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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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suddenly life became alledge. providing insights global news that measures d.w. made for mines. this is a doubly newsline from. dominates another european summer as friends prime minister to france or broad strategy after meeting counterparts from brussels european officials trying to raise a maze demands were unclear as she sought concessions to appease opponents of the deal back home also on the program french president emmanuel macro pays his respects to victims of tuesday's distress but shooting has promised all sources
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will love from any mistakes such critics ask why intelligence services failed to stop a suspect who was well known to police. because of us pollen to make staying in latin decision to create the country's first standing army but the move looks set to inflame tensions in the balkans with neighboring serbia saying that a military response is not off the table. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program british prime minister teresa mayes insisting that the european union can do more to help us sell her breakfast deal to the country's parliament as despite counterparts in brussels ruling out any renegotiation of the deal that took nearly two years to reach european officials at the latest summit last night said they didn't know what else the prime minister
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wanted from them when that was followed by a fraud. ainge this morning. the spat of the day you're right at the beginning tory sammy and john claudio in an obviously testy confrontation over last night's breck said talks. during her press conference the british prime minister tried to spread confidence the a u is clear as i am that if we all get into the for the deal this is it that my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification and discussion following the council's conclusions is in fact possible further clarification but no renegotiation that was the message from all you leaders the arms industry must us feel and we have made very clear that we want a deal and we already have an agreement that from november that's on the table that's negotiated and that whole one does kids and then there was also some business as usual french president announced to that leaders signed off on
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a watered down version of his flagship idea a euro zone budget samantha says with dollar bills mandates together with the results obtained by our finance ministers allow a huge step towards a genuine convergence off and their real banking union as well as a step towards pooling our financing and increasing the level of convergence of our economy to go on the conventional wisdom is it going to french president mccall called this summit a summit off results but he was surely not referring to the brics the talks the deal is set that is clear but the drama is far from over. a fourth victim of the attack has died french prosecutors say the man had been in critical condition since tuesday shooting it's a tragic coda to a frantic forty eight hours in the city the christmas market near where the attack took place has reopened president emanuel went to pay his respects to the dead and
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injured he said all sorts were working to clarify how the suspect sharif a cat who had been on a french intelligence watch list was not stopped before he could at least strasburg for two days before a tip off from the public brought the manhunt to a deadly conclusion a neighbor films a scene through their window. checkouts last moments as an extensive two day manhunt comes to an end leaving the chief suspect in the dead at the age of twenty nine but as the community breathes a sigh of relief questions i'm urging why wasn't a known radical with a long list of criminal convictions what's more closely how was he able to pass through security checkpoints even after police discovered weapons at his house residence also ask how she got was able to evade police for days after the deadly attack did you have accomplices that are still on the loose. after two days of
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a city in lockdown the christmas market has reopened with the army providing security. so much in the words peace through this christmas market it's all history it's a common good that belongs to all the french people this morning with their food just wants to stroll a bit and show that we will always keep our head up. as friends grapples with how to prevent radicalization and such attacks locals and tourists alike are showing their support for the city of strasburg and its long tradition of celebrating the holidays at its christmas market. as are some of the other stories making news around the world the two women accused of poisoning the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un have been back in court in malaysia their lawyers want the court to admit testimony from seven defense witnesses the murder trial is set to start next month. disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is to step
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down the move will end the political crisis that began seven weeks ago when his predecessor was sacked abruptly a court decision suspending the prime minister and his cabinet has left the country without a functioning government and nearly two weeks. colombian pop star care is being charged with tax evasion spanish authorities claim she failed to pay more than fourteen million euros in tax between twenty twelve and twenty four twenty. official residence at the time was the bahamas prosecutors say she was in fact living in spain with a partner gerard piqué. because of those parliament has voted to create a standing army for the first time the move comes twenty years after cosmos but from neighboring serbia and fought a bloody war against belgrade forces now serbia has described the decision to create an army as the most direct threat to peace and stability in the region so it
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does not recognize cause of and says it could even intervene militarily a threat which failed to deter cost of an lawmakers. it was a unanimous vote all the lawmakers present in the kosovo parliament were in favor of converting the four thousand strong security force into a fully fledged. jubilation makers from the ethnic serb community to divert. kosovo was born out of conflict. twenty years ago the nato alliance intervened to protect the ethnic albanians across the bow in their quest for independence from serbia nato has been there ever since keeping the peace between the still bitterly opposed sides in two thousand and eight kosovo formally declared independence from serbia a move belgrade and its all i rushed still refused to recognize. many course of them see the creation of an army as a necessary step towards full nationhood. but surely this is
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a historic agreement for us and a deserved one. has its own army and a state that is being further consolidated and strengthened every day. because almost it's a big step because of all but secure own state that it has but. this is enormously emotional one we're happy that we're finally becoming a nation you know it's especially emotional for people who lost family members during the war but for the rest of us to you. but ethnic serbs who are concentrated mainly in the north of kosovo see nothing to celebrate. you see today cause of a jeopardize security and peace in these parts of the country by forming a so-called kosovo army peace and security in these areas have been disregarded in the crudest manner. while the majority of course of and things the united states for its support for the move to create an army nato and the european union
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expressed regret and appeals to both sides to remain calm. kosovo may be a step closer to full nationhood but the ethnic divide between albanians and serbs still runs deep. the un talks aimed at halting irreversible climate change are due to end in poland today with negotiators still deadlocked on key issues delegates from one hundred ninety six countries are trying to agree a book of the twenty fifteen paris climate accord which aims to keep global warming below two degrees celsius but a handful of countries including the united states and russia are refusing to commit to the deal developing nations also want financial packages to help them adapt to the effects of climate change. is not just delegates in poland who want more done to limit climate change schoolchildren around germany have been demonstrating for their politicians to do more on the slogan friday the future and here in berlin they took their message to the german parliament. yes right now
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they should be in french class instead they're trying to save the earth these ninth graders are ditching school to protest climate change. and this is a lot to do with if we keep having these natural disasters then learning math french and english won't help us we have to stop climate change then we can go back to school. for thirty years. people have learned about climate change. nothing has happened. that fifteen year old car cling to back organized the climate strike in front of the pundits talk but because he isn't off legal age yet his father applied for the permit to protest children from schools all around the limb decided to join him. if you want to germany should phase out coal and meet climate call so the earth will survive. yes i think we should have a right to the future that's why we're here so good. it's unbelievable that we're
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here today in twenty eighteen and we're still yo yo ing and the politicians still haven't clearly committed themselves it's sunday in twenty fifty will be under water and people have died because the government isn't intervening thank ifd in fourteen german city students gathered to strike for the climate some even risk being expelled from school. that was the climate so i can count of you coming to your can yesterday that you still protest will keep on going they want to continue now with the strike indefinitely that i was at that is that. the sport of mixed martial arts a male dominated sport japanese union dorney has emerged as an inspiration for young female athletes as world champion and the featherweight division we caught up with her when she returned to have after a wildly successful season. it was everybody knows now you here is
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a world champion. this is yulia dorney but a few weeks ago she became the featherweight world champion in mixed martial arts here she is back at the spitfire gym in berlin for the first time since her victory usually she trains here every day boxing wrestling jujitsu judo they're all part of an m.m.a. fight a skill set. that because of all the bad dawney it was the reigning european champion when she travelled to the world championships in bahrain. in the final she was the dominant fighter forcing her opponent to tap out in the second round crowning dormy as the world champion. it was a long journey from her beginnings as a judo fighter in germany's youth national team.
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this title means everything to me and i finally got it and that's been working for the so hard thanks to my team has been tied him to the ever grows everybody on the way to bolton supported me thanks guys i love you. here it is this is what you train so hard for. the gold medal has brought me fame and glory but as an amateur she doesn't receive any money for her success. i like her enthusiasm for the sport she's a great ambassador for m.m.a. . unfortunately as a female fighter she's still a rare breed. i hope she can inspire other girls to take up m.m.a. or other martial arts. she's not the only woman who trains at the spitfire gym but she's a class above the rest the head coach says she has a bright future. she's achieved everything there is to
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achieve as an amateur. we're looking ahead with steadily preparing her for professional fights and i think there is still a lot to come from. she already trains like a professional six times a week with up to full gym sessions on top of that it's what it takes to be a champion. has reminded her top story. britain's prime minister has failed to persuade you latest to make changes to the bracks it due to recently was working to secure reassurances of how i'm supposed by skeptics in the u.k. to prevent a hall board on the island of ireland when the new trade withdrawals from making even the leaders of safai are unwilling to bring negotiate the deal. from president emanuel micro has paid his respects to the victims of tuesday's strasburg shooting a fourth victim was confirmed to come from to have died following the shooting
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which took place near the city's famous christmas mall. uptodate small at the top of the hour and of course around the clock on the website . of the. letter we were. when you will. be presented americans at some point in our lives really experience hardship. for. you.


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