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tv   Doc Film - The War on my Phone - Lifeline to Syria Part 2  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2018 6:15am-7:00am CET

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feel. comfy. feel. all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must die so millions can live.
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i. remember during. the war. as a. good
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. all of you know that and. more. in the home community oh me who me.
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am more mobile. and they know me. love me. no. one. will talk. about how no one. she thinks one of the funniest things. or anyway yeah the.
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thing i can think of. and america's. going to make a good american i. do not think i mean. i can't get my going to.
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run my head. had it one. step ahead of what i said look i didn't look he. looked. at me glenn let. model has come a little sometimes i wish i could be there with her. but it was i wish i could finish the work i started in syria list of. who is who do you.
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think. and forget we had the same goal to help women become stronger and more active. we complemented each other. well. find out. that made. me mad not really a lot of saudis. are automatic that's. why none of us certainly has the did you.
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thank. god praise me to. thank. the management issue what's now even less with a fine let. us. thank. you to. my.
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house and i have been abused would i feel that just by being here i'm letting down the people there if only i were with them. not wealthy. i cook i take care of my daughter and her much but i'm constantly anxious about my friends and. i hope. that one corner has prompted. a monahan call. from own. place
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. but. first place. is a lot better and obvious it's a big thing going to feel about it want to get enough used and die and it's an old dog should be sorry you. see this. how. did. this incredible start. that's next.
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week. you. know you theory get ready to go. to go before you go home there's a funky assault on my feet you've got to get to a place that's one of my not a problem on the whole am i like to get anything going on a few times over four years when you. look. at exactly who. that. jill told you to the last june oh my job was going on the other day was you know that really got me. and. i don't.
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feel good in yourself. as a person. like you. know that i am other than. if it. was for last season and the night the storm how did i thought. about you. and if you are serious might be my thoughts i doubt you know very little
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. i think josh has been i looked at him up quickly. before i did with my being an artist and just such a model if you are more moderate you look at michael. llodra look just saw them on a mobile. phone calls. this is what i think you would look. for. me to. say i don't know if you can. say it in the book. but i don't know i don't. think you know i don't know if it's
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going to have more of. the fighting. i don't know what. sort of sort of audience but on a. bank account of a book. basically. oh. yeah. i think.
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nobody's. a mobile phone is the most precious thing you can have in president of this baby one of. our i'm always trying to collect money to send to him personally i also take care of his internet connection. to get the ball. playing. out on a. home
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. with me begging for. any. shot. she.
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said just. make certain it's an ounce of.
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i love dancing in the name of that with. the force i don't see i made it now i know some of the one. i know one. thing our governor. earl was a black. cloud i swore i want to see. but their civil war that. was.
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it. was a. fight over health it was a rally bush about. the car it's not about it so. much. i suppose it's just that last look even in your last message them said they would try again to get out of the province. in houses like. i've been in the connection was cut out. you can battle they were arrested
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there's no connection at all maybe they're in the desert maybe they're lost. i don't know what's helping martin sheen we can use it. all right like i. could. call. it. likely.
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as key for trade him back to the man who will have seen an album enough to know more of the true political team obviously that. has been there late last night all the applause sort of. your new mission you down there invented the mess about with the argument against. the play of the young lady on i don't know what i thought of my video camera. and i feel we sent him six thousand euros to get him out with fake i.d.'s. in the
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he'll be taking a road used by the free syrian army and it's a fee in the federal law moment it's a military passage. yeah get. them because one body how it has become around. the clock the clock.
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will. call. the thing mechanical it. must have a machine in anything but the fifth but the thing missing a. recall the. reason is nothing. like a shift up to ten. and there are now coming out in this country and it cannot. measure. and.
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force. her mean now as if it were going to be explored. i want sort of should i learn as i do not. think about street. chaperoning should be should never shout out even shout at the. senator have. done it up an issue for i don't think i would give it all nobody really that.
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women in the family who of my friends are simply dio's or dead or have announced one was killed by isis the other by a russian airstrike fanfare and they were sending us news from there as are going on about going on back to earth from said to be dead as though. they made him reenact how he worked against the coalition. kind of student one who i just lysis filmed him reenacting what he did in the i'm still horrible my aunt. alice
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a come at this guy was a photographer in the region if that's what he took photos of isis in the city and sent them out of the. i took him there and interrogated him up to and filmed it like a hollywood movie the monk and i did what they filled his camera with t.n.t. and hung around his neck and blow him out of the.
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sea. because the whitest details of everyday life frighten me. for example at the barber's on i see your razor narrow neck the shoulder month. you. did this was all we know but i'm just. because you live in
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a cell because whatever that's out there because what he goes out most won't mind i'm most likely going to know machine up and not available james not getting a phone. call who most off the planet but let me set. up and i'm going to log on loveland i'm going to move i'm glad because i was you there my name. off the job. and i need a little bit of my limbs. off. yeah and if you go this will sure i can with the t.v. on the.
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beach. so all are the same some who would come along. let. me say that all the. trouble of the now that i think of the. women. i'm much money money money on. but they. you know it's like.
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but. if she could do. that if she. could. descend has emerged as if that. had.
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nothing to do that i can see him no it's not possible it's too much. of my family had to pay to get me out of prison. yet there's that i know this deadly feeling of waiting for someone's head up for a lot of the soft. target a millionaire.
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the one who learns salute turkish officials discovered the fake id is still. with them with no they're back and the money is lost cause modeler won't pay it back because he got them into turkey. tonight and i wish my mother were here drinking coffee with me or we would suffer that i did that with every plan of god in the ground i pray that she will come and share it with me to make me feel. unless i have to get them out by any means possible.
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the way out but you know that only i still have another sense to think. so. just. get him off ahead on their own longer head on them with. their own lives have let me them to let me be. like. half man half feet long. and i learned to look you can transfer thank you because you know as if i'm thinking anything you can say i made. you very much mark which i didn't hear. you this is why you. will not learn so you don't have any kind of math.
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skills just you know. how did she know you know you might as well. i think it. was known that if you swear if you are going to do about five because you did that because you can bet that. he feels that it's not for the kind of person you then find a good actor. and i have been so my mom and i when i thought i was. so. ill that i have. kind of obama's you tell me something about. something i never would i usually. spend some of. this.
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morning or i'm global are going to. have no i'm not going home and i'm going if you're. going for the woman who
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don't. know who the little. guy. he concluded might be alive but i don't know where she is she might be.
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now i'm still not i'm sure not in my waiting for a reply i'm standing behind just hoping to see these two check marks and see out his heart so i know that she arrives somewhere else i'll see if the fall and the next. morning.
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with. the. pain. that you. think then that for that amount of that month in saudi with someone. i know. he. only mainly between the teams got me clean enough to get really became but i could relate.
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back to martin lee. there in between can get me just for status and him to chill out of the numbers on a lot. more than most people who michel love my you have a lot of money talking on the human home for please.
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don't hurt at all even only going to. meet a first. full moon or clock. around your heart. of the sunni the modern world.
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come on. board one of them away i'm going to. cherish what they come down from. aboard only. i let you know that i mean no more. oh. sure oh. oh. we know the futility. of. the cold. if you are low.
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we. don't know. the cold. cool low. cold. our lives. i. feel.
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the only way i. look let's. play a. clue. clueless clue.
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the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international giants. the government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. tax evasion environmental destruction starvation. the selling out of a country dead donkey. starts december twenty ninth on d w.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin the difficult legacy of the philippine struggle against a militant insurgency as martial law is extended on mindanao for another year of you has an exclusive report from the devastated city of karachi and talks to one young muslim ready to fight for an islamic state and also coming up is there no way out of those calls grow for a second referendum teresa mayes expected to warn a still highly skeptical parliament that it would do irreparable damage to british politics. rallying again.


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