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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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i would have gone on the train with a view that would not have put myself and my parents on what i'm trying to do about it it's a gimmick to put you to sleep with. love on sunday because that one little piggies and i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story fully groups terrified and reliable information for more prints. that. everyone wants another exciting edition of euro max with me or host meghan lee we've got lots of ground to cover there right to it here's a look at what's coming up. freestyle extreme athlete benedictum meyer tears of up
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on the slopes. fast food to the top chefs shows us how to cook duck breast for christmas in just five minutes. and the jazz age of reliving the flooring twenty's in style. we kick off today show with one of germany's exceptional free styling talents benedict meyer well for him normal slopes just won't cut it he continuously pushes his limits by conquering the steepest mountains or the narrowest of peace meyer's talents took him to the olympics in sochi in two thousand and fourteen or freestyle scaling skiing knows no limits and when you watch myron x. and you will see that he knows no limits either so let's take a look now and you'll see what i mean.
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german freeskiing of benedict my ass sets off on his terrifying descent down italy's steep stelvio pos. together with his friend marcos ada from south to roll he crosses the mountain road nineteen times with daring acrobatic jumps this footage was actually filmed last summer. but milan has only just released it now. it was challenging because it was incredibly steep and made it so little snow that meant we couldn't make any mistakes are jumps had to be perfect and we had to keep up our momentum so as not to slide down the mountain the descent took just three minutes but the preparation took two years. it took several months just to get the snow ready with the help of excavators and snow grimace still below pass connex italy's long body region of the south to roll it's
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italy's highest mountain pos at an altitude of more than two thousand seven hundred fifty meters the winding mountain road is special to. the road is legendary because of the way it is and how it was built after driving up while he's built carsick because of the many advances that stayed in my memory so i thought i want to do something here. the twenty nine year old manages to skate in the stream a challenging environments because he has his experience already as a child he enjoyed trying out new scheme moves over the years he grew to become one of europe's finest free riders and in twenty fourteen he was the only german to take caution the newly created slope style competition at the winter olympics. and the course was already there and we could decide for ourselves how to ride. it
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was up to us which tricks we wanted to perform whether to spend left or right somersault or not it's a really creative sport. benedick soon felt the rules of the new lympics freeskiing discipline was stifling his creativity so he set off the iceland and alaska to ski through pristine untouched nature far from regular ski slopes. it was. special being up on top of a mountain all by yourself. you know that your descent will be a unique experience. like in alaska for example that was very internal because these are mighty mountains after all but it's possible to use the fear and to tell yourself you'll give it a go anyway otherwise everyone to be free right so you know there's an element of fear involved sure. sounds with the. bottle
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benedict smile lights to keep pushing the boundaries of free speech he keeps thinking up new and more extreme tricks and jumps documents his efforts on film. you don't always want to do the same thing well in this sport imagination is essential because without it nothing can develop that's our new tricks or the new jumps come about each person sees a mountain differently that first the stelvio pass project was just an idea in my head you have to imagine how something like that could look when you put it down on paper and in the end you stand there and it's reality and then you have to see it. three riding over to still be a pos is certainly a highlight in benedict minus sporting for me to date but that unusual trip has
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also given him many new ideas for the wild adventures in the snow. more lane has a new star attraction that plus the dramatic life of a sixteenth century scottish queen hits european screens those stories and more coming up in today's express. the film mary queen of scots had its european premiere in london on monday. on the red carpet where lead actress searcher ronan and margot robbie the betrays elizabeth the first film had its world premiere in the u.s. last month. the historical drama explores the life of mary stuart the range over scotland in the sixteenth century she was beheaded for allegedly plotting to
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assassinate her english rival elizabeth the first. little polar bear born at berne in steampunk zoom on december the first has reached its first milestone it's now drinking eleven times a day and mother tanya is taking good care of her cub zookeepers on happy with its progress though they have stayed away from the birthing den to avoid in danger and the young animals life it will take another eight weeks before a vet can ascertain what the burnings newest polar bear is male or female. iceland the usual lands are under way under thirteen days before christmas thirteen of these units for now as they're known in icelandic come to town one by one. here these traditional figures from icelandic folklore are being portrayed by actors every day new you learn underarms from the mountains until they're all together on
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christmas eve. still they're not the most pleasant of characters each one is a prankster with a negative trait like swiping sausage sores stealing leftovers from pots. continuing now in the theme of christmas traditions and this time of year is great for get togethers with lots of food but if you want to avoid spending lots of time in the kitchen preparing holiday meals then chef robin pipes has just the recipe for you today he shows us how to repair a main course for christmas in just under five minutes now how extraordinary is that. it's the highest and today i'm going to make the quickest christmas stuck around
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i'm taking a duck breast which normally should be cooked slowly until it reaches an inner temperature of sixty to sixty two degrees celcius are used but i haven't got that long so i'm going to cut off a few slices and sauté them on both sides though not too long or the middle become dry and we don't want that to happen on a farm so a put in a bit of olive oil in the pan or butter i'm a big fan of butter then when it's hot the meat goes into the hands at home take time to make good food that's important but here i'm showing how fast things can go get me outside the zone last year so don't know why you post so here we have some butter a staple in traditional kitchens and once again we melt it in a hot pan we're serving kale with our duck people usually no kale that's been cooked to death cool but we have some here that spread really fresh fix when it's still smalls you can buy it everywhere you lies the problem is simple so then we put a bit of butter into the frying pan and add a bit of sugar was so it can be brown or white sugar and then we let it karma lies
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very quickly for. simple tools and you need to keep an eye on the temperature add a bit of salt and that's it all this is as nothing more that involves medicine this sort imo so here we have some oranges which i think go great with dr king but i think everyone knows that you know cut them into segments and ones life i haven't got that much time so they'll be a bit chunkier. then toss them into the frying pan so it doesn't take that long. luckily i only have to make one dish at home to take your time so good food takes time all sides. to guns in the marketplace and padded dash of porches to make a sauce for the kale should still be really crisp like it is here. without fortunately stitching. the science or you just have to make sure that it's covered with voters and there isn't a bit of the tail needs to be glazed but not cooked to death all sizes it should retain its shape and eye and still be crisp in the end of the sign so you add
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a little sugar and in the few minutes we have left we'll try to make a sauce out of it to make it a bit more christmassy a little cinnamon a little star a nice and a few clothes so that some of the now bird duck here let's turn of the heat a little then add a bit of salt. a little mystery guys all. you get here are sauces reducing so all. of this or calles done for full try and put it to the side and then add it to the duck just before serving it into the gulf here are sauce needs reducing a little more so you can always add some honey. that binds the sauce together a little bit sometimes and the senate and house are dovetailing. wilson in this country what's very important if you can is to look around and buy
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your duck breast from good local farmers but of course you can find it in every supermarket especially around christmas time you can also buy it frozen. that is good and let it fall well in the refrigerator and then basically do what i do but slower and not so while it will in the future so you will see save the duck is done super let's look at our sauce it's almost done there's not much left so much time to start serving on a list of the cutting board away clayton place so where should we start the woman finally has a. name and with the duck breast. the spoon. one two . three i know you can see there's a little juice coming out of the me down and that's ok for you the new spoon now i really have to hurry the list so i'd never do this in a restaurant but it's fun oh yes there's the kale and now add a little sauce since
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a lot of that it's really important that the spices stay in the pans he doesn't see what's in hopefully in spite of everything it'll still look appetizing holes in both of which it was different than you will then come the oranges that were cooked with the sauce and go on top of one two three to make it a feast for the eyes garnish it with marigold or a flower that's in season i bet i've beaten the clock. to decide. pretty amazing there are i what images come to mind when you think of the typical german well maybe our new face book series that so german will give you some ideas there's more. than. one to be called. hopes from.
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typically many idiosyncrasies. with. germany. i don't know w. you're a max thanks. blackpool in northwestern england was once a playground of the rich and famous but that was some two hundred years ago today the seaside resort is best known for its pleasure beach amusement park and more down to earth residents well one photographer named benita a was fascinated by what she saw in blackpool so she decided to capture life there over a period of two days and tonight and the result of her work is this book which gives readers an interesting impression into britain's working classes.
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black bull speech promenade. people here seem tense almost as if they're on the run. yet they're only looking for a little distraction and maybe a bit of luck. the gun subject this is all of this hustle and bustle this running back and forth the food fish and chips and the cell phones everyone's there to experience as much as possible as much as possible to enjoy play games to discover it's like they're all in a huge hurry in a big rush to do it all alice physicians to shuffle berlin based photographer been aegis of hardress captured forty eight hours in the life of black forms besides a homemade los vegas style flair and a familiar looking ferris wheel the seaside resort on england's north west coast even boasts a replica of the art will tower. for close to a century working class brits have come here to play the slot machines or visit the
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amusement park in a just a cauldron wound up in blackpool by chance but was immediately drawn to the place. in blackpool she found little pleasure at the pleasure beach amusement park avoid even though everyone's there to escape from their daily routine to relax this little joy in the air. this woman for example she's leaning against this pillow holding her bag and looking up and she looks completely lost as if she's freezing or something on us i had to ask myself what's happening in blackpool i found myself asking this question all the time it's like a story is being told behind the scenes. into the coolies. photos show the disillusionment and frustration of britain's working classes who've suffered from government cutbacks and feel they've been left behind socially economically and. michael. today blackpool draws the needy people who might have
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voted for bricks it purely out of protest people who long to forget their poor and unemployed just for one weekend many come looking to recapture the light hearted days of their childhood. as gifted the lot of us about the sense of returning to their childhood days the old tram the horse drawn carriages the way the children their dress with the boat in their hair in the skirts. among it's kind of like the people want to retreat to the good old days at least subconsciously was a. supporter of shoot from the hip to capture the moment in all its intensity she grew up in russia in the us her images of blackpool are often blurry but rich in contrasts and cleverly composed they've been published in her book forty eight hours black people will say i have to react without thinking too much and if i spend time searching for the perfect angle the moment will be lost so you hunt look
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and shoot you and often you see something before you realize what you've seen but one does a heart. so harder tries to capture moments in which people don't realize they're being observed moments which show them as they really are. her photos are often portraits of despair. and the young people who are well known to the girl you see here is chewing on her cell phone she's crying and her makeup surrounding the makeup lives. with forty eight hours blackpool been made to survive on drugs has created a moving portrait of britain's working classes and provided a glimpse of the dark underbelly of british society that breaks it will better these people's lives. it seems as unlikely as the chances of hitting the jackpot at
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blackpool slot machines. well those photos of black holes seem very clear in their meaning but other artists leave much to the imagination so far weekly high five series we foresee gather a list of artists whose works will make you look twice so here are. five european artists who will have you well being your eyes in amazement. can use coral hole in one in a donut hole. or mow the lawn on a kiwi or sunbathe on dried apricots these imaginative miniature worlds were created by french mini me on their fifth on our ranking of amazing artists though these delectable works are just the icing on the cake photographing meals for cookbooks is the couple's bread and butter.
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these works look like pencil sketches but they're not they're elaborate wire sculptures suspended in space by portuguese artist davido leave a hero who takes fourth place in a ranking of amazing artists. dobby to only be heroes creations are meticulously crafted but could be easily mistaken for quick line drawings. a brilliant optical illusion. but here too nothing is quite as it seems look closely and you'll notice these aren't actually painted human bodies. these works are the brainchild of sound through old body painter johana starter and his team. they take third place in our ranking of artists who are brilliant illusionist. their creations constantly keep us guessing what's real and what's not. a
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lion cage to slide inside. a motorbike cradle. and a diving platform without a pool. can these be real know their peculiar miniature worlds of german artist who comes in second in the rankings at first glance his creations look almost monday until viewers start noticing their bizarre details. high definition photographs that feature elaborately fabricated nightmare scenarios which play with our perceptions. they're the works of swedish photo artist eric johansson who takes the top spot in our ranking. his clever combination of real landscapes and models creates apocalyptic fantasies that are nothing short of stunning. the only after he edits the images on his computer is the illusion
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truly complete it's hard not to fall for johansson works. time now for a trip back in time to the roaring twenty's this jazz age is alive and well in berlin things to the parties organized by bo m's. entertainer constantine gay friends the event for the party goers which combines a bit of vaudeville and cabaret while the audience members get into the mood by dressing in one nine hundred twenty s. attire absent of all modern amenities and that includes the use of mobile phones and audience members love it this way. i know there. are ladies and gentlemen i know my name is coco and in case you've forgotten welcome to both. i am so over. the course there's an extra bit coco is a very extroverted character he's loud and flamboyant and he is an essential part
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of me. constantine proper roski all coco is the master of ceremonies of the nine hundred twenty s. themed bohem. he discovered his passion for this era through his love of fashion that's the i love the feeling of wearing a suit that gives me great pleasure suits are absolutely wonderful. the focus of the one of the night life is like a refuge where we can just be in the moment and forget all the things that bother us everything bad and everything that worries us we can just be ourselves for a night. i don't know. let's roll so it's out. cocoa has been part of the bill i'm sivaji parties for eleven years now he's seen it grow increasingly popular the time and what better place to use for such an extravaganza than vernon's minds dissolve. mishear that out out there.
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each poem survives event starts with a quick dance lesson. tonight but three of us will learn the charleston. tonight is sold out the nine hundred twenty something to vent a hugely popular but revelers need to heed a couple of rules a nine hundred twenty stress code is mandatory and mobile phones are strictly forbidden. the one nine hundred twenty s. party. it is clearly back on her but some say that the political turmoil of that time is not dissimilar to today either once again society is deeply divided and anti democratic forces are on the rise but coco is reluctant to talk about these parallels. other matter of course at some point the garbage
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on the streets so to speak will start piling up in stinking. by another but by that time it'll already be too late to say anything about it. as a society. but the bohem survives parties are all about having fun so coco and his fellow revelers block out the grim political reality and party on. i want that we're out of time but before we go we want to let you weigh in on this week's drop now we would like to know what your best moment of two thousand and eighteen was if you have a photo of it then send it in and by doing so you qualify to win an exclusive euro max watch go to our website to see how to upload your photos and that's it bye bye for now. next time on your remarks tomoko not transforms artistic masterpieces into colorful farquhar.
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she transplants their historical subjects into the modern world and symbols and logos from contemporary pop culture the results are both colorful and striking microphones are from the midline next time on your remarks.
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all. music is known as a christmas sound that's why i'm here at christmas time. i really hope to get into the truth with the movie and of course get to know the city as well.
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in thirty minutes longer d.w. . i'm not all bad and i will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of just dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. it's all happening go to visit a few getting. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to you to do such a clean compliment from funny gentlemen from on use of museums and i would say de
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debited close match africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. of farmland has been called the ethiopia's current gold the country has an abundant supply and leases are. to international giants. the government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the book business. objects patricia environmental destruction absorb rishabh the criers the government down to corporate above the sewing out of
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a country's debt donkey's fear no hard enough. starts december twenty ninth on d. w. . above. the budget. this is the death union's coming to you live from berlin british prime minister to resign me to pres for the fight of a politically korea. bracy fiscal good this receipt for sake that is who said it so they will now give us a confidence abiding to shift to the conservative party i will contest not to go to with everything i've gone to reason even face a rebellious m.p.'s in
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a showdown this evening what does this challenge mean for the brigs of christmas we get the latest.


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