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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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business news life properly relief and friends as police kill the suspected strasberg gunmen security forces tracked down twenty nine year old chevy shirt cops after a massive manhunt he was accused of shooting dead three people at the city's christmas market we'll have the latest from stress for also coming up british prime minister to resign may suffers another blow after a few beaters refused to make any changes to the braggs if deal they also accused may of failing to say what she wants and tourists are one step closer to getting to
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the stars commercial spacecraft company virgin galactic carries out on the other successful tasks like as the race different tourist to space in south. florida. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program president of manual mccrone has thanks security forces for finding and shooting dead the suspected gunman in the killing of three people at a christmas market in strasbourg on tuesday now security forces they found the twenty nine year old suspect after a tip off from a woman who said that she had seen him in the street the so-called islamic state terrorist group claimed that he was one of their followers. police gunned down the a latch key. and strong spokes nordoff neighborhood. the twenty nine year old grew
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up here security forces finally caught up with him on thursday evening a full two days after the attack on the city's popular christmas market. course this individual matched the description of the person wanted since tuesday evening . they arrested him for us all the development they tried to arrest him his office he turned around and opened fire. is one of the then responded. and shot him dead. shot if she was already known to police for his long criminal record and radical islamist believes before he indiscriminately opened fire near the christmas market . but he managed to escape. the. security has been heavy in strasbourg since then now people say they are relieved it's finally safe to go out. or everybody's course free to just small boats
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to the killer is finally the usual suspects there's been families so it's and it's interesting all the city i'm raising a great deal to issue going on in strasbourg the christmas market it's reopening on friday france remains on high alert in the wake of the large number of terrorist attacks which have shocked the country in recent years the tuesday's attack has left stross book in mourning but determined not to give in despite the latest terrorist outrage. and our correspondent helen humphrey is in strasburg and helena we understand that you actually witnessed the police operation last night walk us through what happened. that's right sarah shortly off to nine pm here in from i was walking with my colleague when we saw three police vans make their way down the road just behind me at high speed
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despite this being a pedestrian area blue lights flashing we followed them and as we did we arrived at the area of an adult where we there understood that a police operation was underway and that the chief suspect twenty nine year old chevy shit kept france's most wanted man had been shot dead by all forty says century what happened days had been an operation that in the day police had left then later that evening there was a tip off and police then came across a man resembling chevy chick that they tried to speak to him when they did he opened fire on them they returned in kind neutralizing the suspect and then when we were in the area of no delf we gradually saw people start to come back out onto the street so they were relieved off to a tense few days a fifty three hour manhunt and international manhunt for this man people are out on the streets people have opened up that the sash windows are sharing i can also of
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wine with offices some people were going around handing out all little cakes typical to the region here in france so it's been very much a tense few days and that area where he was shot and killed on i mean it's not only the area where they eventually you know neutralized him as you as you say it's also where he vanished shortly after the shooting why did it take police so long to find out. that's the big question today is sara that is the question that security forces will have to look into remember of course that france has been on its highest level of alert over seven hundred offices here in france were mobilized offices also immobilized across the border in germany border checks were in place and she was found exactly where he disappeared which means that although as you can see here and skies over the christmas lights are back on the market he is open of
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the regular markets and life is getting back to normal and the investigation for most people here in. is concluded for authorities they have to work out who knew what tao was it possible that this man could have of a to authorities on several occasions sit under the radar and eventually be found in the very place he disappeared some fifty hours ago instead no less helen humphrey and strong thank you so much. in other news british prime minister theresa may has failed to persuade leaders to make changes to the braggs a deal reports from the summit in brussels say that the atmosphere was tense and that made was criticized for failing to properly articulate her wishes the british prime minister was hoping to secure reassurances about plans opposed by skeptics in the u.k. to prevent a hard order in ireland. back again in brussels and two recent may once again seeking help from the e.u. to quell resistance in the u.k.
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to her briggs's deal. at the heart of the debate the so-called backstop aimed at avoiding a physical border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland just a temporary agreement if nothing better comes up but theresa make can't get her party to agree to it and it looks like the e.u. is not willing to give any more handouts to the prime minister rediscussed the backstop no way. to inspire this agreement intends to proceed through as it's up to . it's not open for. the head of the summit politicians in london put pressure on me to reopen the negotiations with europe in the end the e.u. gave the british prime minister some reassurance but no substantial changes. in this we see if assurances are needed because we haven't agreed all the details during the transition period then we want to move beyond that as quickly as
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possible. may have been hoping for more significant concessions to help sell her briggs it deal to u.k. lawmakers but without more gains in brussels she's unlikely to see an immediate breakthrough. and is following this summit we are joined now by our correspondents who is in the european council in brussels and barbara vessel is at parliament in london welcome to both of you and i like to begin with you because we understand that e.u. leaders have criticized recently for failing to offer really a clear plan on how to help get her brags that deal through her own domestic parliament what's going on here. it also going on here is that leaders are a bit irritated what exactly to reese and me once was how they can help her get the steel cost of her own parliament because the key sticking points have been clear all along the question of the backstop is nothing new it's nothing unknown all
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parties knew where the difficulties t's here are and it was always clear that legal guarantees that an expiry date can be added to the backstop that cannot be on the table because it renders the backstop meaningless it's like an insurance policy which the facts of is for the european union and if you put a time limit on it it makes no sense to have an insurance where the insurance company can tell you half way into the insurance although look we want to quit and so that is the situation it's a recent case facing this would have been a game changer for her but that is not something the you can offer so now i mean she's basically returning empty handed barbara what is the reaction there in the u.k. . the word humiliation of course looms large and if you take a look at today's papers this is no christmas present from the e.u. before to reason may that is the milder version but what's particularly interesting
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today are the conservative papers like the telegraph for instance where it says that she cannot fulfill the bricks and promises she made to her own party and that is the decisive point because just two days ago when this leadership challenge was looming against her and there was she promise i will go back and they will help me and they will give the legal assurances to sort of neutralize the backstop and that didn't happen and her own party the right wing the city is they will not stand down they are still on the rampage and they're still sort of constantly briefing against her and. and finally also another important piece today is in the times where it says that the conservative party now is under stripped off split permanent split off the party of the right doing and the more moderate ring could part ways and that shows the depths of the problems that reason may now has she can't keep her
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party together and she is far from sort of somehow commanding a majority in parliament for her breaks a deal and even even within her kit own cabinet there is a deep rift and people are sort of really tearing government apart here barbara vessel in london georg maginnis in brussels thank you so much to both of you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world antigovernment protesters have marched through the hungary in capital past for the second night in a row police using tear gas and pepper spray to push the crowd back the parliament protests were triggered by changes in labor code unions and opposition lawmakers say that the changes will hurt workers. the two sides in yemen civil war have agreed to a ceasefire in the port city of call data yemen's foreign minister and a top rebel leadership hands on the deal at a un sponsored talk in sweden data is
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a vital entry point for the humanitarian aid needed by millions of yemeni. and a woman accused of acting as a russian secret agent has pled guilty to a spirit see charge maria of luton up built a powerful network of republican contacts hired the u.s. gun rights lobby in the run up to the twenty sixteen election she could face six months in prison and. gun rights i mean like there's money to be made absolutely everywhere even in space that is where virgin galactic is looking for business richard branson spaceflights company has carried out another test flight this time it reached an all. that's it of eighty two point seven kilometers and that's above the height at which space is considered to begin the company's aid in making such flights for t. and economically viable for tourism the price tag two hundred fifty thousand dollars per passenger. to space and back thirteen
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galactic the latest test flight from the mojave desert to marks another step forward in the race to open up space travel to the paying public i think back to the early years of commercial aviation and you know a flight across the atlantic actually cost in adjusted dollars around one hundred thousand dollars at one point and now you can buy a ticket across the atlantic for about five hundred dollars so you know often these products will start off at a somewhat higher price point but those higher price points are really helped drive the market forward so that we can eventually reduce the cost over time and enable more and more people to experience the wonder of space the fourth test flight of the space ship two passenger ship follows years of setbacks for the project including a fatal crash in twenty fourteen despite the accident the british billionaire richard branson remained confident of being the first to send tourists into space we now have a space that is capable of going to space we'll do a handful more test flights and we'll learn something from each of those test
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flights then the whole program moves to new mexico to a beautiful spaceport we have there i will go up and then after i've been up. paying passengers that want to become astronauts will will follow branson says he hopes to achieve his dream of lifting off on board the first commercial trip towards the stars as soon as next march. and watersports the final event of the bike world championship is underway of the united arab emirates the khalid leg looming in sharjah provides the backdrop for the season ending showdown on what many call jets it is jeremy perez is on the verge of winning the men's title the frenchman had a day to remember winning both races to extend his lead in the overall standings and in the women's defending champion. i met nelly orton doll of sweden won the second race of the day putting her in position to take the title once again
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. and with that now you're up to date on d w news i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching us here great to. women often fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world over here's what's coming up. on t.w. they do this superheroes on a mission to smart women smart talks with smart station allegedly decent by no means missed out on it were increasingly dangerous stuff. made for mine.


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