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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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starts december twenty second t.w. . britain's prime minister fights for her political life this was theresa may facing m.p.'s in the house of commons hours ahead of a vote of confidence in her leadership triggered by her own party colleagues. also on the program a massive manhunt in the french city of. police search for the gunman who opened fire as a popular christmas markets killing two people and injuring several others. the suspect a sheriff was on
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a police watch list for radicalism his family is now in custody for questioning. i'm filled to the program. might be about to cross the u.k. it's second prime minister opponents of teresa deal have secured support for a vote of no confidence in her leadership of the conservative party if she loses she will remain as prime minister but only until a new party leader is chosen her pretty david cameron resigned two years ago when the u.k. voted to leave the european union mrs may's vote happens tonight. to reason may is defending herself with all her might this morning she responded to a potential leadership challenge by saying that kicking her out would put breakfast at risk she elaborated on her position in parliament later in the afternoon and we the public knows it's an easy day one just the security of it delivers on that
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result and we shouldn't risk under control of the basic negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament because that would mean risking to laying bricks it or even stopping bret's it none of that would be in the national interest so i think we need to get on and deliver a good press it for the country should warm opposition leader jeremy corbyn was having none of it serious and passionate he demanded and the vote on how to deal with the prime minister and the government have already been found to be in contempt of parliament her behavior today is just contemptuous of this parliament. there could be no more excuses no more running away put it before parliament and let's have the vote outside parliament young people frustrated with the whole process where raising their voices in favor of taking the decision back to the people i think that as we've watched politicians a week or so maybe their college been scrambling around arguing amongst themselves
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about who they want to be their leader while our nation is in a complete political crisis we are catapulting towards exit next march i think that young people are responsibly today to take their absences that we expect more from them and i think that everybody has been greeted as pointed with how petitions handled this crisis and really back. in the time in london street markets some older voters expressed sympathy towards me and frustration at the whole process. please call your days in place you don't know your work. and then someone else is going to come in and start the process over again and it's going to cause more movement eons just just to try and get this. done as conservative m.p.'s circle around may breaks it plans the prime minister for now is fighting for her political survival. try to london and i would join i did have to tell someone who welcomed shots while i say i was down to this vote so as theresa may have the
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numbers. well her supporters are widely saying that they are quietly confident that she does have the numbers to pass that threshold for to survive this confidence vote they've all been tweeting their support they've been doing the rounds with the media but let's not forget that while they may be publicly saying they support the prime minister this is a secret ballot that is going to be taking place just a few hours from now what they say publicly could differ from what they then privately say to reason may is by no means out of the woods yet it was let's not forget the unpopularity of the break the deal that she greeted the european union that's triggered this confidence vote there are a lot of people that are extremely unhappy with the way the negotiations have gone so far and would like to see a change of leadership to see this exit process going in a different direction to reason maydays she's been very defiant she's become known
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as the prime minister you managed to cling on to power despite the challenges she's made clear throughout the day that she's going to fight this leadership contest to the bitter end so talk us through the timeline. what reason may is do you to be speaking in front of m.p.'s around about now unless they make no mistake this is a fight or have political life she needs to convince them. heartbreaks it is great that plan is the only way forward without hat she's expected to say that they'll either be a delay in practice it or potentially no brakes are just tools going forward let's look at the options there are three either she loses this leadership this confidence vote in which case they'll be weeks of wrangling to try and find out who the next prime minister will be if she wins though she'll be safe for a year rebels within her party won't be able to challenge her leadership for twelve months at least what a lot of people are focusing on though is if she does win how many votes will she
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win by there are many here who are saying that if she just gets a slim majority a slim margin she may be forced to step down and briefly charlotte how these latest developments going to affect the bracks it's clock britain is due to leave on the twenty ninth of march. you know we are quickly edging places about deadline that is just over one hundred days away regardless of the outcome win or lose for to reason may it's very clear that this is that there is no clear path of break that going forward what's triggered this entire confidence vote is the parliament simply can't agree on what breaks they want to see and that is something that's going to continue whether to reason may stays in power or whether the responsibility falls to someone else charlie tells impel in london thank you. a massive manhunt is underway in the french city of strasburg after a gunman opened fire as a famous christmas market on tuesday two people were killed and thirteen others
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injured sharif's a cat the alleged attacker was well known to police and had more than two dozen convictions for robbery and other violence his parents and two brothers have not been detained by police for questioning government officials say they are treating the incident as a possible terror attack. unordinary franchising block home to the twenty nine year old suspected terrorist one stop in an intense manhunt and today he's nowhere to be found prosecutors say he vanished after attacking his hometown the tragedy began unfolding around eight pm. the gunman opened fire near a packed christmas market killing and injuring indiscriminately a firefight broke out but the attacker got away leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. went into lockdown
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funds at a local basketball arena for united in defiance. today a heavy police presence remains in strasburg one witness caught up in choose days attack spoke to detail. i didn't realize first what all the commotion was about i didn't see people running but i thought they were just panicking in some general way but then turned around the corner and immediately saw a man lying there with an apparent gunshot wound to his it proved he was still alive. he was in the states. could have been alive for that can't confirm we started research situation at first we started with c.p.r. first outside there and we took him into a restaurant that was close by kept going at it for forty five minutes french
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authorities have raised the terror alert to the highest possible level. terrorism has again struck our country in stroudsburg we've been given a dramatic reminder that the danger is still a reality. france has borne the brunt of some of europe's worst terror attacks in recent years. now the country finds itself yet again in the crosshairs. straight to the french capital have they don't want to be slower so is there a welcome they say what do we know about the suspect sharif a cat we know that he is twenty nine years old apparently he was born in strasburg in a deprived area that's at least way he was living at the end now this person was known to police he was he has been known to the two police for a long time actually he was sentenced to twenty seven times in his life in france
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but also in germany and in switzerland for petty crime but the police was also thinking that he had gotten radicalized there where they were really keeping him on a close watch that apparently when he left the crime scene yesterday in a cab he told the taxi driver that the police had searched his apartment in the morning they found a grenade and that's how the government identified him read it knew that they were actually talking about this twenty nine yo man. and there was a manhunt where they're searching. well you got seven hundred twenty people deploy it seven hundred twenty police officers that's a lot actually so they're searching probably in a lot of different places the government is not telling is too much their strategy not in order not to do not to undermine their work we know that authorities the authorities out cooperating with german authorities their border checks also they
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are extra police officers at different christian markets across the country nobody is really concentrating hard to to find in order to find the early on that thought that the suspect might be in care that's just across the border in germany from from strasburg that that turned out to be wrong so they're putting up other leads now i suspect and a strasberg must be in shock today. absolutely people have been talking to the french media telling them that well they knew that something might be actually in the air that was a threat that was known to people who lived in strasburg especially concerning the christmas market actually but still a lot of people are sharpton strasburg is a rather small city in the sense that people a lot of people knew the people who were injured and those who die it really and a lot of people are trying to you know get over this now and they're different
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places in the region have been holding. minutes of silence actually so it's not just as trans but that's really in shock but at the area and obviously the whole country as well. is a lewis and paris facts here. some breaking news just read us here w. news president trump's former personal lawyer has been sentenced to three years in jail michael cohen was sentenced by federal court in new york over his role in the payment of hush money to women who claim to have had affairs with mr trump before he was elected to cohen was also charged with lying to congress about a proposed trump tower project in russia a project that was being discussed while mr trump was running for president in twenty sixteen the sentence was reduced to do so his cooperation with prosecutors. d. w. samsung for nominees and washington has more welcome xandra what does cohen's three year sentence tell us. well first of all we have to say that michael cole
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one was not sentenced to three years in prison so he is going to be in prison and he's getting this sentence and the judge said that it is because he committed serious crime multiple crimes and each one of them as the judge said warren's serious punishment and he is due to surrender at the beginning of march and that means stared he can still spend christmas with his family on the other hand we have to add that he is getting much less that the maximum sentence would be five years and three months in prison. and of course everyone is looking at this and wondering what does this mean for donald trump. i would say that this is a bad day for donald trump and that's because michael cohen and he's lawyers sat in the courtroom and they are argued that the crime stats michael cohen committed or
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that were committed because of donald trump that they say that michael cohen committed these crimes because of his loyalty to the president michael cohen himself sat in the courtroom addressing it's we need that stonewall trial tweeted about him calling him a weak person he michael cohen said in the courtroom that yes he was a weak person because he thought that his duty would be to cover donald trump's dirty deeds that's a quote so as you can see the president seems to be front and center and this kid and he is. well as i sat having here at bad day i would say i was on the phone a lot of washington thank you. that's it you're up to date more at the top of the hour stephen bears they will have your business updates in just
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