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tv   Reporter - Women Take the Reins in Kyrgyz Villages  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2018 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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you're watching the news from berlin more coming up the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news on our website as dot com or follow us on twitter at the news thanks for joining us. on the to cut. sleep. carefully. don't lose simply trying to do good.
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discover the old. elite. subscribe. documentary on. my current star krista beck is a kirkus woman who has five children and is married but her husband works in russia moved my husband lives there it's hot but what can i do that's life. my currents our lives in which stood a village in southern kurdistan. in the winter the sun is hidden behind the mountains for months as if it couldn't stand the inhabitants poverty. poverty forces hundreds of thousands of men to work
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abroad. women have to raise their children on their own and care for the elderly as well. the kush to back families farmyard. twelve year old helps with a house keeping the other has to be heated flour for bread dough costs money which i can and sounds husband sends he works thousands of kilometers away in russia you don't know if my husband came back who would help us who'd give us money we have to finish renovating the house my son still has to study. husband has left
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with our eldest daughter in a cattery in book for eight years i care and some also work there for a time the fact that she has to take care of the family on her own in the village has made her more self-reliant. how can this be good nothing about it is good if only everything were normal if we lived together. the children are already grown. how many years have they spent without their father . and they only talk on the phone with him they miss him so. that's especially true in the long winter months temperatures can fall to ten below zero celsius wood is used for heating delayed bag her eldest son doesn't talk much. the only thing i envy is some families their children are to shy as mine
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if you tell them to dance they dance. or perform. at thirty five she's married but a single mother she lives with the pressure of having to do the right thing as a parent and the children often ask after their father grassroot they don't ask just now and then but every day my boy is already big one of the girls aren't yet but they all ask when's papa coming you use or not. he should come back and live here the children think we'd be able to live without money. who . was opposed to. barter i care and star is a realist is the m.o. he came back to us who'd help us then. i don't think we'd starve if he came. out of the one in the gulf but it's hard to live here there's no work.
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the market is far away. we have nothing to sell. but other than. the oven has to be really hard before they can bake their bread and that takes time. hard to tell when it's hot enough every day she tries to see her husband on the internet often in vain. you know in connection with the connection is weak because they're surrounded by mountains. or. when she can get a video connection i can in sa shows her husband the children as well. husband works as a caretaker in russia he earns much more than he can encourage a star like him many relatives and neighbors have moved to russia.
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yes look as a. man back inside her sixty four year old mother in law is pursuing her favorite activity embroidery that helps earn a little extra money she can't live on her pension alone and she can't help with the housekeeping as much as she used to her legs hurt she hopes her son and granddaughter will return soon. they won't stay in russia they'll come back and take care of me. she's less worried about money than that all of her relatives will leave the village and she'll be here alone. there truly. are we are all oh dear. a little. closer was. seven months old i be cute needs changing. this is the
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last she has to sleep now. so let's get ready. how many families in the village have five or more children there a way of providing for their old age the baby is swaddled in cloth according to age old tradition and a small wooden drainage pipe keeps the dry nappies are too expensive. they eat when they're all together they make everything themselves bread vegetable hard part stewed fruit tea. without a father in this patriarchal islamic influences citing the fifteen year old
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daughter back as to act as man of the house. when we still lived together with papa we went hunting in the mountains and worked in the fields we did everything together these terrible servia. after the meal the boys take care of the cows says their father used to. the children talk about what it would be like to live in russia. he is now i don't know. but it's good to live together whether in russia or here. i care and sar go shopping when her eldest daughter visits her they shop together. i want my daughter to study in your cattle rittenberg and get a russian passport if they'll give her one. school is good there and there's work.
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to what i sure wish i was sure as this there's nothing here this is just the mountains and we sit around. in the village she meets her friends all here mansour author whose husband also works in russia like so many men from the surrounding villages today they go in shopping together. and yet you know they only keep her ways out rice for her asking how many kilos she needs. then she rounds it up giving her a bit more. i
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care and sorrow and software leave the shop i karen's our remarks on how cold it is and says she's going home. is all fair invites her to come over and drink a cup of tea with her and her family before she dies. with a good. husband went to work in russia six months ago she has six children she earns some money with her washing machine but it's not enough to feed her family. i need money we have to pay off the loan every quarter we have to pay thirteen thousand and so about two hundred euros right now everything's good in normal four of my children live in town and go to school there everything's fine with us we can't complain there's always.
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via and i can't and. cases like their husbands eight hundred thousand caregivers men work in russia and send the equivalent of two billion euros a year back home it's the country's most important source of income for half the people in this valley live in poverty after i care and star has taken her purchases home she prepares the baby pro strong she remembers when she had her first child shortly after she married at eighteen and moved in with her husband. around is the world back then i hoped we'd be happy you know. well of the when you're young that's how you think you know which is i wanted to study more. that didn't happen but i had my older daughter.
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the next morning she travels to bask in the nearest town the trip takes more than two hours she wants to buy winter clothes for her baby at the bazaar. and. the bazaar is the only place far and wide where people from the surrounding villages can buy fabric clothing and shoes she has to do that alone now for the whole family she compares prices things have to be cheap and she can carry heavy loads now. that ship them. my husband and i used to come here in our car and buy food and other things. now it's harder with the baby so much we come here by bus. to go i have to carry the food to the bus which is full of people. i can't get there too late the bus doesn't white. our bus wish marshaled new york. in the end she finds what she was looking for
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