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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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it's good to have you with us. going to the polls today. in the election. the most sweeping. this country since its independence from the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred. introductions want to be held on time twenty twenty two the
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snap poll is being seen as an attempt. to cement political party ahead of a land reform drive. to his supporters he's a true man of the people a former journalist turned politician nicole passion jaan has a way with words and an unassuming style that has won the hearts and minds of many armenians passion young was elected prime minister by parliament in may after galvanizing a civil disobedience movement to protest a power grab by the country's prime minister sergey sarkozy on donning his trademark backpack and baseball cap pushing and led weeks of mass protests that ultimately forced sarkozy answer resignation. but the long republican party retained its majority in parliament in october pushing on step down as prime minister to trigger early elections during his campaign he blasted the old elitist corrupt and pledged to revive the economy in a country where
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a third of the population lives in poverty principally some i grew up in the economic agenda is our priority you have a very important and ambitious plan transform i mean your grammarian into an industrial country. into a technological and industrial state he's a city boy strongly pushing on remains popular if you doubt that his my stuff alliance will come out on top of the race among eleven parties and political blocs . is a. vote for nico passion young his virtue as an honest during his seven months in office his hands were tied because the former ruling party still dominated parliament. until he gets rid of all the corrupt thieving politicians from the previous government he won't be able to do any good. the capital yerevan may look gloomy shrouded in december fog but on the street there is real hope among armenians that this election could mark the advent of real democratic
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change. now to some of the other stories making news around the world meeting russian human rights activist. as he was ninety one and among the last soviet decedent still active in russia. was expelled from the communist party in one thousand sixty eight. rights abuses and you continue to hold the kremlin to its human rights of the kitchens until the end. has demanded that canada release arrested. or face consequences mung is being held in vancouver and faces extradition to the united states where she is accused of violating sanctions on the on on friday before the court which a decision on whether or not to allow the. women have come forward in brazil to accuse psychics. did use of sexual abuse the woman fame to sell to abuse them on the premise of transferring his so-called cleansing energy
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his reputation we just brazil would follow was in the us. and australia. back now to our top story the parliamentary elections being held in. right now joining me for more from the capital yet of on is journalist joshua. joshua what has been the turnout so far. well so far as of eleven am local time they reported about eighty percent of the eligible voters voting which as i understand is about normal for for these kinds of elections and the opposition is came to the polls with cold too soon giving them nor time to prepare for them do they have a point. not really the main opposition with making this complaint the republican party was the former ruling party they were a kind of political machine and if anybody was prepared for early elections it
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would have been them. i think that what they were worried about is that when elections came they would lose badly and opinion polls show that that's in fact what's going to happen so i think that was what their their real complaint was what are the real challenges that russian young faces if he does indeed gain a parliamentary majority. well at this point if you were the parliamentary majority which is almost certainly. not going to have any more excuses since april or may when when he took over prime minister he's been saying you know i you know i can't do everything i need to do because. i regret to have lost that link with joshua in a yet about and really try and bring that name back for you perhaps later in the show but moving on now to france which is reeling off another saturday of violent
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protests by the so-called yellow vests want a police detained almost two thousand demonstrators and one hundred thirty five people were injured in those clashes france's prime minister has called for dialogue and the government is signaling if you make further concessions to protesters in the coming days it has already scrapped a planned increase in fuel taxes that triggered the demonstrations. another night of unrest on the streets of paris. shops. banks nothing listening as across the city thousands of extra police were out paris practically on lockdown it wasn't quite the chaos of last weekend still officials are dismayed at what played out this saturday. the escalation of violence has been stopped. it has been certainly contained but it is totally unacceptable. except the water
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cannon deployed in the capital to bring the situation under control says the government those on the street side a good reasons to protest. or the like i think i'm emotional tonight if not i would have taken to the streets i'm upset because there are people who talk and enough to make a living when i fasten your eyes i'm on. the government says it's listening to demonstrate his scrapping its plan to hike fuel taxes but president emanuel micron hasn't yet met with them that has ignited death fury. the yellow vests movement is less than a month old but it has already brought hundreds of thousands to demonstrations across the country like here in the southwestern city of bordeaux clashes between writers and police and then barricades set on fire outside an apple store.
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there are spoke to beat up. and asked how doubt was recovering after those clashes on saturday. absolutely life here is going back to normal now you can see the cleaning cars just behind me cleaning away the last hags from last night there were violent clashes here late into the evening last night between the police and demonstrators so obviously with lots of tear gas being dispersed here i was just talking to someone of a lady who lives here in the area actually just live five hundred meters away from here and she told me you know we kind of used to these protests now but still she preferred to stay at home last night with her little daughter she said there was lots of tear gas everywhere it's just no point in carrying out she said you know understand what these protesters are asking for however the mylan sometimes goes a bit too far she said i understand when they attack you know luxury shops like tea
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or something like that but according to her because she said this is kind of a symbolic gesture they say there's something wrong with our system but at the same time when protesters attack harness and burn cars normal people have to pay for them so it's a bit less clear what that might lead to and it's actually it affects the people that they're defending now these protests initially. against a proposed hike in diesel rates now the government rolled back the proposed hike what are the protesters demanding now. well they're asking for a lot more actually they're said when the government finally reacted to their main demand you know to take away that a few tax hike that was one for next year they said that's too little too late now they are asking for more they are asking for a higher minimum wage they're asking for other taxes to go down there asking the
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government to tax the rich more because these people who are struggling to make ends meet to for example meet their costs to go to work and that's why this huge tax hike was so symbolic for them they are saying that they are shouldering they have to shoulder far too large share of the burden of a transition towards a more sustainable economy right now these are the government's measures dollar bills to be that it's time. how does a plan to win back. if you're. absolutely the government says you know we need to negotiate now president call is to place to make an announcement early this week tomorrow maybe on tuesday and then also talks kicking off across the territory between the government local politicians and yellow best protesters so we can see what that will put on the table really. covering the protests for us thank you very much. germany
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a new leader is taking over the reins of the country's ruling christian democrats off of the party's congress in homburg. modest to secure how members afford to replace i guess as head of the c.i. a party. now faces of dual challenge of unifying the flu some regional and europe in the elections next year and also winning back waters from the far right and the other foot in germany which has made headway throughout the country to make . a crumb was angular merkel's choice a successor now that she is the head of the c.d.u. some a speculator might stand down oh yes johnson bought. this did she'd like to see a medical so of out of four. well we have a federal government that's been elected for this legislative period. machall has said she's available to see is out on the party conference yesterday showed very clearly thoughts what members wish it's also my personal wish and i see it as my
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task as the leader of the voting party to ensure this government has the stability it needs to fulfill its an actual mandate. sports news now it's the most prestigious competition in south american football but this weekend the final book about the borders will be played in your book. played in spain's capital madrid today after a fan ballance marred the first attempt to play the game in argentina two weeks ago the rivalry is intense even among the closest of fans. nothing can come between brotherly love can it meet the lopez brothers both pain from argentina and both are in madrid for the second leg of the copilot back to all this but that's where the brotherly love hits a roadblock one is a boca juniors fan and the other a river a patron and now the ones i know it's a shame truly it's a shame but as people say these days we're first brothers then rivals and as
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a brother as i love him but i hate that he supports the right team. for the fight he wasn't always like this the brothers used to be on the same page. when i was a kid i supported river but i changed my mind overnight and started supporting boca . when i think it was two thousand to one carlos tevez won the semifinal of the liberty daughters. a massive police force will keep dr hansen in order to prevent scenes like these from two weeks ago the team bus came under attack from river fans and brenna cyrus that left some players injured. until then the locus brothers are already in stand off mode with a friendly sing off in front of the santiago bernabeu. soumik. you're watching you
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know the news live from berlin more coming at the top of the on don't forget you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our web site that's didn't have to talk all the useful.


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