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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2018 12:02am-12:15am CET

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google c.e.o. is the latest leader of a us tech giant to face a grilling by members of the u.s. congress they're concerned about how the company collects data and some full attention za cues that are biased in its search services. also on the program the chinese and americans are talking trade again and there's talk beijing is making the first move in cooling down the trade war between the world's top two economies . and could wreck said put an end to london's booming restaurant scene britain faces a killing every challenge without all its e.u. cooks. it's time for business on the w m how you got to us it's good to have you with us google is the latest u.s. tech giant to face a congressional grilling google c.e.o. who's on the beach i took questions from the house judiciary committee on tuesday they're presented if asked about how google collects data and whether it is politically biased in its search their fists they also want to know how the company
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prevents foreign meddling in the u.s. elections the hearing comes as google is under fire for a massive data breach that affected a half million users of its google plus social net. now during the hearing pichai repeated the company's position that it has no plans right now to launch a censored search engine in china that of course leaves the option open to launch one down the road he also denied all other allegations leave this company without political bias and work to ensure that our products continue to operate that we do otherwise would be against our core principles and our business interests we are a company that provides platforms for diverse perspectives and opinions and there is no shortage of them amongst our employees our washington correspondent alexander phenomena has been following this hearing for as i was on hi it's good to see you i'm going to start with that statement that google is not planning to launch a service in china after all at least not for now how does that fit in the very
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sensitive moment we're living right now in the relations between china and the u.s. . well first i have to say that watching this hearing i was sort of surprised that google c.e.o. was so clear about that saying stressing it's not only once but twice or even three times that the company does not have any plans to develop a new search and jean in cooperation with the china but then of course when you look as you sat at the broader context of this matter it is understandable when you look at the looming trade war between china and the you asked and the fact that the you asked seems to be growing more and more impatient accusing china of stealing trade secrets and of meddling in the you ass election so it seems to be a very wise step wise decision for google to say that state don't have at the
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moment and he plans to call parade with china now alexander that was just one part of the hearing another very important part has been focused on whether or not google is politically biased in its search services something that is perhaps a little bit difficult to understand what exactly are those allegations about. well the main purpose of this hearing in the first place was to examine whether google is a search engine in its platform such as you tube are biased against conservative views or is there are some republican lawmakers who are concerned about it in was the president president's trump who triggered the whole debate by tweeting that google. search system to favor what the president labels fake news media the president didn't provide any evidence of that lawmaker didn't provide any added evidence and nevertheless we are here and having this hearing and
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the google c.e.o. or fail. a lot of questions on this topic and he was trying to convince other lawmakers that the company has no bias political bias still a long way to go for google on this hearing thank you very much alexander for the analysis from washington. and we were talking about the u.s. china relations now china is apparently planning to cut import tariffs on american made cars a trumpet ministration official speaking anonymously confirmed earlier media reports that beijing has proposed reducing terrorists from forty to fifteen percent the concession would now go to china's cabinet for review if approved it would reverse the tears that beijing had increased back in july the move forced many car dealers to raise prices major carmakers like ford tesla and b.m.w. have seen their shares rise on the news. and of course markets have been paying
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very close attention to these developments last this custom with our new york financial correspondent jim acosta joining us now hi yes it's good to have you with us so wall street from what we saw didn't wait for official confirmation to rally when this news came out. thank you ali it's so far this year has not been a good year for stocks and investors for u.s. car companies so when we got those reports we did see a jump in the stocks off the big car makers even if they had vanished a bit towards the end of trading and the big question really is would u.s. carmakers really profit that much. would be cut because if you look at general motors or ford most of the cars they sell in china they produce them in the united states that's a different story when you look at m.-w. for instance a lot of the cars that they manufacture in the u.s.
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actually get exported to china the same is true it was a company like tesla said after the initial jump the stocks still were on the upside but not by as much as the earlier you were mentioning it is a case by case thing but if confirmed this measure would anyway only revert to a previous increase so doesn't really make much of a difference in general well i mean it's really a while back and forth just early in the summer china lowered the chair of cars from forty to fifteen percent and then the next round of terror is from the u.s. side they increase that forty percent it would make a difference wouldn't really argue that. the end would be a nice gesture from china also if they say buy more. from u.s. farmers but if we look at the the over all trade dispute what washington really wants
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is to avoid. the transfer of high technology from the united states the whole china twenty twenty five plan i guess if we really want to get a deal done china has to do more on that and it's called in new york thank you very much for your analysis. india's government has named an ally of prime minister narendra modi as the country's new central bank chief tuesday a day after his predecessor a quick for not dispute about government interference shock. has been appointed governor of the reserve bank of india for the next three years the sixty three year old is a former senior finance ministry official that has worked with various government bodies including the economic affairs ministry. to london now a city not only considered a cultural melting pot but also a foodie paradise hosting some of the best restaurants in the world but the city's
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vibrant gastronomical scene could be under threat because of bricks and if things go wrong there won't be enough cooks in the kitchen because many of them are from all over the e.u. . the british restaurant scene is booming particularly in london but could send as a result of breck's it easy you work as a missing. american while the specializing in game meat steak bagus and even mac and cheese come with venison meat from the chef to the waiters only three employees in the whole restaurant during lish post office come from the rest of the e.u. . you're going to manage a field goal is going through the new christmas menu with a polish head chef you know the heart attack or whatever a member of staff leaves she has a problem these days two years ago and kind of on facebook on a constant. with people applying for the job for a full time part time. now i'm in there with three or four.
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so yeah not as many people other. restaurants are recruiting everywhere but it's not just the hospitality trade that's affected by a slowing down of immigration by e.u. migrants. the grown up chocolate company specializes in up market chocolate they have such problems recruiting stuff that they're even considering relocating to slovakia we. love golf because the stuff we used to employ have gone to france germany will go to all spain where they can get. a job where the money in euro's rather than being paid in g.d.p. because the value of the pound is full substantially also thirty percent of the chocolate is export it within the european union delays at the border after bricks it might cost the delicate product to suffer the system we have at the moment house flows but it's ninety five percent perfect as far as a system for trading. we've got so you know the. issues between the borders
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is for a company like mine. focus and everything we do after that is a problem. for coast bricks it many in business hope there will be a solution to keep the new workers coming also for the lowest skilled jobs like hospitality otherwise who will make the drinks it's not just the employment market that's creating a headache for british business what they fear is a disorderly bricks that crushing out of the e.u. without a deal with brussels particularly small businesses are not really prepared for this at all. before we go german carmaker dime light is planning to buy a battery cells worth more than twenty billion euros by twenty thirty the move as part of its efforts to ramp up electrical production as european regulators clamp down on toxic diesel emissions by money to battery cells to expand its global network of battery assembly plants and germany and abroad. that's all for business
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thank you very much for joining us you next time to buy.
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