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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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this is. from brilliant to voices impatience with the u.s. over a long standing extradition request i'm carl one of the muslim clerics on trial for . the failed training sixteen clear turkey's foreign minister says it's time for the u.s. to limbo also coming up. growing discontent in hungary to controversial new rules mobilize thousands of anti-government protesters for the fourth time this week the last would have his correspondent has. mentioned gone too far.
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i'm christine will welcome to the program turkey's foreign minister says u.s. president donald trump told turkish president richard typo to one that washington is working on extraditing turkey's most wanted man tookie has strong source the extradition of a muslim cleric. the man uncourteous sais was behind the failed military coup in two thousand and sixteen and has lived in the united states for almost twenty years he denies any involvement in the coup attempts. foreign minister. and discussed the matter at the g twenty summits two weeks ago. this guy and the. other others in this organization eighty four names that we have aggressive united
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states drake said are they so weak so i preferred him a. while last time when we met one of. president trump told everyone that they had been working rightful more on the story and i'm joined by the correspondent story and joins in istanbul and stefan in washington gentlemen hello to you both jeff and i want to start with you have there any been reactions to the statements in the u.s. no i'm afraid not not as of now at this point and nobody wrecked it officially or unofficially nothing from sources and nothing for officially from the white house state department or department of justice those of the three and to entities who are actually involved in any decision going to be made in terms of extraditing mr goulden fits in the gloom and perhaps we won't hear anything until tomorrow or not at all because there are suspicions from observers and experts that maybe something got lost in translation there between president trump and president adelong because
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of course the d.o.j. and the u.s. government is looking at the request of turkey to extradite mr. thought that this is going to happen any time soon it's rather unlikely and has not changed what sort of. story and i want to bring in why is extradite lindh so important for the turkish government. well some turkish ministers have gone as far as describe him as turkey's osama bin laden and reason why he's seen as such as danger he said he's not only blamed for masterminding a failed coup attempt from his network of followers but according to those followers are still posing a threat to turkish democracy and every week now we've seen more and more of the hundreds of his followers allegedly follows being detained on top of the tens of thousands that have been held since that failed coup and beyond also looking to washington to crack down on the. believed to be vast business networks across the
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united states which anchor claims to be bankrolling his network and further undermining turkey's democracy. stephon what is that this is off the u.s. government on this issue. this government holds one position and that is that the turks have to present proof of what they're saying and alleging in terms of the involvement of mr gillum in the q. from two thousand sixteen and as soon as this proof is sufficient then they are going through the motions of. approving or assessing this this proof and the evidence and then make a decision if there is grounds for an extradition however again i say that is three entities involved in this is not just the white house it is the department of justice and they are looking at this proof as i mentioned and then there's the state department which also will assess how much diplomatic damage or benefit a extradition of mr golan to turkey would again for the united
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states since this is not just about mr gillon but also about the relationship between the united states and turkey when it comes to the u.s. support for example kurdish fighters in northern iraq and in syria as well as turkey's role in syria as well as turkey's purchase of a four hundred missile systems from russia so we could go in the weeds here but it's very complex and the point is the united states will take its good and these a time to check on all evidence presented by the turks and if this is current then maybe there is some movement there but as long as. it is not happy with what they have i don't think there is will be any movement any time soon during i'll come back to you if and when i should be extradited what will this mean for taking. well this could be a complete game changer in this relationship between these two key nato allies because it has poisoned relations i mean while unquote doesn't expect the immediate
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extradition of what they expected from the white house is to expedite this process they said it's been more than two years since they put in this request for extradition and it hasn't even reached the courts and this is accusation of the white house and elements of washington have been dragging over this they haven't been taking turkey seriously what they want is an expert to expediting this process and until that happens it will fuel suspicions over the ongoing suspicions of whether washington was possibly involved or complicit in the coup which we did hear repeated allegations from key turkish ministers if there was to be a change in washington's attitude of the war process was to be expedited this could open the door to resolving many other issues that have been poisoned by this mistrust over the controversy all right stephanie my sis in washington for us and dorian thank you steve. to budapest now where an estimated ten thousand people marched to protest two new lowest cost by the country's
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rightwing government it was the fourth demonstration this week and the biggest anti-government protest hangry has seen in years. it's the fourth protests like this in a week i thousands hit the streets in budapest marching against the government i think the protests for sparked by a controversial label or dubbed by demonstrators as the slave law it allows companies to demand four hundred hours of overtime a year and then delay the payment for up to three years. protesters are also angered by the government's plan to create a new system of courts which critics fear would be independent of the country's prime minister viktor orban. demonstration was organized by labor unions and opposition groups they're worried about the direction of the country and the band.
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that we have unfortunately reached the point where the government interferes with almost every bit of people's every day life in cultural administration labor and health care in as on the long haul i think the discontent is growing and with this not only anger and frustration but also those voices which would like to make change i think this is a process where we are trying to come up with new ideas and that go back ok just the fact that in a similar missions it's like a kid i this is one of the biggest attempts by opposition groups in hungary to oppose addict bans leadership shining a light on what opposition voices see as hungry slide into a third tarion rule. ok for more let's cross over to what has now we reported on boss is standing by. who exactly is taking part in these protests. well i think it's several groups these are definitely open parties but to ole so trade unions and what is very interesting i think that many people are
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participating as well in d.c. demonstrations and i think that is something very improper minister viktor orban will have to reckon with because it's really also a different generation that take part in these protests today. stefan how has the government responded well the government has responded quite angrily a spokesperson described to work testers as basically being agents of george soros the billionaire of course who has been investing in several human rights groups and also the central european university which by the way has to leave hungary body end of the year devil move to vienna so it is one of the things government is saying and they really try to play it down and they say these are
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foreign forces who are supporting this were pastors at the same time they also have warrant that they want to keep it peaceful and of course we have seen in recent days that the police was quite a heavy handed at times to watch the protesters. the prime minister viktor orban was relax have via y. magia back in april stefan could these protests dante's popularity. i think he definitely it came as a surprise for to government debt so many people in what i have to say is really an extremely cool tonight has turned out to not only today also in recent days and i think they are closely watching holidays will develop i think if indeed this gains momentum and also in all the areas of hungary or we have seen a similar protests and then of course it's something the prime minister will have to count which of course that they are trying to make this
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a wide movement we have seen that in the past then it didn't work and we have to see i think in the coming weeks whether this momentum will go on ok that's stefan vause reporting in the hungarian capital would have passed thank you you're welcome . now to some of the other stories making news around the world french authorities say a fifth person has died of wounds sustained in the christmas market attack in the city of stress but the paris prosecutor's office identified the victim only as a polish national police killed the gunman on thursday night off to a two day manhunt. in brussels belgium police clashed with bing protest is marching against the u.n. migration actually dropped it in moral code last week several hundred protesters tried to storm the european commission building or as he's had attempted to ban the march but court said it could go ahead. and more than forty people are reported
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injured author and explosion at a restaurant in the japanese city sapporo most of the injuries were minor the one person is said to be in a serious condition the cause of the blast is under investigation. around forty same sex couples have staged a mass waiting in the brazilian city off south part of the participants tie the knot fearing brazil's hardline president elect. could crack down on gay weddings next year when you the way it has been courted and act of resistance has in the policy that he would not be able to love a homosexual son. now one relatively new tradition for the holiday season is the charity's center run it's a fun way to mobilize the spirit of giving to raise money for with the causes we
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have this report now. in prime winter weather one thousand santas big one size. and small ones. running through the streets of kosovo's capital pristina to raise money for families in need. and the fury run out for five hundred really for this country and the order so so are the voters voters leading moral don't want to vote in the local. at the same time in far away france and love the charity race with thousands of santos elves and other runners and wherever santa is his reindeer cannot be far away boys not usual to work on a sunday for a reindeer but we did it with pleasure because it's for a good cause. and
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a very merry time was had by all. the annual awards for german athletes of the year have been handed out with engine the curve a longer and the men's national ice hockey team winning the on is tennis star of the took the crowd at wimbledon this year and returned to number two in the world rankings triathlete mungo became the iron man world champion for the straight six india breaking the course record both times the men's team won a silver medal for germany at the olympic games. are at the one discreet show follows after the break with us find out if life station from frankfurt were able to grab wins on sunday both are trying to stake a claim to being in the mix at the top of the league and to punch their ticket to europe's next season stateroom to find out how everything shook out in the
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bundesliga this weekend. you're watching bit of news that i'm feelin i'll be back at the top of the hour what it'll be great if you could join. a. natural riches some. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia's green and gold the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international giants. government to hide export revenues and to corporations high profit margin. but not every.


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