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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CET

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germany state by state. wants clearest. the most traditional. any time. check in with a live special. take a tour of germany state by state on t.w. talk calm. i want to welcome to our highlights edition with me your host making lee we are highlighting some exciting cultural events and seafood dishes on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. top pro now go updates classic masterpieces
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with modern day symbol. illuminated the festival of lights make the friendships to be glow. in fresh fish atop the course of you chef shares this special stay with us. we kick off the show with a bit of color the japanese attire an artist tomorrow night go is inspired by well known masterpieces when she chooses one that she likes she transforms it into a colorful interpretation she takes historical subjects and transplants them into the modern world adding some bowls and logos from contemporary pop culture the results are both colorful memorable and striking. the last supper painted by layer nardo davinci in the late fifteenth century. interpreted.
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his mona lisa. and last minute by spanish painter diego velazquez. in the artist to most hours reproductions these classical masterpieces get a fresh pop art look. although. i love the old masters very much and of course i studied them and i'm very passionate about them. but my art is something different and i wanted to give them a modern twist. now to moco nagar was born in japan in one thousand nine hundred seventy six and started out in kioto and london for more than a decade she's been living in italy where she has become one of the main micro pop art artists of the movement which works with symbols and logos her favorite period is the renaissance her favorite picture is the birth of venus by sandro bought
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a challenge which she likes to reinterpret on building walls with permission of course. ours art has become part of the cityscape she practices the superflat style which was founded by the japanese artist to cashmore a commie and combines classical with japanese graphic art while working with little picture dance which makes to moco not ours i'm catching creations so well suited to street art. that. i really like street art because it's available to everyone in their daily life. more people see it on the streets than in a gallery or a museum. it's not a choice. it's just there as you casually look around in the city like. city she begins her pieces on her computer which she uses to draw her creations she
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draws her inspiration from old masterpieces. the artist plays with colors and patterns layering hundreds of images. takes weeks to complete a single piece. in a day gear. when i have an idea for a painting i put my computer on. i don't use a pencil anymore. and i mix sketch with illustrator. and with these tools i can develop all sorts of paintings sculptures or illustrations. or. be critical but don't judge that to most colonel cowles motto true the attention of the italian dance company should go to approach the artist and ask whether they
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could use her images on an oversized scant skirt symbolizes constantly changing scenery in the dance piece finesse. we want to express a dramatic concept in a ironic way we chose to walk or to collaborate we does the because or she is a very thin a. vision of the word. female lawyer and there are also particle are critical and ironical at the same time. to moco nagar move between japanese and european culture draws upon both in her art this creates a new language one which is colorful striking and almost magically detailed pictures are well received now adays can be seen in exhibitions all over the world . specially with. brian's. is painting. instead of the brush she makes very important the
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cultural. we their way japanese there of the story but remembering as our contemporary societies through the blends. the pieces cost between two hundred and five thousand euros depending on materials used technique and copy number to moco now girl is especially popular in italy perhaps also because she keeps bringing a fresh look to old masterpieces and gives. a contemporary twist. with. time to shed some light on the christmas season around europe cities and towns are currently lit up with amazing light installations and one place where you can experience this on a grand scale is in leo in southeastern france while the city hosts an annual festival of lights at the beginning of december it's called the festive lumiere and
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last four days and it tracks up to four million visitors from all over and of course we were on hand as well for the experience. leon experienced as an explosion of color over eighty light installations of turned the french city into an open air theater the designs music and dance interact with each other in brand new ways the city's residents are proud of their fet the lumiere light festival it's good in there more and more people are coming to it it's getting more international it's always fun to be here. that it's muslims out i like a lot it's cool that the last installations are placed at such symbolic places in the city. that i live in leon and i go to the festival every year it's magical like
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revisiting your childhood. and leonsis sturrock city of rough logic from bomb watches over a spectacular three d. laser installation dubbed trickle or. the first time east taking part. i wanted to create something people could walk through which is why the effects come from every direction from all sides so in all we have about one hundred different laser sources like the. a lot of visitors are eager to get into the courtyard where the display takes place. in a little a little overwhelmed it's just thursday the first day of the show that means raining really hard and yet every show is more or less packed they're applauding.
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the fed the lumiere has religious origins in the seventeenth century the unveiled to build a statue to the virgin mary and she saved the city's residents from the plague. they were spared the statue erected and people still like candles in celebration of this event. the river song and ron joining me on sort of water also provides a reflective surface for the rich play of colors. with our modern techniques we repeat what the citizens of leon did with fireworks one hundred fifty years ago. we pay homage to our city. and also to the virgin mary and the spiritual power that makes its presence felt here. give folks similar consulted. at linens park to
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let door visitors enter a fairy tale world the ground is strewn with golden balls and videos of dancers provide a sense of joy and levity but this world is also a fragile one. was. something visual that's the message take care of your planet because it's beautiful enjoy it it's just some words of warning here at the park. in the garden of the fine arts museum visitors can create their own light show. just by playing the piano light is projected onto the surrounding walls statues and trees. it's all there in the colors on the wall change according to how high or low the note song. and the call these people play. one of the most impressive light shows is projected on somebody on cathedral
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portugese art studio a cool bow created abstract paintings by the fusing pigments inks and flowers and water. beamed down to the building's facade they produce fascinating kaleidoscope like effects. so we go from green to blue to yellow to multi color and we end with a rose which is very known in the you'll know who is the new kind of. color in new york. every year the french city is a stage for innovative lights arts which attracts admirers both young and old. and now for my favorite part of the show when we get a sneak peek into someone the humble about him today we are heading to the mediterranean island of malta this is where one british family chose to settle after being constantly on the move they listed an architect to build their dream
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home and anyone who visits them will quickly notice that wood is their material of choice. this house is a typical example of modern multis architecture which features clearly defined structures to smooth bright exterior. the edwards lived in northeast of the latter event daughter isabelle who lent her night to the family. welcome to my house. from the front door you can see all the way through to the garden and the swimming pool this visual access makes the outside area of the response of the living space. the edwards moved into the house in twenty sixteen. russell an internet expert from britain and his wife lorraine have travelled extensively and moved house from thirteen times already here they finally feel at home for the first time. i may not travel light. it
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just flows really nicely so i always feel. at home there's something lovely about waking up here every day and pretty much the sun is going to be shining and that's really nice. because the sun makes you happy. in order to bring the natural born clean sign the owners relied completely on board as a design element. the entrance area is almost completely paneled with oak and looks like a sculpture with indirect lighting. i was worried that they would take a lot of my space because they were talking as well behind these units and storage things so we have the furniture actually here so i thought that either will take the space of the entrance but like i said you aren't with nisus these looks fantastic. the white metion the wooden wall in the foyer is mirrored by
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a similar shaped shelf in the kitchen. called west trying to put the house all together because why is very clean the very i don't know i mean my least big but for me to have a little bit the warm so they're all here was a fantastic idea and i think that is different to any other kitchen is the same for me i like like that. the architect wanted a solid dining table to form a line with a kitchen block. but that proved to be. impractical to walk around i think i think the best. way is that what we tend to do is we tend to. and then we can quickly skip through that which makes it a lot easier when you're putting your feet on the table every day. you're architects of great ideas that sometimes you change little things here on. the
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staircase of the multi-story building with four hundred square metres of living space is decorated with a motif that features a plexi space perspectives. the master bedroom on the first floor is decorated in quiet times in harmony with the wooden structures on the ground. this is the color scheme in the living room. until to morrow because hidden behind the dark blue wooden. living room is the focal point of the house. normally we'd sort of turn the lights down and just relax he's one of the if i don't say the only lounge that we have really sat down and drink usually not their homes that we have to leave before never happened this is a turning point. and. something every comedian
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left. the door to the garden usually remains open in the evening after all mild temperatures prevail all year round on the mediterranean island of malta. he's considered one of the most exceptional freestyle skiers of his time twenty nine year old benedict myer for him normal slopes just want to myer started skiing at the age of three and by the time he was a teenager he was already chalking up titles he continuously pushes himself to comparable to conquer the steve us mountains or the narrowest of peace wires talents even took him to the olympics in sochi in two thousand and fourteen well freestyle skiing knows no limits and when you watch meyer and action you'll see that he knows no limits either. a. german freeskiing a benedict my ass sets off on his terrifying descent down italy's steep still be
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opossums. together with his friend marcos ada from south to roll he crosses the mountain road nineteen times with daring acrobatic jumps this footage was actually filmed last summer. but milan has only just released it now. it was challenging because it was incredibly steep and made it so little snow and that meant we couldn't make any mistakes are jumps had to be perfect and we had to keep up our momentum so as not to slide down the mountain the descent took just three minutes but the preparation took two years. it took several months just to get the snow ready with the help of excavators and snow groom and still be oh pass connex italy's long body reaching the south to roll it's italy's highest mountain pos of an altitude of more than two thousand seven hundred
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fifty meters the winding mountain road is special to. those where the road is legendary because of the way it is and how it was built after driving up while he's felt carsick because of the many bands that stayed in my memory so i thought i want to do something here. the twenty nine year old manages to skate in extremely challenging environments because he has years of experience already as a child he enjoyed trying out new scheme moves over the years he grew to become one of europe's finest free riders and in twenty four changed he was the only german to take heart in the newly created slope style competition at the winter olympics. until forgiveness in the course was already there and we could decide for ourselves how to write it it was up to us which tricks we wanted to perform or whether to spin left or right somersault or not it's
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a really creative sport since. benedict soon felt the rules of the new impede freeskiing discipline was stifling his creativity so he set off by iceland and alaska to ski through for pristine untouched nature far from regular ski slopes . it was. special being up on top of a mountain all by yourself. you know that your descent will be a unique experience. like in alaska for example that was scary in terms of because these are mighty mountains after all but it's possible to use that fear and to tell yourself you'll give it a go anyway otherwise everyone will be free right so you know there's an element of fear involved sure. sons would say you know. i've
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been addicts myname likes to keep pushing the boundaries of free speech he keeps thinking up new and more extreme tricks and jumps documents his efforts on film. you don't always want to do the same thing well in this sport imagination is essential because without it nothing can develop that's our new trick the new jumps come about each person sees a mountain differently that first to still go past project was just an idea in my head you have to imagine how something like that could look when you put it down on paper and in the end you stand there and it's reality and then you have to see if. the writing over to still be a pos is certainly a highlight in benedict's mind sporting career to date but that unusual trip has also given him many new ideas for the wild adventures in this novel.
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time never something to even to day see food is on the menu for that we are headed to portugal's number one address first seafood dishes newness martyr's square in the portuguese capital lisbon it's a favorite spot for both terrorists and locals including the portuguese president with a restaurant chef is going to show us how to prepare grouper so one efforts or as they say in portuguese opportunity. anyone who wants to reach well in the portuguese capital lisbon should go to it's district of bella. the newness of. it's located on a small street near the town i developed. the restaurant is known by call maize as
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an insider tip for excellent seafood and fish. its own jugs names up to begin newness every morning he inspects the deliveries with chef money when pushed up. precious sugar by the issue of why these waters will freeze the food comes from different ports all over the country there she says every year they're sold at fish auctions from eight in the evening until five in the morning it was quite a while so thought was and we work together with buyers or get what we need there was a buyer for us the best it's offered in pennies thiago to buy the full service store . newness opened the restaurant seventeen years ago. the selection of fresh seafood is a real eye catcher. dinah's can choose whatever they want to eat fish. crab almost. freshly cooked.
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still alive. today at motherwell cautious preparing baked grouper a typical portuguese speciality. you know where the boys grouper is a traditional locally caught fish old was on the move to. get it to. move forward is often cooked in the oven because it has a high fat content. you don't believe for far so the first move before. the recipe is simple kosta so taste the fish with somali foil in another unproved and with a. he denounced tomato source white wine water and cream.
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finally he adds the fried potatoes peppers and mushrooms what's in the oven and cooks the dish for ten minutes at two hundred thirty degrees celsius. the new survey on muddy scare was popular with tourists and locals alike even the portuguese president much sent over a barrel just soda is said to. begin newness news most of his customers personally . the food he serves isn't cheap but it certainly is of the highest quality. there are some. you believe our philosophy is to prepare the fish in a way that preserves its natural fresh taste no matter whether it's cooked cruelty or baked in the oven or. i'm sure it was a good person and of course we also experiment with recipes. but the main thing is
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to retain the natural flavor of the product every single rolled. up to ten minutes in the oven the group is ready a simple dish that preserves the fish taste of the ocean. an hour that we wrap up another week of your macs don't forget to friend us on facebook to see more on the show there you'll find lots of fun web videos and photos from the reports we've covered on the program or if you want to see the show again and just go to our website so for me and the rest of the crew here you are max as always thanks for tuning in with me again soon.
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anxious lee waiting. for a lifeline to syria. the war continues to haunt those who fled from syria. i'm trying to reach them but nobody answers.
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the war on my phone. on t.w. . in a timeless way discover the vultures about housework starts january thirteenth on. the final. reliable data to. distant fourth place extend the some. of the most shots. of automotive history. the first try. to.
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get a warning to an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already i call them all the wide return to vast lana. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made some minds would be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the war it's a war here's what's coming up. on. this talk of w o radio's the female superhero he's on a mission to change attitudes smart women spy smart talks smart strange and legend is and by no means missed out on a break recently dangerous time set up to make sure. that.
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everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. and to seek receive and implant information and ideas. in media regarding itself twenty years. to the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen years old on g.w. . french police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital paris scuffles broke out on the sidelines of a largely peaceful demonstration as so-called give the best protesters took to the streets for a fifth consecutive weekend they say the cost of living is too high and are calling on president emmanuel mccall to reinstate
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a wealth tax on high earners. ukraine has a new and independent orthodox church after elders of the faith voted to break from moscow.


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