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tv   Sarahs Music - The LA Street Symphony  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2018 3:15am-3:31am CET

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being a concert on g.w. mum. nico is in germany to learn german. emerged and. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to sas d.w.b. learning course nico speak. everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. and to seek to see and include information and ideas through any below for god himself twenty years. since the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen for all on d. w. moving off to fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the words of what appears has come out. of this talk on g.w.
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though they do still feel superheroes on a mission to change tactics some smart women spot smart talks smart struck a legend pierce and by no means missed out on him for increasingly dangerous times up to make sure. i you know come back to there is music the power of music is a wonderful thing i'm in downtown l.a. in skid row today where there's a music project going on in the british ng and improving the lives of many of the homeless community this project is called the l.a. street simply and i'm happy to be taking part today. skid row is a fifty four block area of down. how most angeles which has become synonymous with
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homelessness and poverty but there is beauty in hope to be found there to street symphony reaches out with music to enrich the lives of the residents loom. on some broadway in the skid row history museum i met tom grody. illegal but he's now mr. tom thank you for letting us come to your space to make you tell us about it but we're happy to have you here this is called the skid row history museum it's part of a nonprofit called the los angeles poverty department where the oldest arts organization in skid row and actually the first arts organization in the country to
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focus on people on the street people her homeless just based on the idea that if people are going to move forward in their life they need to tap into their own creativity their own artistry and so we're trying to help facilitate that from what i hear there are a lot of really great artists living on skid row which is charging that but amazing that they're changing their lives and moving forward with music well one of the interesting things is is skid row can have such a profound impact on someone even if they you know deal with whatever issues of sobriety or family issues as they move forward this feel so deeply connected to skid row that even as artists they come back to stay connected to the community what sort of music do you find people enjoy the most that the community what this community the company the bends and it is their particular particular type of music that. i think what works the most is that skid row is primarily african-american.
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so there are certain types of music that touch people in a really deep way but it's also a multiracial very international community so whenever you can cross-pollinate african-american music with other forms of music creatively that just just sets off a lot of sparks. lead.
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people deserve access to a creative and expressive life says v.j. gupta the founder and artistic director of st tiffany. truly were the means you really welcome thank you well thank you skid row i will be jane you play first violin in the los angeles philharmonic and your artistic director of this wonderful organization the on a street symphony how did the two come together studio is the epicenter of the crisis of homelessness in america today and tonight over five thousand people will simply sleep on the sidewalk intense or in sleeping bags and another fifteen to twenty thousand people are at risk of being chronically homeless in los angeles so i met a musician in this community whose name is now faneuil air. he was the subject of
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a very famous book and a movie called the soloist and i became the tenuous violin teacher and i started teaching him up here at walt disney concert hall after lessons and between you know after rehearsals and before concerts and then slowly i started to fall in the ten year old down closer to skid row where he was living at the time. and was one of the first black men to ever study at the juilliard school in manhattan he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and he ended up living twenty years here in los angeles in the second street tunnel. playing on a violin somehow when i met him he knew every beethoven opus number he knew every brahms opus number he knew the schubert catalogue numbers he was a musician who deserved to be on any concert hall stage in the world but because he had a mental illness because he was poor and undoubtedly because he was black he was also homeless and so street symphony started because we wanted to meet one more person just one more person like nathaniel and in the course of over five hundred
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events presented in the last eighty years we've met thousands of metals i admire what you do so much but it can't be an easy path because you have to fund these things how does it work well we're surrounded by an amazing community so street symphony presents four to five concerts every single month but we do everything we do in partnership with agencies here in the skid row community who provide housing who provide counseling told support coverage also who provide musical and artistic services like the amazing urban voices project choir. as. we do it again.
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so in this community there is an understanding that the arts are not entertainment they're a lifeline like society rattle said music should be and not a luxury and that's really showing itself down here it seems to be how you're giving you're giving a percent of the don't have a voice you're giving them a voice when i should. well i feel like a voice exists and actually what we're doing is we're listening so we've also created an amazing community of composers and artist musician who are asking what is the role of music in a world where we experience so much pain and that music gives us a place to belong and to feel and to remember a common humanity i'm honored to be part of it today and i heard there ever been
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horns down here as if you have a ticket with the l.a. philharmonic corn section down here in this special place that's going to see what's going to happen is very very special if i was so happy that my dear friends from the l.a. philharmonic one section could join me at the skid row museum we spent the afternoon exchanging music with our new friends from st symphony and the urban voices.
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life. that's all from thursday is a christian day what a fantastic event that was and to say goodbye. the streets of city and the urban voices are going to sing you out the best way we know how right guys ok take it away want. hockey this fish caught in the last hour walk into savages however and all the. last. two.
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i love. walking the. dog that i love. was the last to. walk. walk. eco india. how can a country's economy grow harmony with its people violent when there are doers look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges in terms of people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. next d.w. .
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shouldn't. want to the chances their dreams will come true. in germany the chance fate is determined very early on in the fight to improve your place in society is. who the winners and who are the losers in this land of inequality in forty five. and then she did it. and. you know this is you know five minutes four minutes. past the hour and a beauty. pageant all. the seats in the
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pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages and. the. last couple. of. starts december twenty second j w. hello welcome to a brand new episode of equal we india a sustainability magazine very be true in the spotlight on solutions to some of the most pressing problems affecting b. and vibrant. coming to you from new delhi this week over the next twenty minutes let's look at how a fishing community in mumbai has found a week to work in the cities and go to a strip.


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