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tv   Conflict Zone - Conflict Zone Highlights  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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you know correct me if i'm wrong here but i did not hear anything that we have not heard before was there anything in there that is was anything that what she talked about what we've heard before since the referendum from have a breakfast that delivers she talks about bret's it that didn't have as rather than entrenching division but the thing is it is a division is entrenched right back in parliament and across the country so that is very difficult sheets it says where we're going to be acting in the national interest she did talk about going back to brussels trying to get these legal and political assurances from them yet is that these issues and let me let me ask barbara about this too barbara i mean we heard the reason. as you said before i'm going back to europe tomorrow to the european council i'm going to ask them to try to see things in a different law that i can bring back to london is it even is it possible for her
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to throw the ball back into europe's who are at this stage. the e.u. has said no and it has said no in different languages. has said nine in germany and of course human remark on the french president has said no. we've really had it all over the place and they absolutely do not want this they say the ball is in the british court this is a problem and we can say this often enough and that's what the e.u. really repeats the problem here has been created by the british side by the british government and they need to solve it this it's not the task of the european union to keep juries m a in office and it's not the task of the european union to help or push this through parliament of course there's a certain amount of interest they don't want to hunt for. sit and if they can help
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it bit to avoid that they will do a good bot as alex said rightly and it's is a political declaration it's some diplomatic sort of fit to create some wiggle room there for her and but the it's not going to be legally binding they cannot do it because they also promised we've moved not leave the irish out in the cold and that will not happen because ireland remains a member state britain is on the cusp of leaving and that is a big difference in the eyes of the e.u. . and one barbara stand by we're going to come back to you in just a moment standby alex as well we want to take a look at the other news of the day we want to pick up on the manhunt that is underway tonight in the french city of straw spur that after a gunman opened fire at a famous christmas market on tuesday two people were killed thirteen others injured
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show the alleged attacker he was well known to police and had more than two dozen convictions for robbery and other offenses chicago parents and two brothers they her are now in police custody for questioning government officials in france and say that they are treating the incident as a possible terrorist attack. strasberg a city in mourning. the shock is visible on the streets. a manhunt is underway in both france and germany for the twenty nine year old chief suspect french police released this photograph of sharif account he was well known to police and had more than two dozen convictions for robbery and other violence. during shoes days tragedy a gunman opened fire near a packed christmas market killing and injuring indiscriminately.
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a firefight broke out but the gunman got away leaving a trail of destruction in his wake like nothing less well. today a heavy police presence remains in stroudsburg one witness caught up in shoes days attack spoke to d.w. . then turned around the corner and immediately so a man lying there with an apparent gunshot wound to his it's proved he was still alive. he was in the states of. could have been alive for dead and i can't confirm we started resuscitate and of course we started with c.p.r. first outside and we took him into a restaurant that was close by kept going at it for forty five minutes french authorities have raised the terror alert to the highest possible level and have
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beefed up security as. an extra eighteen hundred soldiers will join those already mobilized in the field the objective is to a lot of sites welcoming the public to be secured particularly christmas markets. france has borne the brunt of some of europe's worst terror attacks in recent years . now the country finds itself yet again in the crosshairs. you know i mean this is a obviously a bad case of deja vu for many people in stross berg let's take the story to strasburg now our home on the homefront she's on the story for us they're going to need to you how with that let's talk a little bit if you will just about the state of mind of the people in strong's burg because they have you know they've had more than one scare with crime and you know a christmas market combined haven't they that's
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right brant in fact there was a thought it christmas market attack in the year two thousand linked to al qaeda extremists that said in terms of the response here this evening i think it's fair to say that there isn't a one size fits all approach about how people off feeling now some people i've spoken to have said this city's on its knees today tomorrow it will get back up we will not give into terrorism we will not be scared other people i've spoken to have said well perhaps security could be steps up although security was stepped up in twenty fifteen in the wake of a spate of attacks that from source which killed one hundred thirty people in a terrible eight it attacks they've said that since then although there were checks at the christmas markets this year there was the feeding that security officers didn't look for very long in people's bags many people were simply waved three thousand is a difference of opinion and that difference of opinion will have to be listened to bear in mind the far right lida many have pens already come out saying that checks
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it's just not adequate at the moment this is something that the government will have to listen to and let's talk a little bit about the suspect if she caught what do we know about the suspect tonight. so the fish out is a twenty nine year old who was born and raised in the skies book now right now he could still be here in france where i am he could be in germany brandt way you are we simply don't know at the moment an investigation is under way with french authorities and german authorities of course bearing in mind those ties will be very closely located to the german buddha the picture that's emerging of chevy katz is of a deep each of old individual twenty seven criminal convictions from the age of thirteen on words according to the paris public prosecutor and people who lived in his apartment block say that something didn't seem quite right something seemed
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a little off and now it's believed that he was radicalized whilst he was in prison he was in prison in france and germany we don't know where this radicalization took place he was on a terror watch list something called a huge shia an s. file despite that he still managed to slip the net authorities went to his home yesterday yesterday often even prior to this attack to arrest him for robbery related offenses but he was already gone you know we have reported as times on this problem in prisons in france but not only in france of prisoners being radicalized while they while they are behind bars and it appears that this is a prime example of that have you been hearing people talk about that that part of the story here that you know putting him behind bars may have actually made a bad situation more. of course it's very
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tricky for authorities to know what to do in the case of how to approach radicalization what i can say about the area of book is that a number of young men have try to go over to syria to fight with the so-called islamic state and then have been stopped or potentially some of them may have gone eva and then in the area off to. a place called lose money lose has a deal radicalization center where people who are suspected of being radicalized to taken in for eight weeks they question and then authorities discuss and decide whether to release them again to the public so this is something that the area of sky's work certainly has not been immune to that is certainly the case and we've got that manhunt that is underway tonight in france and possibly also in parts right here in germany helena humphrey on the story for us tonight in stress or france thank you helen well he went from holding
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the title of the go to man to receiving the order today go to jail michael cohen the former personal attorney and confidant to u.s. president donald trump was sentenced to three years in prison today. cohen was sentenced by a federal court in new york over his role in the payment of hush money to women who claimed to have had affairs with mr trump before he was elected president cohen was also charged with lying to congress about the proposed trump tower project in russia a project that was being discussed while mr trump was running for president in two thousand and sixteen the sentence that was handed down today was reduced due to cohen's cooperation with federal prosecutors. when michael cohen arrived at the manhattan courthouse one thing was clear he wasn't going to avoid a prison sentence the crimes he was accused of were far too serious
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a tax evasion to the tune of millions of dollars bank fraud illegal campaign financing and false statements to the f.b.i. and u.s. congress michael cohen pleaded guilty in all cases theoretically he could have faced more than forty years in prison but as it turned out the sentence was a lot lower probably because had cooperated with the authorities the sentence could spell danger for donald trump there's a very real prospect that on the day donald trump leaves office the justice department may indict him that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time the reason cohen has admitted to paying hush money to buy an adult entertainment film star and a playboy model on behalf of donald trump during the presidential campaign according to the course this violated campaign financing rules juta his use of trump campaign funds his assertion that his false statements to the u.s. congress were coordinated with the white house also piles pressure on the president of the w's alexander phenomenas in washington she's on the story for us tonight
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good evening to you alexandra so what should we read here what does michael cohen's three year prison sentence tell us. well it tell us the job she was convinced that michael cohen committed serious crimes that warrants considerable punishments and as the judge said that these crimes were motivated by personal greed and ambition and that as a lawyer michael cohen should have known better and he's going now to prison however we have to add to that it could have been worse because he got less than the maximum sentence in this case would be five years and three months he still has time to spend christmas with his family and even in prison he can cooperate with prosecutors to reduce his sentence you know that's an important point to make there we use it at the beginning of the story that used to be good. for mr truong remind
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us what role did mark will go in play for the drums business. he had worked for donald trump and his organization for many years for twelve years to be exact he was trump's personal lawyer but he was more than that as you said he was a close confidante a fixer of to fix problems with a great knowledge of trump personal and business dealings and once he even said that he would be ready to take a bullet for donald trump this loyalty was a topic today in the courtroom where michael cohen said that what he did he did of behalf of the president and that he was weak to believe that he's duty that it was his duty to cover up the dirty deeds. he's implicating the u.s. president in so the war crimes how is this widely to impact will drawl.
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well i would say that this is not a good day for donald trump this is the first time that a member of his inner circle got a prison sentence and as you said the president is fully implicated in this case so we have seen so far some democrats already talking that that could be an impeachable offense however we also have to to add that the president seems to still have the support of his fellow republicans and he himself did nice and the wrong doing. so our washington bureau chief alerts other phenomena of the story for us tonight alexander thank you well his name is only insults he is a ukrainian filmmaker he was imprisoned by russian authorities over claims of an arson plot in crimea he's been on urged by the european parliament says this year's
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recipient of a prestigious human rights prize the czar her old prom is awarded to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the fight for human rights. european standards one to applaud them and teach. the you would real recipient ukrainian film director only accent so if he was denied the chance to attend the ceremony oh gee much of today is a sad day for all of us we'd like to pay tribute to oleg sense of film director from ukraine he's been imprisoned for political reasons. so was jailed in russia in twenty fifteen convicted by a military court of plotting acts of terrorism sense of who denies the charges is a fierce critic of russia's annexation of the crimean peninsula. earlier this year he spent one hundred forty five days on hunger strike calling for the release of
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all ukrainian political presidents his cousin says he's on the mend but still not fully recovered and boy a story of just their own legacy still being kept in very hot conditions that affect you very badly even without any hunger strike russian gulags have never added to anyone's health was that of the still under. russian authorities sentenced to twenty years behind bars he's being held here in this uptick penal colony the e.u. is pressing for his release. a canadian court has granted bail to the chief of financial officer of chinese telecom giant. main one joe the daughter of the company's founder now awaits a hearing for extradition to the u.s. was arrested earlier this month at the request of u.s. authorities over allegations that she was involved in violating u.s.
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sanctions against iran. while ways chief financial officer was granted bail of ten million dollars after three days of hearings in vancouver among one joe will have to hand over her passport wear an ankle bracelet and should be confined at night to her home in vancouver. among is often viewed as a national hero in china so her release after over a week in detention was a relief to many in beijing. i feel happy about monk's release on bail it's a victory for the national enterprise although it's only pay i still hope all the sanctions on our way could be cancelled it's important that we have fair international competition with sanctions only on china it's not fairness but. still the prospect of money being used as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations between china and the us increased as us president trump said he would intervene in the case if it was in america's interest . that was before the bail hearing a former canadian diplomat was arrested in beijing presumably in retaliation for
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among the rest canada's government is still collecting details. we are aware of the situation of a canadian detained in china we have been in direct contact with the chinese china's diplomats and the representatives we are engaging the file which we take very seriously and we are of course providing consular assistance to the family markets in asia closed higher after among was released as invest if it is east about the trade battle among the world's two top counties. english football star sterling is here in praise from teammates and coaches in the wake of his comments blaming certain media for fuelling racism manchester city coach pep guardiola had was among the supporters sterling took to social media after a game in which he allegedly faced racist abuse from chelsea supporters all such
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abuse sterling says is in part due to the way the newspapers portray young black athletes differently from white ones. for him sterling is one of english football's biggest talents he was a key part of the manchester city side that won last season's premier league title . and yet many believe his success and skin color have made him a target for abuse. this is the moment chelsea fans and legit be hooked racist insults at sterling during a match last weekend the incident has prompted a police investigation and that to sterling's coach pat. saying more has to be done to tackle racism is everywhere the rest the problem of the wrestling is in every word that people focus in football is not just in full unfortunately we have to fight but the strictly. for the human rights for everything to make a better society for the future for today very dangerous but not here in england
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and everywhere absolutely everywhere sterling was why he praised for an instagram post after the incident in it he compared how the media treated two of his teammates when they bought expensive houses for family members toasts in bio a black player said to have splash the cash. foden a white player seen to be taking care of his mother sterling wrote look how the newspapers get their message across for the young black player and the young white play yaar. and this is probably the first time the media has hadn't really found his bottom and that's i think has made the media a little bit uncomfortable the media often scapegoat fans and weeks of the fans of the problem without actually taking any responsibility for themselves sterling also has the support of his teammates he's a strong guy. and it knows all to handle that and he's not.
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letting him down from this from this like more stupid stuff. sterling has started an uncomfortable but necessary public conversation on the media's role in perpetuating racism. and you're watching news live from berlin let's take you back to that top story now that we've been covering for you this hour british prime minister to resign may has survived a confidence vote by conservative lawmakers which could have ended her leadership of her party and the country party officials announced just a short while ago that maybe one two hundred out of the three hundred seventeen votes to secure her position she can now not be challenged again for twelve months although she has reportedly promised to stand down before the u.k.'s next planned general election it's speaking after the results are we going to go to that let's see are we going to go to the reason may i'm pleased to have received the backing
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of my colleagues in tonight's pilot whilst i'm grateful for that support a significant number of colleagues did cost a phased against me and i've listened to what they said. following this but we now need to get on with the job of delivering bricks it for the british people and building a better future for this country a breaks it that delivers on the votes that people gave the brings back control of our money our borders and our laws protect job security and the union that brings the country back together rather than entrenching division that most are here in westminster with politicians on all sides coming together and acting in the national interest. that was the british prime minister to resume a speaking there let's hold in our brits that analyst right here to my right is for us why he's been with me all night here at the big table and in london is our
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correspondent barbara. starr review you've been braving the elements for as this evening. what's the verdict. one but how does it go from here you. may want but not comfortably enough the margin nagin server is too high it shows how divided the tory party really is and it shows that what she talks about it just in this little sound bite that we heard is that people are supposed to pull back together she can't even manage to pull her own party back together which shows that turd leadership is not strong enough and in this very difficult time for the country where the citizens the british citizens also deeply divided modeless down the middle plus and minus a few percent this and the other way that they sort of see the same spectacle they
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experience with and friends and families in the leadership all for their country in government and in the conservative party and so if you look at it from that perspective it is it really is a dire spectacle because trees a mate comes out and talks the strong talk but she cannot deliver on that even though she promises to deliver on the bricks itch she sings is the right thing she may have actually the victory waltz tonight what's been the reaction you've been checking to see reaction yeah there from the other two well yes i mean the members they make happen it's a top team coming out saying pretty much thing jumped on she's safe but as you said it. third of her party have voted against us so it is not comfortable the house being an e-mail that has come out a press release from the g. that's the european research group it's led by j.
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caprice morgan it's the hard line breaks tears they have made it very clear for he's he's already put on trial a terrible result for the for the pm and he's still calling for her to go but it but this in this email he's saying the parliamentary arithmetic remains unchanged we cannot and we will not support the disastrous withdrawal agreement the prime minister has negotiated. to bring about parliaments immediately and then it goes on if to resume a pushes ahead with a deal which offer confidence and supply partner that's the unionists and pieces ten m.p.'s in northern ireland who prop up to resume a minority government if they cannot quite rightly support it we are set to have a general election and she said that she will not lead us into it but they're obviously very threatening her again still threatening going to be you're going through it right there but we will have to see what happens and as you know bob it was saying she will be going to the european council to morrow it will be there reporting on see how she's received and to see if she can get any more than what
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she has already negotiated from the european union. in london right here at the big table to both of you thank you excellent analysis tonight you've been watching the news is special coverage of the confidence vote for to resubmit. the movie.
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with numbers and women especially of victims of violence and. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor not the guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. british prime minister to reason may has survived a bed by lawmakers from within her own conservative party to unseat her two hundred of her three hundred seventeen colleagues voted for her to remain leader the result leaves her authority weekends but she is immune from another the additional challenge for at least a year with. a manhunt is underway in the french city of strasburg after
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a gunman opened fire at a christmas market there on choose day two people were killed and thirteen others and.


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