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showing you know over country dead donkey. george december twenty ninth on t.w. planet. this is deja vu news live from berlin the difficult legacy of the philippine struggle against a militant insurgency as martial law is extended on the now for another year of you has an exclusive report from the devastated city of karachi and talks to one young muslim ready to fight for an islamic state and also coming up is there no way out of his calls grow for a second referendum teresa mayes expected to warn
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a still highly skeptical parliament that it would do irreparable damage to british politics. rallying against the government of right wing prime minister viktor orban thousands turned out on hearing capital budapest to protest against what they're calling a new slave law. plus we look back the highlights of sunday's fundus league and not just after crashing out of the europa league midweek are the lights it looks strong against visitors mind while i'm trying to convert battling it out against struggling to play because the. players. i'm sumi so much got to thank you for joining us we start in the southern philippines where president rodrigo detector has extended martial law for another year to counter the ongoing threat by armed militants last year are always city on the island of mindanao was the scene of a fire. battle when government troops were deployed to quell an insurgency by
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militants allied to the so-called islamic state more than a thousand people were killed and half a million were displaced today morale we lie is in ruins a team of reporters has just returned from the city with this exclusive report. this force the center of today residents call it ground zero. we get the military's permission to enter a selective pots and a warrant about unexploded devices last year a few hundred i asked inspired fighters holed up in mosques and houses the army with help from the united states responded with relentless rates. in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from their defensive position and you can only do that number one using bombs or heavy artillery
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bombardment if you look at the experience of most who know aleppo. all of this experience the bombings but in the case of. the hour when we did the bombings it was we did it. been pointed to specific targets only. but people here paid a very high price for the five months long battle. hundreds were killed they have buried in these mosque graves. most of the victims were never identified denying their families closure. over sixty five thousand people remain displaced many are still searching for their life once. has lost four of her eight children she believes they were taken hostage and used as human shields. he simply says i feel a very deep pain inside of me i missed my children they were gone in
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a blink of an eye i can't be with them anymore. it hurts because i can still feel them and have them but. in the suburbs life is slowly returning to normal but the biggest muslim city in the philippines has been changed forever. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere the impoverished region has witnessed decades of conflict between muslims and christians who make up the vast majority of the filipino population many young muslims feel disenfranchised. last year afterwards spied on the military passing on details of troop movements to i as fighters holed up in morocco he tells us that he's still ready to fight for an islamic state. so. we
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have an advantage because we just blend in. the military cannot easily identify us as fighters know how to use a gun. or i would not fight in morocco we again or in any other muslim area here. in the same thing will happen again our own muslim people would get hurt. but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join. so while you're listening to. like many others up to blames president rodrigue territory for bombing merapi the government has promised reconstruction and great to muslim autonomy but until those promises are full of vote angry young men like up to it will continue to pose a threat. did i just man was part of the team filming in morocco we city and she joins us to talk more about the story sandra thank you so much for joining us
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a lot of us are familiar with the so-called islamic states presence in syria in iraq how deeply rooted are the islamists in the philippines well there is a longstanding insurgency there is a lot of potential for an islamist insurgency and as isis losing territory in iraq and syria there is threats of moving over like up to here he told us when he was receiving jihadi training in the jungle camp in spring of two thousand and fifteen the robots so foreign fighters in his camp alone and these foreign fighters many hate from neighboring countries indonesia and malaysia but also from arab countries and from chechnya as he said it and as long as there are grievances longstanding grievances which are not addressed i think the potential is there and international organizations like al qaida and just let me state a you know they do want you know to establish themselves in southeast asia in
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mindanao as it is it's a place where they can grow roots i want to ask you about those grievances in a moment but first those pictures are just stunning you know this is such a devastated city how are residents coping. they conflict with and they conned rebuilt their houses because the entire area is still very much sealed off so we're looking at about sixty five thousand people who are displaced who are you know in emergency refugee camps or squatting with relatives being you know and rooted and there is a high rate of unemployment especially affecting young people like opto who are in the. government is not doing anything for us. we pick up weapons again he said in the report he worked with i asked him would do it again why is that where does this incredible anger stem from is it the unemployment is the economic situation it is i think many poverty and unemployment because he didn't come across
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as a deep religious person in the whole and if you look at mindanao it is a very impoverished area there is a longstanding conflict historically you know if you look back to colonial times. between christians and muslims and the philippines as it is is a mainly the roman catholic country only five percent of the population are muslim and they you know have this feeling that they are of victims of historical injustice that they are suppressed that they are disenfranchised that they are not part of political decision making in the country and this is something jihadi organizations can easily exploit with young people like up to argue to the center of putin's month speaking to us this morning thank you so much for sharing your reporting with us. not to some other stories making headlines around the world french authorities say a fifth person has died of injuries sustained in the attack near the christmas market insidious trust for the paris prosecutor's office identified the victim only
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as a polish national police killed the gunman on thursday night after a two day manhunts. north korea has announced new u.s. sanctions warning that they could block the path to a nuclear free korean peninsula forever its statement says pressuring the country will not work earlier washington had imposed sanctions on three senior north korean officials over human rights abuses. a brazilian faith healer accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women has turned himself into police john of god as he is known by followers allegedly used so-called spiritual healing sessions to assault and even rape women and arrest warrant was issued for him on friday. british prime minister teresa mayes expected to warn m.p.'s today against supporting a second referendum on bret's it her brags a deal appears to be at an impasse after she put off a crucial vote until january and failed to win concessions from e.u. leaders who are refusing to renegotiate the deal so what is next barbara faisal
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went out to see what londoners think. i think it's very clear that a. deal through the house of commons it is unlikely she will get the changes that she wants to get so there was a troll agreement from the e.u. twenty seven. started with a proposition. through parliament on a cross party basis one of the big problems is the trust. between britain and you whether that's been the two sides of the argument here in britain. constructive dialogue. and good. things and i think nobody appreciated. twenty six. and everybody was going to affect. going to be the rules
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if we still be able to travel freely in europe. we just. waiting for stuff to happen all right john worth is a political blogger who writes extensively on bret's and here's he's here to talk to us about breaks it this morning john we've seen that prime minister may she's due in parliament to speak ten piece a day and she's going to warn against a second referendum we understand why why she's so against the possibility of a second referendum which she says such a referendum to use her words would break the faith of the country in its democratic process to resume a essentially sees that she has a responsibility to deliver on that vote as she sees it but to place in two thousand and sixteen the problem is is to reason to be about the only person that believes in that you don't go in that if you are members of parliament or did you also a general british population would a second referendum be a good idea and you actually probably starting to see some great to support for
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that idea to resume a very driven by responsibility she wants to essentially see that through she thinks it's her responsibility as prime minister to make bricks it happen the problem is she doesn't know quite how to really do it so she's vava stuck and she's having difficulty seeing it through and certainly she says you say against a second vote what does she for at this point she's for her own deal which this deal that was negotiated twenty fifth of november was agreed in brussels but we already know but the deal doesn't get the backing of parliament because she pulled a so-called meaningful vote last week where that deal would have been approved so she is just essentially fighting what looks to be a losing battle to defend her a deal that would be a deal that would essentially get get brits in a a for a permanent relationship with the european union some point from twenty twenty two with a transition phase and also with a special deal to do with the new of the modern border issue which is the controversial issue of what she's what she's negotiated so far so to reason may is still trying to defend this deal that she herself was negotiated despite the fact the chances it would ever come to pass seems to be receding by the day if there's
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definitely not a majority in parliament what would there be a majority for in parliament while the parliament actually support at this point. it's very very difficult to know because the challenge in britain is is bipartisan politics and the thing the conservatives want labor will oppose and in the labor wants the conservatives oppose it somewhere among the pragmatists of the conservative party in the practice of the labor party you could probably find a broad deal if anyone could bring those parties together but in a way essentially both may have the conservative lead and called in the labor leader of both they hate each other and each part the party is a slugging it out so the chances of finding some kind of government of national unity to try to find a deal is very very low you could probably find some common ground there but it was the parties refused to collaborate with each other such a deal it would be very unlikely to be forthcoming that's why we then end up with two situation where we're talking about other options that is should there be a second referendum but we should britain revoke the so-called article fifty
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notification the start of the brakes a process like stop the thing altogether simply because the chances of finding any common ground in politics are slim at the moment all right john with a political blogger joining us here in studio on the twists and turns of crags that john thank you very much as you. you're watching the news a still the bundesliga highlights from sunday's matches where like the compressed at home and frankfurt at the out against slavery. the first in hungary there's been the biggest demonstration of public discontent since right when prime minister viktor orban came to power in twenty ten an estimated fifteen thousand people braved freezing temperatures in the capital budapest to protest against new labor legislation that opposition groups are calling a slave law. it's the fourth protest like this in a week. thousands hit the streets in budapest marching against the government.
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was the protest for sparked by a controversial labor law dubbed by demonstrators as the slave law it allows companies to demand four hundred hours of overtime a year and then delay the payment for up to three years. protesters are also angered by the government's plan to create a new system of courts which critics fear won't be independent the country's prime minister viktor orban. demonstration was organized by labor unions and opposition groups they're worried about the direction of the country under all that . we have unfortunately reached the point where the government interferes with almost every bit of people's everyday life in cultural administration labor and health care about you know i think the discontent is growing and with this not only anger and frustration but also those voices which would like to make change i think
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this is a process where we are trying to come up with new ideas. that. stimulate mischa's and. this is one of the biggest attempts by opposition groups in hungary to oppose addict all bans leadership shining a light on what opposition voices see as hungary slides into a third syrian rule. when you think it's nasty fifteen is now over and here to help us make sense of it all is press harrington from the sports press good morning to you arnie so the first of the two sunday games lights they dominated minds tell us about the snatch i had expected rb to be too much to head over mines considering they've never lost a match in front of a home crowd in there shortly to story plus army life coming off an embarrassing draw against the norwegian side rosenborg ball club in the europa league which booted them out of that out of that competition so in my opinion there was payback in the air their star striker team obana was out of that europe league match but he
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was back in this one against mites and he got some payback let's take a look at the report. like six regular attackers yousif housen and t.-mo vana were back in the starting line up unlike at their midweek europa league match and they went right on the offensive house and opening the story in the fourteenth minute i get into kevin kompas cross just before their minds defenders. like to see past miles deep in their own half and sprang into action when they won the ball i team obama setting up house and to make it to neil only five minutes later his second of the day and eight of the season. shortly before half time the visitors finally created a chance and cut imani cboe hit the target in the face of some sloppy life sick defending that score encouraged minds to be bolder going forward but it opened up a lot of space for leipsic to counter attack team over making three runs in the
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seventy fifth minute and putting the results beyond doubt. and in the final minutes van out back to his fifth brace of the campaign five four one the final score leipzig said tacking duel house in n.v. made all the difference. you know cross last is in life c.s.e. missed out the champions league because they finished sixth can they change that this time around. yeah i think they were a good movie for when you factor in their defensive performance right now right now they have the best defense in the but as they give their goalkeeper peter good luck she has been outstanding only conceding fourteen goals in plus we as we just saw a team of i have who typically scores in bunches and with palace in helping assisting you know with the office of production i think sky's the limit with rb leipsic especially when you factor in no more europe to concern themselves with only the bundesliga and the german cup so we have to wait and see all right let's talk about sunday's other match at frankfurt got a win away at leverkusen take us through that one we have both of these sides have
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been doing very well in their europa league competition they're both leading their respective groups it's interesting frankfurt has been punching above their weight all season long in my opinion especially when you factor in their new coach you know but one thing frankfurt has never done is they've never lost if they've got in the lead and that's the way it worked out against laver couzin and then they rebounded on top of that they had two losses heading into this match let's take a look. frank first top scorer luke a yellow which had to settle for a place on the bench but that didn't blunt his team's attack one hundred psi took the lead in the twenty eighth minute when philip custance cross fit danny de costa to play and i looked to the linesman but the goal scorer was just one side one nil to frankfurt at half time. in the second half it was coasted his turn to get on the scoresheet off just about as cross found this in space. to nil and the hosts were even controlled. later crews and weren't going down without
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a fight though corinne bell around the power to half the deficit with twenty five minutes to go. but frankfurt held on to return to winning ways off to back to back losses. presser just looking at the in frankfurt they've been great in the europa league but not so good in the bundesliga can they really chase for the german cup title in the bundesliga well you know yeah they they won the german cut last season we'll have to wait and see if they can defend that but i think everyone had frankfurt you know down for the count when they lost their coach you know their coach nico kobayashi is now coaching at byron munich who has been remarkable leading this frankfurt side and plus they have a lot of goals scores to speak about they have who can yo bitch sebastian and ray beach all these three have been very prolific in front of goal in terms of this current production they all have a handful of goals among them so i think the only thing frank one has to worry
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about is this reality that infects a lot of clubs there either a first half or second half club we've seen frankfurt be fairly successful in the first half we have to wait and see if they can maintain you know that level of play moving forward but it's going to get thick down the stretch you know to consider them a top runner in this league in germany. you got to live in frankfurt to believe all that i think so we'll have to wait and see all right chris arrington from forte's thanks so much for your analysis this morning ok. now the annual awards for german athletes of the year have been handed out and julie kavner patrick lang and the men's national ice hockey team winning be honors a tennis star kava won the title at wimbledon this year and returned to number two in the world rankings triathlete long of became the iron man world champion for the second straight year breaking the course record both times in the men's ice hockey team won a silver medal for germany at the olympic games in chiang. ok
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monica is here now with a story about striking a deal with the e.u. about it's a controversial budget monica well it certainly looks better now than it did a couple of weeks ago sumi because italy's government has agreed on the basis of a new budget aimed at avoiding disciplinary action from the european union the move comes after the country's original spending plans were found to be in breach of the e.u.'s fiscal rules italy's leader wants to increase welfare payments cut taxes and reduce the retirement age but the e.u. says those plans will raise the country's deficit beyond acceptable levels the details of the revised budget on not you know. well the turkish economy is slowing in the midst of a domestic currency crisis the turkish tumbled as much as forty seven percent against the u.s. dollar in august g.d.p. expanded by only one point six percent in the third quarter the weakest growth
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since the coup attempt against president richard type edda one two years ago rating agencies like fitch expects turkey to slide into recession and the negative outlook could weigh on the upcoming regional elections. the situation in istanbul seems a bit more relaxed than two months ago back then the political differences with the usa caused a severe economic crisis inflation fell slightly to just under twenty two percent the value of the turkish lira has stabilized this was aided by the fact that the country's central bank raised the key interest rate to twenty four percent so is everything all right now not really. exports rose by nine and a half percent since last october due to a weekly or at the same time imports slumped by almost twenty one point five percent domestic demand also fell by three point five percent. the crisis doesn't seem to be over yet the government now wants to ensure that the turks feel as
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little of the cross' as possible before the important regional elections in march it could support the economy with subsidies but that would probably only postpone the crisis in turkey. of a more i'm joined by dorian joining jones who joins us in istanbul durrant imports we just heard the reports by more than twenty percent of domestic demand fell by three point five percent how is all of that reflected on the streets of cities where the main pain is being felt in turkey and food prices they have been soaring since the collapse in the currency official inflation is running for food at over twenty seven percent but it's much higher for key staples like potatoes onions which many turks depend on they've those prices of have doubled in even some cases tripled now the government has been blaming home sales for folding and even been raiding warehouse warehouses but that still has done little to this surge in food
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prices and also being felt by a wave upon wave of double digit increases for electricity natural gas another double digit rise is expected this month and this is the consumer demand one striking figure the consumer durables had a full twenty four percent in the last quarter and they're third the pain expected in the coming months winter is expected to be very difficult but how hopeful dorian are turkish citizens that the economy will rebound and who should be able to achieve that. well i mean turkey is no stranger to economic crisis but normally the u.d.c. very sharp rebounds a v. but the lot of expectation that the magnitude of the shock of this major currency shock could lead to a much longer recession and that is the key challenge facing turkey central bank and government to get out of this recession now there has been some positive signs turkey's shoes current account deficit has now reversed and there is
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a now in surplus also the currency to have stabilized and recover some of the losses that it suffered this year these are seen as positive signs and that will put pressure on the central bank to start cutting its twenty four percent interest rate which is crippling turkish business but the fear from international investors is that turkey will cut too soon and that could lead to a further collapse in the currency and lead to another surge in inflation and the menace of stagflation and that is the major dilemma facing turkey central bank and the government at the moment all right dory and just very briefly ideally just very or not to all how important is economic stability for adam and his government. well the scene is key for his more than fifteen years of electoral success has been built on a booming economy now he faces a prospect of an election he local elections but turkey's main cities facing a recession this is a major challenge for gore and that is why is he expected to pressure on the central bank to cut interest rates as head of those polls tony jones terry pointing
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for us from istanbul thank you so much. meanwhile thousands of greek pensioners took to the streets of the capital asons this weekend to call on the government to reverse pension cuts imposed since the country plunged into a debt crisis in two thousand and nine the measures were imposed as part of an international bailout program that off of the country cheap loans in exchange for wide ranging reforms greece managed to exit the program earlier this year but one in five people are still out of work and some families rely on pension payments to get by. it watching d.w. news life from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can find everything there is to know on our website at www dot com as you said.
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expect the ending. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom. global news that matters w. made for mines. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm simply someone's gotta a growing protest movement in france people take to the streets across the country as president in modern call faces his deepest crisis yet in paris tens of thousands
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