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tv   Interview - Martin Germer We stand together.  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CET

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deporting the family of five. you're watching news from berlin melbourne more news with my colleague announcement coming up at the top the hour in the meantime you can always check out our website at www dot com thanks so much for watching. i'm skilled at the buy a war that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars and. what's your story. i mean what numbers of women especially are victims of violent crimes and take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture.
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another visitor another yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. he says he won't let us be divided and by that he means muslims and christians in germany to many a surprising statement because martin gamma is pastor of the kaiser vilhelm the morial church of god by law two years ago and is a mr old a truck into a crowd at the christmas market the surrounds the church killing twelve people and injuring many others we want to talk about the consequences of that attack and how it's still possible for him to celebrate christmas without fear. and choose there was a terrorist attack at
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a christmas market in strassburg france. it was very similar to what we experienced here in berlin. and in this church where we are. in the senate awaken memories of the symbol nineteen twenty sixteen. and i'm constantly confronted with these memories of this time of year so the attack in france didn't exactly bring it all back but of course there are parallels just as there were with the attacks in barcelona stockholm and london so long and what are the known as a video so when these things happen it triggers this memory and also focuses the mind again. because no matter where you are in public you face such a basic danger. and at the same time i always think of the people in baghdad. and in other parts of the world where it's a terrible part of everyday life. or does this all shakes out or hurt the
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vanguards and. soon after the attack you were here at the bright side lights talking to people praying with them. what made the biggest impression on you. what does praying this day leave this undies and tuck. and the intel on the night of the attack itself i talked to some of the people i knew from the christmas market as they described their shock and awe and. we were trying to figure out what to do the next day or the bombs as in the game but in more so i had to go to work and organize things in the un and organised and it was no longer a matter of just praying together but holding a proper service for the victims. and it ended up being shown live on television what it. does if you ask me what made the biggest impression of this i heard from politicians journalists and others. that it was a blessing that we could hold a service like this in this place and because it was
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a step in the right direction. we won't let ourselves be driven apart talk was brought into conflict with each other but we stand together that was the main message of the service. after the fans who go to war and therefore we have seen the trail of devastation from this attack which is already an incredibly brutal act as well yes for anyone with one or more human emotions it's impossible to understand how can you do something like that for bringing steer a heavy truck into a crowd with the intention of killing and seriously injuring many more people than he and ultimately did or does is so that's incomprehensible just like a lot of things that happen in the world that cannot be grasped with normal human feelings and that at the same time show how broken people can be that they would do something like that. you've spoken to many victims who survived but you talk to the relatives of the victims. yes. to feel these people's anger
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and how did you deal with it. by the invention of these incidental as it is god put this there was anger and there still is anger. yes i personally believe that it's not good for one's own soul to live in eternal anger or having to keep it going forever. but you can still feel it now it has something to do with the fact that many things didn't go well in the beginning. such as the way the author orators dealt with the distress that so many people felt as if they were simply not prepared for something like this and that became clear over and over again as we found out about how investigators make mistakes and that there was little communication between security agencies for no matter how you look at it it's something i encounter again and again and i try to listen. people and are sometimes asked them if they had noticed this or that. we tried again and again to make them
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aware how many people had come here to this church and to the plants over weeks over months and they still do to express their sorrow and to tell them they are not alone and they will not be forgotten after they were hit so hard that they're. talking to people or just listening to them did you learn anything about yourself. he said. as if i thought i was a bit surprised about myself how little anxiety it had caused me to feel. that i was really completely free of it so i could come here at any time while i also heard from other people who couldn't bring themselves to come here to provide. that was not me and if i may speak frankly. i was very grateful for the fact that i obviously found the right words in the situations in which i was asked to give a statement. of. water before.
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you also talk to politicians a lot chancellor angela merkel was here for memorial service. do you have the impression that politicians have done enough for the victims for the families we often hear and read that some do not feel the political system has taken them seriously. i think a lot of things were dealt with inaptly. the fact that the chancellor for example did not meet the families for a long time is something she surely regrets in retrospect. but within the coordination between germany's leaders there is an agreement to the effect that if the president takes care of it then the president takes care of it and not the chancellor i believe these are things from which we will learn i'm inclined to say that everyone has tried their best for the. maldon attack in the heart of berlin carried out by a terrorist there were several and. where is that shine a light on the motives behind this attack. there was talk of failure in the powers
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of the authorities and that led to an investigation did you follow everything that was being discussed in the political arena. here for the president here because the are as or yes i followed it very closely also with the way in which it was handled in the media which led to other aspects of such as how islam is dealt with in the media in germany but that also kept me very busy. you didn't like that some of it i didn't like it or other parts i thought were highly respectable. and he's a marine was the name of the attacker i read that you don't like to let his name cross your lips and i know this is a misunderstanding i use the name or i say it and why not but you know this was one of the points i didn't i can maybe reports that i asked myself why it was necessary at the beginning to show the photo of him and his name in every news report so it wasn't necessary at all to tell the story but it frequently gave the impression
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that there was more to report about the perpetrator than about the victims. or they said as we were before they got to the god you believe in the forgiven and a summary what do you believe. i think that's a really tough question in our profession of faith it says i believe in the forgiveness of sins and in the lord's prayer we ask god to forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. every friday in our church tower which was left in ruins in the war we recites the prayer of reconciliation of coventry and this is based on the words of jesus on the cross father forgive them for they know not what they do so i believe that in the vastness of the divine heart if i may say so a little romantically there is still room for a person who does such a terrible thing to the world that is not something we can do and it is not for me to speak of forgiveness from an ass at all. but i believe that this is gone to way
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and i also believe not to diminish what he did that his life had been a cruel one or it is. yes so that's why i said earlier how broken a person must be who does something like that because. it was so that's not to excuse it but it should also mean that we shouldn't be sitting on a high horse and feeling infinitely morally superior of course that's. easy also a person. we work to bring about a common worship service or prayers for both muslims and christians. one with lehman why was that song poured into you. violet because when the attack happened i immediately assumed and it soon became obvious that it had an islamist background that would also form precisely this could lead to a situation in which the relationship between muslims and non muslims within society
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could be considerably strength of the as was and from my previous knowledge in dealing with the muslims i know that a very large part of them in our country completely reject associating their own faith with this kind of violence. so in that sense what is a small small minority of people inspired by islamist ideas do in germany and in other countries must not be blamed on muslims as a whole. towards dollface to muslim and. of course you celebrate christmas it's your job your christian belief but have you been doing it differently since the attack two years ago. if you're fired we celebrate christmas every year. knowing that terrible things are happening in the world and we remember that god has come as a light into the world in his son jesus christ as the christian tradition tells us
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so god comes into the darkness of the world and it's hatred hostility indifference stupidity ignorance selfishness and all to come close to us human beings and also to course asked to turn away from evil and bad way so far and that is the core of the christmas message. as always at the end of the d.w. interview we have three on finish sentences and i ask you to complete them. so few on. this it is right for the christmas market to take place every year at platts despite the attack because. the most terrible things that happened should not dissuade us from continuing to live our lives and to do so in happiness and gratitude. because no one thought christians and muslims have in common is. we both believe it has gone to embodies mercy. and calls on us to co-exist in peace
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and so. why not christmas is so important to me because. it is a celebration of these sinnott terribly unpeaceful well sleep when it is needed as zack the words of pastor martin gamma thank you very much for the interview and merry christmas thank you merry christmas to you too. what keeps us in shape what makes us see and how do we stand. my name is dr carlson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay a good change next on the. natural
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