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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2018 1:00am-1:03am CET

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thank you it's a good time to do so but. people have put big dreams on the big story. in the magazine on d.w. . british prime minister cerys amaze says she plans to press on with her plan to seek concessions on her breaks that deal at an e.u. summit on thursday it comes after the prime minister survived a bit by lawmakers from within her own conservative party to unseat her may is a million from another leadership challenge for at least a year. a manhunt is underway in the french city of strasburg after a gunman opened fire at a christmas market their own shoes day two people were killed and thirteen others
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injured the alleged attacker was well known to police and had more than two dozen convictions for robbery and other violent crime. michael cohen former personal lawyer to u.s. president donald trump has been jailed for three years he was charged with paying hush money to two women who say they had an affair with the president he once said he would quote take a billet for donald trump and court he directly implicated the us president in criminality. all the existence of has received the prestigious account of prize for human rights the ukrainian film director was not able to attend the ceremony because he is currently imprisoned in russia he's been honored by the european parliament which awards the prize to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution in the fight for human rights. today british prime minister to resign may told the country that she will see breaks it
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through and finish the job if it doesn't finish her first we are awaiting the results of a no confidence vote on theresa may within her own conservative party she's expected to survive but there may be a hefty price to pay i'm burning off in berlin this is the day. said it would now be as a confidence in my condition of the conservative policy prime minister to take responsibility do the right thing and resign. i will contest not with everything i think all. the way through. is to agree to a deal. country now i was on want china is she is secured to have to go and i have made some progress but.


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