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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2018 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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to protect the people inside parliamentary office bill. the french interior minister spoke to the media in paris just a few moments ago we understand that the number of victims has increased since he spoke but here's part of what he had to say when you know i am heading to strasburg right away as i'm speaking to you there are two deceased several in a very critical condition and seventy eight are wounded the shooter has been identified. as i'm speaking to you a police operation is underway i don't have any more to say on it as you can understand he is known as a our youth we want to go now to our very own makes off and he is in strasbourg tonight he joins us there where he is covering this story for his max good evening to you bring us up to date what do we know about what the latest is right now.
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well we understand that a police operation is going up there far from here close to the center of what you see behind me is right there so this is probably where it happened in the beginning but this is not where the police operation is happening right now maybe we can take just a short look up there this is you see the dark night sky but every once in a while you see there flying through as well apparently this is something like the last stand of the possible shooter that we have. at least you know that's the better person that they are assuming might have done this and max they say the situation is fluid and as you understand it the police are they're still chasing after the gunman is that correct. these motor vehicles go into my looks like i would have one tough mission that this is over so. so a so apparently what happened at the beginning is the shootings took
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place at three different places in the center of the city and then the police and reassume the shooter took it to a different neighborhood south of the center and that is where we're hearing from our sources the police activity is still ongoing i don't have any confirmation that the shooter has been taken but as we understand the police is tightening the circle ok so the situation still fluid any indications that this could be a terror attack max. that's what it's officially investigated as by the french authorities got confirmation of that about an hour ago so they don't no longer exclude that's a terrorist act which is no surprise if you look at the fact that the person that is be investigated was known to the authorities he's. categorized as what in france called if he she s. meeting somebody that they believe has radicalized what exactly that means if it's
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something that is connected to the so-called islamic state or not we don't know yet but we hearing from some sources this. person that that was the attempt to take this person into custody and morning of this tuesday what we are right now here in strasburg but that this attempt failed. in max we understand that the the offices of the european parliament that they are on walk down that was the situation in our last broadcast we're trying to find out if that is still the case do you know if that is still the case and tell us about how far all those offices from where you are right now. we know that this is still the case because some of the members of our group are still in that parliament normally would have a real camera and are broadcasting equipment because this is the so-called plenary week in strasburg where once a month the all you parliament descends on on strasburg that's why we're all here
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and we know that they can't get out of the parliament that's why we're using our phone to make this broadcast right here we don't know how long but i think it's safe to say that they're going to have to stay in there as long as the police is going after that shooter and this is soon shooter in a different neighborhood because of course you have a lot of known politicians in there at the moment and we're talking about over seven hundred seven hundred members of the euro parliament european parliament with their staff as many as ten to twenty for each e.p. so lots of people in there and this is of course a possible target for terrorists and mags there in straws for having something like this happen close to a christmas market at this time of the year i mean it has a particular sting to it for the people there doesn't it because they've been here before. the christmas market in strassburg has been the two been a target numerous times in the past for example two years ago police said they
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prevented an attack on the christmas market and as far back as two thousand and when we came here on monday you could tell that the police were a lurch they were controls all over the place in the streets leading to the christmas market so they knew that this was a possible target and as you know brant christmas markets not only in france have been targets of terrorism before including of course in berlin in germany so this is it is not a huge surprise you know the authorities did everything they could you have to say to prevent something like that and the actual attack did not happen as we understand on the christmas market but some distance away. way from it had it really happened in the middle of this bus christmas market that's visited by millions of people a year the casualty count might have been much higher than we we assume it is right now and next as far as the need the two people we understand you have been shot and
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killed were do we know were were these people who were targeted by the shooters or were they just passer by happened to be hit by bullets do we do we know that. you don't even have to shoot it so i think that's that's something we'll have to wait and see if we ever learn it we do know that there are people who have some terrible experiences today including a colleague of ours not from torture bella but from an austrian outlet to tweeted earlier and we know this person so it's it's very credible he said he was standing beside a person with two head shots and they tried to reanimate in forty five minutes but it was too late so we assume that's one of the the victims that we were talking about earlier so really i don't want to get into speculation ok yes you are all right our mix up in there on the story for us in stross bergen france where there has been a shooting near a christmas market two people are confirmed dead the gunman the suspect is still on the loose we understand police are in pursuit it's max thank you very much.
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now to the day's other top stories britain's prime minister theresa may she has returned to london empty handed tonight after european leaders told her that there will be no renegotiation of the brics a deal for me some may have seeking changes to make the deal more acceptable to members of her parliament to seemed ready to reject it in a vote that would have taken place today but mrs may decided to call it off today on a whirlwind tour of european capitals to resume may she found plenty of sympathy but little in the way of the concessions that she needs. morning in the hague friendly greetings at the start of what is for british prime minister theresa may a desperate mission can she get dutch prime minister margaret on board to help owen concessions for her bracks a deal publicly he's keeping his lips sealed in the matter that may spokesperson
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later said the meeting was productive to you in london meanwhile let's hope it's absolutely vital that we deliver the bricks at the seventeen point four million people voted for and for the prime minister will guarantee that we get a good deal and i hope there's a council supported that she's not going to get improvements is she really be a pessimist let's wait and see if she's putting everything she's got into this i think she deserves our full support for trying to do that. but even as make of that errol in berlin this car door wasn't the only thing proving resistance german chancellor angela merkel has holding firm to her iron rule no agreement with london on anything that could jeopardize the unity of the e.u. that means no renegotiations but according to merkel efforts are being made to secure a share in sister britain's over the fate of the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland but the general consensus in berlin is. kind that there can be no allowances no other agreements than the one we already have given
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can't it is county a kind it wasn't they can't be any cherry picking and that also now can't be franticly negotiations because mrs may seems not to be able to get the deal passed in the u.k. in its current form. but e.u. commission president jean-claude juncker does have this one thing to offer and this will if used intelligently is enough to further clarification and further interpretations we evolved openly with this we'll look at. as mayor arrived in brussels to see evening at least the car door was no longer proving so on yielding but may know because of may do little to appease his hard liners back at home but she sounded never the less optimistic. but what i'm discussing with european leaders and we'll continue to discuss with them is how we can provide that assurance that the backstop for northern ireland where it be used
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it doesn't need to be used but where it be used we need certainty that it is only temporary but time is running out may once the british house of commons to vote on the deal by january twenty first that's the situation doesn't change dramatically. a lot to talk about to do that on board here in the studio correspondent alex forrest whinings she's been following those developments for us today and in brussels is our correspondent bill. bellamy start with you you know we sort of the beginning of the show that threesome is leaving she's coming home empty handed. yes the breakfast circus was back in town today rerunning a pretty bad show actually and there was no magic trick to be found to resolve this mess and mrs may did not get what she wanted to get she wanted to need a new go she asians fresh negotiations with the e.u. leaders that will not happen she can count that she will get some. reassurances
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ins how to interpret the brics a deal but the deal itself is not be all that these attentions are drafted as we speak to be issued of the u.s. summit later this week but not more and that the very big question is is that enough. that is the question alex is it going to be enough for word to resume a once she is home and once she is standing in front of parliament well the big issue here over this withdrawal agreement is northern ireland on this so-called backstop to prevent a ha border between northern ireland between the republic of ireland and because of brussels and today and the magical have said that they will not reopen the will withdraw agreement negotiations it means that she cannot get anything that is legally binding and that will therefore not be enough for those people who are very
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concerned about what is going to happen with northern ireland and with that stop they will not be satisfied that if it kicks in this backstop which is to prevent the hall border that the u.k. the whole of the u.k. will be in a customs union for a temporary amount of time but that's been a customs union and that northern will have to abide by a you rules and they have very concerned that they will the u.k. will get stuck in that for what indefinitely the president in limbo forever and what is treason what is she planning to do about the irish question. well she will travel to ireland to talk to the irish prime minister because he holds a kind of a veto in all of this the you is behind island the diff you have are up to the prime minister is able to make concessions and the you will also do that but it is very unlike the that he will do that he already said he wants breaks it to be halted and to have more time to negotiate maybe another backstop system or
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something but the irish one a reassurance that there will be no hard border no matter what yeah i mean there is so much chaos year alex and to add to that now you've got him viz into reasoning's own conservative party who are apparently grouping and preparing for a possible change of leadership yes and they've been trying to do this fist several weeks and did not get the numbers they need forty eight and pays to write a letter to a particular committee a committee to trigger this leadership contest we thought this afternoon they may well have that number they go clearly very very close but it hasn't yet been treated so that it is very unsettling for two reason may she knows that this is coming because they have spoken out about this and that's going on in the meantime there is a big groundswell of support within parliament for a no confidence motion to be treated against the entire government and that really rests with the main opposition party the labor party leader jeremy corbyn people
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are waiting for him to trick which he said he's not going to do it at the moment doesn't have enough support spot i mean at the moment it really is chaotic it is a mess and no one really knows what's going to certainly think could happen there could be early elections there could be a maybe a second bridge that referendum that is all still up in the air all right alex force why did here at the big table in bantry get in brussels to both of you you thank. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world aids yury in charlottesville virginia has recommended life in prison for the american white nationalist who rammed his car into a crowd of people last year the twenty one year old drove into a group who were protesting against a white supremacist rally one woman was killed and dozens injured the judge is due to pass sentence in march google's c.e.o. has become the latest leader of a u.s. tech giant to face a grilling by members of the u.s.
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congress sundar pichai denied accusations that google has programmed any political bias into its search services he also repeated the company's position that it has no plans quote right now to launch a censored search engine in china specifically two russian cosmonauts on the international space station are currently out on a space walk they're investigating a mysterious holding a soyuz spacecraft docked at the station now the whole appeared in august leading to an initial loss of air pressure russian officials have speculated that it may have been sabotage and they want to know how it happened. was a night the un's children's aid organization unicef is renewing its call for urgent international pressure to resolve the humanitarian crisis in yemen now according to their latest report four hundred thousand children are so severely malnourished that their lives are in grave danger the appeal comes as the two sides hold peace
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talks in sweden the two sides of exchange lists of names and a proposed prisoner swap. a positive sign concerning the situation in gaming the who three rebels and the yemeni government have no such a date to exchange prisoners from the warring sides they have already exchanged lists of prison this go in the list include more than fifteen thousand characters and to tell you needs from all warring parties in yemen. we hope the obvious are just being serious we are serious and ready at the moment. the huge prisoner swap is set to take place in january marking a success in the un brokered peace talks which into and devastating four years civil war the conflict has killed at least ten thousand people and pushed millions to the brink of starvation children are bearing the brunt of the suffering. on everybody in this hospital twice
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a tiny victim of the civil war the flashpoint city of her data is still held by the rebels but undergoing a massive government offensive seventy percent of the country's food imports come through the port here today yemen is hell on there for the millions of yemeni children four hundred thousand of them suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition and when you talk to the parents when you talk to doctors when you talk to his only then you realize that behind these mind boggling figures there is a there is a reality so dire that for me it is unprecedented move the peace talks in sweden and the seach there's still a long way to go the prisoner swap is a sign of hope but it's also the least contentious issue on the table the rivals are still negotiating. for let me quickly update you now on that breaking news story that we've got coming from the city of strasbourg in france police say that
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the gunman has shot at least two people dead and injured a loving others close to a christmas market b. is said. have been wounded in an exchange of gunfire with soldiers at the scene but remains on the run in the interior ministry says that the man is known to police paris prosecutors say that they are treating this shooting as a terror incident and we do have some more information that is coming in right now we want to pull in our correspondent max hofmann max a gunman we understand now has wounded a loving others shot dead at least two people there have you learned any more. what we know that some of those wounded are in critical condition so we are afraid that the body count might go up tonight even we also know that the shooter is still at large at least we don't have confirmation that the police got him into custody and we do cheer the helicopters where we're standing every once in
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a while you see them up in the night sky over there flying by you probably just going to see tonight just to give you a feeling of how close we are to the action it's not as close as used to be because i need you see the cathedral right there that's the monument of stars because that's what people come to see apart from the christmas market and this is where the situation unfolded at around eight pm local time today then we understand the shooter got injured but he made it over there what we just showed you that area and it appears we have one report saying it appears that he's now cornered by the police here so this appears to be at least close to the end of what's happening here either they take him into custody or something else and manx what more do we know i mean we've got reports that the suspect is a twenty nine year old and known to the police do we know any more than that about . well he's just he's in
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a sort of classification your friends which is called file s which is. either already radicalized or on the way to being radicalized so those are people that are closely watched by the authorities and we understand still awaiting official confirmation about this that the man was to be taken into custody at this very morning by the authorities when they tried to get ahold of him was not so. it shows he he was under surveillance they knew about this man didn't you so why they bill to prevent this attack and where you are standing right now max i mean how far away is the i guess the cornering of the suspect i mean give us and idea about how far away that is from you and we understand that people in strongs burger being told to still stay indoors i mean it is late in the evening but. there would be a lot of people anyway but how far away are you. what we're sort of in between
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where it all started and where it might end so i'd say about two kilometers maybe you three kilometers away from where police are now. trying to get a hold of this of this person and we understand that the area out there is completely off limits to the public and before that the center was completely off limits to the public because back then the shooter was was elsewhere this area right here where we are right now appear to be safe although law because we're right outside of the center so outside a second perimeter that the police had established earlier so circulation was i'm sure. that was driving along but if you go if you went into the center earlier what normally would be a street full of people even going to the christmas market was it was empty of course everybody was asked to stay inside people that were restaurants like we were when it happened were asked to stay in the restaurant not go outside there were
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even some restaurants very close to the action where people were asked to go downstairs into the basement to be safe so this is. in a sort of a sense all over the city in the last hours and the offices of the european parliament which is also in strasbourg we understand that those offices are were put on lockdown earlier this evening because of this can you confirm are they still on lockdown and would there be lots of people in the offices at this hour anyway on the tuesday evening. the whole parliament has been blocked out i mean this happened at round eight o'clock so you probably don't have all the people there you go or but we're still talking about several hundred people including very well known politicians like federica model really of the chief diplomat of the european union she's right now she said it can't tina of the european parliament waiting to be able to go outside and think this will happen but still get a hold of that should. ok max hoffman in
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strong spurred france with the latest force there on this shooting we understand two people confirmed dead and there are others that have been injured a fluid situation the gunman reportedly has been cornered by police in the city max thank you very much. well the final group games in the champions league take place on wednesday night and for one determined club there is the chance of moving on to the knockout stages despite immense hardship ukrainian side is shocked our donetsk haven't been able to play at home since civil war in the east of the country flared back in two thousand and fourteen now recent tensions with russia mean that their crunch home match with french club lee young has been moved to another new venue. it's tough being a shut down that. the side of been forced to play away from the home stadium since
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two thousand fold scene when pro russia rebels loaned saddam conflict in eastern ukraine that dumbass arena was even damaged by artillery shells the football team first started playing home matches in levey of over one thousand kilometers away last year they moved to the comparatively close city of coffee but now they must face leon in kiev. the recent naval spat with russia prompted an imposition of martial law in ukraine's eastern regions which is behind the switch of match venue to the ukrainian capital. fans as a recent domestic away game at the moment all the travelling and dream of a day they can play in donetsk again. we would like chucked out a play now dumbass the rain or internet. playing at the dumbass arena we would all probably cry down and great the team with.
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the fact is still in the running for the champions league last sixteen is down to an owner and good player recruitment following an exodus of big names there's also a huge pride in the jersey a win against leon will see them through but the players would much rather the game was in hockey have. they would have been a full stadium in hockey. i know that a lot of fans bought tickets. this is a big problem and. we hope the fans will have the chance to come to kiev to support the team or you know it's very important for us because i. shacked hope to be flying their flag in the champions league come february. you're watching more news after the break stay with us.
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serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there wasn't going to. want to know their story in full migrants further find and reliable information for margaret's. this is d.w. news i'm here to get us welcome back to the program we're continuing our breaking news coverage from the city of strasburg in france gunshots in the center of the city have left at least two people dead and several injured the gunman is said to have been wounded in an exchange of gunfire with soldiers at the scene but as bill .


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