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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from l.b. no renegotiation of the u.k.'s breaks it deal compromising message from germany's i'm going to see british prime minister to resign in beilin this is my then went on to brussels for the last ditch attempt to second city also on the program that's yemen peace talks make progress on prisoner exchange four hundred thousand children are at risk of starving to death and the un's children's organization appealed for an urgent and the country's humanitarian crisis. c.e.o.
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google's c.e.o. is the latest leader of a u.s. tech giant to face a grilling by members of the u.s. congress they're concerned about how the company collects data some politicians accuse it of bias in its search services. also coming up in the next sixty minutes the football star who feels he'll be tortured he used to be one of bahrain stoffel borlase but he doesn't want to return home because he fears what might happen to criticise the gulf states grouping family. i'm fogel welcome to the program there will be no renegotiation of britain's a deal that's the stock message prime minister theresa may has been given by germany's chancellor angela merkel mrs may was briefed. after an earlier visit to the hague as she then went to brussels to meet european union leaders dismay
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seeking support for changes to the deal to make it more acceptable to britain's parliament after speaking with european council leader don't toast this is my said she was looking for reassurance as on the irish question on the question of the irish border. and what has been shown to me from those meetings is that there is a shared determination to deal with this issue and address this problem and i'm going to be seeing the two shortly over at tomorrow and then on thursday returning to the e.u. council at the deal we've negotiated is a deal that almost the referendum it on as a result of the referendum and it's the best deal available indeed it's the only deal available and the backstop which is the issue that parliament has raised the backstop is a necessary guarantee for the people of northern ireland and whatever outcome you want whatever relationship you want with europe in the future there's no deal available that doesn't have a backstop within it but we don't want the backstop to be used and if it is we want to be certain that it is only temporary and it's those assurances that i will be
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seeking from fellow leaders over the coming days or they don't because one of our very souls following this story in london terry shorts is in brussels where the prime minister is talking to. the yoga head of the european commission to start with you terry. stop is there any chance. that europe thinking of mrs may what she needs to sell some apartment. that's very unlikely and prime minister made herself didn't give any indication that she'd been promised the binding legal guarantees that parliamentarians have asked her to to achieve. president both said that there's no chance this deal will be reopened in order to write in the kind of ironclad promises that that she would like to have the m.p.'s would like to have she seems to have gotten the message quite clearly you just heard prime minister may say what the europeans have been telling her there is no chance to renegotiate this deal this is the best deal you're going to get and all
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of those deals have and in the worst case scenario an irish backstop so it seems that we did we didn't hear any surprises from the prime minister's remarks there barbara fazel in london while the prime minister has been in the euro i'm having the dos affectively slams and a political face what's happening on the political stage in london. the first full i probably need to explain the rowdy background we have here it's a bit as if manchester united and man city were playing against each other and the two teams are supporters such trying to show the i'll go down on the left side of me they're yelling we want bricks it on the other side they're yelling stop breaks it oh so you see the country is really divided on this and all these people here have set out to disturb the international evening news because they know they're going to be heard all over the world so the backstop is not to be removed but that
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was quite clear from the beginning and we spoke to a supporter off the heartbreaks a cheers a from trees of maize own party they already talk about a hard break which more it never took me follow it to reason make cannot be ring back a legally binding declaration by the european union that it will never be used more or less doesn't. it is and as she cannot do that we sort of know what the next things will be that happened here. teri schultz if this is a last minute game to see who blinks will do you know someone needs to do this quickly because otherwise there is no deal and nobody one sides. that's right a no deal scenario is definitely the worst case and neither side wants that to be the outcome here but the e.u. twenty seven have been very united in their message that they will stand behind the irish and the irish say there must be
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a backstop in this deal so treason they will head to ireland tomorrow where she's highly unlikely to hear anything but that and as barbara explained it then remains really a toss up about who will blink first in london because the e.u. is is not going to reopen this deal they're not going to be binding guarantees beyond what we've already seen in the november twenty fifth agreement so she's got a real mess on her hands when she heads back to london. council president donald to us just tweeted out after his meeting with her that the e.u. twenty seven wants to help but we just don't know how so yes i think there's some very high stakes gambling going on right now ok so bob reversal in london theresa may let's let's presume she gets back to london having achieved nothing but warm words and dealings in europe she has a deadline to get this through parliament by the twenty first of january does she stand any chance of putting together a majority. the simple answer to that phil is no
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question however is will she even gets to see the trainee first of january still being prime minister in number ten downing street and there are of course diets because the word leadership challenge is being thrown around here from different sides the labor leader of the opposition leader jeremy called an o. me here in the debate in parliament here talked about a leadership challenge a vote of no confidence in good time whatever that might mean but it could be sooner than later and her own tories the hard line cheers are again sitting down and trying to count the letters of no confidence they have already written. all they will want to write within the next two days we know it takes forty eight of them to topple trees a may so again she's confronted with the same situation that she had before already in november and this one this might really bring her down in the end. every
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day another drama of battles we will speak again tomorrow after a prime minister's question time fernando barber vessel in london terror shows in brussels thank you. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world more than thirty people in afghanistan have been reported dead in three separate attacks targeting security forces in the worst incident at least thirteen people were killed outside kabul but a car bomb hit a convoy carrying members of the country's main intelligence agency the deaths come amid an upsurge in taliban violence against afghan security forces. the funeral of problems soviet and russian rights activist. who died over the weekend has been held as she was a pioneer of human rights during and after the soviet era efforts in recent years were impeded by the kremlin's increasing restrictions against. the un
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children's aid organization unicef is renewed its call for urgent international pressure to resolve the humanitarian crisis in yemen according to the latest report four hundred thousand children are so severely malnourished that their lives are in grave danger the pair the appeal comes as the two sides hope peace talks in sweden and exchange exchange lists of names in a proposed prisoner swap. this is where the full extent of yemen's hunger crisis is played out. on clinic in the country's northwest helpless mothers bring babies desperate for food. is severely malnourished. on every bed lies a tiny victim of the civil war. ten year old has the body weight of a two year old. her skeletal frame devastated by hunger and malnutrition. having a life for us is brutal especially here she mad men. while the united nations
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can get limited supplies and it's called on warring sides to loosen their grip on key cities i could not connect to fool there was meat there was food there was salad everything today there is nothing good now there's only hunger. and this is why the flashpoint city of hadera rebel held undergoing a massive government offensive seventy percent of the country's food imports come through the port. peace talks underway in sweden are trying to ease the siege but a man mediating between the site says a breakthrough on her data and another key battleground will be hard won. if we are able to retrieve progress on those two places. live the threat of war to the people in those two places i think that all it reserves. it will be
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a huge boost to really get back to go. next year there are at stake is the fates of millions of starving children and the future of yemen. and d.-w. has been speaking with unicef's regional director. who's just returned from yemen well throughly summarising it is best to say that today yemen is hell on there for the millions of yemeni children and there are mind boggling statistics to underscore that seven million children go to bed hungry every single line. close to two million children a puti malnourished four hundred thousand of them suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition mind boggling figures it's only when you are inside yemen when you talk to the children when. you see how they have to live
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when you talk to the parents when you talk to doctors when you talk to teachers on the den you realize that behind these mind boggling figures there is a there is a reality. for me a president that. time magazine has named murdered saudi writer jamal khashoggi and several other journalists as its twenty eighteen person of the year the american news journal described the reporters as guardians and they fight for truth waged by countless people around the world also recognized to reuters journalists currently imprisoned in me in math and the staff of an american newspaper. whose staff were killed during a mass shooting here at the w. director general limbo welcome the decision i think it's good news because journalists worldwide on the threat and everything word helps them also in public recognition of the job which is very important for democracy and also for the whole
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development of the world the free press is absolutely vital for us i think everything would gives support for the work of journalists is good news and high school students have been out on the streets of paris to protest against the french government's education reforms the march follows weeks of nationwide demonstrations against president macro economic policies last night the president promised an increase in the minimum wage and tax cuts for pensioners but for some that's not enough. braving the first snow full the yellow vest protesters here in one tally in eastern france remain defiant and the anti american slogans need a little translation sit down and talk it is a president who comes across very cold and who doesn't understand our demands he is totally out of touch with the everyday realities of the people. in a speech president emmanuel mccall admitted he showed us some blame for the crisis . of the now except some part of the responsibility i perhaps giving the
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impression that i had other priorities and i know that my remarks have offended some people but. these are the measures michael has announced raising the minimum wage by one hundred euros per month cancelling a plan social security tax hike the pension is receiving less than two thousand euros per month and making overtime tax free that's going down well with fifty percent of french people according to one early survey experts reckon that the measures will end up costing between eight and twelve billion euros in addition the unrest so far is thoughts have already caused two billion euros in damage french prime minister edward felipe has presented the planned measures to parliament. the measures are huge and are based on the widely held conviction that everyone should be able to make a decent living. out of a big opposition parties have already voiced their skepticism. and as of the end of
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the story the yellow vests here on news late in the program helps that for the cult's department we're talking about the history france's long history of protesting and just. breaking the place up so i can watch and for that meanwhile again this is what business using google is joining facebook and twitter in a rather uncomfortable club that's the club of companies that have faced congregational grilling in the united states phil gould c.e.o. sundar pichai has been taking questions from the house judiciary committee representatives have asked about how google collects data and whether it is politically biased in its search services they also want to know how the company prevents foreign meddling in u.s. elections the hearing comes as google is under fire for a massive data breach that affected half a million users of its google plus social net. now during the hearing pitch i repeated the company's position that it has no plans right now to launch
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a censored search engine in china that of course leaves the option open to launch one down the road he also denied the other allegations let's listen leave this company without political bias and work to ensure that our products continue to operate that we do otherwise would be against our core principles and our business interests we are a company that provides platforms for diverse perspectives and opinions and there is no shortage of them amongst our employees. our washington correspondent alexander phenomena has been following this hearing for us that is on it's good to see you i'm going to start with that statement that google is not planning to launch a service in china after all at least not for now how does that fit in the very sensitive moment we're living right now in the relations between china and the u.s. . well first i have to say that watching this hearing i was sort of surprised that google c.e.o. was so clear about that saying stressing it's not only once but twice or even three
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times that the company does not have any plans to develop a new search and jean in cooperation with the china but then of course when you look as you said the broader context of this matter it is understandable when you look at the looming war between china and the u.s. as and the fact that the you ass seems to be growing more and more impatient accusing china of stealing trade secrets and of meddling in the you ass election so it seems to be a very wise step away is decision for google to say that state don't have at the moment any plans to call parade with china now alexandra that was just one part of the hearing another very important part has been focused on whether or not google is politically biased in its search services something that is perhaps a little bit difficult to understand what exactly are those allegations about.
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well the main purpose of this hearing in the first place was to examine whether google is a search engine in its platform such as you tube are biased against conservative views or is there are some republican lawmakers who are concerned about it in was the president president's trump who triggered the whole debate by tweeting that google. search system to favor what the president leave will stay can use media the president didn't provide any evidence and the law maker didn't provide any added evidence and nevertheless we are here and having this hearing and the google c.e.o. or face a lot. questions on this topic and he was trying to convince other lawmakers that the company has no bias political bias still
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a long way to go for google on this hearing thank you very much alexander for for the analysis from washington. saying on the subject of u.s. china relations the bloomberg news agency is reporting that china is moving to cut import tariffs on american made cars it says the chinese have proposed reducing terrorists from forty to fifteen percent the concession would now go to china's cabinet for review if approved it would reverse the tariffs that beijing had increased back in july the move forced many car dealers to raise prices major carmakers like ford tesla and b.m.w. have seen their shares rise and we. are back with more business later on. government employees in the united states have experienced a nightmare many office workers know all too well so how about that mountain of spam email brought about by the use of the reply or function yes i'm talking about
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you it started with an invitation to a small dinner and ended up with thousands of e-mails and government workers invokes is. a cold mess when has that he said i'm so well you can talk about me you . yeah how did this unfold well this was basically setting off kind of a reply all apocalypse my worst nightmare this happened recently in the u.s. state of utah and this was kind of due to a technical glitch that started with an invitation to a potluck dinner it was only meant for a few dozen state employees it was mistakenly sent to twenty two thousand people you can see the results thousands of emails flooding people's inbox is because of course people replied all to tell them it was a mistake and you see it here mark saying hey i think you have the wrong e-mail list another person chime in and you know people should respond to everyone in this less then someone pointing out hey by the fact that you're responding you're actually replying all once again i think people kind of have seen this before it
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always ends up with an email like this phil please just stop the madness in the end this email chain went to nearly every state worker in utah i see no other know how many people turned up because the sole things just sounds frustrating yeah i don't think all twenty two thousand people showed up but luckily a couple of people several of you tossed politicians they were able to have a little bit of fun with this and that's all that really matters right this is joe doherty he is from utah's division of emergency management joking on twitter referring to the whole thing as the reply all gate twenty eighteen even changing his twitter bio to say that he is now a reply all victim and of course a survivor as well this is the state's lieutenant governor himself chimed in and he says. this is real and it's an emergency and i fear this will never end i think we've all had that feeling before when you see people clicking reply all it did
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finally end with help from the states id department but the damage was already done i think it's a good example for why everyone should think twice before clicking reply all on those emails i have seen that done here as well they do cofa if you search for that called us from. now in australia based refugee footballer has been critical of his home country of bahrain and its powerful royal family could soon be extradited there i came out arrived he is a former study found with bahrain's national football team but sort of asylum in australia after claiming to have been persecuted and tortured. aqim allright he is in political limbo he was arrested in thailand on the vendor twenty seventh while on vacation with his wife at the request of the bahrain government now a thai court has extended his detention by sixty days so that in extreme dish an order from bahrain can be processed going to go now days for his life if he sent back to bahrain as these desperate pleas for help demonstrate the world that i got i don't
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know i don't want to talk about it i want to build a story i didn't do it and look. at it i broke the citizenship to live i'm still look at it i didn't do i did. not override the flick bahrain four years ago he now holds refugee status in australia he says he was tortured for criticizing the bahrain various family and its ties to sporting scandals in the region the gulf state denies the claim bahrain claims he vandalized the police station that he was sentenced to ten years in prison in absentia a charge he denies. these detention has attracted attention worldwide both print boss governing body and the australian government have called for his immediate release. to the champions league rally last season's runners up liverpool have an all or nothing showdown against napoli tonight coach jurgen klopp society
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needs a win to stand any chance of making the last sixteen the stage then is set for the final round of the group stage of europe's top club talk much. it's now or never going to clubs live of all the. lost three out of five games in the group stage they need a win at home to napoli and some head scratching mathematics to save their champions league season the turnaround will be tough but klopp is hoping for a big performance have to create especially. with the way the flames and we have to use it. as well and. yeah i was already before i breathed forward to it it's a big opportunity for us and we will try everything to to put it right. natalie have more reasons for optimism they only need a draw to go through their coach carlo once a lot he is well aware of how the field can rock on a big european nights but sees it as
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a positive. nobody wants to play one of the best player in the world i don't fear. that is through that there are a lot of liverpool supporter but. there are three thousand now probably from now and also forty million around the world that support us and we have to consider also those. stars like most should ensure kiri will need to be at their very best to beat napoli and rescue qualification but in this competition liverpool is a club that it somewhat ever write off. so tracking a few of the champions league games including the other game in liverpool's of group perry sunshine man asked red star belgrade tonight if. they would knock out liverpool or now pulling in group a legal leaders dortmund monaco seeking the top
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spot having already wrapped up a place in the knockout stage shall get to have already advanced to include day by munich could take the top spot in their group tomorrow with a win or draw against i.x. and in a game that really matters to nets coast if the ukrainian team when they leap frog into the sweet sixteen. football is often a male dominated sport but there's been a special induction for brazil's female superstar she's added her footprints to the hall of fame in rio de janeiro's fabled marikana stadium the forward said her induction should serve as an incentive for old women to fight for their own space on and off the pitch his footprints joined those of other football greats like kelly connors effect. on the wildlife park here in perth and show you off its latest addition releasing footage of a ten day old the polar bear. keeper say tony tania is doing
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a great job of taking care of a cub and then leaving it to no human has got near the baby just yet just as in the wild the pad won't leave their enclosure until the spring when they're also shown to the public zoos gained international attention in two thousand and six with polar back up cannot. it's d.w. news life balance still to come and meet the first ugandan to be awarded the one eye surgeon cup prize for african literature i may well be here to share some of the words. yellow vest of protest movement wins concessions from the government but we look back on the tradition of street protests and present as good reason to be worth. as well as more of the days that world's news business on the.
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if you. want to the chances their dreams will come true. in germany a child's fate is determined very early on in the fight to improve your place in society is to hog. the witness and who are the losers in this land of inequality in forty five minutes d w. to.
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say this is going on during german streets on t w. first day in school in the jungle. or first climbing lesson. in doors grandma always arrives to join the ring again on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. and already getting returns home on d w dot com tanks. natural riches. and precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia's during. the country has enough funding supply and leases it to international giants. government to hike export revenues and the corporations high profit margin.
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but not everyone benefits from the booming business. tax evasion environmental destruction starvation. selling out of a country dead donkey. storks december twenty ninth on t.w. . this is news a lot of from but i'm coming up in the next fifteen minutes the mobile cinema project putting the spotlight on important issues in the central african republic. i'm just not enough for doctors not enough clinics to bring the story taking medical care to people in somalia lots. ahead of that being twenty eighteen what i saw you prize for literature and africa has been awarded to ugandan journalist and poet how do you get a name the first ugandan to receive the although she won the award for her book of
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poetry a nation in labor you'll hear from her in just a moment that is an extract of. one of the times. he clings on to breast of the republic squeezing by eating it with seventy year old peace blinds to the queue in found behind me we planted lies in our back yard and they grew into mountains that now tumble on our heads like landslides or good. now to the central african republic all of the world's poorest nations it's still reeling from a bloody conflict in twenty thirteen a number of social issues are not being addressed as a result now a small group of volunteers is roaming the roads of the country screaming films in the hope of sparking conversation and educating people. by anger in the central african republic this old car has been travelling along the rough roads of the
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small landlocked country but it's not just any old feel it's a mobile cinema taking film to people in some of the most remote areas. travelling to digital cinema broadcasts the matter of illness films which aim to sensitize the population to issues it is faced with the film's cover topics like forced marriage and girls' education for many central africans who live in these remote regions it's the first time they've seen a screen but most important for the organizers is the discussions that follow the films. in the film i saw yesterday on the big screen was extremely interesting what i remembered is the importance that must be attributed to girls schooling rather than to making them work. the project gets some funding from unicef and at the sponsors but resources on limited the organizers and technicians who are all volunteers have to make do with old equipment. so we've made
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a crate to put the equipment inside to protect it from the road because the state of the road isn't good despite the difficulties the mobile cinema project organizers say they want to continue in their if it's and hope it will keep inspiring conversations about important issues. let me go back stories so the way of the twenty eighteen was seeing the prize for literature in africa it's been awarded so you've got a journalist a prototype how to get it and then played you excerpt from her poem unwinnable just now i'm pleased to say that joins us on the line from a home in the government capital kampala welcome to d.w. her first of all congratulations on the award tell us about unwinnable. thank you for having me so i'm really both these really a point about that for the patient who doesn't want to leave office so the image very very useful
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a mother breast feeding. a big man. blind to pick you up in front who should be benefiting from the bread milk so essentially that's where it comes from and does your poetry tend to be political story. is your poetry generally political. for my prime in this collection the nation in labor are political but i also cover or a lot of other issues such as gender relations. and the war in northern uganda where i grew up and we're three and a lot of other. and so as you talk all these quite big issues through through poetry do you feel that you are changing anything. must anything change that you can misery i think that as long as someone
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talks to think about your message long as. another another right feels inspired to share their own experiences. that is a step in the right direction and i think a lot of times people place a lot of a lot of bargain on on on on writing. by imagining that we should be appointed either leap to an overthrow of our government or its unique to the hiring of someone i think conversation must start from any piece of work and it's really important if you can lead to change that can't measure go that is a bonus but it becomes bigger and peace. and how is poetry regarded in uganda. it's it's in the capital kampala there's a lot of spoken word poetry. but i know that scene up country areas there are various forms of pre-treating or appoint tree and they play to informal form.
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and so it has always been a part of us because always been a part of my community a lot of the what my mom talks so thick for instance are very pretty you don't hire even the allies and so pointy has always been around. talking to thank you for joining us cyrus and then a ugandan poet and winner of the twenty eighteen what we see in literature for africa process thank you. access to health care is a human right according to the us but in many countries access to health care is not a given many african countries fail to deliver often people have to travel long distances to reach the next clinic only to then wait for hours and sometimes days to be seen by an overworked health professional take some on the land for example the breakaway region and self declared states in the north west of somalia in the capital city there are only twelve hospitals for more than
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a million people so this means there's only one doctor for every ten thousand residents that's ten times fewer than the world health organization recommends in hargeisa they have the capital the bedridden and the poor have little chance to receive proper medical attention and that's something i set out to change young. male has come up with a solution bringing the health care to the people between the seventeen he set up in health care service. examples. include people get. to seek treatment expensive hospital fees people unable to leave work. it was because. we didn't and his team visit patients places homes or wherever the need support
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sounds like an expensive service right but feel of charge next to his job as a medical assistant so the patient only has to pay for his transport and their medication. the service was through social media for a long time i wanted to visit a doctor but i never managed to find attempts apparently but they have come to me it's did and got the job done. for someone like. this service is invaluable get to me that's nation appointment for his sanity public hospital was almost impossible but thanks to paul he can get treated at home and it cost the head of the prize. seeing the good he's doing in a community some local clinics have lent support and allow the dean to use iolaus for free he has a degree in biomedical sciences and lovebirds the medicine but some people are still a little suspicious of the service. and nobody even to her coming out
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of one of the big issues who faced since we started this idea is the lack of understanding the general public of what we do raise the question how someone can see a doctor get tested or be vaccinated at their home. county. the moco team is made up of dedicated young doctors nurses and pharmacists and they all went for free part of the our youth outreach program is to visit schools for general checkups. is a qualified mez she volunteers with call because she knows how much people would need this reliable service. but no to that much that i am one of the key programs we fulfill that is to voluntarily treat better than patients children in schools madrasas and maternity have clinics as well as patients who come from towns to try at the bottom and they get out much better. we danes are going is asian goes some
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way to plugging big gaping holes in highgate says health care it's relies on the dedication of its members and part of my clinics to offer affordable rates to do those in need. that of eastern part of the time a traffic public of congo where all sorts is a struggling to cope with the latest outbreak of ebola five hundred cases have been confirmed since august according to the country's that ministry of public health office people on our dad most vulnerable are young people children make up only a tenth of people infected and more likely to succumb to the virus is unicef's regional director for west and central africa will reap. the numbers are staggering the latest we have would be one in three over thirty percent of affected people idea crisis are children and this number is not decreasing fatality rates are so much higher for children and for adult medical clinically aspects of very important
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but they're not sufficient so we're putting in place in addition to if you like the water and sanitation and the support to the medical interventions very began for suits on psychosis for support those for children who are infected and for children who are just affected because they're separated from their family members. at a. time to bring you up to date with some more business headlines and we're going to start in london a city not only considered a cultural melt pod but also a foodie paradise in some of the best restaurants in the world but the city's vibrant gastronomical seem to be under threat because of brecht's if things go wrong there won't be enough cooks in the kitchen because many of them are from all over the e.u. . the british restaurant scene is booming particularly in london could descend as a result of breck's it eat you workers are missing. mac and
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while specializing in game meat steak bagus and even mac n cheese come with venison meat from the chef to the waiters only three employees in the whole restaurant during lish most others come from the rest of the e.u. . you're going to manage a field goal is going through the new christmas menu with a polish head start if you know how that whenever a member of staff leaves she has a problem these days two years ago i'm kind of on facebook on the constant inundation with people crying for the job and for all those full time part time when i've asked now it's in their the deficit are about three or four. yeah no and. if you want. restaurants are recruiting everywhere but it's not just the hospitality trade that's affected by a slowing down of immigration by e.u. migrants. the grown up chocolate company specializes in op market chocolate they have such problems recruiting staff that they're even considering relocating to
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slovakia we. love golf because the stuff we used to employ have gone to france germany will pull it will find where they can get. a job where they earn money in eurostar all of them being paid in g b p because the value of the pound is full substantially also thirty percent of the chocolate is export it within the european union delays at the border after bricks it might cost a delicate product to suffer the system you have of the moment house close but it's ninety five percent perfect as far as a system for trading. we've got so you know the. issues between the borders is for a company like mine. focus and everything you do after that is a problem. coast bricks it many in business hope there will be a solution to keep the new workers coming also for the lowest skilled jobs like
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hospitality otherwise who will make the drinks it's not just the employment market that's creating a headache for british business what they fear is a disorderly bricks that crushing out of the e.u. without a deal with brussels particularly small businesses are not really prepared for this at all. two days ago or mean yeah elected a new parliament and reinforce nicola passion in his position as the head of the government armenians no hope that will achieve a badly needed breakthrough for the country and eradicate rampant corruption. in parts of armenia time seems to have stood still here in the countryside with its breathtaking natural backdrop things look much as they did in the early one nine hundred ninety s. as the soviet union collapse in armenia became an independent state. there's widespread poverty nearly one in three armenians lives below the poverty line
7:45 pm
armenians economy faces many challenges its borders with neighboring turkey and azerbaijan remain closed for political reasons and the country depends heavily on russia its biggest trade partner by far. but slowly armenia has also been growing into an attractive location for investors there is little red tape and production costs are low and the labor market is flexible that's helped the country to post impressive growth figures with the exception of twenty sixteen it saw solid g.d.p. growth in this decade even topping seven percent in two thousand and twelve and last year growth rates that many countries can only dream of. but are mean is economic expansion doesn't benefit everyone the market has monopolies an oligarchy structures corruption and mismanagement drove thousands onto the streets in protests earlier this year the political change has been the result of widespread
7:46 pm
disappointment in economic developments for years unemployment has clocked in at over sixteen percent most recently hovering around eighteen percent so far policymakers have struggled to create and maintain new jobs on that scale. young armenians are longing for change they were the driving force behind the protests and they're now hoping political reforms will bring an economic upswing an upswing that will benefit everyone. so as we've been hearing on the program france's yellow vests protest movement which was shut down much of the country over the past month has scored a number of small victories on monday president emmanuel mccraw signal to retreat from some of his tough forms he's certainly not the first french leads me back into a corner as france has a long history of taking to the streets and homesteads from a culture desk is here to walk us through their raucous history oh. carol i won yet
7:47 pm
so so now we have these yellow vests taking to the streets a lot of people are saying this these echoes. the process of what two hundred years ago well you know given the grievances that the protesters have been expressing so things like tax hikes frustrations a rock anomic equality and also this feeling that the that perception of the country's ruler is a simply not in touch with the people anymore it was pretty inevitable that parallels were going to be drawn with the revolution of seven hundred eighty nine but also with with the what an eighteen thirty to thirty two that this was the woman the victor hugo mortal enemies around me there have been that's right and there have also of course been the comparisons to the unrest from fifty years ago the nine hundred sixty eight student protests which effectively shut down the government for a time now none of these revolutions or movements as we could call some of them are are the same but there are a lot of parallels and it's true that the very founding principle of french
7:48 pm
politics from all those many years ago is based on this kind of popular protest and speaking directly to power is a kind of a. part of an angry mass is definitely an integral part of the french psyche unfortunately that often means that violence does come into it so let's have a look at some of the most recent manifestations of that culture of protest. the most famous mass protests in france took place during the presidency of charles de gaulle in my nine hundred sixty eight paris became the center of left wing city. unrest as in germany's the protests were directed in part against the oath oratory an ism of the old order intellectuals and workers who stood side by side student radical daniel cohn bend it down in the red was at the forefront writers simone de beauvoir and john paul sartre supported the students and defended the use of violence as a means of protest the may protests on the subject of numerous movies binondo
7:49 pm
bertolucci's the dreamers about three young people also asked if violent protests are justified protest culture in france is not only a left wing manifestation the money for to the demo for all in twenty twelve was directed against marriage for all the protest movement brought large numbers to the streets but was unsuccessful same sex marriage and the right to adopt for same sex partners were passed into law acceptance of homosexuality by society is divisive in france the twenty seventeen film one hundred twenty b.p.m. shows how the fury of k. rights activists was instrumental in getting legislation and treatment for people with aids more recently pictures of protests in the poor of born you know the suburbs of paris and other french cities went around the world and the paris suburbs are now forever associated with violent riots against the police.
7:50 pm
in one thousand nine hundred five game and hate was the first movie to bring the bleak lives of young people in the barn year to a mainstream audience. now once again from is in turmoil with protesters taking their anger to the streets. this protest is how. we saw the film. the artist and be intellectuals. in solidarity with the protests what has been the reaction time well that's an interesting question because it took awhile for reactions to come which is very interesting in and of itself i think people and definitely the elite and the intellectual elite were also taken very much by surprise by the force of these protests but those who have spoken out so far very much like the people of france who are largely in support of this movement they also support it and even if
7:51 pm
they're not in favor particularly of the violence not only of noise the prize winning author she has already likened the yellow vest movement to a revolution she has used that word sparked by a fuel tax of course that that symbolic for the deep seated frustration of much of the working classes who feel they've been left behind by globalization they can't pay their bills and that the urban elite is completely out of touch with their needs and what for instance a fuel tax can mean to people in in rural areas without transport infrastructure just as an example so it's a rage that in a sense is combining or uniting right and left. down need to that's the promise all of the republican many people feel that it has been turned into a joke now. no herself comes from a working class background in the north of france very much like the young writer. who's the twenty six year old author of number of the novels the end of eddie you may have heard of our history of violence he has reacted quite vehemently saying
7:52 pm
that he feels personally attacked by the contempt of the bush was before this revolt he sees in those protesters. suffering bodies and hands ravaged by work hunger and fatigue and the permanent humiliation of those who are socially and geographically excluded we have written himself extensively about homophobia and racism in the poorer areas of france both and he both he and i know right highly autobiographically and they say the. this yellow vest movement simply has to go on because it's giving. the public space and vision two faces and voices that are quite often left to be invisible and unheard so it's one of these things not everybody agrees with what that they say either but politically this entire movement is so defeat and so nebulous so far that i think a lot of people have hesitated to to step up to evaluate it and will definitely be
7:53 pm
keeping our ears to the ground to see what happens next and who speaks up next. the interesting. if you pleasure of. india where a huge colony of monkeys settles around some of these government buildings including the presidential palace the ministers of finance and defense. side york they cantered across it they're scaring the parliamentary stuff forcing authours to take action. they've set up home at some of the best addresses in delhi india's government district office stately architecture and great views as well as easy access to tasty snacks and fun entertainment. prevail over they snatch food from people's hands and sometimes they even tear up files and documents by climbing in through the windows they respect no hierarchies whether you're a security guard or a government minister you're fair game for these daring red faced rhesus my cat's
7:54 pm
food isn't safe even inside the premises and they're also fond of snatching cell phones they're monkeying around with cars buildings and even people. indian or thora teams have reached their wits end so they've hired squads of monkey chases to drive the animals away. except there are still quite a few people who like sharing their lunch. stop feeding monkeys do not feed monkeys at all because you will confuse them and then they will expect to be fed all the time and after that you have to understand that you must not talk garbage if you have got to be food available and you are sending the wrong signals to the monkey such. as to make that around half a million monkeys are living in the urban jungle of delhi and numbers are rising. his reminder of our top stories this hour britain's prime minister theresa may has
7:55 pm
completed her whirlwind tour of european the capitals as she seeks support for changes to the deal to make it more acceptable to her country's problems. on the peace talks make progress on prisoner exchange the airlines trojans overnight zation says four hundred thousand children are at risk of starving to death it's appealing for an urgent and surveillance humanitarian crisis. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download from google player from the. us will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. of today's more of the top of the hour with brads gulf don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's to. have
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a day.
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this is d w news wire from berlin tonight an uncompromising mess. from europe to britain there will be no renegotiation of the brits that deal germany's chancellor angela merkel was just one of the heads of state today with that message for british prime minister to resume a main then went on to brussels in a last ditch attempt to save her rights in the.


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