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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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her name is joe one of china's top tech executives and she could face criminal charges in a u.s. courts on allegations that her company while way may have violated u.s. sanctions against iran canadian police arrested her the u.s. wants her extradited and aggressive move that could blow up any trade truce between washington and beijing the news today wiped out gains on wall street for the year i bird go off in berlin this is the day. i. point you in china has made clear its position to canada and the united states requesting that they immediately clarify the reason for the arrest and to immediately release the detainee. i don't think an answer arrest is hard to pick in
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part time while he's in china but it may affect small ways business on the international market the point that i. know nothing of you china's economy is becoming stronger i think the u.s. may be unhappy so they did something to harm china's interests which i guess maybe related to monk's arrest we're going to go as far as i know. canada and the united states still have not explained why this arrest was made. also coming up tonight germany's angela merkel tomorrow will step down as leader of her conservative c.d.u. party but she's not giving up her job as chancellor that makes her a political disruptor. this will be a special party congress because this time a new leader of the cd will be elected this is pure democracy this is
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a real choice to be made and the delegates will decide the rest. we begin the day with an unexpected high profile the rest that is already costing us investors billions today canadian police arrested joe the chief financial officer of a way one of china's giant tech companies the arrest was a request from the u.s. which also wants her extradited is wanted by u.s. prosecutors reportedly on allegations that her company violated u.s. sanctions against iran an explosive mix of geopolitics and business ties between the world's two largest economies economies which are teetering on the edge of a trade war she's the chief financial officer of one of the biggest telecommunications equipment companies in the world now it's emerged that man wang jew has been in custody in canada for days u.s.
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authorities are seeking her extradition on charges of helping huawei violate the u.s. trade embargo on iran allegations that have prompted an angry response from beijing who've gone you don't let it go china has expressed its serious position on this case to both canada the united states. we are demanding the reason for her arrest to be clarified immediately. demanding meg's release and for her rights drizzles don't to be safeguarded. three. things detention comes as huawei faces increasing scrutiny from abroad in the past u.s. lawmakers have described the company as a threat to national security saying its technology could be used for spying other countries like australia and new zealand share those concerns and to stand trial
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ways equipment from being used in their high speed five g. mobile networks delicious allegations from the united states have emerged as an especially sensitive time in the chinese u.s. relationship last weekend the country's leaders agreed to a ninety day truce in their months long trade dispute the u.s. decision to target one of china's most important tech giants is only likely to reignite tensions. illustrate the story now into the new york stock exchange i'm joined by. just when investors thought that certainty of return us chinese trade now we have the arrest of one of china's top tech executives and that has spooked everyone again hasn't. it certainly has even if we recovered a little bit in the afternoon session but at some point for a second consecutive trading day blue chips and all stem almost eight hundred points and value of you have to become certain zero one is
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a possible slowing of the global economy next year and the other one of the trade tensions between the two biggest economies on the planet being the u.s. and china and that you certainly did not really help to calm investors and the news of the arrest comes at the same time that we're getting assurances from china that the trade truce agreed with u.s. president trump will be honored in and carried out how do you explain that well but it was clear from the get go that it will not be easy to really get a deal done between china and the u.s. and was this recent development do you could even argue or get a bit suspicious if washington actually really wants to get a deal with china done or tries to do everything at to keep the second biggest economy on the planet at a distance away so it's it's hard to imagine that this development will not be a drag on the trade talks that are going on as we speak and the arrest
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of one joe we understand it's for alleged violations of u.s. sanctions against iran i mean this sounds like geopolitics on the surface but i mean this is also what a trade war looks like is it. certainly and we focused all have focused so much in the past couple of weeks if not months them on tariffs but this is only one tool when it comes to trade was there in so many different possibilities to put pressure on the other side and i would say that that's precisely what we're seeing here was the arrest and what is this arrest mean for the roll out of five g. technology and in five g. connectivity china and i'm talking about a way here i mean is a leader in five g. technology and we heard from intelligence agencies are only in the u.s. saying that equipment is
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a security risk when you put all of that together it sounds like that this arrest this could be a boost for u.s. tech companies. well on one side to maybe if one competitor get some pressure that some of the five key companies here in the u.s. might see an advantage but first of all we don't actually know what china is going to do next and they're doing a lot of business with you at tech companies or that could also be a drag there and then also we have some of the chip makers here in the united states like qualcomm intel for example and they're doing business with your wife as a supplier sole for them it's tough to see that that's really going to be a positive also if you look at the big telecom companies let's say eighty and eighty for example if one of the big developers of this crucial five g. to get knowledge gets heard it's not quite certain of that's going to be a boost for them either and twenty nineteen just to add that will be
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a big here when it comes to five g. connectivity will be so much faster it will help connectivity withholds with cars with business and so on and so forth and this recent development actually could slow down the introduction of five g. and what about apple i mean i am to see an apple makes about twenty percent of its revenue in the chinese market could china use that as leverage against the united states. possibly i mean that's what i mean when i'm saying that we don't know the reaction from china yet so they could take the repercussions and yeah that could be a hurtful to companies like apple but also in many others as well who are doing quite a big chunk of their business over there and so we've got this trade war between china and the us here in germany tomorrow we are going to find out who may likely replace chancellor merkel one day next week the u.k.
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parliament is scheduled to vote on the brakes it was droll plan i mean everywhere you look yes we've got big big uncertainty there i mean is probably the worst time to be looking to make money on the markets. yes and that's pretty unusual what we see so far early december usually the last month of the year often is a pretty good strong month for stocks but this seems to be a bit different at this point the market doesn't like uncertainty is so you mentioned a couple of points but one of the big big unknowns is also will be it will be seeing a cooling not just of the global but also of the u.s. economy next year what's going to happen with interest rates so yes there is a lot of uncertainty and therefore we've seen those huge swings in the markets and there probably won't be over any time soon yes quarter there were investors are deep in the red tonight on wall street thank you very much chance.
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well there is a catastrophe unfolding in yemen and we have to stop it those are the words of sweden's foreign minister who open talks today aimed at ending the war in the un the un brokered negotiations are taking place in a remote location outside stockholm now the meeting brings together yemen's saudi backed government and who the rebels aligned with iran it's the first time that the two sides of come together in more than two years the conflict has resulted in millions of people suffering from severe hunger here's the un's on voyage to yemen martin griffiths on what's at stake in sweet things that will be in there that yemen's future is in the have of those of us in this room. the country's institutions or is the fragmentation of the country. is enormous. and we must know before we lose control of the future of yemen. now we have to act now before we lose control of the future let's talk
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about that now with our middle east analyst daniel gear lock down it's good to see you again it appears on the outside that control has already been lost at least for the yemeni people let me can this meeting really lead to a truce and a halt to the fighting. but you know i think martin griffith would just talk as a season and quite experienced mediator. and he outlined and then article in new york times for just i think came out minutes ago about his plans how to leave these negotiations and what he expects of that i think that's a pretty bold interesting move signs that he has publicized what he wants to do he has taken a lot of personal engagement he went with the who feed delegation the truth the rebel delegation that is controlling sana the capital of yemen he went with them on a plane to kuwait and on was to go to sweden to make sure. to get to give them a security guarantee. and assure them that they're not going to be shut down by the
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saudi. craft so it's quite well i would maybe brave a strong political gesture and say of his personal commitment and the other hand he's trying to manage expectations and keep them very low he says we'll sit together we will start some confidence building but don't expect any immediate outcome so we will probably agree on a road map we will have some humanitarian gestures prison if swap treatment for four injured people of either side and then we'll see where we go and i think it's not such a bad thing to do what he should have also outlined is probably he should made it should have made clear that the u.n. has made some mistakes in the past in trying to solve this and previous talks. as a confidence building measure for himself and his own initiative we know that you know we you know i've talked before about this that this is a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran do either of those countries
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have an interest in this war ending or the truce being filmed. i think no they do because both are under tremendous pressure and the saudis are under political pressure because of the killing of the saudi journalist moment in some on the from friends and defacto leader of saudi arabia has a lot of problems to legitimize himself with his western allies the iranians have economic problems and they're trying to find a face saving solution for this war too and i think also the factions on the ground have understood somehow that neither side not saudi arabia not iran and not the ruthie's and not the government of yemen can win this war and can carry through their initial plans and the europeans also on the pressure because the europeans are up to have a big summit with the leaders of the arab league by the end of february and the worst thing that could happen to the europeans to be taking pictures with mohamed
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bin salonen all these arab leaders and knowing that this disaster in yemen is just going to. remain to be seen whether or not they'll have that picture taken with the crown prince anyway. the the political pariah who seems to be protected at the moment the crown prince what has happened with general. it has led many people to say that this war in yemen will have to end but can we can we say that there is a cultural sanctuary here that the murder of a journalist is going to end up saving millions of starving yemenis i think it's more than circumstantial but i don't think there's a direct line it's not it's not a direct consequence of course. for the u.s. the u.s. have been so has been supportive of this campaign of the saudis and yemen and the americans for that matter the iraqis have a pursue slightly different political goals and also have a different approach but but the u.s. have been somehow complicit and so has the u.k. and other european countries if we go into the u.k. ambassador g.m.
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and that earlier this evening and trying to get to the answer to that question in a diplomat gives a diplomatic answer of course it's an embarrassment for the international community and in particular for europe and the united states and i think we heard president trump a couple of weeks say i want this to end the saudis also need to compromise on this and as you know very general as this statement is i think we see that the u.s. has lost its temple with with the saudis on this and they want this to end also they want the strategic. importance they they need the horn of africa and yemen as a strategic place for international trade and a further escalation of this conflict conflict is in nobody's interest you said the u.s. has lost its patience with with saudi arabia is it really the u.s. congress that has lost its patience to be the u.s. president still continues he doesn't condemn the crown prince and he really doesn't say anything about the war you're right you're right there is certainly a difference but nevertheless i think also for president trump and his
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administration they feel the pressure though they don't admit it for now but they feel the pressure that they have to act on this and finding a way out of this war in yemen which needs to end anyhow would probably a face saving solution and probably even a way to legitimize his compromising and sympathetic stance on the saudi crown prince we will see as always you know you're going to see. you. take a good look and it is drawing to a close here in germany chancellor angela merkel tomorrow will step down as chair of her conservative c.d.u. party after eighteen years and in an unusual move she will no longer be party leader but she will remain chancellor until her term ends in twenty twenty one if all goes according to plan. and that is a big if in germany the leader of the main party in government is usually also the
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chancellor and that makes uncle americal an icon of stability in politics suddenly a political disruptor you are going to merkel's announcement in october came as a surprise europe's longest serving elected leader is aiming for something no modern day chancellor has managed before her controlled exit from politics of the nixon when his pocket acted so i won't run again as party leader at the next cd you party conference in hamburg. this fourth term is my last as the chancellor of germany. merkel became the first woman at the top of the c.d.u. in the year two thousand surprising nearly everyone the newcomer from the east led her party's break with its political idol helmut kohl over party funding scandal even though poor was her mental the determination and power instinct the party saw
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there was also what it would get over the next eighteen years. those who refused to accept that the c.d.u. was no longer a gentlemen's club soon learned the hard way one by one her competitors had to go. after becoming chancellor two thousand and five machall took a c.d.u. party on a political journey many criticised as a shift to the left. setting conservative benchmark policies like military conscription and performing a u. turn on nuclear energy of the fukushima disaster in japan. by then her vall is party leader and her role as chancellor had long become inseparable merkel's political brand as the one who guarantees stability was born. in the midst of the greek debt crisis she defended risking billions of german taxpayers' money by claiming there was no alternative. there is no alternative to supporting greece to secure the financial stability of the euro. vision merkel's no i'll turn it to
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also you saw her keeping germany's borders open during what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen the political challenge that still defines her leadership. and yet if we were to mad dad that we can do this considering our european responsibility our humanitarian responsibility and our responsibility for germany then we wouldn't be the christian democratic union of germany but we are and that's why we can do this. because the so was lonely seen as a conservative party leader without an ounce hannah to to replace the fact that there are now several credible candidates is also fueling speculation over how much longer she can remain chancellor. so for the first time in almost two decades the c.d.u. will have a leader whose name is not merkel now three candidates are vying to take her place
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and will say that the current health minister against spawn will probably not do that or probably keep his job but the c.d.u. general secretary on the grit crum foreign borrower known as a k k that may be her purse there she's been described as the leader that the c.d.u. delegates will choose if they vote with their heads not with their hearts to go but . i need to come cabin polish had a law for the german chancellor when i'm going to medical first propose her as the c.d.u. secretary general in february macko had forgotten that she has self was the first woman in the top the to see eye to eye on many issues sounding remarkably similar of the hot button subject of migration. fish will make this stuff and does the other stuff and this will make this if we keep the christian see in a posse name as a compass and take the d. for democratic seriously let's talk about issues again instead of looking for the
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lowest common denominator the to go back a long way in recent months on account of comcast and boa has been keen to shake off the title as many medical stressing their differences like a skepticism of a same sex marriage and her interest in reintroducing a conscription like service for young people she also used the latest tension between russia and ukraine to cool for a tougher line against russian president vladimir putin in addition to sanctions. less in the study of us and ask the question how else we can make absolutely clear to him that the insults see must be kept open for international sipping. i think they've come. to a leadership credentials as stated premier of germany's smallest state of style and she proved only last year that she can win elections in difficult times for the c.d.u. grassroots experience that sets her apart from how competitive is for the posse
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leadership. the other potential winner in tomorrow's election for a new party leader is this man for your marriage she is the darling of the business world marriage has been out of politics for about ten years he had the german subsidiary of the world's biggest and most powerful wealth manager black rock he says that he's ready to return to politics and to return the party back to which conservative roots. as bill. germans hate career politicians so he's someone who's made it in the private sector matts the millionaire he's been on the boards of banks and insurers even a toilet paper maker but it's black rock that gets everyone talking. blackrock is not an asset stripper it's a wealth manager. yes the biggest in the world but wealth managers are trustees. globally the american firm manages over six trillion dollars double germany's
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economic output it has the biggest foreign stake in the dax in all the top listed companies here and that's not just a ridiculous amount of wealth that's power there are reports from time to time that the fund likes to exercise its influence over germany executives. denies that it also denies being a shadow bank but it does the scrutiny the world's biggest banks around and enjoys unrivaled access to regulators central banks and governments blackrock has been really. playing that game. of saying no we're the good guys we're not like a bank and so the bank the banks are the ones that caused the financial crisis we are actually the saviors of the little people and that's basically been their their spiel if you will and they've been really successful at selling this. but i think it's about time that we look a little more closely and what their influence actually is and how they're shaping
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and reshaping markets and the financial system at. blackrock and its team here in frankfurt must friedrich the great he pried open the door for them to europe's economic powerhouse and even if he does leave the company upon officially re entering politics that door is already wide open. some economists say math is just the right man for making germany more competitive but i think it would be great for the country given the fixin's of. governments and focused on redistributing wealth creating wealth is all we need to do some reforms. to do it but you're talking about creating wealth for europe's largest economy not creating wealth for the world's biggest hedge fund and for many. well first of all it's creating bells palsy a custom us we should keep this in mind and especially in germany as a discussion no costs and hedge funds and so on the negative is actually just
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minnie's and every day before many people special fonts. people benefit from the uk so i think the discussion here is a little bit misled. matts once said he learned from his parents about giving back something to society if you could afford it well he squirreled away enough money to give up his corporate career and possibly become leader of the christian democrats but he'd have to be investing in that surely he'd want to give back to society by taking charge of europe's largest economy and becoming chancellor. i was. the day is nearly done the conversation continues on twitter. t.v. use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day than ever by.
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