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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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because we're tired of the stick trying to show you. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made from minds. this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin the legacy of fighting us in the philippines and its martial law is extended on mindanao for another year t w has an exclusive report from the devastated city of morality and talks to one young muslim ready to fight again for the so-called islamic state also coming up rallying against the government of right wing prime minister
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a big thousands turned out in the hungry in capital budapest to protest against what they're calling the new slave long plus g.w. hears from one of thousands of women affected by the faulty breast implant scandal . i can't. get my hands on the people that did this to us that took away our lives. i don't know what i would do to them. today hearing opens into the role played by the german certifying bodies as the implants. oh i'm sorry martin welcome to the program we begin in the southern philippines where the island of mindanao is facing another year under martial law after president rather extended the measure last year morale weeks of them are always city on men and now was the scene of
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a five month battle when government troops were deployed to quell an insurgency by militants allied to so-called islamic state. or than a thousand people were killed and half a million were displaced today murali lies in ruins a team of reporters has just returned from the city with this exclusive report. i heard this force the center of today residents call it ground zero. we get the military's permission to enter a selective pots and a wall into ballot unexploded devices. last year a few hundred i asked inspired fighters holed up in mosques and houses the army with help from the united states responded with relentless rates in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from their defensive position and you can only do that number one using bombs or heavy artillery bombardment.
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but people here paid a very high price for the five month long battle. hundreds were killed they have buried in these mosque graves. most of the victims were never identified denying their families closure. over sixty five thousand people remain displaced many are still searching for their loft once. has lost four of her eight children and she believes they were taken hostage and used as human shields. for simply i feel a very deep pain inside of me i missed my children they were gone in a blink of an eye my combi with the many more women. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere the impoverished region has witnessed decades of
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conflict between muslims and christians who make up the vast majority of the filipino population many young muslims feel disenfranchised. last year after spied on the military passing on details of troop movements to i as fight as holed up in mara he tells us that he stood ready to fight for an islamic state. but that war i wouldn't fight in the raleigh again or in any other muslim area here in the same thing will happen again. our own muslim people would get hurt but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join. somebody else on into. like many others up to blames president rodrigue territory for bombing merapi the government has promised reconstruction and great to muslim autonomy but until those promises are full of food angry young men like updated with continue to pose
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a threat. a reporter some of the papers money was part of the d w team filming there in morocco you and she is here with us in the studio good morning zonda the the scenes you brought shown in that report there were of utter devastation what's your impression of how the battle for morale we unfold you know it evoked images poll. and nothing that is exactly what happened they are a heavy urban combat house to house fighting but also all in all mess of mess of ferrets because otherwise to concretely explain the kind of destruction that we see they are until today sixty five thousand residents you know remain displaced on the fringes of the city forbidden to go back to this ground zero where the houses once were you mention rock n m o's all these are cities where we do associate with confronting. iraq and syria being the countries we normally associate with
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islamic state and not so much the philippines how deeply rooted is the philippines it is in the philippines i think the ideology behind i guess is very attractive to many young muslims like delay he told us that when he was in the jihadi training camp for a couple of months to receive training as he called it so foreign fighters mainly from neighboring indonesia and malaysia but also from arab countries and we do know that international terrorist organizations. i don't like this as they lose ground in the middle east increasingly look for other green pastures and i think southeast asia with its many many unresolved conflicts i think is an area where the ideology has real roots of dual the young man that we were just seeing pictures up there he has worked for i talked to him and he told you that he would do it again what are
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they fighting for. he feels he tells us disenfranchised he feels that he's not crazy pot off filipino society he is looking you know for a sense of belonging he's not a deeply religious person i think he's just an angry young men who is looking for a sense of purpose and life and he is very you know. he fell prey to islamist jihadists propaganda very easy he can be disappointed easily he can be convinced easy so it's a gray zone and yes for now i think he has accepted defeat but as you said clearly he's ready to fight again if this promise of autonomy which is now hanging in there is not you know making his own life. under thank you so much for your insights to reporters on the page as well. hungary has seen the biggest demonstration of public
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discontent there since right wing prime minister effector orbán came to power in twenty ten to fifteen thousand people braved freezing temperatures in the capital budapest for the fourth rally in a week or protesting against new labor legislation that opposition groups are calling a slave law. was whoever does not jump is victor are banned they chant hungary's prime minister apart among this coalition of opposition all day sunday thousands from the greens to the far right are united and. fed up with what they see is their government creeping authoritarianism and the thick of the smoke bombs tear gas and clashes desperate voices plead for calm. was do not do not through why are you throwing he shouts. others point the finger at the police i want to see that these protesters are here
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for you to for you and you and you for all of you. is the outrage was sparked by a rowdy parliamentary session last week with viktor or bans government taking over control of a judicial system that has until now been independent and weakening employment rights described as a slave law by critics. for many the seventh constitutional change in his many years on our band was the last straw. and that look at what i'd like to have a democracy here i'd like to have in a country where i can freely decide what i can do and no decisions i'm a department head and i am sorry but that we have unfortunately reached the point when the government interferes with almost every bit of people's every day life and history in cultural administration federal labor and health care about i the result is piling pressure on hungary's government and its controversial leader on
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a collision course not just with the european union but with his own people. well for more let's cross over to correspondent stuff on both in budapest stuff on the mass protests have been going on for days now how much of a threat to they pose to the government of prime minister viktor orban. well dutch of course the interesting question i have to say debts groups of course are very divided you have the far right say your big party for instance among the protesters as well and of course there are older group says so well among the demonstrators i think calling for it each day can keep the momentum going and also their main goal to creates more freedom in hungary and perhaps even in the future direct nation of the prime minister then i think it will go on as well i think we have really to see how the coming days will be we have seen no doing tonight so one of the largest demonstrations in year seen hungary and of course is to keep the momentum going and
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there are more protests planned today then of course it could mean more pressure on prime minister viktor orban how has the government reacted to these protests is there any indication that it may be willing to compromise. well for the moment there is no indication de are willing to compromise however there are still behind the scenes told i think going on what to do next because if this release will go along and if indeed many people will keep going to the streets then of course you will see more pressure on the prime minister so far they have said this people are mercenaries so for george soros to reach entropy is to for instance finance the central european university and order rights groups of course the demonstrators are denying that and day say we are united in our fight and i was struggle for freedom today well talking about unity there it appears to be a rather broad alliance of different groups out there on the streets of budapest
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what is it that unites the in their anger against the government. well that is indeed the issue because of course there are also far right people sometimes seen among different testers and there is a little bit fear that the far right of people may provoke so more of the demonstrators but i think they are united in to read a struggle for freedom and for instance here behind me and into parliament building where i'm standing now you will really saw in recent days thousands and thousands of people many young people as well i think that's an interesting point for prime minister or of on that many students are involved in his rallies and they will continue we have to see it's a very cold but they aren't lending really to keep the momentum going even beyond christmas stuff thank you so much for bringing us up to date to correspond stuff on boats there in budapest. now to some of the other stories making
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headlines around the world today french authorities say a fifth person has died of injuries sustained in the attack near the christmas market in the city of straw's or paris prosecutor's office identified the victim only as polish national police killed the gunman on thursday night after a two day man. the new president of the most deeds he mohammad soli is visiting india to boost times for india considered solti's predecessor strongmen. to be the be pro china after he signed infrastructure projects with beijing india's prime minister narendra modi is hoping to reset relations that had suffered during the you rule. and saudi arabia has rejected last week's resolution by the u.s. senate directly blames crown prince mohamed bin solomon for the killing of saudi journalist jamal. a statement by the kingdom said in a resolution by u.s.
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lawmakers contained blatant interference it's in saudi internal affair. north korea has condemned the new round of u.s. sanctions saying they could block the path of denuclearization forever the move comes after the u.s. placed sanctions on three north koreans close to leader kim jong un over human rights abuses on yang has said it will not be pressured by washington into giving up its nuclear program kim agreed to move towards peace out of historic summit with u.s. president all from in june but since then the goshi ations have stole. well spring in just smith's year he's in seoul as a correspondent with the news agency reuters josh what's behind the new sanctions on pyongyang why would the u.s. decide to impose them in the middle of negotiations with north korea. well american officials have been quite clear that they believe that their so-called campaign of
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maximum pressure which has included increasing number of things. is what rot north korea's been to negotiating table this year and so while it's not entirely clear whether these were applied to specifically further those negotiations it is clear that american officials remain committed to what they see as the usefulness of these sanctions and aides say that they're not going anywhere until they see more progress from north korea on giving up its nuclear weapons on north korea obviously has a different perspective on those sanctions what does this mean for those negotiations you're talking about and the path towards a nuclear free korean peninsula as you mentioned we've seen an increasing number of statements from north korean state media decreasing increasing the most recent want to over the weekend really went so far as to warn that there could be
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an exchange of fires in the future and that you need to there is a should could be blocked for ever if the united states continues on this path of sanctions and so right now united states out pursuing new sanctions regime and with korea apparently not taking more concrete steps on its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program it does appear that these talks that have been stalled so far will be stalled in the near future as well josh thank you so much for your insights correspondent josh smith there for reuters in seoul. new trial was underway in paris of a german testing organization that certified faulty breast implants as safe from the years nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and ten hundreds of thousands of women received silicone implants from the french company v.i.p. those implants received a seal of approval from the rhineland testing organization now there are fears that
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even more patients and surgical products could be affected w.'s lisa lewis met a woman in the u.k. who received of all the implant this is her story. tracy is a survivor her fighting spirit pulled the amateur bodybuilder through the most difficult time in our life six years ago caused by breast implants she had gotten to correct an unnatural asymmetry my chest was collapsing my breast implants and ruptured and late i could hardly breathe i thought if i can't even hold my newborn baby what's wrong with me i couldn't even make myself a glass of water i was bed bound and when you're stopped completely helpless in your youth when you should be the strongest in the most confident you know i felt like a pensioner her implants were produced by french company p.h.p. she didn't know they were filled with highly toxic industrial great silicone
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instead of the medical variety for days after the implants were taken out and replaced by safer once her fiance left her he couldn't take over weakness she went into depression i detested myself because i had caused this by by having a surgery that i didn't mean i could have lived with my naturally disfigured breath and learnt to love myself i was hiding away and feeling then i don't even have the words to describe how you feel when you. when you can look at yourself you know i waited and i waited several months until i could actually stop crying over it into i could stop morning. that i can either i went through then she decided to fight back and she discovered she wasn't alone tracy joined one of the court cases against german company to fry land which at certified the implants
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she has already received some compensation is part of the healing process that we all need to know that this is actually being taken seriously that there is legal backing behind this finally if i could get my hands on the people that did this to us that took away our lives i don't know what i would do to them. she still has her form of breast implants at home as a reminder to keep fighting this leaking disgusting mass is what went into the room and it's chemicals toxic industrial chemical my baby was in my womb i was breastfeeding or something has almost killed you you almost want that trophy to say i survived. tracy still suffers from she has also come out strong. you have to hit rock bottom
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to reach your bast because if you live every day as a casual average you never fully appreciate anything and to have this second chance in life it's made me so thankful and i am. possibly happier than i've had pain in the sense that the smallest things mean so much to me now. tracy has learned to love herself again and found new love she and her boyfriend and now together in this fight so that tracey can freely put this chap telephone life behind her. sports and in sunday's bonus league of football action rb leipsic hammered minds to keep their place in the top four so often with the bulls this season it was their strong attack saw them locked l. another three points. like six regular attackers use of power and team over nowhere
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back in the starting line up unlike at their midweek europa league match and they went right on the offensive house in opening the story in the fourteen minutes i get into kevin kompas cross just before their minds defenders. like to say pressed by steep in their own half and sprang into action when they won the ball i know setting up house and to make it to neil only five minutes later his second of the day and eight of the season. shortly before half time the visitors finally created a chance and cut imani cboe hit the target in the face of some sloppy leipzig defending that score encouraged minds to be bolder going forward but it opened up a lot of space for leipsic to counter attack team over making three runs in the seventy fifth minute and putting the results beyond doubt. and in the final minute span of back to his fifth brace of the campaign for one the final score light six
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attacking duo of housen invent made all the difference. in sunday's late but frankfurt overcame visitors later cruising in a close game the hosts had stumbled in their last couple of bonus league games but they had too much talent for their struggling opponents to handle. frank first top scorer luke a yellow which had to settle for a place on the bench but that didn't blunt his team's attack the home side took the lead in the twenty eighth minute when philip costin crossed for danny de costa to tap in a look to the linesman but the goal scorer was just onside one nil to frankfurt a hard time in the second half it was coasted his turn to get on the scoresheet after sebastian are as cross found the serve in space. to nil and the hosts were in control. laver cruisin weren't going down without a fight though corinne bello rather powered home to half the deficit with twenty
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five minutes to go. but frankfurt held on to return to winning ways after back to back losses. now let's check out this latest standings at the end of the weekend dortmund now have a nine point lead at the top ahead of but by and by on with life's a competing completing the top four hoffenheim involved or move up while have to blame and slide down the bottom half is led by minds intense fostered got left the relegation zone have reached the playoff spot with no back and however behind them . france is facing a tough budget situation though after angry protests against economic reforms one of the budget two budget problems in the euro zone italy now france terry there the budget deficit is set to exceed the e.u.'s limit of three percent of g.d.p. as a result of president in model m. accost promise to boost wages for low income workers and he made the pledge
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following weeks of protests the demonstrations were originally sparked by anger over a planned fuel tax hike in response might cost perhaps the tax and increase the minimum wage by one hundred euros a modest the total cost of those concessions could be up to fifteen billion euros fuelling concerns off an unsustainable debt. and meanwhile italy's government has agreed on the basis of a new budget aimed at avoiding disciplinary action from the european union and the move comes after the country's original spending plans were found to breach e.u. fiscal rules italy's leaders want to increase welfare payments cut taxes and reduce the retirement age of the e.u. says those plans will raise the country's deficit beyond acceptable levels the details of the revised budget i'm not yet known. i'm on that i'm joined by
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our financial market correspondent all of us in frankfurt only so the three percent of g.d.p. deficit limits is part of the e.u. stability and growth pact what does it mean when a heavyweight micron's breaks that rule. well it means that it's setting a bad example for others and already the telly in government has noted as much that now france would be in that corner as well and of course it makes it all the more difficult for the e.u. commission or the other finance ministers and heads of governments and states to reel in italy and france and their big heavyweights and they both of course have their issues why they're doing this in france everybody knows you already said it it's the political situation in the country the village on the yellow vests basically hindering mccraw in performing the reforms that many in the markets
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but also other many economists and politicians believe would be vital to improve francis competitiveness the problem with criticism of this kind of policy is whoever is doing it is doing it from a difficult position even germany germany was among the first to break the maastricht rules back in the time when chancellor schroeder of the s.p.d. was reforming the labor market and was using that as an excuse to overspend ok so we had many already breaking the rules including germany well now italy the result second largest economy of course is in line with that three percent limit but its overall debt is so enormous that we need to worry about any additional budget deficit how markets coping with all that very briefly. well yeah the markets are coping with surprisingly well the equity markets but also the euro the euro actually recovering from that slide last week but remember whatever the deficit the e.c.b. is standing by to offer all the support that needs to be given mario draghi the
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president of the e.c.b. reiterated that last week. in frankfurt thank you so much for the update. the corruption scandal surrounding the state fund one m b d continues to intensify malaysia said of monday it has filed criminal charges against goldman sachs and two of the united states banks for employees goldman sachs has been under scrutiny for its role in helping raise six point five billion dollars in street bond offerings for one malaysia development back and to giving kickbacks to some malaysian officials in total almost half of the money is said to have been embezzled from the front. and you're watching news from ben more coming up at the top of the hour.
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the money. modeling upstream against hopelessness and the destruction of nature in one of cape town's forests destroyed some women come by to allow a little bit more medicine the president. this continuing club gets youngsters on the streets and interested in environmental protection. for the next d.w. . he's it's time to take trunks done
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to determine d.j. spin on stage clothes. and still it's all in a stunning news to. tell the story of a surprise to international stardom. sixteen years ago. i am. sure you know this was five minutes four minutes. and you think. he hasn't. he fits
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in the pantheon of great tennis certainly he's one for the age of. tennis. starts december twenty second two t.w. . et. al. hello and welcome to the new edition of record africa full of environmental stories and ideas from africa. to deal with discover what it means to live a life that is truly green and sustainable we have a number of ideas that was sure what your bones are like but first let's not get lost in.


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