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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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being human perception and daily life. well no one else who don't is one who is in the throes fresh. and bringing together different to make a penny work move with the idea and those painting just says that my time my clothes so there we went over a lot of people drinking and smoking because as with. much of cats a success could also be because of ada his wife his muse his love and his model he's been depicting her for more than half a century. she's even there for the interview near his side composed and strong. signal do anything to is good it sounds like a lot of people before but the with it's more than that i was with her through the war the mood. and you could certainly see that in cuts as works.
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the experienced pro looks at the beauty of life and then transforms it into art. right one of the biggest discussions in the out world right now is that looted art in particular are taken from the african continent at that time by colonial powers predominantly in the one nine hundred french very french president emmanuel mccall is trying to turn the page on france's colonial past by starting a process of returning art looted from africa but at the same time after years of enervation belgium's africa museum is reopening its doors to visitors robin merrill from v.w. culture is with us to tell us more about this how is that robin that at the same time we're talking about we're turning littered art this museum is now we'll yeah it does sound like a dichotomy really but france is neighbor belgium is not disagreeing with the french initiative passed one can say is approaching in
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a different way the africa museum which we see behind as was written established by king leopold the second in the late nineteenth century he had annexed all belgium had brutally and exports of what is now approximately the democratic republic of congo and committed terrible atrocities they rates the country of its cultural artifacts really and put it in a museum outside brussels now this museum has as you rightly said it's been renovated but with a completely new narrative an attitude towards its colonial past. the royal museum for central africa was long considered the last colonial museum in the world it was where generations of belgian children marveled at stuffed and mounted animals and were taught about their country's presence in the congo. museum director get agree seals has tackled a daunting task putting belgium's colonial abuse into context within the very museum that was built for the glory of king leopold the second whose rule over
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congo was notorious for its brutality. but we very clearly say no the problem moral some point of view we think this is from colonialism the system. we do nothing except of colonialism. it is a system of villains that is acceptable today it's immoral it's based on military oppression of a country it's based on racism it's based over exploitation of resources so today we stand for partnership with african countries we stand for dialogue the museum is also displaying works by contemporary african artists such as the congolese artist imeem impounding lives part time in brussels he says he's visited the museum with his children to teach them about their heritage. was it. for me the point was to show them the congolese culture our culture our objects and to show them
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what artists created for us that it was meant to explain all of that. it is a point was not the images suggesting that whites are superior to blacks my kids didn't even ask me about that one point that they wanted a month but that seemed to go on to come up with. that despite the change of focus the reopening of the royal museum for central africa is not likely to end the debate over the best way to deal with belgians colonial past. you know robin in the past one of the arguments against returning looted art to to africa has been that there aren't perhaps enough museums in africa how is this art is that true well it's really a post colonial attitude of the africa cope with this it's a mammoth task there's no doubt about it especially when there's a report commissioned by the french president recently which came out in the arms of ninety percent of african art is not in africa. but they're all great museums
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all over the continent ready to take what they consider the fire i mean a great timely example is in fact this brand new museum in senegal the museum of black civilizations it was opened yesterday in the capital of santiago. the biggest museum of its kind on the continent it's got fourteen thousand square metres of floor space they say they've got room for eighteen thousand exhibits. actually. was a former french colony there should be plenty of looted returning there in five senegal has recently offered ten thousand works to be rich from from i mean it's be this whole project it comes down to provenance as well of where it actually comes from originally this has to be thorough lee investigated and it is very difficult because also the the lawyers have been drawn near in africa the countries
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are different the kingdoms where they would tell you can from all countries may not exist anymore so it's going to be very difficult. to establish which countries all nations the these works vaults come from but it's work that is in progress all right it's ongoing debate there robin merrill from culture thank you so much let's return now to our top story that we're following for you here on t w i know michael has addressed her studio party for the final time as its leader in an uncharacteristically emotional address she urged the party to remain on the course that she is that received a lengthy standing ovation the three would be successors made their final impassioned pleas to the delegation party delegates are now voting on who will think feed her as party leader and who should have a result shortly. among all the race for party leader is expected to be very close with the three main contenders let's take a closer look at that. lisa other three candidates want to replace uncle america
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less c.d.u. party leader they've been crisscrossing the country making their pitch for the leading role migration into the european union have been big issues where do the candidates stand first up the comeback kid replacements twenty years ago he was the rising star of the party until merkel's that's the way a key posed for a selfie he ended up leaving politics now he's back and as tough words for germany's asylum laws he's been shown that line outside it's long been my opinion that we should be ready to discuss openly the right to asylum where they can really stay this way if we are serious about a european refugees and migration policy. politike. he softened his stance in the face of intense criticism but matts remains a migration hardliner party members wanting a younger face for conservative values may go for the new kid on the block inspan the thirty eight year old has given me a healthy dose of grief blaming the party's bad poll numbers on the refugee policy
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at times infiltrate the parties for rule of law and domestic security we are for public safety in the parks on the street and also on the borders we are the party for europe and a europe that protects and protects itself protects its citizens that defends its values a europe that helps us because germany alone is too small. everyone is out to bury the past those looking for continuity could lean towards the favorite daughter and a great come come power position she shares with merkel relying less on the us for germany's defense. steep side than there are now to view the days when we would say to nato the us so whoever sends the materials or the people and we as germany look on from outside or do little things those days are over. nothing. we have to take more responsibility for security and there also means spending
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money for it oh you missed me a good in the eye. and a great come come by our base staked out where they stand i know the party gets to choose its conference on friday where every places are now as party chair everyplace chancellor counted in future elections until then the two will have to work together. if you've just joined us you're watching detail the news coming to you live from berlin let me bring you up to date with the top story that we're following for you jimmy johnson addressed to see the party for the final time as leader in an uncharacteristically emotional address she urged the party to remain on course she had said and received a lengthy standing ovation it seemed would be success as they defined an impassioned plea to the delegation delegates are now voting on who will sit.
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as. we should have the results. and before we proceed any further let's take a listen to what i had to say at the c.d.u. posse conference today this hour in front of this moment there is just one feeling. that i have and that is to feel his gratitude it was true joy it was a true honor thank you to. so i'm under such a pleasure to have your company let me now join our correspondents about america's decision and her affair with speeches he made at top party conference in hand but we cleaned the studio i have senior correspondent peter craven and at hamburg at the posse conference for america was speaking we have political editor. a woman both come to both of your i want to start with you peter will be could make
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a farewell address at the party conference it was fairly emotionally at the end and usually reserved for the judges that they were going to look at how many minutes of ovations it was rather than nine minutes tonight or ten minutes if there is a concern of a missing she wasn't just a victim when they were just staging this they were it was hopeful you have the feeling and pretty universal you know you didn't see any grumpy old guys in the back in the back row saying now but enough of it was her favorite speeches she has been to see do you for eighteen years it was a major benefit turning point in her up political career to make this speech what stood out feel. it was a little bit like. her how the world functions according to find a battle she did it with it was the it was a great sort of speech in favor of compromise as a political approach she talked about the world stage the strength of a good compromise and what she was saying was that that's her political
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philosophies right from way back when from when she became c.d.u. leader in two thousand only say two years that the way that she has dealt with problems is that she first of all except to devonport the energy back to settle and that was that certainly that was a that was a coded reference to her support for undergrad come come about who's also seen as a figure who favors compromise within the party ranks as the way to move her policy forward in contrast with previous mets who is much more of a hard talking uncompromising corporate potential c.d.u. politician and leader ok so i'm. before we talk any further peter let me address in michelle who is at the a conference in hamburg. before to be ok if you think you have a result so you're going to open close to what you have today and let the system to what the delegates of the party can do to be all that the polls that you're hearing right now we have
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a result in what we know is the first round and it did come from both merkel's favorite without saying so received forty five percent of the vote didn't matts the comeback kid in this election he received thirty nine percent so a very strong sewing. spawn the current health minister who few believed would really stand a chance here got fifteen point seven two percent quite clearly this confirms a lot of conversations i had before this first vote that many wanted to show respect for the campaign that he led throughout never really giving up fishman it's clearly very close and a great compound bow there less than six percent between the two that means that this vote will now go into a runoff between i couldn't come crowding and matz a.k.k. as she is known is seen as somebody who offers continuity she's still fighting against labels you mentioned this her self in her speech of being seen as
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a kind of mini goals that something she's still tries to fight off she delivered a very strong speech being very tough on security on migration as well although she overall it grieves with anger the americans migration course and fishman's he was seen as more of a market liberal who wants to reform the pension system in germany who wants germans to buy more shares and who's also a lot tougher talking when it comes to not just migration but also how to tackle. the board is seen as a key threat from the far right alternative for germany a if tea party he made that very clear in his speech he also said that of course he would be able to work closely with machall one does wonder if you believe that that is really a given after him leaving politics over what essentially was a leadership contest which he lost against americal so he came back after
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a decade very strong showing here from him what the big question now is how many of those fifteen percent will now support and are going to come combo how many will support mats many say spawns line is closer to finish math but we don't know kid got thirty nine and given spawn got fifteen you you seem to indicate that these kind of percentages were roughly although the line was rated what happens now if you can just talk us through the procedure as to what happens before we go into the second round well basically there will now be a runoff between the two there was the opportunity to ask questions of all candidates we see those you can probably still see those.


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