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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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it's. history you know everyone sort of. sees the now from tradition but i'm trying to. get you to africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . they're welcome to today's euro marks the highlights of the week here's a quick look at what's coming up. why see a speciality speculators cookies are especially popular during the up in season. just glossies new correctly counting the show's dreamy images.
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and bigger ballet a larger than life performance of swan lake. on the sixth of december children in many european countries get treats m small presents to celebrate st nicholas day but in some alpine regions another carrot to join st nicholas on the day the crown posts is described as half goat half demon during the christmas season he punishes children who have misbehaved all reports primavera as he travels south to do his best scary krampus impression. harris crumpler says are on the loose in the austrian village of sun theone in punggol the wild untamed figures are spurred on by st nicholas and his angels and right in the midst. axel primitive. early in the day and some to one here around sixty kilometers south of salzburg the tradition of the compas is still going strong it's popular throughout the whole region and always cook heads one of the
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local campus troops he founded back in the one nine hundred eighty s. . it's made up of a saint nicholas angels a basket carrier and more than a dozen compas it's. he's played the figure since he was a boy. from age twelve on your running along in various villages and at some point you say ok let's have our own group. so i talked a couple of friends into it in the beginning there was just nine of us. now we have an eighteen krampus is sent nicholas angels and basket carries because. so so actual time to show you how it all works that's going to change so we can get started on book of growth. we have a costume for you. that's it time to move over you have to take off your pants.
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ever wait a minute. i had to get undressed you know for a partner going. there's a good reason why you have to strip or even though it's below freezing outside the sheepskin costume keeps you so warm that it's pointless to wear anything under it a custom like this can be used for about five years before the leather wears out. next there's the belt which the compas is used to make a racket and finally the mask all in all the costume weighs about thirty kilograms . i've heard it hard it's really hot inside here and the mask is very tight i can barely speak i see next to nothing just a little through the eye in the minutes let's have no idea how i'm going to survive this day or. there's no time for though it says things are getting serious now st nicholas with his angels and the basket carrier are leading the procession. to group visits a farm on the outskirts of santa. i think greetings to all in this house that
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nicholas speaks to man and mouse. because there are only well behaved children here everyone will receive a gift. the compas the stay back a little the sheer number of scary masks is enough to make an impression. after the presents have been distributed the nice part of the visit begins the family treats the cook passed group to a round of local shops. i think it's the theater see until this day is a highlight of the advent season it really makes you look forward to christmas and the fans this is a part of our tradition human. rights accorded but it's off and high like this for the kids it's a wonderful experience to see the compas is and of course st nicholas and the angels every year they love it it's the. time to head off for the next performance fittingly the compas is are packed into cattle cars for the trip they'll appear four times in all today on other days the group can even put in twice that many
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performances. at one of the stops the houses toasty warm. to warm the reporter is dripping with sweat under the sheep skin and the tight mask makes it hard to breathe he's about to give up. but after countless presents have been distributed and the last carolus song the job is done. really enjoy a box out. here thanks. to appear with the west german crowd as we've talked about how they're called. but they're still not quite finished the people have sunk yohan expect the group to take part in the krampus run where more than a dozen local groups present themselves. as short. enough or so i did it's an absolutely beats seven hours and this full body sheepskin has given the phrase stewing in your own juices
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a whole new meaning anyway what i like most is that the group accepted me right off this if i were one of their own. and i've definitely gained an experience or two and i'm the richer for us. well done actual well we stay with advent traditions with the specular skokie which is a common seasonal trees and germany belgium and the netherlands are made using a special spice mix containing cinnamon and cloves among other things today we visit a belgian bakery that has been making them for almost two hundred years. the concept of central market square in brussels is popular all year round with tourists but during the christmas season it's particularly special and belgians unofficial national cookie this pickle norse makes it even better.
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one of my favorite cookies and they were there during the parades completely associated with this time of year with the nicholas i would say crunchy. butter for sugar for cinema. christmas markets womaniser a cup of coffee. this spiced cookie has a long tradition which is a pessimist by the missile don't want bacon. classic arrives here with cinnamon and clothes is very popular but there are all kinds of spica louis on sale here. is. proof new proceed the best known and best selling one is this traditional specular six if you disagree. all the second one is with almonds and then there's this one with either chocolate or vanilla going to go at it. with different flavors because those come in different shapes st nicholas is a particularly popular at the moment but they can still shape the day with
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traditional wood molds that also make a difference regarding special flavor salim says he has been working here for almost thirty years. he refuses to reveal the full secret behind the maze because those. but he does divulge that the main ingredients are flour butter brown sugar and the spice mix that includes cinnamon and. during the spanish empire the spaniards travelled around the world along i don't bank spices that gradually found their way into european cookie recipes. isn't easy to make. you have to get the proportions right that's why we're sticking to our traditional recipe. so that we've stayed attached to our roots. when the dough is ready it is pressed into wooden molds with the traditional miti
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into the oven. because law is regarded as a christmas trees in most other european countries it is always available in belgium. because we make spec you know it's all year round we sell it for valentine's day easter and also in summer of course particularly at the end of the year but the name is still more lonely in belgium and around the world as we ship it all over to our online customers. alexander is a seventh generation speaker. he and his brother work with their father today maintaining an old family tradition. with the i was greeted by my world grown five. hundred twenty nine for one year before the creation of belgium your first one hundred years now. i mean.
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to this day miss out on one has resisted the urge to industrialize its production it has branched out and opened several other stores around belgian. they've also developed new products including the smash box. it's a huge stick a loss that comes with a hammer. it's handy if a particular recipe calls was because it was crumbs but apparently there's a deeper meaning and if there's a fear of this my book says wait. for that it's the best you can do is to do so. what then is old and well bakers don't experiment with is the ingredients what they speak loops and why with a it's clearly a recipe for success. now to a less christmassy end of year tradition every year the italian tire manufacturer apparently
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issues a calendar which tends to feature scantily clad ladies but where in the past photographers have staged their models in erotic poses a calendar has now evolved to showcase more artistic photography for the twenty nine thousand edition scotter staffan watson wanted to focus on people dreaming of things. glamour on the red carpets with halle berry. she had seen. and let you see. and right in the thick of it scottish photographer albert watson. for his perrelli calendar he photographed renowned actresses models and dancers. just like in films each had a particular role to play. the
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idea was that we made for little movies and put it together as one movie and these are the stills from that movie so that was the basic driving force of the idea about for women that are thinking about their futures dreaming and visions. model an actress. plays a painter who lives together with her boyfriend in a small room dreaming of making it to the top the forty year old french star posed for the calendar for the first time eighteen years ago. this time around she appeared as a modern self-confident woman. it's not only being. an object of desire small like. and spiritual but being a woman. about creativity being strong and live in the us know what you want in
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life. american prima ballerina misty copeland together with her colleague calvin boyle the third play a couple that dreams of an international career this time watson wanted the men who appeared in the calendar to be more than just props. where both dancers aspiring to be successful and want to dance in paris. was this amazing answer be able to remember what that feeling was like as a kid growing up aspiring to today and it's. the calendar published by the italian tire maker is being issued for the forty sixth time it gained cult status back in the one nine hundred ninety s. as the couch featuring many top models showing lots of skin shot by some of the world's best known photographers. the calendar has evolved since that now it features more artistic images that emphasize the model's strong
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personalities. watson also dislike the idea of a pin up calendar though the images exude their own eroticism he clarified any questions well in advance of shooting. for me the way i'm handling that is i simply ask the woman would you be photographed in the nude yes or no if she says no it's the end of the discussion. young american actress julia garner is best known for roles in popular television series in the calendar she plays a photographer fascinated by nature. the twenty four year old was surprised and delighted when the renowned photographer asked her to pose for perelli. i was not shot but it is shots the right you know when it's mixed emotions or just
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it's you know if you're shooting for rally and and just knowing you know proudly i always know that probably counted or they get the best artists you hollywood star howie berry hosted the calenders gala presentation in milan the ten day shoot took place in miami and new york and no expense was spared. i think that the whole idea that you have freedom that's why it's a great project because you have freedom and they support you to do your vision so that's why it's a great project for sure very few of those in the world very few. it looks more like an exclusive photographic collection than a calendar and for the first time there's a picture every week rather than just once a month the limited edition isn't sold in shops the calendars are only given away to the company's customers and celebrities.
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when the classical ballet swan lake was first broadcast an eight hundred seventy six its original choreographer felt the ballet was danceable since then it has developed and found success all over the world but director derek deane decided to make things harder with the shanghai ballet company he brings forty. eight instead of the usual sixteen swans onto the stage we went to a performance in berlin to see how the dancers are void ruffling feathers on the crowded stage. first six then nine then twenty four in the end forty eight swans downstairs a press call in berlin's board of museum it's one lake on a scale never seen before staged by celebrated british choreographer derek dean. it is that it is. i mean there hasn't been a swan lake of this size in a proceeding and theatre and not even you know the paris opera the ballet the care
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of the bolshoi nobody has ever created something like this so be very interesting to see over didn't reaction to this i call it tsunami of swans the forty eight swans epitomize innocence and beauty but a chief there seeming ease requires perfect technique the smallest mistake would destroy the illusion. just how to really pick her up in a spotlight as soon as she starts to. dance is movements must be strong yet smooth and sensuous dean strives for perfection that shanghai ballet will work very much on the emotional side of the downs not just forty eight girls being in line being in the precise place with very very much where on the quality of the movement and the emotion of the movement as well. for the tea seller list in particular
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performing on a completely new stage requires a great deal of concentration they have to find their way through three times as many swans as usual yet make it look as easy as if they weren't there at all. a down time a bit nervous it's my first time on this stage and i'm still a little jet lagged. we're all really excited. but was derek dean there in the best of hands he's made his name choreographing productions performed in huge arenas dean has studied stagings of swan lake throughout history from the primary nine hundred seventy seven to modern day performances he says there have been major changes. no words while it was first performed it was a disaster i mean everybody booed at the performances everybody said the music was trying to dreadful the choreography was appalling and they had to put the production away for many years and then it was rethought redone with the same music
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and through the years it became this believe will try out the fairy tale about prince secrets desperate attempt to save someone princess or dead from the spell cast by an evil sorcerer is a perennial favorite when derek dean first stage swan lake in one thousand nine hundred seventy in london princess diana was among his most ardent admirers. she would come. she would turn up unannounced she would come and have lunch she would just come and sit with outsiders and she was terribly easy and very comfortable and there was no signs that she wasn't performing she was of being the princess of wales she was just being a person and it was wonderful to see that side of her but had connection with that it was tremendous these ballerinas hope to find such an enthusiastic response in berlin as well at the press conference of the buddha museum they demonstrated their
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impressive talents the youngest dancer is just seventeen. that hard and this is my very first show i just graduated from dancing school survivor says about the most challenging part for me is to dance in such a big group there's a big difference between twenty four swans and forty eight i. cut it. is it quantity over quality on the contrary derek dean and the shanghai ballet have performed swan lake repeatedly for international audiences to great acclaim. still giving them pure a classical ballet you're not changing the structure you're not changing the level you're giving them the best part of it you can give them it's just it's just this overwhelming sensation of people just bring something else to the back of the show lives up to its advertising slogan with more songs than you can count derek jeans version of swan lake is a great ballet there's won't be performing it's one song any time soon. now
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to a different car and julio are now our carbon doing as a street artist but doesn't dabble in graffiti murals or political slogans he has an amazing ability to copy iconic paintings and recreate these works on walls in unexpected places they're so good that you need to look twice to determine that they aren't the original old masters. when german artist caspar daveed feedly he painted two men contemplating the moon in eighteen nineteen he would never have guessed that a copy of his work would appear on a wall in southern spain some two hundred years later. the sky's the most work. that the transition from white from light to very dark has to be just right. i don't get it right then no one will be able to
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understand the painting. just who you and i are combining lives and works in the end illusion province of malaga in southern spain he's mastered the art of copying the works of great painters such as mourning a rembrandt and. commanding doesn't paint or can. directionally on the walls in isolated spots abandoned houses or the porches not again for instance here a painting by spanish artist in new york or any of the first becomes a window into see. these ruins i'm looking at not far from the city. where you're topping to i used to only pain in the studio until a good feeding artist friend of mine asked if i wanted to come with him one day that i get. your interest started painting a picture on the wall and i really like the relationship between the painting in the environment and so i continue doing. this. beyond just needs about six hours to
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copy a painting and about full for the frame he uses a clever technique that combines commas and shading to create the impression that it's three dimensional. two men contemplating the moon epitomizes the romantic view of nature banding captures it on a camera and posts a picture to instagram in asia as a creative dialogue between painting and the surrounding landscape. there are two men looking at the moon from a hill and i think i chose this place because the landscape is just as hilly and we can see trees olive trees which are typical for this area so we've got that it with . but if you want to see these pictures you'll have to find them first they're often exhibited so to speak in the middle of nowhere combining wants to create a new appreciation for art and he's very playful that's why he deliberately chose
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to paint yarn for man as a made a sleek narrow highway wasn't that s.-a. i'm interested in the relationship between the band in space on the one hand and work of art an incredibly valuable object on the other. it's taking the work out of its context from a museum that protects and. she waits it to somewhere with a completely opposite character that's what interests me. i mean. come on being studied at the university of fine arts in malaga. he has a small studio in the old town where he prepares his works. he's never painted his own originals because he's been obsessed with painters from bygone centuries since his childhood. he was sent to a fine arts academy for children at the age of six one of the teachers particularly
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impressed him. he gave you a present and on the wrapping paper he wrote colors or sounds that can't be heard and sounds are colors that can't be seen clearly you have to make music with your colors i still live by this rule today. i'm not. recreating great works of art. in the usual place and. that's all from us for today i hope you enjoyed our euro mix highlights i'll see you again in the new year but will be back with more european lifestyle and cultural next week.
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the be.
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natural riches are precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia is going to go into the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international giants the government for high export revenues and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. mix british environmental destruction and starvation. the selling out of a country dead donkey. starts december twenty ninth on d w this is d w news lawyer from berlin to bring in our correspondent ophelia harms are ready and joins us from for your fusion io now we are going to find out what happened with you think up your correspondent sandra it's not and we do have some
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of breaking news it's coming into us now and it's about the prospective closer up w. news thank you for joining us. look closely. listen carefully. don't know this simple thing. to do to get. discovered the world. subscribe to the documentary on youtube. going to. the unique mooney an
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audience the audience . this is d w news live from but it is the new leader of germany's strongest political party gets to walk making among the nikkei it's become a kind of power takes over some chance that i'm going to tackle as chair of the conservatives even you consequently d.w. hot an exclusive interview with the new party chief also coming up. there revolving door of the white house spin began u.s. president donald trump says his chief himself john kennedy is to leave within weeks following reports of a disagreement could be the second man.


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