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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2018 4:30pm-5:16pm CET

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when it comes to the fence the humans are the same right through phones who have decided to put their trust in us. is ten paris and i weren't able to. get out of. the news life above and i'm still girl welcome to the program british prime minister teresa mayes due to address the u.k. parliament in the next few minutes that's amid reports that she has decided not to go ahead with a parliamentary vote on her present deal tomorrow as she faces rebellions within her own party on parliamentary allies propping up minority government bring in that speech live from the house of commons as soon as be speaking. just take a look now inside the debating chamber. that's what's going on restraint inside the
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british parliament prime minister is may is expected to to make an announcement in the next few minutes is the expectation is that she will say that tomorrow's plan for parliament on the speech will be pushed back against. d.w. correspondent barbara faisal it is outside. the parliament building standing by for a lot of lessons crossed now ahead of the prime minister's speech of welcome. the prime minister has not started speaking yet what are we expecting. we're expecting that she will not put the motion in to have the vote tomorrow that she will avoid it it's first seizure only not quite easy but they have figured out a way to not have parliament votes tomorrow and she will go and that's what all sources confirmed she will say that she will go back to brussels and try to renegotiate. a famous or infamous as you will irish backstop that is the insurance
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policy against a hard border in ireland and that is the main stumble stumbling block for her and it within her own party for yes to the bricks and deal so she still tries she's going to give it another try to remove that now that is going to be very difficult there's a lot of wishful thinking in of course political strategy involved she tries to gain time now she tries to postpone the inevitable and that's what we're going to hear within yeah every male in. brussels has already said that this is the best and only. if may go back and ask for something else i they like to give it to her. and what can they do i mean they will speak to her they will hear her again and of course the demand of political chaos this break down of more or less of government
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of the political system in this country is not something that brussels wants to see observe and watch and sort of have to deal with because they know it's not good for anybody but on the other hand they have a rather firmly set the brakes a deal in itself the divorce agreement is closed so the reason may to get that to reopen is a it will be a very tough it would be an uphill struggle but also this is all about appearances maybe what she wants is really to be seen to try to renegotiate to be back at the table and then if she gets a bloody nose she can go back home and say ok i've done my best but now this is what we're left was and she eventually will have to give it another try eventually this deal will have to go through parliament here eventually and the very latest state for that is the twenty first of january she will have to confront her parliamentarians was the de. but at the moment she's playing for titan now well
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that's quite an down now but while he was speaking about there's a there's a vestige of this some sort of rowdy gathering behind you that noise you've been m.p.'s at parliament a prime minister's question time but if i believe it let's go through it let's go to the reason why it's making that speech now when you type policy you and the political declaration setting out our future relationship after we have left. this is very carefully to what has been said in this chamber and how i see what is being said in this train and out of it by members from all sides from listening to those views it is clear that while there is broad support for many of the key aspects of pity i . on one issue on one issue than all the facts are that remains widespread and deep concern as a result if we went ahead and held the coach tomorrow the deal would be rejected you guys. we will therefore defer the vote for tomorrow.
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and not proceed to divide the house at this time i set out in my speech opening the debate last week the reasons why the backstop is a necessary guarantee to the people of northern ireland and why whatever future relationship you want there is no deal available that does not include to the back story. behind all those arguments are some inescapable facts the fact that northern ireland shares a land border with another sovereign state the facts the facts that the heart of one piece. the fact that the hard one piece that has been built in northern ireland over the last two decades has been built around a seamless border and the fact of the brics it will create a wholly new situation on the thirtieth of march the northern. and our land border
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will for the first time become the external front here of the european union's single market and customs union. to challenge. the challenge this poses must be met not waiting rhetoric but with real and workable solutions businesses operate across that border people live their lives crossing and recrossing it every day i've been there and spoken to some of those people they do not want every day lives to change as a result of the decision we have taken they do not want a return to our hard border. and if this house cares about preserving our union it must listen to those people because our union will only end with the sense. we had hoped that the changes we've secured to the backstop would reassure members that we could never be trapped in it indefinitely i hope the house will forgive me
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if i take a moment to remind it of those changes the customs and amount of the backstop is now u.k. wide and no longer splits our country into two customs territories this also means that the backstop is now an uncomfortable arrangement for the e.u. so they won't want it to come into use or persist for long if it does both sides now legally committed to using best endeavors to have a new relationship in place before the end of the implementation period ensuring the backstop is never used if our new relationship isn't ready we can now choose to extend the implementation period further reducing the likelihood of the backstop coming into use if the backstop ever does come into use we now don't have to get the new relationship in place to get out of it alternative arrangements that make use of technology could be put in place instead the treaty the treaty is now clear that the backstop can only ever be temporary and there is now a terminations roles. but i but i am clear. from what i
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have heard in this place and from my own conversations that these elements do not offer a sufficient number of colleagues the reassurance that they need i i spoke to a number of e.u. leaders over the weekend and in advance of the european council i will go to see my counterparts in other member states and the leadership of the council and the commission i will discuss with them the clear concerns that this house has expressed we are also looking closely at new ways of empowering the house of commons to ensure that any provision for a backstop has democratic legitimacy and to enable the house to place its own obligations on the government. to enable the house to place its own obligations on the government to ensure that the backstop cannot be in place indefinitely mr speaker having spent the best part of two years poring over the details of brecht's it listening to the public's ambitions and yes this is two and testing the limits
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of what the other side is prepared to accept i mean absolutely no doubt that this deal is the right one it's almost the result of the referendum. the remainder of the statement must be heard and i invite her house to hear it with courtesy and for the avoidance of doubt and also the benefit of those attending to our proceedings who are not members of ours i emphasise that as per usual i will call everyone who wants to question the prime minister. but meanwhile. the prime minister. is on as the result of the referendum which protects job security and our union but it also represents the very best deal that is actually negotiable with the e.u. i believe in it as do many members of this house and i still believe there is a majority to be won in this house and support of it if i can secure additional reassurance on the question of the backstop and that is what my focus will be in
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the days ahead. but mr speaker if you take a step back it is clear that this house faces a much more fundamental question. does this house want to deliver bricks it. and. clear a clear message from the s.n.p. but is now stuck. does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. if the answer is yes and i believe that is the answer with the majority of this house and we all have to ask ourselves whether we're prepared to make a compromise because there will be no enduring and successful brics it without some compromise on both sides here today. many of the most controversial aspects of this
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dealing fluting the past all are simply inescapable facts of having a negotiated brecht's it those members who continue to disagree need to shoulder the responsibility of advocating an alternative solution that can be delivered. and do so and do so without ducking its implications so if you want a second referendum to overturn the results of the first be honest that this risks dividing the country again. to it to. be honest that this risks dividing the country again when it's our house we should be striving to bring it back together for. you if you want to remain part of the single market in the customs union be open that this would require free movement through taking across the economy and ongoing financial contributions none of which
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are in my view compatible with the results of the referendum. if you. if you want to leave without a deal be upfront that in the short. this would cause significant economic damage to parts of our country who could least afford to bear the burden i do not believe that any of those courses of action command a majority in this house but notwithstanding that fact for as long as we fail to agree a deal the risk of an accidental no deal increases so the government so the government will step up its work in preparation for that potential outcome and the cabinet will hold further discussions on it this week. to move past majority of us mr speaker set the result of the referendum i want to leave with the deal we have a responsibility to discharge if we will the ends we must also will the means and i know that members across the house appreciate how important that
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responsibility is and i'm very grateful to all members on this side of the house and a few on the other side to. this deal and spoken up for it many many others many others i know have been wrestling with their consciences particularly over the question of the back story seized of the need to face up to the challenge posed by the border but genuinely concerned about the consequences i have listened i have heard those concerns and i will now do everything i possibly can to secure further assurances if i may conclude mr speaker on a personal note on the morning after the referendum two and a half years ago i knew that we had witnessed a defining moment for our democracy places that didn't get a lot of attention at elections and which did not get much coverage on the news were making their voices heard and saying that they wanted things to change i knew
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in that moment that parliament had to deliver for them but of course that doesn't just mean delivering bricks it it means working across all areas building a stronger economy improving public service. tackling tackling tackling social injustices to make this a country that truly works for everyone. the prime minister must be heard the prime minister. talking social injustices to make this a country that truly works for everyone a country where no where and nobody is left behind and these matters are too important to be of the thoughts in our politics they deserve to be at the center of our thinking but that can only happen if we get bricks it done and get it done right and even though i voted for may and from the moment i took up the responsibility of being prime minister of this great country i've known that
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molding a stronger economy improving public service. tackling tackling tackling social injustices to make this a country that truly works for everyone. and the prime minister must be heard the prime minister. talking social injustices to make this a country that truly works for everyone a country where no where and nobody is left behind and these matters are too important to be after thoughts in our politics they deserve to be at the center of our thinking but that can only happen if we get bricks it done and get it done right and even though i voted for may and from the moment i took up the responsibility of being prime minister of this great country i've known that my duty is to all know the results of that focus and i think just as deter names to protect the jobs that put food on the tables of working families and the security
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partnerships. and the security partnerships that keep each one of us safe and that's what this deal does it gives us control of our borders our money and on rules it protects jobs. curacy and are you near it is the right steel for preacher i am determined to do all i can to secure all the reassurances this house requires to get the steel over the line and does it work for the british people and i commend this statement. right here thank you mr speaker and i thank the prime minister for a copy of the statement before we might hear those afternoon so you've just been watching the british prime minister theresa may addressing the u.k. parliament the substance of it being that tomorrow's vote on her breasts a deal will not happen while she don't step back to the european union there's a summit meeting of this week and look for wiggle room it was it was quite
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a it was quite it was an orderly statement from the prime minister a rowdy house the speaker had to intervene twice. at the start of it talked about there being broad support which brought a lot of laughter for a deal they have she made the point now that the backstop must stay regardless the backstop this is what happens to northern ireland if no deal can be worked out has been the most contentious part of this she also said that she was looking at ways to enable a parliament to hold governments to account over any extension of the backstop she asked the question does this house once or deliver bracks if there were a lot of mumbling and a lot of no from the scottish national party she said we must all compromise and then she threw out a challenge to the house and to her detractors if you don't like this deal come up with something better if you want a second referendum then that risks dividing the country and if you want no deal be honest about the economic damage done listening in to all of that corresponds in
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london and in brussels bob available is in london teri schultz is in brussels welcome both barbara what jumps out to you from want. just how from this is my. i mean it's a desperate measure and what theresa may did here was that the very last second stop being the running train that was going to crush her tomorrow if the vote had gone ahead because in the meantime there had been calculations here about how many members of parliament would have voted against her and it was a huge majority against this deal and so she stopped at the very last moment and she took the only way out that's still possible she said i'm going to go back to brussels and renegotiate and she's buying time basically that's off she she's doing because she can really change anything fundamentally but she is trying to to sort of convince parliament that they will not get more and it seems also if they we
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have the impression here at the moment that she is just going to let parliament stew because what she didn't do is set a new date for him you vote when is this to go to finally going to happen nobody knows before christmas or even after christmas so time will pass and she hopes people will sort of change their mind told them teri schultz and brussels so it looks like i missed my go to part of banks and cite please stop can i have some more what sort of hearing is she likely to get. there's going to be very little patience in brussels for renegotiating the deal the european commission today said in fact there will be no renegotiation you have the european parliament's breck's negotiator de for saying i can't even follow this process anymore it's time for a vote delaying it brings nothing but more uncertainty and perhaps more pertinently you had the irish foreign minister in town today for
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a foreign ministers meeting saying look there's not going to be a renegotiation of the backstop a deal is a deal we both signed it and we are not going to reopen those negotiations you know they had this november twenty fifth special sunday summit to cement this deal there were all these pricks trucks of negotiations over gibraltar with spain and finally at the end of that the e.u. very much wants to say this is your deal take it or leave it they've got very little room for renegotiation even if there was a willingness to do so as barbara pointed out so if if the e.u. gives nothing nothing changes if nothing changes the british parliament will likely vote against this deal and that leaves us in no deal territory teri schultz how does brussels feel about a new deal. the e.u. has said very clearly that a no deal scenario is the worst case for everybody but council president all to
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still look no deals not not good for either of us but it's definitely worse for the u.k. and in fact there are signs that the u.k. government recognizes that itself remember that it appointed this food security minister to make sure that homes would have a stockpile of food in case of a no deal breck's it in case you know there were suddenly weren't shipments of food coming in and everyone knows that tariffs will go up sometimes extremely significantly something like between twenty and forty percent on agricultural products in the case of a new deal scenario so the e.u. very much wants to avoid a no deal scenario but again there's very little it can do to help to reason me other than talk to her again at this summit that's happening the end of this week and possibly give her statement of political support that wouldn't mean anything in practice above reversal in london we heard in that speech that the prime minister said that the government is not increasing its preparation for
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a no deal scenario. through what was on of the stage. the options are really very limited because how you can how can you prepare for worst case in the sense i mean even today when the news about. the depressed comment of the vote came out the pound was dropping against i mean the financial markets are reacting within minutes to the news coming from london and to the whole chaotic political scene here in the country that has developed over the last weeks so it is already in on dangerous territory and what can they do of course they're talking about stockpiling however the country doesn't leave never enough warehouses to stockpile large amounts of food or large amount of medicines for instance a majority of the medicines used in britain comes from the continent comes from the european union how is this going to get into the country after march twenty ninth i
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mean where they are and that is the point the brics tears they set their heart upon now something that they call it w t go she ate it hard breck's it which means basically they want some emergency deals with the e.u. like tractable control but they will still roll or whatever they are they're trying to mention under those circumstances and they try and they think and they believe that it's not going to come to the situation at food runs out on the shelves of british supermarkets but you can't really for see that you can't really prepare for that and so all this talk about yes we're now preparing for it is just a lot of empty talk in fact ok final word to you barbara where we are now is a on the day of the prime minister has delivered the speech the european court of of justice has ruled the u.k. is free to just say you know what let's forget about brecht since. given
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what's happened today given the be increasing course of shots for another referendum how is the the. broader political situation changing in the u.k. . it is pretty much up to the labor party now the problem here is that labor has continued to sit on the fence about bret's it if they would really now say we own the second referendum and this is the only decent reasonable and politically sustainable way out of the crisis the country is in and then they could somehow push this forward and they would even gain enough momentum among some of the tories and the other opposition parties the scottish s.n.p. for instance it to sort of put this on the table so the question really it's the the key to solving the crisis really now lies was the opposition because the tory party the conservatives have sort of all of themselves in and cerys
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a maze doing nothing but by the time the second referendum has become more likely after the ruling of the european court of justice but it's still not trivially on the table still not yet really on the agenda. in london tony schulz in brussels thank you. steve on the other stories making news around the world. congolese doctor dentist who is not your bradley yeah you see the activist a former islamic state sex life was but it was at this year's nobel peace prize in oslo they were all up for their efforts in helping victims of sexual violence and conflict and to raise the awareness of rape as a weapon the. french president emanuel mccraw is preparing to address the nation later today in an effort to diffuse weeks of otter protests across the country that some of the speech will bring to life the demonstrations developed into a mass movement against these economic policies president macro has been holding
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crisis talks with union leaders today and this is something we will have that speech for you live here on. the reforms prime minister of armenia has further cemented his oath or say after winning start parliamentary elections dealing a crushing blow to the long time so the long time ruling party for the newspaper editor. came to power after spearheading massive protests earlier this year. more than three hundred thousand households in the southeastern united states have been left without power the just storm hit the carolinas bringing snow sleet and freezing right to severe weather paralyzed a road and transports in the national weather service is forecasting more disruption on monday. and global sales of military equipment and services have risen for the third consecutive year according to a swedish based a research institute the stockholm international peace research institute says russia has now emerged as the world's second largest arms producer but the united
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states remains by far the number one maker of weapons. american weapons of war on prominent display during last month's nato exercises in norway and weapon sales to u.s. allies propelled american manufacturers to the top weapons exporters in two thousand and seventeen topping the list were lucky boeing and break. the u.s. remains by far the largest of the countries they have a massive say overdose of sales and many of the companies are u.s. companies specially the top. once again western companies dominate the annual list of the hundred largest arms makers as compiled by researchers from the sick peace institute in stockholm u.s. firms lead the pack supplying fifty seven percent of the world's weapons sales followed by european manufacturers with russia moving past britain into second
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place they have significantly increased any offense spending since about two thousand eight. hundred. to become a modern country but a force direction companies benefit most of what they're almost everything is from its own companies last week u.s. secretary of state mike pompei are accused russia of violating the one nine hundred eighty eight intermediate range nuclear forces treaty by testing a new band missile system will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in sixty days unless russia returns to for any verifiable compliance mushroom our information on the test proves the opposite it was tested for a range permitted by the treaty and with those additional move to go on one of the most important disarmament treaties from the end of the cold war is on the verge of collapse and the modernization of russia's armed forces is only one element of the new global arms race research is supreme are worried. we have
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a new. tensions if you want conflict. since two thousand and fourteen on the other side of the glow we have china writing military power which is being called prompted by the us several other asian countries and of course they all do react to each other in expect extending their military spending by more weapons. according to peace researchers in security is increasing around the world. i didn't in your football club river plate being crowned champions of south america's a copa libertadores they defeated. boca juniors three one a second leg match was moved to madrid from argentina because of fan violence the repercussions of that mean that this might not be the end of the copa saga.
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football coach junia's team bus arrived at the gate unscathed unlike before the original second leg at river plate stadium. madrid wanted a classic football match another thing else and that's just what was served. guardiola benedicto gave aka the lead to send fans who were traveled thousands of miles into delirium. but lukas plateau equalised a river to prompt extra time. one contender all then put river in front with a fabulous finish. and gonzalo martinez sealed the three one win river triumph in the first ever final between argentina's two heavyweights. tried to meet the expectations in a positive way that you know we couldn't let negative thoughts get to us because it would have made it worse i mean more after staying silent and not saying anything about other matters where we could go on the pitch we are superior. and what i
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wonder now. but in the second one as it is the river fans went wild after a rollercoaster few weeks following the two two draw in the first leg they said that if any man's enjoy it took all the weight off my shoulders i have not slept for weeks and i lost my voice i missed days at work because i went to the other two games that were postponed but today nothing gives me more pride than to ride this shirt. that was sporadic violence but nothing like the attack on the pocketbooks last month and the story might not end here the court of arbitration for sport could still disqualify river because of their fans antics. for now though they're taking that trophy home with a game in madrid having given the cuppa more global publicity than anyone could ever have imagined. and germany's bundestag bloodbath needed a victory on sunday to defend their second place in the table and they managed it in convincing style lackluster defending by visiting stuttgart led all the
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difference. that back home crowd haven't seen their team lose all season and the foes had reason to feel confident against stuttgart who had managed just eleven points from thirteen games. the hosts would have had the lead after half an hour when michelle lang mopped up some pinball in the penalty area but for an unwelcome intervention from an offside allison player that caused the goal to be disallowed. the deadlock lasted until late in the second half when some standoffish to got defending left rafael free to turn in flori annoyed houses cross i once had started to rain on stuttgart it promptly began to pull. with five men between the ball and the goal they still couldn't manage a challenge and noise house was free to get his own name on to score sheet i seven minutes after that it was free near and i own goal from world cup winner
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benjamin powered providing a fitting conclusion to a disastrous defensive display by the guests i joyfully cut back meanwhile they fell going to second place after their tenth home victory in a row. however haven't had an away victory in twenty games after some late struggle in that match against mind on sunday however held on to the lead for seventy seven minutes but a controversial penalty decision gave the hosts a chance to rescue a point rights at the death. hanover coach andre bracken right made seven changes to his starting line up and putting hendrick vidana up front paid off fast as he gave the visitors the lead in the twelfth minute the third goal of the season for the former amateur league striker i things got strange five minutes before the end the ref fell for some play acting from mine says john felipe my to the video
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assistant somehow didn't intervene and danielle brzezinski converted the ensuing penalty to make it one of the hosts had the momentum and anthony you just found the net in injury time but this time video replay did get involved and ruled it off. the second yellow card for hanover's only bizarre it was also the right decision but his team had to feel rob to come away with only one point. it watching the w. news life and then on phil gayle if you're just joining us you're watching a special coverage british prime minister choice may suspend. the parliamentary vote not so much as planned she told a rousing session that it had become clear there was insufficient support for the deal offered by the european union prime minister says she will not try to secure further assurances from the so-called arrangements so many. so let's have a listen to some of what tory some mate has been telling lawmakers in the house of
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commons today it is clear that this house faces a much more fundamental question. just this house wants to deliver bret's it. i. think that if you are still. does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. if the answer is yes and i believe that is the answer with the majority of this house yeah we have to. ask ourselves whether we are prepared to make a compromise because there will be no enduring and successful bricks it without some compromise on both sides of the debate. many of the most controversial aspects of this dealing kluge in the past are all simply inescapable facts of having a negotiated brix it those members who continue to disagree need to shoulder the
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responsibility of advocating an alternative solution that can be delivered. so let's bring in our correspondent barbara faisal in london and in brussels welcome both let's start with you barbara faisal so mrs may a knowledge that she just not have the numbers to pass this vote in parliament what does she do now what she does actually phyllis kick the can down the road one more time she's done that before and she's just using this same strategy again and this scottish prime minister nicola sturgeon called this and hack job of course it's been a gov really conspicuous cowardice off just put it kills sort of she's hiding yourself she's hiding behind behind her own cabinet and she's not able to and willing to confront parliament say with this is not really going to do anything to
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increase her reputation also among her own parliamentarians because one of the hard line breaks here jake to choose jacob riis mark and he reminded her of the fact that she is still on probation and that the forty eight letters that are sufficient to sort of have a leadership challenge might still be coming in the next days so it's a dangerous game she is playing in trying to gain time so desperately. if that turns from a goes back to the european union and says can i have a better deal what sort of here in the she'd like you to get. she's not going to find much room or willingness to renegotiate here in brussels the european commission today said in fact it will not renegotiate we also had the irish foreign minister here in town for a regular foreign ministers meeting and he said look a deal is a deal both sides have signed up to the backstop and that's going to remain there simply isn't any room to budge on that and we also had the brics in negotiator for
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the european parliament before hushed to express his frustration in a tweet and say look i can't even follow this anymore they just need to take a vote but he also warned the u.k. he said we will never let the irish down so she really isn't going to find a warm reception here she comes saying hey let's talk about this again so barbara fazel if the e.u. chooses to remain where it is. the british parliament also seems to be against the steel if the deal holds in parliament what vem happens. parliament has sworn the majority of parliamentarians have sworn they would not allow or heartbreaks it however it is difficult to see how they can prevent it the only possibility then would be new elections or to have a second referendum and those cases they might go to the e.u. and say listen we need a bit more time you need to extend the time really you wanted twenty ninth of march
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of next year that war just probably be possible on the other hand theresa may she's really fighting for her political survival and for all the political survival of our government because if she is being shot down it's not quite sure whether there will be another conservative leader that could emerge and gain a majority in the house and then still what will breaks it being breaks it will that mean that they will probably vote down the deal and actually crash out there talk about preparation for a hard break sit but it's not quite sure what can be done a lot of that is illusion so teri schultz in brussels. said this idea of march twenty ninth coming. no agreement between britain and the if there is a hard bracks if the if we do crash out how does that affect the e.u.
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. the european union is very much against a no deal breck's it but it has said that look if that happens the side that's going to be worst affected is the u.k. that said both sides are making contingency plans industry is very worried that this is indeed going to be the case and that tariffs are going to go up even up to forty percent on some goods in the agriculture sector ten percent on cars it's just going to be chaos on both sides of the borders as you know customs procedures are having to be put into place at the last minute and there's really no one who can predict what that will look like because we haven't been in that situation so contingency planning for a no deal bret's it is very murky everyone just agrees that it's going to be bad for each side truly we live in interesting times to brussels thank you bob but they still in the london thank you. overall niger some of the other stories making news around the world french president emanuel mark kroll is preparing to address his
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country later in an effort to diffuse a weeks of violent protests across the country demonstrations have developed into a mass movement against his economic policies president bathrooms will hold a crisis talks with union leaders today will cover his speech live here on d w later. bettering groups in the philippines capital manila have mocked international human rights day by protesting against president to taze plan to prolong martial more in the south of the country they say the measures are fueled political killings and the crackdown on dissent says they fear could be extended to the whole country. congolese doctor dentist located way nadia of neurotic times leading activist and former islamic state sets have been awarded this year's nobel peace prize in oslo there were honored for their efforts help with victims of sexual violence and conflict and raising awareness of rape as a weapon of. reformist prime minister of armenia has further cemented his old
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farty after winning snap parliamentary elections dealing a crushing blow to the year long time a ruling party for would use paper as me called up machine an attempt to power after spearheading massive protests earlier this year. the leaders representatives from around one hundred sixty countries have adopted a landmark agreement on migration a un conference in america the un says that there are now more migrants worldwide than ever some two hundred and sixty million so the proposed deal aims to tackle the challenges arising from this massive movement of people but it's also covered for every criticism united states is one of the twenty eight nations as of either pulled out of the program process or are still considering their positions. tens of thousands of ringette muslims living in crowded refugee camps in bangladesh it's one of the many faces of today's global migration issue now a u.n.
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agreement wants to pave the way for a better handling of migrant flows but what does the pact actually say increase information and data collection is one part migrants should be given information about their chosen route and they should be informed about the risks people living in countries on the route and in host countries should also be informed about the consequences of migration and to ensure that information is based on facts before it is should exchange data at an international level the pact also urges origin countries to address the root causes of migration to work toward eradicating poverty creating jobs and meeting basic standards for nutrition and education another key point is the respect for human rights standards should be set to protect those who do decide to leave the pact also encourages see rescues. the pact calls for coronated border management countries that should make safe and legal
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border crossings possible they should cooperate against people smuggling networks by for instance exchanging information on smuggling routes but not all countries agree with the pact demands the us was the first country to announce it was not going to sign among others hungary astray poland israel austria and the czech republic have already spoken out against adding their signatures they criticize what they see as a too positive view of migration and say the pact could lead to an increase in illegal immigration but what do governments have to do legally nothing the contract is non-binding the agreement is more about sending a political signal migration is a global phenomenon and the international community wants to tackle it together. it's reminder of our top stories at this hour here on d.w. theresa may has delayed the plan to parliamentary votes on the bracks it's tails
5:15 pm
the british prime minister told members of parliament it had become clear there was insufficient support for the deal offered by the e.u. she said she would not try to secure more assurances on the main sticking points with the irish back stuck. to un agreements aimed at to better management of global mass migration has been endorsed at a conference in morocco a number of countries have withdrawn amid consensuses infringes on their sovereign state on the courage is illegal immigration. of get you can always get d w news on the go just download it from google play or from the apple still give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news from so use it to send us photos and videos. that's it show up today more at the top of out and of course around the clock on our website city w dot com i'm going to. take.
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a. natural richardson and precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia's green and gold the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international giants the government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margins. but not everyone.


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