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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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heavily in its domestic car industry the number started changing for twenty eighteen overall car sales in china are down but sales for hong she have jumped over six hundred percent when you look i'm proud to drive a hunk she it's better than driving a benz b.m.w. already after all this car represents our national brand the quality is also very good and very impressive to others and if you don't follow your passion. punk she maker f e w has plans to roll out more than a dozen new models by twenty twenty five including two luxury s.u.v.s and many electric models and autonomous car is being developed in partnership with tech giant by do. you watching t w news here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. french protesters have injected the government's concession on a controversial fuel tax rise saying it doesn't go far enough the government says it would suspend
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a plant fuel tax amid increasing violence demonstrations protesters say they will continue their action. and senior what you read only does are in sweden to join you and brokered peace talks with you gave a government it's the first real chance in years to end the conflict that's brought about the world's worst ongoing humanitarian crisis. this is the w. news live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site as d w dot com i want to johnsonville insects she's. been.
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on. the works of old masters painted directly onto the wall. of a spanish artist copies plus works along with their frames these paintings will never go on tour. to see them you have to find the first. you're roman next d.w. . i'm in creating both and i want to find out what turns this medieval town world heritage status is a thing the famous just feel i'm sure every chance be looking at what else you can
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experience here in the run up to christmas. in sixty minutes w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. in history in everyone. is the mathematician
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but i try to. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . either welcome to your marks your daily dose of european lifestyle and culture is a look at what's coming up today. attack a spanish painter creates and exhibits as well. in an unusual place. in the picture perfect german confectioner monte s. mr miles there's a real eye candy. and canine creations five artists who get their inspiration from man's quest for it. when we think of
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artists see use the streets as that canvas what usually comes to mind is graffiti modern murals or political art but our first report today focuses on a young man who blurs the lines between street art and classic paintings he has an amazing ability to copy paintings of legendary artists and recreate these works on walls in unexpected places they're so good that you need to look twice to determine that they aren't the original old masters we travel to malaga in southern spain to meet julio i'm not going. when german artist caspar davidge fleetly he painted two men contemplating the moon in eighteen nineteen he would never have guessed that a copy of his work would appear on a wall in southern spain some two hundred years later. bill came. to the skies the most work. that the transition from whites in the in from light to
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very dark has to be just right. i don't get it right then no one will be able to understand the painting. just who you are niagara bandying lives and works in the end illusion provinces month ago in southern spain he's mastered the art of copying the works of great painters such as mourning a rembrandt and. bonding doesn't paint on canvas but originally on walls in isolated spots abandoned houses or at the port of malaga for instance here a painting by spanish artist in new york connie the first becomes a window into the scene. these ruins and located not far from the city. where you're tapping and then you who are used to only pain in the studio until a graffiti artist friend of mine asked if i wanted to come within one day. joining
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us started painting a picture on the wall and i really like the relationship between the painting in the environment and so i continue doing it i look at it that is. the artist needs about six hours to copy a painting and about four for the frame he uses a clever techniques that combines colors and changing to create the impression that it's three dimensional. two men contemplating the moon epitomizes the romantic view of nature commanding captures it on camera and posts a picture to instagram later as a creative dialogue between. painting on the surrounding landscape. there are two men looking at the moon from a hill. i chose this place because the landscape is just as hilly and we can see trees olive trees which are typical for this area. but if you want to see these pictures you'll have to find them first they're often exhibit in so to speak in the middle of nowhere come bounding wants to create
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a new appreciation for art and he's very playful that's why he deliberately chose to paint a man as a maid asleep near a highway was. i'm interested in the relationship between the band in space on the one hand and work of art an incredibly valuable object on the other. it's taking the work out of its context from a museum that protects and perpetuates it to somewhere with a completely opposite character that's what interests me. with me. like a painter throughout the ages of i'm doing now also works on commission last night he painted five work in the derelict former palace of culture encampments in eastern germany the works included a copy of. the swans are up of the sea of fog and work by god to go.
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study the university of fine arts in malaga. he has a small studio in the old town where he prepares his works. he's never painted his own to reach a.


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