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tv   Doc Film - Yemen - Kids and the War  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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to envisage i imagine they even prepare for what a euro zone what a world without michael up that on the world stage might look like kate brady in our parliamentary studio thanks very much and we of course have much more on that story and all the others in this broadcast our web site d w dot com for now though for me brian thomas the entire team thanks so much for being with us. and. for staying in school in the jungle. for first climbing less of a minute or as grand a moment arrives in the join your reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on the d w don't come in tanks.
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sinai is one of the world's oldest cities with a history stretching back doing that millennia legally today it is devastated my country yemen has been under steady bombardment for three years few images have reached you few journalists dared to venture here i wanted to make a film to document what the population is going through because it was about and then i met ahmed his sister and his nephew who is about the same age as he is from his window takes and that plane is. not how you look at. it it's like you're in it. can't get better
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than this it. doesn't say that. you just did you. get had much. janet guyon you jennifer had less mass outlet. those up. every day since march twenty fifteen the children have lived in fear of the danger in the sky so. that was when a coalition of nine arab countries led by neighboring saudi arabia began its campaign of sustained air raids on the country a campaign that is killed it sounds and sensible.
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first. ever since the bombings began off mad has been obsessed for. what. each. letter. sand canada what he says is nothing that's no mo at that have to seriously i've used that system get us to buy that it's a limited us about the world gets more of them are. going ahead but i guess that owen and medicine bag near kids america have to fill gotta say let me see if i get paid get to the self i said he left the scene let's say let's go eat fast enough that the sadness of a test of a at. her
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. resemblance is due to the music of the mclaren and i'm going to have their chests and when there isn't already exists in the thirty forty minutes early. in their lives ahead. oh god let me have a cigarette have any of their. children are the ones hardest hit by the conflict in yemen they're the ones who are going to tell you about this war about which you have heard so little. or earlier. i suggested ahmed when you said interview the kids in their neighborhood after to see about have been affected you go know you were playing can you throw. the name of the war in
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a flight into his'n they kill you good style you don't let him go to the feel good conditions if you cannot show you know i didn't know i should get medicine that would finally did. get. to see the son of kanu world recession. the mountains overlooking sun are bombed on an almost daily basis the children have had to learn to cope. i. was. going to study. that after death. and. i had what they felt less of letting the world keep. coming to more candles and for the magistrate contempt keep him out of kentucky
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them that can assemble can then send a message cannot easily who haven't mothers can then vent. and that don't help them and that is why i need to say mash as i can and really educated not zillionaire that they will buy them a set and they remember to do it i mean how much is a saudi medicine marmaton meant to know how can it that it has not had. some of that yet. got any say to us that jack. come. to them to show you the message i yes that's right yes. i explained to the children that other countries europe in particular would have to intervene to stop the war. that goes about it how debate. how that is the matter fish. so they don't know how to
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vote so all of this though is that. you have a tough nut ok. since two thousand and sixteen the european parliament has passed several resolutions calling for a ban on the sale of european arms to saudi arabia. and europe could hold the key to ending this conflict. and had a little pretty bad should have been the matter share that's how you got to be yes i had been alinea ten and i said i'm among them are easier than from sin and monarch and they're good in that the seven was to ground war behind. one knob and that direction o.b.l. the one other good the lucky. it's the film of. my being i don't know when i was one hundred.
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but i would prefer. hey it i am and i leak. from the layer of you who hate. my young and my how you. only have it. out of the can i just a tad bit of that was a man of the good then took of cause it's american comfort that the grass was a. good level. goes up the new frontier you are. tired of that and now we're stuck over there son of man and i love get it well enough has a couple but at the nick spencer had cancer but you know coming out of the debris and later you have enough people and only going to keep our focus will magically on a number of and i mean you'll have the well known. condoms and then we do so i just wasn't allowed to touch at the end of the job i like i should be wanted and though
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i do so not that mad i start a bird then i but i'm not sure they have that mystic i will load you up they are a way to look at it better than i can in the fallout was a lot. about i what. lemon was a mug a good bit of good player limit. good another. member then it. could be been a seat of the aisle a m b c. and that better be. a minimum i'm going to head to head they have him as a little modest of the show if you want to they had him became one go a little lamb as modest obvious that they had a lovely been starving done in a jet you have to the not to lead them and that wound that had one of the paddy if you have your money. and look at the go would upset all three.
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group before you. toda. i have he had let me know. where she was ok must've been mad men that they know but no worries about so tell your men will die here that i love him and will live should be a gamble again and. you fall for love i loved now we can show it have the medina somehow he said to you the full i'll i'm going lettie to my mum my heart looked at i tell you i love me k.c. a smash and the magic in the teddy personally i'm a name for god and the first how. much. was a total. budget that might have been
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a bush. but will show her that. matt has put aside his rifle and enthusiastically slipped into the role of reporter . but he had to give. it to morrow she had. intended line of to smack her leave. but not really really sad sad good
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man must. look at. this isn't this mom. she's made a name for herself by posting photos on social media that illustrate the situation in yemen. the pictures are slightly staged designed to highlight the social problems affecting the country since the start of the war. flag and someone as a malcontent i am i look at them and i was going like it to my left motive. that's my get to my head and it's michelle how did you make it to my head and it's mean small coin this moment of like a heck of a social reveal it could we have a leg or turn a soda so monium is good to my head of. a soda can i throw the matter.
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of this of will not was a telephone was critical of even if i mean her mother you mean you know shopper lemony for sort of well here are not going to go to look at them but. it's up. fashion a tad over by. that appear to have a column of clue for her to do. without. ties to these and that show we've come to cement head of i man had a bad in me a lot ahead of me but then your mother. had a little bit as we all can flush had. had the third woman at the had to move and if i just had a lot of praise that isn't. tendency toward it and so. on and there were a dome i've been eating some of this money and i think i had to have found
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something. sedatives and i don't. you could kind of home yet it's not just enough for you to have him stashed in a shopping cart an idea many i spin. it to read such a good. thing up yemo to know that it's job yet most still not that much money yeah it's money for selling have had. a blockade imposed by the saudi led coalition has deprived the people of yemen of the basic means of survival medicine food and water are running out there are severe shortages across the country.
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that's sad. that we should be too many twitter on how that has made the speech and we need a good to get inside my system as a minister yeah the only edney i did any membership any creation of an arm and arm dia to join them to be then. fathers and his younger sister who was lost their mother in a bombing early in twenty seventeen. i found out how much that is. to.
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come a little while after you. have to. thank you. it was john legend and it. was the models i was safe inside nasheed. just let. him know. that he'd know much at home and you can bet on that many of the deaths they have about it judge and the right jetliners and it's not about any man. has ever though it. was a talent to just unlucky as feared us. we've the few. who went bad at that. as you. know when you quit with. her. mother well i
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didn't like the look. at the top. enough on the roads or who owns the boards but i'm looking at those who are. who are lost since nobody else was. and they hit the road more quotable. munjal. write to me. that. this is. what the. you know move ahead to look i'll be. glad to handle. this one point. of motivation from. what i
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am. about. head bit to get didn't name i need my best national carrier. of c. a team with a few global may seem a good ship up foul play it out to my to about how much room when i'm took a look blew me go right while i made ted it been to his next to as soup exit out of . the the womb . have a pack not. one as i can be a. quality as i would love a house all in enough and then i really. saw what though. given the
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united way that. we had no sniffing the challenge and. there's a basic idea in this movie and you know my tests show that i am real how has that come and that's in fact the essence of selves. and one. who can touch. that in the bottom line which. is not in the guy who will tell you that he says lucifer saw slaves saw it at second to one to call him a to light hats and they were full of the demented from the face of a cut too late at the hay is a sort of and i have never seen. one of the cat and i did not it's the same. amount of the. have names to sra by the heavy the largest amount and for getting up
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and. doesn't feel even a spent and then you that know it's not. with a millionaire but the man with what i had to say you know. all the time that what. i just don't go on and on that well so long book and practice and so forth not unless the shop shuts you told oprah it was a color on how that image as it is called you on the table into your you cannot stick a good will is over to my jewelry. and when i mean back and have the have been released and the while i'm out on to cut down early with tom ridge i didn't manage to have a hug me you know i mean when i'm that i married someone who had made out i didn't and then getting ready to have. dinner and upset i
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had let fear but i'm such a fan for us because my luck for. buffy madge got her about then i am better than a match. but. found there is a door. that if you have a heavy heavy. lift who can look out for films. shocks my bridge and said look here. but. while a phone model looks goetia do it while a go to our little piece of about such. a long name umbrella over the bow by a tenner. leisure shown on the motor cars that. they're going to begin to ship the
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new computer and i'm not going to the computer can. find that evidence. and that is because you know they can. go. on october eighth two thousand and sixteen an air raid on sino struck civilians gathered in this hall for a funeral. the attack killed one hundred forty people and wounded more than five hundred. the ruins of the building testified to the ferocity of the bombing. the children to be cited to use the location as the backdrop for their interview of moggi a singer from sun no. i don't suck. the number. national i get up
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you're going to think in a manner that. well. and had a lot of a lot of the other you did a lot a lot of. the. do not appear. to have people that look you never have that. you would. love to do the best have a lovely. well let's get down. with the. can i just set up. jealous of them or have.
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a new. program to manage. with m.m.a. . well there are no monk. you know a lot of like i want you. to matter not present. on our. my your lives of. your money and they did more for their money and that they might have. some earlier and i stepped around me planted in public when your money and wealthy do you more poor let's take your money and see the humor of food your memory and yes that's it i am a metaphor or you are.
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one of. the bomb squad. and you are just the will. of the wal-mart. movement. behind. the sun. to. come visit. them on the floor of. the most.
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you can learn. a little too much. from that mean that in a month ago. we almost started how you will. add the figure to the field when the so you love obama not even the cool hello. from the other end of the the feeling. of the law behind the could. be the mike i'm the boss of the team and i can live without. the fish out of interest but did. not move the smoking.
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gun. and. if. you found. somebody who's a painter but like margie the rappers songs or work today is entirely focused on the war. she works from images or photos but she finds in the media.
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that his mom. heavy snow much a good mop up sugar mama cat i have a snap question can mom perhaps the watch soccer mom with a look at the focus of a mother so we had to read kind of the should be a good had a touch around another thought it had to be in and i said no even t. could but who for some perhaps highly had better read than with anything that had majesty you get that out of the out that it happened due to her or get her. a thirty two hundred took to show her that and nor does he look at insanity in any admin who instead give any incentive you can enter into research etc you can use or even have thought out you still have an incentive what we are need for so long but a lot of us in the us now who have nothing own macguffin that incentive go much as you go my how by letting you has this habit of could have perhaps never had before
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been more there wasn't time to can go eat and i haven't have that i guess there's no model but a canard that i wrote them again why is it the fact that i work at different with and with a different weapon being that he would guarantee that to me that if i don't want them and i don't have these two particularly the number of fish the and the bin enough that their mother god rest not a big can my mom can tell you sad. he may not have his head said ted a sign that he can't be hit. ok can't tell it. cannot and should not to how long a national bones tempy are out on the matter so we've got national enough nash it can be its muscle and sanity in with our own way in but i really do and when with the side that he should be absent be had to worry it will actually be helpful live in america to how i live in america too now that it is shitty just to go home we don't have food in order to be writing and i'm finding mr g.
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. i. could have. you have both of them are they smart since you survive the levels of up and the shit out of them out of any which are called alice got a lot of other mad why the couldn't be subtle about it at that but what was the use of other outside of themselves and. to men and those kinds of salaries magic to the world absorb it all but that if they didn't start. this habit of the up people look right because i do want to be at the high rock so
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i looked through the other recipes that the lower level people. i do want to add the latest map to do to change it looking up the bus might have been upset or what the sabbath to be a matter got this yes album has us out why fret the fact that the foot i guess along is a. fraction of the fretless guitar by that you know mr musharraf along mass market just at the young man who. has to get a lot fun and much of the thief awful stuff when your looks are going to figure out a good as it is you had such an art and craft in fact you were just carnal man and now i am and you were one of them at that i didn't give up on me right as i grew i mean i had to shell out i look at how lucky are looking to pull our troops up i am lucky i'm hung up so not. only isn't that's not what i mean it's out of my linen doesn't matter to
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a. lot of us can't we went to egypt and it's to cheer for your sanity somehow in the fetus event that is instead you're going kind of wonder i am not only. those who are more secure paparazzi is not so obvious but it is i besiege care because of the law it had to start it was say you're going to get advantage of some of us not one of them will start a small family i'm sorry can you not to seek it out i just like to have a cast that. time it gets hard right. so that it's a letdown after and she said i love it i'm not interested yet i want the sake of the shaddock. and that's the employer i have been asked to do and they're thinking . well as alekhine assigned me. beforehand if you can look a little niggas if you work from solara for some hours
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a lot of them going back i don't know the last article i had no. connection but now that i've had one person to stick in. the share the head of a man who you know had barely. listen how to mad that he was a little letting the thing to be terrible once he had no money she had done. up the rough road again abbottabad have bitten our bums i'll bet a station how to cook for how our quality of food help mr didden she lays no no other marking rule mcconnell so what is the whole matter if you don't want to work on a lark and how that could be full on all occasions of so beautiful learn how to build to learn how i look back and feel and know what seven million and to know now human hearing and i am an entertainer and the telephone confided that you minister fratricide tell them. to howard so
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sort of so i don't really like that and received the last half an hour or so of not a measure so one of them again. i know who. live there are all accomplish and the human. fear i look at are them who are simply one is the help for that higher back then how to learn how to win some said i'm here or not. thought out but i think it a bad inside and was out of. a lot of them are a. few. who
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do yes. it is a menace loop that. just felt. that it to my sister. even . though she loved it as a look love they had on mission never had better give it up well enough i mean you know we need we lead and then a lot of that should it's a bit. of fear do what you wish. to get out. as said it will. come about i'm really tired i would leave. and that it is going to investigate.
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it is only at the end of fact it comes. to. this there are. going but you just never know lavish enough sap jesselyn and then is that i have enough shadow genetical chaffed right. just to satisfy what robert and do. most of our group are. suddenly it was a play on kind and i dentistry and i do my stuff so i don't blow it up like a museum in india where when i was
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a plan on how to. cut and. by then i didn't. have move you would get a tele. you know as you. i'm sure. well you're sure it was a show and if. there's a. good idea actually. that did. any of us. let's take a look that up a way doesn't it tell. you how. many who survived the airstrikes are left homeless the u.n. says three million people have been displaced since the beginning of the conflict a large number now live in refugee camps i. didn't know i
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did have no say in this simply just in the letter and the same with a live that we didn't. want to have and had. went to a lot of them up. i let you know that on my dollar not as a. lover. and a little later seven. i mean i do now know. what is it may not be a rule of. thumb but dad just let me just also if at all be i know no love especially how larry led to him mr michel reading. a novel of him didn't i have them. wot of in the help. they forgot. the matters most i can
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free enough so what five and no you don't honor no good this is no way you turn it when i had a minimalism but if any. fun few clues then only a month. ago the rule of the room for my head show can arnie but i have just keep barry still for lottie and the benefits. that. you. just outside the city limits the children find a little girl named nord sitting amid the ruins of her family's farm.
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for most folks. when no way to prove. skin room ordering me to. carry with it the other that they can refer to or grew on the back door of the leg so in my. book. also you. also. know when idea. shift that's. like sort of and i'm going to learn what i will without going to canada as that i have cement there not a good car yet. similar to a side effect of. the road to the folder.
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the jets you know of that are who. the mother of over took on stage actually. and did say she love my lot and i miss you know mother was sad oh and we also don't give a child those same people the majority now do like i work and then eventually both . michelle's top. saw but. could do to get out. close to normal. the like what. that. circle. the boat. smith does the little feet well rather than. most road much mention
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momofuku of this madness that has helped him get a holy spirit. which i loved took a version about vision mission which took about. well. how. much. fist. at. the foot. of the little girl has now been taken in by her uncle. after a thousand days of conflict and nearly nine thousand council teas yemen remains in
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the grip of war and the international community remains indifferent to. friends and several other european countries are still supplying the saudi coalition with a vast quantities of advanced military equipment. from. the style of being. your own man still works. discerning libyan concepts. and outstanding architecture. flair and style essential. europe and thirty minutes w. . anxiously
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waiting. waiting for a lifeline to syria. good morning where are you why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together. but it hurts because they feel powerless to help. they worry about the ones they've left me. or that i'm trying to be strong on. the war continues to haunt those who fled from syria cut out of. the war on my phone our two part documentary starts december eighth on t.w. .
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blame blame blame blame blame. blame blame blame. blame. this is the debate is lot for trouble ahead for the trade war truth between beijing and washington a global corporate officer of chinese telecom giant holloway has been arrested in canada she now faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating sanctions on iran. also coming up it's on the market last day as the leader of germany is conservative.


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