighty seven it came after a tense period of confrontation in the heart of europe. with very short flight times nuclear annihilation of european capitals was only five to fifteen minutes away trump has said the u.s. will start developing these capabilities again if russia and china don't agree to stop have to develop those weapons unless russia comes to us and. and it comes to worse when they all come to is that they say let's really get smart and let's none of us develop those weapons china is not a signatory of the pact and has been investing heavily in land based missiles now
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some observers fear it could be joined by russia and the u.s. in a new arms race. and you have your correspondent tara szell says at the nato meeting in brussels i talked to her a short while ago and asked whether the i.n.f. treaty could be saved it remains to be seen but it doesn't look good allies are at this very moment beginning a meeting where this us secretary of state might pump a.o.l. once again make the case for the what why the u.s. feels this treaty needs to be declared defunct the u.s. has many times briefed allies with the evidence that has been very convincing i'm told that russia has developed a missile which completely makes the i.n.f. treaty irrelevant that goes beyond the limitations of the treaty allows and so now the u.s. says look we are all in greater danger if we keep pretending this treaty is in effect now allies are split on this issue that you do some of them say you know cliff give us more time and in fact the u.s. has agreed to a couple more months other allies say look if russia is already out there with
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these capabilities we feel safer if the u.s. catches up so it remains to be seen whether the europeans can convince russia to come back into compliance within a couple of months and therefore keep the i.n.f. treaty in effect are well looming large over this nato meeting terry are of course the latest tensions with moscow after that naval clash between russia and ukraine what position is nato taking in this conflict. nato supports ukraine but ukraine is not a member so nato has no true article five responsibility to protect ukraine's territorial sovereignty at the same time there are many nato worship's patrolling through the black sea and nato says this should be enough reinforcement for russia's you know it can't mess with ukraine any further than an axiom crimea of course in two thousand and fourteen at the same time ukraine is bound to be disappointed we just heard nato secretary general stoltenberg say that no new military measures are planned all the eliz are doing at this point is saying russia
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must release the ukrainian soldiers it must allow free passes through the sea and that its defense ukraine morally but there are going to be any new military measures at this point so kiev is bound to be hoping for more our reporting from brussels from the nato summit there thank you so very much. all right that's a bit you know on some of the other stories making news around the world a delegation from yemen is with the rebels is on its way to sweden for u.n. brokered peace talks there traveling with special envoy martin griffiths seen here in sanaa yesterday there are also reports that it was the saudi backed government and the who thing have agreed to swap hundreds of prisoners of war and out of the negotiations. go bones president ali bongo is recovering from an unconfirmed illness in morocco as video shows the moroccan king with bongo on the right it's his first appearance since he fell ill at a conference in saudi arabia in oct in october sparking rumors about his condition
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. police in italy say they've arrested the man suspected of being the new head of the sicilian mafia eighty year old said to me male was apprehended during a raid along with forty five other alleged mobsters accused of extortion firearms offenses arson and other crimes. he was president for and the first lady have paid their respects to the late president george h.w. bush whose body is lying in state in washington the casket will remain in the u.s. capitol building until wednesday when it will be taken to the national cathedral for a state funeral. president donald trump with his wife maloney of beside him pays his respects. a brief visit but important trump and the former u.s. president didn't always see eye to eye bags from old political sides.
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there was a kindness about the man. it was evident to everyone who ever met him. all his years in public service were characterized by kindness modesty and patriotism. president bush who died aged ninety full will lie in state in washington's capitol rotunda and till wednesday members of the public have been gathering to pay their final respects. thank you lake hughes. with the love right barbara and his daughter rather than me and i just trying to come here to people back to him and thank him for. what he did for. the wonderful man i'm by to be vocal and be able to attend this it's a privilege. the body of america's forty first president had been
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transported from texas to washington his son george w. bush who followed his father into the oval office had a company take him on his final journey from their home city of houston. houston itself was hosting a concert in honor of the late president. and c.e.o. salaries and gathered to remember a man who many felt rose above the political fray and to whom they wanted to say goodbye. new years. you're watching it over he's a self along where it's how you were coming up. ministers back a new deal to toughen up the euro but is it tough enough to withstand a nother craze. plus he has germany's biggest car companies go to washington we'll
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tell you what's on the agenda and business after a short break but then zoran i'll see you again at the top of the hour. as long as top managers do no good today nothing would change you know the banks being human minds and so was the language of a bank running. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for my.


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