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small stick and legend isn't. bring creasing dangerous. to make him. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight waiting for the ballots to be worth a result that may determine the future of british prime minister to resign may lawmakers from conservatives are casting ballots in a no confidence vote that after rebels launched a bid to elster record say that she's promised to step down before the next general
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election in order to win over skeptics in her own party also coming up tonight a massive manhunt in the french city of stross her that's after the deadly shooting at a popular christmas market authorities say the suspect was on a police watch list for radical lives. it's good to have you with us british prime minister theresa may has reportedly told members of her conservative party that she will step before the next election or promise came as tory lawmakers debated her leadership and prepared to vote on her future in a no confidence vote well that's after rebels in may's own party triggered a vote over her handling of bricks. to reason may is defending herself with all her
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might this morning she responded to a potential leadership challenge by saying that kicking her out would put breck's at risk she elaborated on her position in parliament later in the afternoon and we the public knows it's an easy they want us to secure a deal that delivers on that result and we shouldn't risk kind of control of the back seat negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament because that would mean risking delaying bret's it or even stopping breck's it none of that would be in the national interest so i think we need to get on and deliver a good press it for the country should warm opposition leader jeremy corbyn was having none of it serious and passionate he demanded and the vote on how to deal with the prime minister in our government is already been found to be in contempt of parliament her behavior today is just contemptuous of this parliament. there could be no more excuses no more running away put it before parliament and let's have the vote outside parliament young people frustrated with the whole
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process where raising their voices in favor of taking the decision back to the people i think that as we've watched politicians a week or so maybe they're scrambling around arguing amongst themselves about who they want to lead their leader while our nation is in a complete political crisis we are catapulting towards exit next march i think that young people here responsibly today states their absences that we expect more from them and i think that everybody has been really just pointed with how politicians handle this crisis and really expect more in this time in london street markets some older voters expressed sympathy towards me and frustration at the whole process he has called your ideas in places he's done all your work. and then someone else is going to come in and start the process all over again and it's going to cost more movement the ins just just to try and get. it all done as conservative m.p. . around may breaks it plans the prime minister for now is fighting for political
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survival. right now as we speak in the talk about that i'm joined here at the b. table by my colleague andy that we used on bricks and almost alex forrest why do you know it's good to see you again so based on what we're hearing it looks like jury civilians going to survive this vote well it sounds sounds like it sounds like it i mean we've had a lot of her m.p.'s including the cabinets of her top team coming out in public saying of course i'm going to vote for the prime minister i will support him but this is a secret ballot so we don't actually know what they will do because it is secret but i think that probably at the moment it looks like she will survive the question is a by how much how many what support will she get she needs one hundred fifty nine m.p.'s to back out of a three hundred sixteen m.p.'s i mean if she didn't have the rest of them pays behind her it makes it very very difficult to hold a victory will be a hollow victory and she would then have to stagger on very wounded but try to
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continue doing what she's doing which is to get through what about is there's this concession or this promise that we've heard that she made before the the voting began yes so she went to see this nine hundred twenty two committee is a committee of backbench m.p.'s from her side the conservative party and she said to them look i am promising you that i won't stand for election again i would just try and get bricks it through hoping to appease some of them and possibly some of the may have been a piece but i think those who who are really against it just think you know it's got to it's got to stop otherwise we're going to have her at least for the next year because become challenge less she has self decided to step in what kind of politician makes that promise because. she's going to be a lame duck prime minister from now war if we know when she's going to leave office what kind of credibility does she have. she has to go back to brussels for example and she's going back to brussels about tomorrow for this summit trying to get will
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concessions but we've already heard from those leaders that they're not going to reopen the withdrawal agreement so she's not going to be able to present those people who want changes to the agreement particularly over northern ireland she's not really going to have to give them what they want so it needs going to be difficult for her she knows it had team knows that m.p.'s know it and the problem is if they get rid of her it does put everything into jeopardy and had to resign myself a set that you either back made and we get some kind of day or you don't and it may not even happen well let's assume that she does survive this no confidence tonight what really has changed from yesterday and what does this mean for brooks well it's a very good question because i don't think anybody really knows as i've said may has said either there was going to be a no deal breaks it or it may not happen at all and i do think that we are a step closer to both of those tonight if she presents this deal to parliament
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eventually it could be next week it could be in the new year and it is voted down by m.p.'s and then the opposition party the labor party is likely to call for a no confidence vote in the entire government if they win that and it's a big if because it doesn't look like they would but if they did that could be a general election then everything is poor and they have to beg to to try to you know put everything put the brakes on all she could through parliament say i don't know what do you think more people are now coming out and m.p.'s saying put it back to the people maybe just maybe there could be a second reference to the river in the new we were wondering to we haven't really seen any members of the conservative party coming out openly challenging cerise of . the time is not there to do that right now but still we haven't seen them pull out their knowledge of their their daggers and what they're waiting on they for this vote we've not. jacob three small he was a lead bricks tonight willing himself out of any leadership contest but former
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foreign secretary boris johnson his name always crops up and he's still the favorite if she does does have to go and there are others too full of too full of secretaries and many more on that team so we'll wait to see what happens in not votes and what happens with that team and he challenges writes it means broke in the threads that means the never ending story there well as they very much are now to the united states u.s. president double drugs former personal attorney has been sentenced to three years in prison michael cohen was sentenced by a federal court in new york today over his role in the payment of hush money to women who claim to have had affairs with mr trump before he was elected u.s. president is to go and was also charged with lying to congress about the proposed trump tower project in russia a project that was being discussed while mr truong was running for president in two
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thousand and sixteen the sentence was reduced due to mr cohen's cooperation with prosecutors. a massive manhunt is underway here in europe in the frigid city of stross berg after a gunman opened fire at a christmas market on tuesday two people were killed thirteen others injured sharif sure caught the alleged attacker was well known to police and had more than two dozen convictions for robbery and other of fences chicago parents and two brothers have now been detained by police for questioning government officials in france say they're treating this incident as a possible terrorist attack. unordinary franchising back home to the twenty nine year old suspected terrorist one stop in an intense manhunt and today he's nowhere to be found prosecutors say he vanished after attacking his
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home town and the tragedy began unfolding around eight pm still. no new. the gunman opened fire near a packed christmas market killing and injuring indiscriminately a firefight broke out but the attacker got away leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. as strasburg went into lockdown funds at a local basketball arena for united in defiance. today a heavy police presence remains in strasburg one witness caught up in choose days attack spoke to detail. i didn't realize first what all the commotion was about i didn't see people running but i thought they were just panicking in some general way but then turned around the corner and immediately saw
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a man lying there with an apparent gunshot wound to his it's proof he was still alive. he was in the states that could have been alive or dead i can't confirm we started resuscitate first we started with c.p.r. first outside there and we took him into a restaurant that was close by kept going at it for forty five minutes french authorities have raised the terror alert to the highest possible level. we can resume has again struck our country in strasbourg we've been given a dramatic reminder that the dangerous tell a reality. front's has borne the brunt of some of europe's worst terror attacks in recent years. the country finds itself yet again in the crosshairs. and for more on the situation in strasburg
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a home for joins me now she is in strasbourg tonight. tell us what do we know about this suspect sharif chicago the twenty nine year old suspect is now a man on the run brant he's clearly a very troubled individual this is a man with a twenty seven criminal convictions relating to criminal common law offenses according to the public prosecutor there's offenses began at the age of thirteen years old now he's served prison time in both france and in germany it's believed that he was radicalized whilst he was in prison and in twenty fifteen in fact he was believed to have radicalized all those as such he has something the french who a few shia s n s filed which means that he's on a terrorism watch list now yesterday prior to the attack at the christmas market to
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authorities went to his residence in a doff they were trying to arrest him in connection with robbery and homicide charges he wasn't that what they did find were grenades grenades and weapons which linked him to the attack which took place in the streets behind me. that took place and now there's a manhunt going on for have correct. that's correct it's a manhunt which is now at the level of a terrorism investigation according to the paris public prosecutor's office france is now on the highest level of alert the highest level of alert means that authorities can take can carry out border checks now remember of course about who is very close to the french border as we came into the region the seasoning we saw a lot of traffic snarl that the border presumably as those checks were being carried out german authorities say that was so cooperating over seven hundred french offices including highly specialized sentinel counterterrorism offices are
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involved in this hunt at the moment we understand five arrests have taken place including members of his family as well. this shooting taking place so close to the christmas market the city must be in shock today. brant strasbourg is a city in shock in mourning this is the self declared capital don't know whether the capital of christmas is home to the largest christmas market in fact in france and despite messages of defiance from the european parliament president from french president and manually my call people here are on edge people i spoke to said that many tourists simply left the city this morning they went to lose afterward as soon as they could another taxi driver i spoke to said that their phones are ringing off the hook people are too scared to walk outside. on the story for us tonight in
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strasbourg france. you're watching the w. news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news we're going to have special coverage when the results come in from that vote of no confidence they are targeting prime minister theresa may in the u.k. stay with us for that we'll see you give the top of the hour. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time. for people and projects that are changing for the better it's up to us. if we could. be w. .


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